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Worst service

We did buy a breast feeding pump and when we went home we found it was faulty, wife returned back to replace it, the staff refused to replace it and only change the part,it is unprofessional behaviour, the price of that pump was more than 400$ reduced to 260$ , we didn’t bought cheap machine and it is not our fault if it was faulty, store should replace it , but this store doesn’t care about keeping customers, they got their money and that all what they care about, it is my right to get new machine and not to change a part and give it to me. I did pay my money to get quality and not to buy a machine with replaced part

Excellent staff “Janice”

We just want to commend your employee “Janice” located in Alexandria.

She is a gem! Exceeded our expectation. My husband and I are very thankful to her. She really helped us alot when we were there.

I hope all employees are like her! Very dedicated and very helpful!

Many thanks,
Mr & Mrs Stenos

Best Service & great prices

Went to Baby Kingdom at Castle Hill with my sister as she is having her first baby- she wanted to purchase all of her baby goods in one store & had been to other baby stores recently, only to turn on her heels and walk out after being ignored and basically been given zero customer service!
We were greeted at Baby Kingdom by Helen, one of the workers there & what a lovely woman she was!
She was friendly, knowledgeable, extremely helpful, she was genuine & helped with cots, change tables, prams, car seats- you name it! Honestly, her brilliant customer service was a breath of fresh air!
The store is also well planned out, clean and full of fabulous baby items.
My sister & I will recommend baby kingdom castle hill to all of our family & friends (I personally have shopped there for years and always received fabulous service).
Today Helen not only met, but exceeded all of our expectations- we left happy & my sister was very excited about all the information & help she had received!
Thank you Helen, you’re a real asset to that store that is for sure!!

Terrible after service and overpriced. DONT purchase here. Alexandria store

Purchased 2 pigeon teats and found it was on sale at baby bunting. So went back in to get a price match on the teats, but would only give it to me for one. The reason being because I had opened the other packet and couldn't 'return' it when I wasn't even asking to return it, just for a price match. He wouldn't listen to me properly and was being ridiculous, over $5.
After spending literally thousands of dollars here prior, (which even then didn't have the best customer service and had to wait long periods to talk to someone and for our products) I'm now worried their after service and poor customer service will put me in a bad spot if I ever need to claim with any warranty or anything (which I now have to do with my baby's cot which was bent when bought from here). Definitely not purchasing from here again when other stores are slightly cheaper and have much better service and also do price matches also. Pretty disappointed after all this.

Excellent!! Best baby shop in Sydney

Definitely the best baby shop in Sydney. Happy to drive 45 minutes (as opposed to 10 minutes to my closest competitor store) for the range, and the fantastic customer service. As a first time Mum, all the staff I’ve interacted with on the numerous visits have been more than helpful.

AMAZING - Such a great Shop

This shop has to have the best customer service I have ever come across. The staff were super helpful and extremely experience. SO MUCH BETTER THAN BABY BUNTING. (they were horrendous).

Delay delay delay

If you are thinking about shopping from this place, please reconsider. I bought my baby’s cot and chest of drawers from this place. As the items were not available in the stock, i was promised a 2-4 week lead time delivery, and now after 6 weeks it’s not clear when it will be available in stock! So, our baby was born yesterday, but we have to wait for at least two more weeks to get the furniture that we paid for. Absolutely not impressed with the customer service and the management. Please do yourself a favour and go somewhere else!

Very helpful.

The staff were very helpful in helping me purchase baby items. Very happy with my experience at the Alexandria store!

Waiting period is worst-staff or manager doesn't care

I placed an order for pram.
First they said 4 weeks waiting period.
Again they said additional 2 weeks.
And now they saying another 4 weeks- and they still don't guarantee even this timeframe.
Forcing me to cancel my order or take another pram. None of the staff follows up if the delivery has arrived or not and they don't even bother to inform the customer on the delay unless you call them. Unfortunately the baby kingdom in Bankstow - doesn't care for customer satisfaction.

August 4th 2017 Update: Thank you Store Manager for acknowledging my review

Thank you Store Manager (Bankstown).
For following up on the delivery of my pram.
And updating us on the delivery.
I hope that you have some system or staff to follow-up on delivery of items and keep the customers updated.

Great store! Excellent Service

I can not speak highly enough of the staff and customer service at the Alexandria store. We have purchased all of our baby equipment from this store and is the only store I will go to now. Thank you for making shopping there so exceptional! I was in there over the weekend purchasing a travel stroller and the staff were so incredibly helpful and accomodating of my choices! Thank you.

