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Baby Jogger City Mini Zip

Baby Jogger City Mini Zip

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Love it!!

This pram is a boot saver! It’s folds down smaller than a portacot, so having 5 kids I need boot space and I still have it. Push of a button and pull handle and it’s collapsed in 2seconds flat. No fiddling around, strong and sturdy pram as it’s 4 wheels. I would love to see them put pump up wheels like the GT models of other baby jogger models. From newborn to toddler it’s great and I feel the kids are safe. You can also buy the bracket separately to accomodate a capsule. Plus it comes with drink cup holder for the adult, winning!!

Purchased in December 2015 at Baby Haven for $360.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningYes
Ease of Packing & Storage

OK for light use, not the most comfy stroller

Overall this is a OK stroller, but not the most comfy for your little one.

Some pros:
- We've used this mostly while shopping or walking on even surface so far and it's very easy to maneuver, even with one hand.
- The pram is very lightweight so for me as a small Asian woman, I don't have any trouble with handling it. Folding and unfolding is pretty easy. It's compact when fold.
- The shade is very big
- It can recline to almost flat - which is useful when baby sleeps.
- Has a basket and coffee cup/bottle holder

- Not the most comfy one. The seat is not very well cushioned. Also it can not sit up right. So this pram will mostly suitable for small babies, not when they get bigger and want to explore the world.
- It's not reversible ( which I didn't realise when I bought it)

As a first time mum, I don't have much experience with other prams. But if I have another chance I wouldn't buy it again.

Purchased in August 2018 at Toys R Us / Babies R Us.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningYes
Ease of Packing & Storage

Compact pram that takes a capsule

The fold takes a bit to get used to but once you master that you have what I believe to be one of the best prams on the market.

I used a Maxi Cosi Mico AP Capsule with my Baby Jogger Zip using adaptors for the first few months and then put bub in pram which reclines almost flat for naps.

It’s easy to manoeuvre and so slim, can fit through anywhere which meant I could even take bub into standard change rooms.

Now, I purchased the tour and sold my zip as I wanted something to take on airline which don’t get me wrong can be convenient. Although the Tour is quite flimsy... the Zip is so much more sturdy, the sunhood is 100 times better too and now we are having our second baby I need a capsule again so I just bought another Zip and sold my Tour. Also some airlines let you take Zip onboard.

So happy to have the Zip back in my life.

Its ok

I got this pram as a gift I loved the idea of how compact it folds up.
I liked it for a little bit then I got over it.
Reasons I did like it
- its easy to push with one hand (most of the time)
-it fits in the back of my toyota prado witch is a small space.
-I like the idea of the big sunshade.

Reasons I don't like it
-Its quite ugly compared to other prams on the market.
-It can be hard to fold up
-My pram hates rain goes all stif at weels for a while after wet weather.
-front weels always lock up and hard to unlock.
-When baby gets heavier its hard to push
-I hate how the seat reclines its with a stap, and it doesn't sit up all the way my baby hates this.

Awesome stroller, worth the $!

Great stroller! Feels really solid for such a light compact stroller. Can easily steer one handed. Super easy to fold and unfold. Great for big babies, has a high max weight limit. Basket a little hard to get to but such a minor complaint. Great maneuvering capability. Awesome travel stroller too, meets carry on requirements for most airlines & it’s so light! Best baby purchase we’ve made.

Such a portable little pram

I’ve used this pram since birth for 4.5 mths, lays flat for newborn and can easily move up back of seat so baby can look around when walking around.
Folds down simply with the press of a button and pull of one strap. It only takes up a little room in the boot.

Great pram for walking around the shops and on foot paths,

Love this stroller!

