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Babyhood Manhattan

Babyhood Manhattan

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I am extremely disappointed in the quality of this chair after paying such a large amount of money for it I would've expected it to last me through feeding my second child however 2 years after purchasing the mesh material on the inside of the ottoman started to flake off, making the biggest mess of my child's bedroom. Another year on and the vinyl material (it is definitely not leather) on the seat of the chair started cracking very noticeably - the whole seat is now peeling and I am a position where I have to replace the chair.
Many retailers have actually told me they have stopped stocking the chair because of the terribly poor quality of material used and that they were having customers regularly complaining about it.
I looked into getting the cracks fixed or having the seat reupholstered however even the upholsterer commented on the poor quality of the material and that the whole thing would need to be done. He said he sees many of the Babyhood chairs as the material just doesn't last.
If you want a way lift chair that will last you through feeding more than one child and will not make a mess of your child's room - do not buy a Babyhood Manhatten Glider!!!

The best glider chair on the market!!

Initially I was hesitant because of the price tag however after researching and finding the reselling price was high I bit the bullet. This is the best chair with great cushioning and one of the very very few gliders that had a back high enough to rest your head on. My chair is a 6 years old now and still can't complain about it. It works like a dream and has been used every day in the past 6 years.
reliable, quality,
expensive but worth every cent

Disappointing product

We bought this new less than two and a half years ago. The vinyl is very thin. It started with cracks in the head rest, and now cracks are showing all over the place. You would be better off paying more money for something that is going to last. I would go for just a normal recliner if I had my time again and I'd spend a bit more and buy leather or something of better quality. Unfortunately this chair is now only good for throwing out. It has never been outside the house or treated badly. Been in the same spot in lounge the entire time.
Good while it lasted, which was not long enough.
Expensive but cheaply made. It's rubbish quality.

Also forgot to mention the foot stool broke after about a year. One of the welds came apart. OUrs is still strong but we are contacting them today about they vinyl coming off and although it is out of warranty mine is under 2 years old I will be asking for a replacement as its not fit for purpose and at its price it needs to be. Please email them!

This is the best glider ever

I spent AGES researching glider chairs online and visited many stores trying chairs. I was always disappointed how cheap looking they were and didn't think they were that comfortable - namely any of the valco ones I found or similar. I found the babyhood manhattan glider online by chance and then looked up online reviews and found they were pretty positive. Also there was a video on youtube with a demonstration. I liked how it looked a little more supportive and better quality than anything else I'd seen. I took the plunge and ordered it online without trying it in a store (Victoria doesn't seem to have any of these gliders on display anywhere - very frustrating)

I'm so glad I took the risk - this is the most comfortable glider chair (actually chair for that matter) I've sat on. I'm 5'9 and I find it perfect for lower back, shoulder and head support. The latte colour looks really good too. I had to assemble it, but it was surprisingly easy, even at 7 1/2 months pregnant. In a time where I can't get comfortable sitting on anything, I'm so glad I got this a little earlier than intended - should make my last few months a lot more comfortable (and i imagine the many hours breastfeeding to follow!)
Comfort, Support, Quality, Colour

Broke after two months - manufacturer said it's my fault!

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I researched these chairs for ages before deciding on the Manhattan glider and was really excited when it arrived.

However, after just two months a weld on the chair came apart, making it unusable.

When I returned it, the manufacturer claimed the chair wasn't faulty, but that I had broken it. I was shocked, as I'd only ever used it to feed and rock my newborn. When I inquired further, I was told by their legal department that I must have put "too much weight on the arm of the chair".

This product is not made to stand normal use.

I've now spent more than $300 in couriers shipping this chair around getting it fixed.

I would not deal with this company again.
It was by far the nicest & the most comfortable of the chairs I tried.
It broke under normal use. I believe these chairs have a manfacting/design fault.

Can't live without it!

I tried all the different options in the baby stores but this glider is by far the very best.

After 3 children and years of computer work my back is often painful.

This Glider gives me excellent support in my shoulders, arms and upper back and unlike all the other gliders it gives me extra lower back support. I do not have to stick pillows under me or behind my back.

The store I bought it from gave me the babyhood nursing pillow as a bonus gift, to support my baby and take any pressure off my neck. They work so well together.

I now really enjoy breastfeeding with no pain or discomfort.

For any mums wanting to breastfeed your baby, try this glider. I have been using it for a year now and it is fabulous.
Excellent lower back support
My husband loves to sit on it too!


absolutely love this chair! great investment pre- & post-pregnancy. we paid $500 for it from our local pram warehouse store, but i have seen it retail for up to $650. it gives me good support in the lower back & the recline allows me to relax, as i can't lie on my side on the couch for too long or my arm goes numb. also, does fit in the back of a standard sedan if you take it out of its box.
after spending the last few weeks not being able to get off the couch easily, i bit the bullet & got my glider. was always going to get it, but didn't think i'd need it so soon! i'm currently 28 weeks pregnant. my husband has set up the chair in the lounge room for me. he jokes that i've barely gotten out of it since we got it! it is really comfortable & reclines easily. the ottoman is great too! i do like that it has covers over most of it's frame. especially the ones on its bases, so it doesn't scratch the floor (we have polished timber floors).
absolutely nothing! tried many others in the stores, but this one is the best in all areas by FAR!

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Babyhood Manhattan
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