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Swallow Beema Duo

Swallow Beema Duo

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Love this pram, Flawless so far. I got it for when i have my next baby and this one comes with a built in bassinet which was a bonus. My 10 month old loves it. Got it from babyco for $499 with the second seat free. Easy to use and assemble.Steers great and any terrain.
Built in bassinet, easy to use and second seat compatibility.
Bit bulky

perfect for my pigeon pair.

Love love love this pram!!! My daughter was 20months when my son was born and I'd purchased this pram about a month before. Was easy to assemble, easy to steer, fold and go cross country. I love the fact that I can use the steelcraft capsule with this pram!!! Out of the 6 prams I've had, this is the best :)
easy to steer, easy to set up, great huge hood, massive basket (big enough that when I dont have the second seat, my 2.9yr old can fit comfortably
is rather big and a big bulky

HI, i am going to be in the same situation soon re two kids with that age gap. Just wondering if the baby can face you while second seat is attached? Can't seem to find that info anywhere? Cheers!Hi there, I have this pram too and do really like it. The baby can face you while the second seat is attached. Check out this website for seat combinations..... http://babysmart.com.au/beema_duo.html There are a few things that I dislike about this pram. It is quite bulky and doesn't fit in my Kia Rio without putting one of the back seats down and also when sitting up in the top seat it doesn't seam to sit as upright as other prams. My son is always pulling himself forward on the bar as he is too reclined. Apart from those two things this pram is wonderful. It is so much cheaper than the equivalent on the market and the basket space is amazing!HI, just wondering how easy the pram is to fold up? can it be done with one hand etc...

Excellent product

Had the Duo for about a year. Got it from babyco for $499 with the second seat free. I only have one kid but we use the second seat a lot when my sister and I go out so we onlyneed to take one stroller between us. It's been good value for money and had a lot of use already.
Really nice to steer, swivels nicely. The chassis is very light and folds with both seats fitted. The second seat folding is really cool the way iy slides under the main seat.
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Questions & Answers

Wondering can you buy sep hood covers for this pram?
1 answer
Hey, im not actually sure. Possibly be a good question for the manufacturer. I know there are some home businesses on facebook that can create separate covers but thats all i can think of. Sorry i couldnt help further.

Why has it been discontinued?
1 answer
Hello. I am not sure. Best bet would be to email the manufacturer (babysmart) and question them. I got mine in 2012 when they were released from a small country shop. Babyco were able to order them in as well, i just dont know if they're still around.

Hi, I'm wondering whether the infant carrier can be used down the bottom (where the second seat usually goes) so that you can have a heavier toddler in the main seat? I have noticed this can happen with the Strider compact and was interested to know if the beema duo can do the same. Thanks in advance
2 answers
Hi, from what I know, the capsules can't be used down the bottom. Unless Babysmart have made adapters for it (which im not sure as I only used my capsule for 6m). Thanks for the question :) Cheers LouisaHi Jenna No sorry from what i have seen on mine there is no way for the infant carrier to be put on the bottom, but like what Louisa said you might be able to get adapters ect. Sorry I am no help maybe best to call baby smart a call. But other then that really great pram. kindest regards , karen


Beema Duo
Price (RRP)$499
Release dateApr 2013

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