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9BabyBjorn One

99 reviews

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99 reviews
99 reviews
Lise Helene
Lise HeleneSydney4 posts
ECJ24Derwent Valley36 posts

Love it !

Wouldn't be without our bjorn one carrier. I purchased it a good 2.5 yr ago to use with our first son. Wish I had it sooner and currently use it everyday with our second child. It's so comfortable !! Hubby found it better than other carriers we've tried with first son (as it positions the child well men don't get kicked in the groin!) I pop it in and put our five week old in and zip about the house doing what I need too or out shopping or walking with friends. Love this carrier !

Kate w
Kate w

Love it! Couldn't live without it

I feel so confident and relaxed using this product with my newborn. I use it every day and really couldn't live without it. I have used another brand and much prefer this - my baby keeps a better posture and overall the support is superior- also, I love the denim!

asulikeitSYDNEY22 posts

Try the Bjorn and Ergo in the shop and your choice will be an easy One

We had an Ergo and hated it. It was well made and looked nice but was horrible to use as all adjustments were behind you and the thick waistband is non weight bearing. Sold it and bought the One and haven't looked back. Clips are simple, adjustments easy, take all the weight around your hips mans you can walk without sore shoulders, it's well made, looks and feels great, safe for bub... you can't ask for more. Go to the shop, try both the Ergo and Bjorn and you'll see what I mean - don't let the shop test with the light weight doll either, get your baby in and walk around then the choice will be a simple one.


easy and perfect for our lifestyle

The BabyBjorne One carrier is best on the market! my husband and I bought one for our first baby and find it extremely easy to use and supportive. I keep it in my car and often will use it instead of our pram (especially for those shops that are hard to access with a pram). We have found that we can actually use it while eating and getting the house work and those hard tasks done. I will often also go for a walk and use the carrier and I find it supports my back and bub really well and is extremely comfortable for short or long periods of time.


Where have you been all my life!!

I was given the old Bjorn to use for my newborn which tended to hurt my back so I hardly used it. I was recently convinced to try the new one and what a massive improvement. Light weight, extremely comfortable, easy to adjust, looks great and Dougie absolutely loves it! It supports so well that I hardly notice carrying the extra weight and I'm talking an extra 7kg...and counting. I highly recommend the BabyBjorn One for quality, comfort and convenience - you wont be disappointed.

DenisMelbourne5 posts

Easily our best baby accessory!

First born was compressed a bit in sling, multiple recommendations for Carrier One, never looked back! Simple to use, easy to adjust, great quality, lightweight, effortless! Sleeps in carrier, perfect view for bubs, free’s both my arms! and specialist confirmed approval for hip dysplasia correction. Best baby accessory we own!

JP V GCranbourne2 posts

Great and Perfect one

I am so Happy with BabyBjorn One outdoor.

My friend Send a gift for my daughter the BabyBjorn one outdoor .Its great,light weight,easy to carry,she feels very comfort and Very happy too.She likes to sit in *BabyBjorn One* when we go for a shopping or a Walk ,Yea its really magic ONE Great product .

Thanks Scan brands for Great Product and Thanks My Brother.

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AmySydney11 posts

I couldn't live without

I bought this when my now 8 month old was a newborn. He fitted it from day one, although I didn't have him in it until about 6 weeks as I had a c-section (it wraps around the insicion site). His head was well supported and he loved the movement. It was super simple to put on from the first time. I still use this almost daily and he is now 10kgs, and it's only just starting to strain my back a little, and I am 5'0". I have started carrying him on my back during long hikes and he loves this too! When he is having fussy periods I just pop him in and can get all my jobs around the house done and he is content and doesn't cry. I would recommend this to anyone - I couldn't have done without!

Ang2 posts

This is the best carrier

I am so pleased to be using the Baby Bjorn One carrier. It is easy to use, supports by back and my son is comfortable whilst in the carrier. I use the carrier daily as I take my daughter to school, it is easy for drop off and pick up time. It is also very handy when my son is unsettled, I place him in the carrier and he is content. I highly recommend this carrier for any parent who wants a comfortable carrier.

