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BabyBjorn High Chair

BabyBjorn High Chair

4.8 from 80 reviews

6 yrs old and still going strong

We purchased this high chair for baby #2 and wish we got it for our 1st. We had 2 other high chairs in an 18month period before this one.
So easy to use,
Most supportive by far especially for younger bubs,
Comfortable enough that they ‘want’ to sit in it
No fuss, easy cleaning!
This high chair served us well for our #2 then went onto a friends home for a couple of years and is now back with us again for baby #3 so we’re in love with it all over again. A purchase we recommend to everyone with little cherubs
I can’t remember exactly but I think we got it online from baby bjorn Australia for around $340

Purchased in February 2013 for $340.00.

Best. Highchair. Ever

The most stylish, easy to clean, time saving, transportable high chair in the market. I would recommend to all my friends. The quality of the product deserves the 5 star review!

Purchased in February 2019.

Even better than I expected.

I was lucky enough to borrow this from a friend while I needed 2 highchairs. I do not want to give it back! I have seen these chairs before and thought they looked a bit small, but it actually makes sense when you are sitting next to your child to help with feeding. That being said I would like the option of having them a bit higher to sit at the table with everyone else when they are more independent with feeding. I have 2 other small children and sometimes get called away while bub is in the chair, I feel confident leaving him when I have to as there is just no way he could climb out. It's super easy to clean and very comfortable for bub. I also love that you can buy a spare/replacement tray, the chair will probably last forever. One hand is required to hold bub while you use the other hand to let the tray down to get them out but this is very easy to do, especially when you have already removed the top messy layer of the tray.

Potentially Dangerous

Not a good chair for 2yo as it can roll frontwards smashing childs face into ground... almost seen this happy but lucky I was able to grab the chair before child hit the ground... Do not recommend this unsafe highchair.... I’m so surprise that no one else has reported an incident like this. May be compact, easy to clean but I would prefer child not getting seriously injured.

The best high chair

I have been using this high chair for the last two weeks. My son is now 6 months and sitting in it very well. The chair keeps him very secure as the seat is quite snug and I never worry about him slouching over like in other larger high chairs. The table helps to keep baby in place. The table is adjustable as your baby grows bigger.

I love that it doesn’t require you to use straps for two reasons. Firstly, there are no straps to get dirty so it is very easy to keep clean. Second, it’s super easy to get your child in and out of the high chair with no annoying straps to mess with.

I went away for the Easter weekend and threw the high chair into the back of the car. It is quite compact and light, therefore easy to transport when needed. I had another high chair for my older children and I never would have contemplated taking that one with me as it was so bulky.

Overall, worth the investment!

Awesome can’t believe I didn’t buy it sooner, pricey but my goodness worth it!

Used a basic chair (IKEA) for my little girl and as she got a little thinner from all the crawling she was doing I realised it did not offer much back support at all, this chair is easy to assemble, offers great back support and her feet resting on foot stool part means she actually looks comfortable for once! the removable tray makes cleaning up so easy and quick plus it’s thin and small design allows us to take it anywhere. Definitely worth 5 stars! Hit the nail on the head with this design BabyBjorn

Best High Chair Ever!!!

This high chair is something I could not live without! I can't state enough how much better it is than every other high chair on the market.
It's simple. It's beyond easy to clean and there is nowhere for food to hide or get stuck. The tray removes easily and can go in the dishwasher. There are no straps to get dirty. The tray sits up close to your child so good does not drop into their lap. The chair is supportive so can easily be used by a 6 month old right through to a toddler.
all my friends have seen my Baby Bjorn high chair and have gone out and replaced their existing ones with a Baby Bjorn!

Love it!

