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Baby Jogger Glider Board

Baby Jogger Glider Board

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It has proven useful and but it does have problems

This has been proving useful now we have a second child that is using the pushchair and the older one sometimes gets tired. It wasn't so helpful when we first brought it though as our daughter was too young at age 2 to use it properly.
I think it has been a reasonable purchase and I would still have purchased knowing about the issues below:
- The clips that hold it up when not in use have started to relax their grip so more often than not the blinking thing unfolds when I don't want it to.
- As other people have suggested it can get in the way of your feet when trying to push the pushchair.
- If you have a capsule fitted or are using the upper fixing for the seat then the board doesn't pull far enough out for the child to comfortably stand on it.
- It could use a little more lubrication on slide out runners as it can be really difficult to pull out.

Purchased in December 2018 at Baby Bunting Online store for $115.00.

Just ok

We bought this for our 2.5 year old when our daughter was born. It did the job and he thought it was fun to ride on but you couldn't walk in a proper stride when using it and I ended up having to walk next to the pram if I wanted to walk at a decent pace.

The Best Baby Jogger Glider Board

You can attach this stroller accessorize very easy to the rear axle of a single or double size Baby Jogger stroller and when you don’t need it, it can be flipped out of the way. The board can be clipped to the front of the stroller allowing you in that way to be in direct contact with your little one.

Good features but impractical

Great concept and overall features are great (clips up easily and can remain attached to pram even when folded up) however totally impractical in practice as you cant walk behind it without constantly kicking it. End up walking on the side of the pram! Needs to be wider and slightly higher. Child loves it however.

Useless with the City Mini

Just bought the City Mini to replace my big pushchair now that my baby is older. I also have a toddler so bought the glider board too. It's nearly impossible for me to reach the handle when using the board. I can't reach at all when going downhill and have to walk to the side. Complete waste of money and it doesn't feel safe to use with my buggy. It's a real pity as it is very well made just not compatible with all Baby Joggers.

Glider board doesn't work well with city mini gt

I bought this for my toddler when she got tired from walking. It's useless, the handle bars are in the way, & if you have drink bottle holders they will be in the way too. The glider would have been great if it retracted past the handle bars but It doesn't. I sold mine after 1 month as it was a waste of money, It can tip the pram too.

Love the features of this board A+

After using a bumprider on my Valco single pram which was a good product I wanted to get a board to use with my double pram {Baby Jogger City Select}. The bumprider straps were slightly too wide to fit so I got the BJ glider board and have found it to be much better overall.
I like that:
- the board can stay attached when pram folded which saves reattaching it.
- the board can be hooked up out of the way for when kid is sitting in pram
- the board can be extended or pushed in depending on handle length to make it comfortable to walk behind.
-it is strong and solid and doesn't move so gets up steps or curbs ok with child on it.

Only problem I've had is the back wheels jiggle when going over stones or uneven surface but I just stop the pram and it goes back to normal.

Not a fan... it's ok

My toddler is very independent. She loves to walk. Because she loves riding the shopping trolley I thought this would be perfect for us, but she hates it. She doesn't feel safe on it. I also don't like pushing the stroller with it attached. I have to walk to the side of the pram to avoid kicking it. Pluses are that it is well made and it goes over bumps and cracks just as easily and smoothly as the stroller itself. It just wasn't for us.

Doesn't work well with the City Mini. Might work well with other models.

I love my Baby Jogger City Mini, it's fantastic, so I'm hesitant to give them a bad review, but the glider board just doesn't work well on this stroller. It's well made, and possibly works well on others strollers such as the City Select, but on the City Mini it sits right where you need your feet to be while you're walking. It's extremely awkward and gave me a back ache in under 5 minutes. I've realised that the only way to really make stroller boards work is to use them on a stroller with an extendable handle. This way the child rides inside the handle and you still have room to walk behind.

Glider board on a BJ City Elite

I have just bought the glider board and whilst i do love it and so does my toddler, I have found it is very awkward for the person pushing the pram. We have found that the pram handle is best dropped down at its lowest position so the toddler can hold on and also because he is too tall to fit under it when its lifted up, but then we are left pushing the pram from the parent console bar which means we are too close and can easily trip on the board itself. I am after a handle extension of some sort but cant seem to find anything online so far, Im thinking i might try and get a fitter and turner to make one for me. It could really do with an extension handle which extends out past the glider board so the parent can still easily walk behind and push with out reaching and the toddler can stand up straight on the board. The handle could easily be mounted on the parent console bar with clamps for easy removal when not being used.
Glides well, wheels are excellent and its easy to fit to the pram and remove. It is a stable platform for toddler to stand on.
It makes it hard for adult to push the pram and you can easily trip over it. It needs to come with a handle extension bar! (or as an alternate extra)

Recommend product if your child isn't a 'runaway'

This Baby Jogger™ Glider Board easily attaches to various prams and umbrella strollers. I chose it for various reasons, having tried many many different brands that simply did not fit or were flimsy and unstable. I attach it to my veebee umbrella stroller, and off we go. I highly recommend it if you have a child that is not inclined to runaway and hop on/off the board constantly, as so many kids do. The way I use it, my 6mo goes in the stroller, and my 2 yo goes on this glider skateboard. I have to be very precise about when I use it, and can't faff around window shopping, otherwise the experience turns into a mess (toddler gets irritable and wants to run around if I am longer the 30-45 mins. Overall, I'd highly recommend you try one from a friend first, as I am pretty certain you'll find the product itself is fine and great quality, but it's more down to the bahaviour of your child and whether a skateboard is the solution you're looking for.
universal fit on different branded strollers/prams, great quality, very smooth ride
nothing wrong with the product, but can be useless if your child runs away and doesn't stay on ($99 is a lot to spend in that case)

Questions & Answers

Does the glider board work with the city tour lux?
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Does anyone know if the Glider Board is compatible with the Mountain Buggy Nano v2 stroller?

Can you attach a glider board to a city mini gt?
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I tried it on my double but the handle was too low for my son to stand up

Can I attach this to a baby jogger City tour?
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