Frenchy4 posts

Great for airplane travel and food shopping

I have used this whilst travelling on airplanes just with baby and it is a life saver. I have the baby strapped in it on the front and the Baby Bjorn Sofo nappy bag on my back and still had my arms free to wheel a mini suitcase. It is easy to then pick up luggage off the carousel.

It is also great for doing the weekly food shop which involves going up and down aisles and loading a lot of items into a trolley.

annawilliams2 posts

Good for walking about the house only

This carrier is terribly overpriced and doesn't have as many features as the ergo 360. You can only wear it for about five minutes before feeling uncomfortable. Unlike other carriers you cannot sit down or breastfeed whilst wearing and for over $200, that is not good enough.

I wear it when I need to get Bub to sleep quickly around the house. My partner likes it however for when we are out and about. So that's why I have it two stars.

Also, I'm concerned about baby's hips, I don't think it's designed well enough to support them.

I am considering buying a sling to use instead.

Ali and Sam
Ali and Sam

Love it

I love my baby bjorn one. It's so comfy to wear and my 5 month old is very relaxed and comfortable in it. My only problem is that my husband likes it too so I regularly have to adjust the straps but fortunately it is super easy to adjust even while wearing.

SharonSimmons3 posts

Brilliant carrier - comfortable & love the back position option

We have used this carrier whilst on holiday & day to day outings. It is just brilliant! Easily carriers our now toddler - hubby even used it (pink!) whilst our family did a small hike. Very easy to clip & unclip. Feels very secure. Tiny negative is has to be removed over head but not a big deal at all.

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Michelle OD
Michelle ODMelbourne3 posts

Love This!

Absolute best carrier out there. Love the colour and design but most of all the comfort. The clips make it very easy to get bub in and out and the wide cushioned straps makes it very comfortable to wear which for me was the most important feature. Couldn't recommend it highly enough!!!

JenishBrisbane2 posts

The best you could have for your little one

I've tried 3 Different brands of carriers and this one is the best, it feels less complicated to assemble and put on and more secure and comfortable for my baby. And most of all my little one loving it...

Will recommend to everyone I know

Awesome product.. Loved it


MarvinSydney6 posts

Can't go anywhere without it!

Tried the Ergo first, a good product but found this to be a lot comfier and more practical with the clips.

The one thing I'd change is add a small pocket (zip) somewhere on the product (can attach something manually yourself though!)

Not as supportive as the Ergo with the baby insert for newborns though, but much more practical and comfy!

Kate L
Kate L

Best design yet

After previously owning the Miracle carrier, I have loved the comfortable, practical and stylish design of the Baby Carrier One (and especially love the denim blue colour). There is a great deal of comfort and support and the padded straps are easily adjusted so the weight is evenly balanced without strain on the neck. The carrier can be easily and comfortably adapted for a newborn and is very straightforward to use. I've used the carrier multiple times per week since my son was two weeks old. Fantastic and compact to travel with. Can't wait to try out the back carrying position and looking forward to getting a lot of use out of the carrier over the next couple of years.

ClaireTSydney, NSW7 posts

Best carrier on the market !

My babybjorn carrier has freed me.

Instead of trying to push a shopping trolley and a stroller thru the supermarket - now I'm hands free with my baby strapped in my baby born carrier - Baby loves it - and I can push my trolley around shop in peace !

LeeSydney, NSW3 posts

Terrible waste of money

This is the worst designed contraption I have come across. I thought investing in the "top-of-the-line" would be worth it. It is designed terribly for newborns, babies and toddlers, as much as I've tried to use it, it's uncomfortable in all positions. What a waste, don't bother, any other model looks more comfortable.

S Millward
S MillwardSydney, NSW6 posts

Fantastic carrier

I had the old bjorn for my first which hurt my back so rarely used it. Having another newborn and a 4yr old I knew I would need to have something to put him in and have my hands free. I tried the new One and it is sooo much better. It doesn't hurt my back at all and is so comfortable for me and the wee little man looks very snug. It is fantastic that you can now use it on your back. Hopefully it means I can use it for longer and leave the pram at home more. Also very compact, so easy to put in the car or under the pram.

