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Babyhood Cosy Crib

Babyhood Cosy Crib

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So handy

We bought the cosy crib before bub was born and didn't realise what a great purchase it was until we were using this all the time when bub was in his earlier months! It's so handy as a daybed in the living room or even taking it along when visiting family. Covers are removable to wash which is very handy. Such a useful product... even bought one for my brother's newborn! Highly recommend this product!


I loved this product and would recommend it to anyone. I bought it when my baby was 6 weeks old and we were staying with the in-laws who didn't have much space in their spare room and a portacot seemed monstrously huge for a newborn. My baby seemed so comfortable in it that we then started using it on a table next to our bed and then when he transitioned to his cot he still slept inside the babyhood in his cot until he was about 6 months old - and he was a big baby. We took it with us overseas and it was perfect for putting next to the hotel bed without taking up much space. He and I went away a few times and he slept in it with me next to him in a queen-size bed on top of the covers; which was really convenient for feeding/patting etc.
- super light
- small (fits into corners of rooms or next to bed)
- feels safe & secure for the baby
- portable (travel and around the house - lounge room etc)
- mattress removes and cover is easily washed (although i just put a sheet or cloth nappy over the mattress anyway)
- lasts a decent amount of time (birth - 6 months)
- nice material
- warm in winter (just put a blanket over the crib and tuck in at the sides and it sits over the baby perfectly without worrying about the baby getting tangled
- can't be folded smaller but because it is so light it didn't add much to our luggage and the bag it comes in was really handy for airline travel
- couldn't remove rim material to wash but I spot cleaned it and it was fine

Fantastic product

This cosy crib is great!!! My baby wouldn't make the transition from bassinet to cot so we bought the cosy crib and put it in his cot and sleeps better than he ever has. Easy to tuck sheets or lightweight blankets into. So portable we can take it when staying overnight away. I love this product
It's soft and comfortable for baby. Easy to wash mattress and covers. Most bassinet sized sheets fit well into it.

Absolutely loved this product!! Wish we had heard about it earlier!

We bought our Cosy Crib when our son was 4 and a half weeks old after having huge issues with him not sleeping in his bassinet. We were recommended by a Child Health Nurse to move him into a cot, put a lambs wool/skin under the sheet and to use rolled up towels either side of him to help him feel secure. We did all this but found the towels didn't look comfortable. A friend recommended this little bed and after researching it on the net, I was convinced it was safe. Rang my local baby store and swung by and picked it up. Our son has slept like a baby (pardon the pun!) ever since. He LOVED it. It has breathable borders around it, but he just slept on his back and stretched out his little arms. We were very sad when he grew out of it and can't wait to use it from Day one with Baby Number 2. We wish we had bought this little bed earlier. It could have saved us a lot of sleepless nights in those first 4 weeks of his life.
Everything! Money well spent. Comfortable for baby. Safe. Secure. Portable. Great to take to Grandma's on the weekend and made by a Queensland company.
Nothing. Extremely happy with this product. Would recommend it to anyone wanting a comfortable, safe, portable bed for their newborn.

Perfect little cozy portable secure bed

Such a great little bed for baby.. Portable, comfy, lightweight and easy to take with you wherever you are in the house or out and about ie to someone's place.
Value for money. Excellent size, moved it around the house as required. Comfy and cost for baby, lightweight. Highly recommend it, especially if your thinking of buying something to put your baby in that is safe and secure!


If you really need to get one of these, look at whether the mattress inside it is flat. Otherwise just take it out as your baby will still be comfortable without it.
Comes in handy if you are going to someone's house. You can put your baby to sleep in this instead of worrying about whether they will roll off the bed.
You need to be very careful with this if the mattress is not level. Ours had a significant curve in it so our baby ended up rolling into the side of it. We ended up taking the mattress out and putting a blanket underneath instead of using it the way it came. We thought it was far to dangerous to leave our baby to sleep in it. SIDS also recommends you don't use these.

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**Babyhood Cosy Crib** I have just bought one of these for my son and daughter inlaw. Baby is due any day now, and my daughter inlaw wants to wash this crib before use. Looking at the instructions, are you suggesting to put the whole thing, minus the mattress, in the washing machine?? This thing would kill my machine. People are saying NOT to take the outside covering off to wash, chuck the whole thing in the wash. I need advice before do this Thanks Donna
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Cosy Crib
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