I didn’t like any of the high chairs at Baby Bunting for various reasons so looked online for something different. After reading many raving reviews for this high chair, I bought it over the phone at Baby and Toddler Town. I absolutely love this chair, it’s super easy to assemble, well designed and made, a beautiful colour (mint green), light enough to drag around (even though it doesn’t have wheels) and my daughter is very happy and comfortable when seated in it. It’s best feature is the fact that it didn’t have any straps because the adjustable tray slides in and keeps the baby upright and secure. I also like the fact that the removable top tray is not huge so you can wash it easily in the sink. The whole high chair is a breeze to clean. It can be folded up easily to be taken to a friends house for dinner. The only suggestion that I would make is for the high chair to be adjustable in height, but apart from that it’s a perfect product, well worth the money. I am sure it will be easy to sell on when it’s no longer needed.

Must have!!

This high chair is a must have. No food spillage, light weight, easy to use, adjustable at the waist. You’d be wasting your money if you bought anything else. You’ll realise how badly designed virtually every other high chair on the market is when you start using this. Best investment!!

Very handy little high chair

I purchased the baby bjorn high chair as recommended by friends in the super cute green colour. It’s very small which felt strange at first but then it makes sense when everybody sits at the table to eat and the baby is on the same level.

It’s definitely not an eyesore because of its compact size and its simplicity.

It feels nice and sturdy and hold baby in place well. Very easy to clean without the dreaded straps, while keeping baby safe and secure with the tray. I like how the tray cover is removable for cleaning.

I think for the price it can sell for it seems a bit over the top. Definitely a nice seat for your baby if you can afford it.

Love this high chair

Compact, stylish and easy to use. this really is a small high chair, you won't walk into the room and immediately notice it like you do with those massive, bulky, padded ugly high chairs. So easy to use as there is no harness, just a one click button to lock and unlock.

The only thing is my chubby 7 month old is already on the second tray setting so I'm wondering how much use we will get out of it but it seems other people's chubby babies fit for ages... so fingers crossed!


Love love love this highchair. Used it for my first son up to 2 years of age, and now using it for my second. My first son can still fit in it too. Why do I love it? It can easily be made compact, easy to transport around as it's light yet strong. It's white and modern looking, so looks good in any space, not chunky at all. It's easy to clean - oh the cleaning is JUST so easy. It is SAFE - as long as you teach your child not to try to get out, or rock in it. If you want a chair that you can leave your child in unsupervised, then this isn't the one. It is pricey, but for me, I am happy to pay extra for something I will make full use of and that will make my life easier.

Excellent Highchair

Very happy with my highchair. It's so easy to clean, just pop off the tray and wash it and wipe down the chair. Also love that i don't need to buckle baby in every time. It can be a bit tricky at first to get baby in properly and you have to be careful when taking them out to hold them properly so they don't fall. But all in all an excellent high chair that looks beautiful as well.

Last chance high chair did not disappoint!

With my first baby I happily used:
1) the IKEA Antilop (best budget high chair ever) and
2) the old STOKKE Tripp Trapp. No issues at all. I still have the STOKKE of course as it lasts forever.

My second son however managed to climb out of both of those (admittedly I only used the old T-bar for the STOKKE one) and after I found him crawling on the kitchen table one time too many I caved in and after extensive research I ordered this one online with zero trips to the shops to try it out (!)

It turned out to be perfect. What I love about it:
- NO STRAPS! I cannot stress this enough. Every parent knows how disgustingly filthy highchair straps can get.
- Super easy clean-up. Just a wipe down. For extra mess, the tray comes off and can be washed easily in the sink because it isn't massive.
- Smallish size, low impact profile. It doesn't dominate the room
- The monkey can't climb out of it no matter how hard he tries!

The only con is it's not cheap at all but I am finding myself not regretting it like you do with a lot of baby purchases of all prices. I also saw the pistachio colour in the shop and it looks great too.

Love this high chair!

Very easy to use. Comes apart easily and is transportable. Also easy to pull apart to clean. Love that my son can move around as much as he likes, but the chair stays sturdy - no chance of tipping! Also love that it doesn't require straps but he is secure when the table is up. Was given this as a gift so not sure of its retail cost. But based on function alone, would definitely recommend this chair :)

Excellent high chair

I love this high chair! So easy to clean! Nice and compact, looks great, but most importantly, functions well and takes seconds to clean. I took the BLW approach to food with my LO, so having a high chair that is easy to clean was very important. If you're looking for the easiest high chair to clean - you've found it!