Cot mattress mix-up

Our unpleasant experience of a mix up in cot mattress was more than made up by the professionalism of Lyn of Castle Hill store and Louis of Bankstown online purchase department. We are especially impressed by the can-do attitude of Louis who arranged to have the replacement cot mattress and other baby products delivered to our home within 2 working days.

You want Great service ask for Susan C

Went to the Bankstown store 3 times in the last few months. I have found her to be very knowledgeable on all the baby products I enquired about and purchased.
Thank you for making my shopping experience easier as being pregnant is very hard to be decisive you made it easier for me.

Very poor customer service - Alexandria Store

I've been to the Alexandria store about 6 times in the last 3 months, and each time the customer service has been very poor compared to other stores. Even when I've attended mid week, with almost no customers in the store, the Alexandria staff are extremely disinterested and unhelpful, and you really have to seek out their help. I have never had a staff member approach me and ask for help.

The only reason why I've returned to this store is because of a gift voucher I received. I will not be returning now that I've used the voucher.

Castle Hill - Got pounced on by 7 workers in 5 minutes!

I went into the Castle Hill store. Upon entering the store there was a security guard to the left (that's fine) and a shop assistant right in the middle of the entrance. You could not walk past her until she asked you what you were looking at today. Following this i had 5 shop assistants approach me one after the other asking me if i needed any help. I was very polite said no thank you just wanting to have a look with prams. Well it nearly killed them. I had 3 of hem standing 2 meters away from me staring me down as i looked at prams. Eventually one cracked it and just took over and a pram i was looking at, telling me it matched the colour of my child's eyes, asking me child's name. I was so uncomfortable i left and got the pram i wanted from toys r us where i was left alone and choose without being annoyed. I need to go back to the store to buy something and I'm dreading it!

No guarantee on product order

Ordered a pram at the Alexandria store and was told it would take 2-4 weeks. After 4 weeks I didn't get a call to tell me if it arrived. On calling the store and being put on hold several times, I was eventually told (unapologetically) the "shipment has gone missing" and I'd have to wait 2 months for the next shipment. So I bought a different pram that was available at the Bankstown store and was told it'd take 2-4 weeks for it to arrive at Alexandria. Not taking any chances I picked it up from Bankstown myself and found out that the pram I had originally ordered was available at their store, but are now being held for other customers.
Don't rely on staff at Alexandria, they're useless and not trained very well.

Horrible service at Bankstown

I went there today to buy everything from the cot, stroller, to the high chair and more. Was going to be about $5k.

Not once did anyone acknowledge us or ask if we need help. We were there about 50 minutes.

Do you have to be unorganised and 8months pregnant before they look at you?

I'm going to Alexandria next week and hopeful someone speaks to us because I refuse to hand over that sort of money with no help.

Huge range, fantastic service and items on special

Twice I have been to Baby Kingdom to buy several big items. Years ago for my grandsons room and this time to Alexandria with my daughter who's execting. We wanted to go to the place with the biggest choice to try out prams, baby carriers, look at carseats etc.
Salesman Kyp spent soo long with us trying out different things. He was completely patient, helpful and if he didnt know an answer to a question he went to someone else to find out. It was very refreshing to get such personal service and not feel rushed. When we walked away having purchased a pram, an ergo baby carrier, a 3-in-1 car seat, a nappy bag and various accessories we really felt we had exactly what we wanted and were well informed. Several items were also on 15% off special. Cant recommend them highly enough.

Very disappointing - Price Match Policy

The stores price matching policy is useless! They decided to 'use their discretion' to avoid price matching a Medela breastpump.

mixed bag

I went to the alexandria store a few times to buy a bugaboo pram and most of our other baby stuff. Some of the staff are great - really knowledgeable and nice - others are incredibly uninformed, uninterested and plain rude - when I bought my pram, it was on a 15% sale for a couple of weeks already yet the sales woman was unaware of the sale and wanted to charge me full price - I had to tell her that that's not right - she then went to ask someone and corrected the price but did not apologise for making the mistake and treated me as if I am a beggar for wanting the correct price! I think some of the sales staff need to be better trained. I have so far not returned anything, so cannot say how they are in that respect. Stock wise, they have a good and wide selection of goods - so it's a good one stop shop.

Excellent service, wide range of goods

I love Baby Kingdom, last week I purchased a Baby Jogger and some bits and pieces and was very impressed with the service. We were asked quite a few times if we needed help but they weren't pushy about it and when we finally did buy our products it went very smoothly with a friendly easy going salesman. The range is terrific at the Alexandria store, every brand I could think of and the prices are great.

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Wanting to buy a bassinet for my steel craft compact strider but not sure whether to trust online or go to local baby winks and get them to order one in for me
1 answer
Have not ordered from baby winks .The order I placed online from baby kingdom was dispatched and collected the very next day .

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