Louise Shaw
Louise Shaw10 posts

Front, Cuddle, Back - Versatile & Comfy

I can take my smiley man to a party and he can socialize while being connected. So easy to use, goes in the car, stroller and used so much at home. He's going through a clingy phase and it's great for witching hour/getting dinner ready. Love it. Great for bushwalking too as hubby carries him on his back. A must have.

hsmetanaRichmond-Tweed, NSW12 posts
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Amy D
Amy D3 posts

Love this carrier- so comfortable and practical

I have recently started using the Baby Bjorne One carrier for my 7 month old and I am very happy with it. It is super light-weight and the mesh fabric is very breathable so we both don't get hot and sweaty on warm days. The design looks really cool too. My husband also uses it and it's really easy to adjust the straps to fit him too. It just slips over your head really easily and you pop baby in and adjust the straps. I have found other carriers quite tricky to put on. She loves facing outwards in it also. This is a great product.


Excellent carrier, very happy with it and would definitely recommend

Initially, I found the instructions included with the carrier very hard to follow and ended up looking for instructions on YouTube. It was a little fiddly to start with, but once I got the hang of it, it's actually one of the most straight forward systems I have seen.

I could try to nitpick, there is really no cons there, as far as I see it, other than the included instructions could be better..

Overall, this is a very easy to use baby carrier and probably the easiest to use carrier that I have come across, I have owned a few.

I am very happy with it and would definitely recommend.

firsttimemamaMelbourne3 posts
Kasey Toh
Kasey Toh
Charyen Voon
Charyen VoonAU

Having back pain

I used to use RM79 (ringgit malaysia) hip seat, with not much back issue. Or none at all except for the bulky hip seat cushion.

Spent RM 700+ (with 10% discount) for Baby Bjorn One and am having severe back pain after carrying my 11kg daughter for 10 minutes onwards.

I tried using other brands like ERGO baby and find that the tight waist clipping would eliminate the pain.

A not so happy babybjorn user.


Happy with my BabyBjorn One

I am finding the baby carrier really comfortable, even with my 12kg son! He seems really comfortable in it, which is surprising because of his size. The waist strap is a great feature, and much needed. The carrier is lightweight, easy to put on and easy to adjust the straps to get the right fit. I am really happy with the carrier.

KattiMelbourne5 posts

Love my BabyBjorn :)

This would have to be the best baby carrier on the market. I have found it really easy to use and super convenient. My 9 week old baby girl is quite fussy and loves being carried around which makes it difficult to get anything done during the days. But with my BabyBjorn I now have 2 hands which is amazing!! She also seems very comfortable and cosy in the carrier (usually falling asleep). The fact that the clips make a clear sound when connected also gives me piece of mind that my daughter is safely in place. I would highly recommend this product, it's been amazing for both my husband and myself!!!

H J5 posts
Mumov4Seven Hills, NSW

Absolutely Amazing Product

I found this carrier to be one of the best products I bought for my baby. It is easy to use, convenient and very comfortable. The click sound on the buttons gives me reassurance that I have connected them correctly. The longevity of this product makes it such a worthwhile investment , I am so happy that I can still use it for my baby even as he goes on to toddler stage.

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So handy!

This carrier has been amazing for us! My daughter loves to look around when we are out so the forward facing option has been great! The carrier is very easy to use and super comfortable! I didn't even need to watch the instruction video to learn how to use it! Highly recommend this product!

Happy MumMum
Happy MumMumCampbelltown
Jessica B
Jessica B2 posts

One of my favourite baby items

This is a great product. My baby absolutely loves being in it. He's not a great sleeper outside his bed but has even managed to nap while in the carrier a few times. If he's fussy he seems to settle as soon as I strap him in. It's especially perfect for calming him while I'm trying to get dinner ready.

The clips take a little practice but once you get the hang of them they're really easy to use. The carrier is incredibly strong and my son seems really supported. I find it comfortable to wear, especially with the waist belt, which means I can wear it for long periods of time without getting a sore back. My husband loves using it too.

Overall, I'm really happy with this carrier, and much prefer it to the one we used for our first son.

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