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Excellent value for money and very durable

This has served both our kids really well. My 4 year old is quite big (26kg) and he still fits in it.
The rubber around the handles is starting to fall apart but after 4 years of heavy use that would be expected.
Also the cushion around the straps can fall off quite easy. On a trip to Europe the strap fell off while in transit and this had to be replaced at a cost of $30.

Overall we would thoroughly recommend this stroller for babies up to toddlers.

Great Travel Stroller!

I purchased the Tour to replace my Maclaren stroller, because once baby #2 arrived I realised I couldn't push it using the two handlebars whilst holding my toddler's hand to cross the road etc.
The single handlebar on the Tour means it is so easy to push one-handed, and it steers as well as my larger everyday pram.
We have used it on a holiday and loved being able to take it right to the gate, and then on board as carry on luggage (we flew Virgin and Qantas). We were able to quickly fold it down a pop it in the carry bag whilst waiting in line (unlike some carry bags, you don't have to struggle to squeeze it in). You don't have to take off any wheels or anything to put in the bag either. Because it's so compact, it's great for fitting in a hire car or taxi with all your other luggage (you can even have it at your feet if you need to).
We now use it as a 2nd pram in hubby's car and it gets a lot of use. Love using it at the shops because it's so narrow as easily fits down aisles and around displays or crowds of people. It's sturdy enough to hang a nappy bag from (although not recommended by baby jogger), and whilst the basket underneath is small, it's accessible and can hold a few small things.
I recently took it to a wiggles concert, as we were told beforehand that there would be no pram cloaking and we would need to leave prams in the foyer at our own risk. I was able to fold down the Tour, and have it in front of one of my kids seats, still having room for their legs! It was this feature that made my sister go out and buy one! :)
The only downsides would be that the seat is quite shallow, and it can look like your child is going to slide down if they aren't strapped in. This hasn't caused us any issues, and I have found that the seat has flattened out a bit over time and doesn't seem to have the slant forward that it had when I first bought it. The hood could be bigger, but compared to most other strollers it's quite large and has an extra sun visor that flips down for more coverage.
It doesn't lay fully flat, but since its only for 6 months up, it shouldn't be an issue anyway. My daughter has had many sleeps in the pram and always looks comfortable when reclined. Many people also don't realise that the footwell pops up if you push it up from underneath, giving an elevated footrest for your child.
The fabrics are fully washable, but it is definitely a challenge removing it all from the frame, and the back board is a tight squeeze to get in and out. You also need to put it all back on in the right order, which can cause a bit of frustration. Like all baby jogger prams, the fabrics come up like new when washed in a washing machine. My advice would be to get a custom liner made so that you don't have to wash it too often!
The wheels are definitely only suited to flat surfaces, and I struggled getting it over a cobblestone-like surface in the city one day (although I didn't try locking the front wheels straight which may have helped).
My daughter is 20 months old now and the top of her head is pretty much in line with the top of the backrest. Despite this, she still has heaps of head clearance under the hood, and my tall 4 year old fits under it too!
Overall, it's a great stroller, and I definitely recommend it, especially if you fly regularly or have a small boot space. I probably wouldn't want to use it as my everyday pram, especially if you do a lot of walking.


I've been looking Compact light weight stroller for travelling..holiday also can fit in the trunk of the car.
I had my eyes on Mountain buggy nano..GB pockit..already tried them at the shop then I found baby jogger city tour...did lots of surveys and compared...then I chose Baby jogger city tour in Violet colour!!!

It's really compact..light weight...sleek also very slim...easy to fold and unfold with yes one hand!!!
Ticked all my stroller criteria...also fit in the aircraft cabin compartment that's even better!!!
The bag pack is the best!!!

People said they don't like the seat way to shallow makes their babies slide down all the time....well that's not true my daughter fit nicely and comfort even she always fall asleep easily..the recliner is great!!!
Canopy is really generous and it's got uv 50 sun protection....the grip handle is fabulous...

Very very happy and satisfied!!!

Love it!!

We have some travel booked this year so decided it was time to purchase a travel pram... I originally came home with the Mountain Buggy Nano but decided it wasn't the right one for us....it takes two hands to fold and the travel bag is really fiddley to get and off...thinking about the reasons we purchased it, I decided to return and and go with the City Tour, which was the other stroller I was looking at when I got the nano. I can't wait to start travelling with it! It is so easy to collapse - unbelievably so and it is self locking. Its a one hand job and you can easily do this with bub on your other hip. The travel bag is easy to use and also holds the rain cover and belly bar (sold separately) which I purchased. Very happy so far with this purchase. It is a little bit more than the nano, but feels much studier and is much easier to use.


We got this stroller when we had visitors over and we wanted something more compact so we can actually use our 7 seater car as our previous pram takes all the booth space.
This stroller is so light, so compact that you can fit it in front of one of the seats and also pack it in a bag for carry on luggage (you receive a travel bag with it). It folds out and away so easily that you could do it whilst holding bub!
Very convenient. Only one small downfall is that sometimes if bub is sleeping the legs dangle but I guess it has been made so it can fold conveniently.

Was very pleasantly surprised

Bought it in February after having looked at a lot of you tube and overseas reviews.
Its such a great stroller! I bought it for overseas travel and I'm impressed. We travelled with maclaren Quest around Asia before but Baby Jogger was a bit better. More manoeuvrable, easy to steer with one hand, great compact fold and fantastic canopy protection from the sun!
Didn't have to wait at the airport for the stroller to be brought to us, it folded into an overhead luggage case like a backpack and so we didn't waste time with the baby. The basket is great, although it doesn't have another pocket on the canopy like Quest it has a mesh pocket at the back of the seat that compensates. Also the draw string pull down for recline is very easy and smooth! (Unlike maclaren that has two separate sides that sometimes end up with a wonky seat). The seat is padded and long, good for big kids and fairly wide, but the stroller overall is narrower(!) And is fantastic to push between cafe/restaurant seats. I bought the additional belly bar and it really made the baby happy!
The five point harness click easily into place and opens up without too much struggle unlike a lot of strollers out there (my experience is with quest and emmaljunga).
Definitely recommend for travel as it handles the rough road/footpath surfaces well for its small (with suspension !) wheels and its awesome in airports and shopping centres. Bought in black due to travel requirements.

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Has anyone found a compatible snack tray?
No answers

Can you can connect a skate board to this pram?
1 answer
No I have not yet found a toddler board that works with it. Sorry

Can you use a bumprider with the city mini tour?
1 answer
Did you find out if you can connect one?


City Tour
Price (RRP) $479.00
Seating Type Single
Convertible Yes
Suitable Age6+ months
Max User Weight 20.5 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible No
Capsule CompatibleNo
FeaturesArm Bar, Cup Holder, Height-Adjustable Handle, Locking Front Wheels and Under-seat Storage
Weight6.4 kg
Folded Dimensions23 x 45 x 56 cm

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