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Baby Jogger City Mini 4 Wheel

Baby Jogger City Mini 4 Wheel

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Everything you need in a pram!

This pram is absolutely fantastic, its lightweight, onehanded fold, easy to manouvre and very stable with 4 wheels. Used it for years and easy clean too. Great quality. We tried a big bulky pram (different brand) before knowing what you really need in a pram and then after another bub we decided to get a 2 seater city select, a fantastic pram for 2, but we still come back to the city mini longterm as it is pure convenience and ease.


Its good and convenient. It has shock absorbers so not too stressful for the baby. We havent found anything inappropriate in the pram. I would have prefdered to have a bottle holder just in case when the baby is required to be fed and when taking a pause there is no place to keep the bottle holder

Easy to use and collapse

I've had the Baby Jogger City Mini for 8 months and have used it everyday. Whether a long or short outing this pram has been great to use. It moves smoothly, it's not too heavy and quite compact when collapsed. I also like how easy it is to collapse using one hand. I really like the way the harness straps works. If little one is asleep I don't have to try move arms to get free I just unclick harness and it comes apart in two spots so no need to disturb baby.

Perfect - love this stroller

This is a very light pram easy to maneuver - easy to fold!! And most importantly folds into a small stroller. Perfect for all ages as it fits larger toddlers. This is my 3rd stroller and best one by far!! I found baby jogger to be very reliable and sturdy

Perfect pram!

I love love love this pram! I have no problem zipping through the shops or park. Bub doesn't fill any bumps or rocks while in it. Very wide and spacious - suits tall babies! Basket is big but hard to get in & out of. Only downside is that the attachments are quite expensive but most universal ones do fir it!

Love this pram

Light weight so no problems getting in and out of the car. Can steer with one hand which is great when I had to hold my daughter and push the pram. Quick fold is super convenient. Its also tall enough to fit my toddler which the sales person pointed out alot are quite short. Maybe a bit more space underneath but really, if you need to carry more, get a trolley. Can't fault it.

We only had it 12 hours then returned it - never left the house with it !

As soon as the pram was assembled we noticed one of the front wheels stiff and not as agile in swivelling. We also felt the back wheels made the ride bumpy. It was so bad we unassembled it straight away and returned it the next morning.
The customer service person tried to tell me the wheel had to be "worn in" but I stood my ground.
I was so glad to see the back of that pram and a credit in my account.
Positive points:
+ the pram is so easy to assemble!
+ the pram's fold down and up ability - which is something the salesperson will tell you. But, to be honest I've tried four prams in my day and you get super efficient (and strong!) at dealing with the most awkward of prams.
I ended up getting a Bumbleride Indie and although it may not look as well made (the welding looks a bit cheap) I'm really happy with it.

Perfect pram. was sad to see it go

Loved this pram. Steering was great, folded up flat and so easy to fold one handed.
My only "problem" was that the accessories (tray, bar and rain cover) are so expensive and hard to find. Got this pram second hand sold it 2 years later and still looked new
But overall a great pram. A pleasure to push and own.

Solid all round pram

I researched prams my entire Pregnancy & would never buy anything other than a baby jogger, they are the only brand that the frame felt solid to me, & the only pram I found that offered a lifetime warranty on the frame. I also was not interested in mucking around with capsules & bassinets for a few months only when this pram can be used from newborn right thru, it lays flat for a newborn & I just used a padded liner & head support.
I have used this pram now for a year and a half & it is still as new like the day I received it, extremely light & one hand quick fold, the only accessory I purchased was a parent console, I went for the four wheel over the 3 as it felt more stable to me, I have always hung my bag over the handle with at times 1 1/2 litres of water in it & it never felt like it would tip, that said I did have a heavy baby thou, for those with very small newborns may feel lifting at the front, if you hang your bag on it, I place the bag strap lower down on the bar with the strap extended so that the bag can rest on the foot bar. I love the solid handle bar on this Pram over any of the adjustable ones as they don't feel solid they move & make noise even when locked in place, love the large canopy on this pram which lowers quite far, & it is strong & stable that you can rest even large items on it against the handle bar when shopping like a box of nappies, love that it has a foot brake over a hand brake, the only thing I would like for this pram are GT wheels however baby jogger don't make a 4 wheel mini with them so the only option is a 3 wheel GT with the wonky handle, wasn't an option for me, so far a year n half the Eva wheels are handling the road & foot paths but I know eventually they will need to be replaced, maybe another year but it's no biggy the wheels are about $160 delivered. & if you get a few years out of them then that's good to me, I use this pram on all terrain & the front suspension is great, if you were only using it for shopping etc, you would probably never need to change the Eva wheels.

