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Has anyone found a compatible snack tray?
No answers

Can you can connect a skate board to this pram?
1 answer
No I have not yet found a toddler board that works with it. Sorry

Can you use a bumprider with the city mini tour?
1 answer
Did you find out if you can connect one?

I am completely sold on the convenience and size of this stroller for travel, however I tried my daughter in one at the store the other day and it looks like she is about to slide out of the seat / her head hit the top! (maybe because I'm comparing it to the way she looks in her current, much larger, pram?) She is an average-sized 21 month old and I am hesitant to spent this much on a stroller if she will grow out of within 6 months. Does anyone have experience in how comfortable the city tour is for older toddlers?
2 answers
Hi, i thought the same thing when when i first sat my 18mth old son in the seat, but since using the pram he seems to be comfortable enough and will sit in it happily while we are out and about, i have thought about purchasing the belly bar extra because i think it would help with that whole look of them looking like they are going to fall out but overall i think this pram definitely works well for us and i think it will work perfectly as my son grows, hope this helps. CheersMy son's head is hitting the top, but as he mostly sits up and looks around, it is fine. When he is asleep, well, he's a toddler and he can sleep in any position... It's definitely one of the best purchases we've ever made, even though he may outgrow it sooner than we'd prefer.

Has anyone taken this pram on as hand luggage on domestic flights in aus? As although it meets weight requirements the dimensions are a little bigger than allowed?
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We had the same question but we managed to get it on Qantas domestic and a Chinese flight when we travelled overseas. It is indeed bigger than the size allowance but with baby traveling they didn't really check. One tip will be keep the pram folded in the carry bag throughout check in and use it until boarding otherwise they see it and might ask u to check in at the gate.Yes, we have taken it on both Qantas and Virgin flights as carry-on luggage with no issues.It’s always a carry on baggage for us with the storage bag and we can even unfold it after touchdown and get our baby girl to sit in it while queuing on the aisle to board off the plane. We’ve used it since our baby girl was 6 months old on a flight to Europe, and has never gone back to her first pram as she loves this one much more as she can pull herself up with the belly bar and sits up well and strangely sleeps better in this one too! She’s 11 months. My 5 year old son fits in it too!

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