I use this stroller to keep in the car/for when we go away and totally love it, possibly more than our larger pram! I think it's sturdier then most strollers of this style, especially given it's light weight. Ours has been on a few flights and down some rough paths and it's still handling well. It's not a pram for regular off-road use though -it's a bit bumpy/rattly on rougher paths, but again, you can't expect a small stroller with little wheels to do that well down a rough path!
It's super light and easy to lift and folds up nice and small. Has a fantastic hood, which so many umbrella strollers don't. I never need to drape a blanket for extra shade. Reclines well and my son sleeps in it better than our other pram.
I sometimes find the one handed fold a little bit difficult, but not impossible. The pram is supposed to fold when you lift the handle in the seat, but it seems the weight of the pram isn't actually enough to do this properly. It's easy to unfold. My only other dislike is this basket is a little bit hard to access... but again, I wouldn't expect a compact stroller to have much of a basket anyway so I'm not that bothered by it - and it's still probably better than most strollers of similar style/size.

Fantastic compact stroller with pram features

I LOVE this stroller.
I recently purchased it with baby no 5 on the way and limited boot space.

I folds so simply, and very compact i have my boot back!

While waiting for baby to arrive i have been using it for my 3.5yo and am impressed with seat size, stroller weight and ease of pushing with him in it.

I love that this stroller has an adjustable footrest for a smaller bub and offers a recline to suit from newborn.

The seat also offers a bit of padding and i would be happy to use it without a liner.

The back area rolls up to expose a mesh breathable area where you can see sleeping baby.

The seat recline isnt super straight but my 3.5 yo is happy.

The harness is easily adjustable and holds well.

Pretty good hood coverage for bub. Interesting fabric use for hood but assume its to keep it light weight and foldable

Its not great off road but it was never designed to used off road.

The only disappointment i have with this stroller is that they dont offer capsule adapters to suit the britax unity which is the capsule i have. But Baby Jogger do for their other prams. They do have capsule adapters for other capsules.

I would love to see the travel bag included with the pram purchase and a peek a boo window in the hood.

I have also purchased the belly bar for this stroller and quite like it as an added accessory. There is no snack tray for bub available as the pram wouldnt fold. However a parent cup holder does come with the stroller.

Would definitely recommend this stroller.

Just What We Wanted.

I read many bad reviews for this pram when I started looking but I can say I haven't for a minute regretted my decision to ignore them.

If you're looking for a hybrid stroller/pram that is compact and easy to use then this is a great choice. I love that it folds down to the size of a travelling cot which means I can fit my shopping in the boot of the car with the pram. It's comfortable for my child to sit in and lie down for naps. It has a reasonable storage space in the carry basket below for the extra stuff you need to carry, and you can fit a nappy bag on the handle as long as they have their own hooks. The pram is great for walking on footpaths and using around the shops, and for those quick trips that you might take. There is no issues with steering or the durability of the wheels. After almost 12 months of use the wear and tear on the pram is minimal and nothing that is unreasonable. The only thing I would say is I wouldn't recommend it if you're a runner or doing a lot of off road walking with it though.

I would only suggest this for people when their baby is ready to be forward facing as it is less flexible than the average pram model, but it still has the little benefits of a large coverage hood & a breathable rear section for when the pram is reclining.

If you're contemplating this model then I'd highly recommend getting a walk through at a shop to make sure it suits your needs (like all prams really) but I wouldn't hesitate to suggest this pram to someone looking to take that first step for their toddler but not yet ready for the basic cheap umbrella stroller.

Wonderful Zippy Little Stroller

Light-weight, easy to manoeuvre, excellent hood coverage, adjustable leg rest & easy to access / reasonably sized basket.

I love the fold of this stroller & I also love how quick and easy it is to do.

This stroller is a great option for quick trips / runaround stroller.

Only negative is all accessories are sold separately (except the cup holder, which is included).