Easy to clean
Removable tray
Foot rest
Baby has excellent posture while eating
Food doesn't drop on babies lap
No straps


Small, you won't get as long a life out of this chair as some other chairs. But, likely not an issue if switching to a booster seat around 2-3 years of age

Couldn't be happier

we started on BLW several weeks ago and we had so much trouble cleaning bub's high chair with the padded cushion as the food gets stuck everywhere. After some serious googling, researching and interviewing other BLW mums (I seriously considered the IKEA Antilop, Kmart's Quadro, Big W's Dymples and a similar type from Target), we finally decided on this one from Baby Bjorn--small and sturdy, no fiddly straps to clean and brush afterwards, locks the baby just right onto his tummy so no food falling on his lap (my favourite), you can just hose it down after meals, no crevices for food to get trapped, has foot rest which promotes stability and good posture so baby is more relaxed when eating, looks neat and doesn't occupy too much space in the house and no accidents for both mum and bub. Best of all, ezpz mini mat fits perfectly and won't just come off. Highly recommended!!! Best decision ever.

Even better than it looks!

We were given the baby bjorn high chair as a gift and when I opened it up, to be perfectly honest I thought it was no good as it didn't have any straps. Well, was I wrong! It holds my son in perfectly without the hassle of straps and is so easy to adjust with one hand. It's the perfect height and slides under our table like a chair for easy storage. It is so easy to clean, I just wipe it down after use with a wet cloth. My son sits in it happily for ages and we take it around the house with us as we need it. I am so happy that our friends chose this high chair for us and I will definitely be recommending it to other friends. Extremely happy!!

Two Children and 4 Years Later Still Amazing

This high chair is SO well designed because there are no straps yet no way your kid can get out. SO easy to clean and stable. Meal time is literally a breeze. I can't imagine how bad it would have been with any other chair with straps etc. Believe all the review on this one!

Can't fault this chair at all, worth every cent!

My daughter is now 1, but a very tall girl, 82cm, 12kg, and still fits in the chair perfectly fine.

It is so easy to pop her in with one click and the removable tray is SO handy. When her hands are sticky after eating we can remove the tray before we clean her. If the tray hasn't been cleaned by the next time we need it, we just use the built in tray!

Even my husband raves about this chair to our expecting friends and says it's a must. It costs a little more than other high chairs, but it's worth its weight in gold.

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Questions & Answers

Hi just wondering what the length of the chair would be with legs removed as im wanting to get it but trying to workout storage 1st. Thanks
3 answers
Around 45 to 50cmAbout 55cm. My 3 year old is currently sitting in it so could only measure roughly. I quite often push it under the table still assembled or you can also fold it up with the legs still on and lean it against a wall. We have also taken the legs off and put it in the boot of the car to take away. It is honestly the best thing we have ever bought as far as children's items. My 5 month old who can't sit up on her own was placed in there yesterday and it supported her even though she is a tiny baby under 6kgThanks DDdd & quality mum sounds great. My bubba is 5mths also i wasnt sure if he would be able to sit in it yet. It fits under the table i take it thed chair is only short so you cant really sit bub @ table with family?

Just wondering how old did your child grow out of this chair? My son is 8 months and he's already in the widest space now, but it's winter and he's wearing jacket too.
1 answer
My son is 1 year old and still has plenty of room on this chair.

Hi, would it be too late to use this chair for a one year old? I've had him in a booster type chair for the last 6 months and he's started to tip it with the tray on which is starting to scare me! Am considering getting the babybjorn but not sure.
4 answers
Hi Katherine. I have seen videos of kids over the age of 1 stilll using the chair. I heard it can ne used until they are 3 or depending how big the built if the child is.Hi Katherine, mine has recently turned one and we are still happily using the chair. I don't think he'll be outgrowing it anytime soon and he's not a small baby.Hi there. My baby has just turned one and fits perfectly in the highchair still. I don't think it would be an issue for some time to come. I think the max height is 98cm or something similar, at one year old, they would be well off that!


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