No support - Pram faulty - Now our problem

We have owned our Baby Jogger for 17 months and the quick release broke after 13 months of use and now the folding mechanism has broken on one side - the pram is collapsing on onside. Distributor will not take responsibility since the MFG is in America and it comes with 12 month warranty - we expected this pram to last longer than 17 months. The distributor even said it should last longer than this!?!?! - So disappointed considering the large amount of money we paid for this pram. We will not be using another Baby Jogger Pram for our next child. What a joke!

Good pram design, but poor product warranty and post sales care.

The pram has a great design and function. i.e easy fold up mechanism. Its great as we have taken it on overseas trip twice and works even better getting into a taxi with two young ones.

However, we only used the pram for about 4-5 months over 3 years as it is a back up for a our main pram, mamas and mapas urbo. The prams wheel housing started lock straight which is really fustrating, and dangerous( traffic etc) when trying to manouver on the sidewalk.

I contacted the distributor who advised that it was not covered under waranty, and is no t part of the frame(lifetime). i.e I had to pay $105 to get new set of front wheels for a pram that has only seen 4-5 months of use. Unreasonable i think.

I recommend the design of the pram, but not the company itself. Our Mama's and papas pram had a similar issue, and the company replaced the whole pram, no questions asked.

Excellent pram

This is a great pram we have it in crimson red and it holds it's colour well we mainly use it for our 3 year old when his fallen asleep or for times when I need to be fast it's easy to push 1 handed even with a full weighted child max is 28kgs or something big like that so great for the older kids if needed or heavier kids my oldest is 8 and still doesn't weigh that much so it's good to know we have had this 7 months so far and it's been used everywhere we also love the large hood it's a very sturdy but light pram probably not the best pram for short people as it doesn't have adjustable handle but is great pram

A pram built to last, excellent Pram!

This is my second pram, I've got it for almost a year now, and I've been exclusively using this one since I bought it.

It's sturdy, compact, easy to fold/unfold, easy to wash, durable fabric, large sun canopy, big enough bottom storage area, can hang fair bit of stuff on the handle (even though this is not recommended by the manufacture) my son sleeps very well in there from time to time during shopping.

Bought it from harvey norman big buys for $299, an extremely good price, too.


Been using it for three months, this pram has been amazing so far. The very fast and easy set up/ fold down is just brilliant, I remember how much I love this pram every time I have to get it in/out of the car! We have been using it in combination with the Maxi Cozi Titan capsule which really is a brilliant combo - gives the rearward facing for when they're little, and means we could bring her inside from the car still asleep. We're just starting to use it as 'just' a pram now that she's getting a bit big for the capsule. We liked the four wheels because it seems a bit more stable, and we use it mostly on pavement and a bit on mowed grass in parks as well, it's handling that fine.

Absolutely best pram / stroller. It is perfect.

I absolutely love this pram and would recommend it to anyone who wants a pram that is light in weight, sturdy and can be used from New born. I started off with another branded pram which was a 3 wheeler and absolutely hated it, I would cringe every time I had to use it.

I love it being a four wheeler as it feels very sturdy and I can load the pram and feel confident it will not tip. The basket storage is great and is easy to get into compared to other prams when the seat is in full recline position. The sun shade is also a great feature as it covers bubs completely when they are little. The seat is large compared to other prams and will easily get you through until your child will no longer need a pram or stroller. I also have an umbrella style Maclaren stroller but this Baby Jogger City Mini will replace it as is folds very small and it is easier to fold than the stroller. I can steer the pram handed and my daughter who is 5 can also very easily steer the pram. The pram feels very well made from very strong materials. The only negative about the pram which I knew when I bought it is I wish the seat would recline to a completely flat position opposed to slightly tilted.
It is a very easy all round pram stroller and looks great too.
the seat in the fully recline position could be completely flat opposed to slight tilted

Questions & Answers

Bouncy Bouncy! Does anyone else feel the bounce/vibration in the handle bars when pushing the pram (mines a 4 wheeler city mini)? It bounces even on smooth surfaces like a shopping centre floor. I see my poor son bounce so much that I feel for the poor thing. ive even tried removing the wheels and re connecting them but that hasn't done much. I love all the other features of the pram, however this bounce is starting to get annoying.
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I think maybe you need to get the suspension in the front wheels checked as my 4 wheel mini doesnt bounce at all !

Can the bassinet from the City Select be fitted to this pram?
2 answers
I'm not sure but I have the maxi-cosi Titan car seat, and I believe that the adapters for that work for all of the Baby Jogger "city' range, so if the bassinet clips into the same system it would probably work the same across the two City (select / mini) models.Thanks Joanne :-)


City Mini 4 Wheel
Price (RRP) $549.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age6+ months
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Weight8.1 kg
Folded Dimensions24.7 x 77.4 x 28 cm

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