Light Weight and Compact

Bought from ToysRUs for $429 a month ago to travel overseas.
It's lightweight and easy to fold for us to get in and out of taxis/car to different destination, just need to always remember to take out your shopping goods out of the basket before you fold, we forgot a couple of times and wonder why it didn't fold properly.
It's easy enough to maneuver and have no problem turning corners. However the footpath ride is only so-so, all the bumpy uneven surface is not quite for the tiny wheels this MiniZip, but no problem at all for flat surface. When shopping overseas the basket underneath is roomy enough for us to put all shopping. We also bought couples of "s" hook to put the baby bag, however due to the light weight of the stroller we have to be careful as it will sometimes tip backwards if we hang too many things on the handle.
The seat recline nearly flat and good for baby to snooze while we do our shopping and the hood size is reasonable size as a block out while baby is sleeping. Love the pickaboo/mesh window allow ventilation & fully sealed sides where baby won't have potential to fall/slide out when u mounting kerb with baby sleeping inside the stroller.
Fabric is bit thin so we have to buy a pram liner for extra padding, but understand something have to make way for the light weight. Love the step&step on break system instead of some other stroller where you need to step&lift system is not convenient when i have slippers on instead of shoe it hurt my foot.
Love this stroller. Hope BabyJogger can enhance the MiniZip version to provide mum with choise for baby to face mum or the world.

A compact stroller with pram features!

The compact fold is amazing. For a stroller that resembles a baby jogger pram, it certainly folds down small: full recline, spacious seat, storage basket, decent canopy, 4 wheels, one touch brake, round handle for one hand pushing, 5 point safety harness, adjustable foot well.

It has the baby jogger one hand fold, though I find myself using two hands, one to lift the strap and one to push down the handle to make it fold.

It is easy to fold, light and compact to store (even after I added a pram caddy to the handles) and travel with. The basket is surprisingly roomy. I fit a laptop bag, a nappy sack and still has room for 4 medium bags of groceries!

The long seat accommodates for larger and taller children, so even a 4-5 year old can use.

Easy to push and maneuver, especially in crowded shops and non pram friendly shop fittings.

It is also travel system compatible. Though I haven't used the pram with a capsule.

It can recline fully, and with the adjustable foot well, even newborns can use this.

The pram can stand on it's own after folding, though you need to be sure the wheels are sitting right to do this, otherwise it will topple over and scratch the pram.

Now, the cons of this pram.

It has no peekaboo window in the canopy. I'm the kind of mother that likes to keep an eye on my child, even when they're sleeping. To me, it's either leave the canopy up, or lose sight of the child. I didn't like that. Especially when having a peekaboo window wouldn't compromise its compact fold.

Not enough padding on the seat. Then I suppose it needed to fold compactly, so extra padding may compromise that. Though I have added a pram liner, and the pram still folds well. It even fits into the traveling bag with the pram liner, pram caddy, and several pram hooks still attached.

For AUD$479 it us a bit pricey, especially when the accessories needed to be bought separately and they themselves comes at a price. However if you catch it on special, like at Baby Bunting for $378. It's well worth the money. For some reason, the red colour variation is not that well stocked. Most common is black, but it does also come in teal.

You need to push down the handle and foot rest to completely unfold the pram. This pram still works well if you don't, but not as safe.

You can buy accessories like a belly bar for the pram. Though if you have the belly bar attached, you will need to remove it otherwise the pram won't fit in the traveling bag.

The traveling bag is bought separately. It's comfortable to carry. Not too heavy with the pram inside. Nothing that will poke you in the back or anything.

Overall a great pram, not just for traveling but for everyday use. The wheels are not built for rough terrain, so for everyday shopping centres and footpath use, it's great. Would really like a peekaboo window though.

Questions & Answers

is that good for tall toddler?my boy is almost 100cm now
1 answer
Hi Jacqueline, our City Mini Zip has a standard sized seat back which is 49cm and the weigh capacity is 25kgs. If your child is above average (tall toddler) then we would suggest the City Elite, all round it's a bigger stroller - the seat back is 51cm and the weight capacity is 34kgs. It would be worth visiting your closest Baby Retailer and taking it for a spin!

What's the weight limit and the seat area length?
No answers


Baby Jogger City Mini Zip
Category4-Wheel Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $250.00
Seating Type Single
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesCup Holder, Locking Front Wheels, Suspension and Under-seat Storage
Weight7 kg
Folded Dimensions26 x 32 x 75 cm

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