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6Babylove Cosifit

113 reviews

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113 reviews
AlH18 posts

LEAKS EVERY TIME! Fix your nappies Baby Love!

These really are the worst. Do not buy them. They leak every time, even after just an hour of wear. They don’t have tight cuffs around the legs so they are very prone to leakages. Very annoying fully changing baby and full bed linen each time due to poor quality nappies. Avoid at all costs! Show details
ConsumerCanberra15 posts

Very disappointed

We have been using them for a 9 days and already have had more than a handful of leakages from number wees (when baby is on her side) and poos (whatever position she's in). It's so frustrating as newborns hate being changed and we've had to change her so many times due to these leaks. Wondering if I can return a newly opened packet for a refund at Woolworths?! Will definitely be switching to a different brand. Show details
NovusVictoria8 posts
  Fair Incentive

So soft and snug

I used babylove a few years back and didnt like them however they now are the best.. they fit well on baby. They dont leak and are extremely soft leaving no red marks. Bubs actually sleeps better when wearing these so they must be comfy. Have recommended to all mum friends as well. Show details
DivyaGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC4 posts

Besf for absorbancy and fresh feel even after a long night. No wetness feeling. Best choice for babies

Babylove is the best nappy for babies.My 1 year baby girl hardly got rash while using these nappies,but the day i switched it with other she got a bad painful rash.It leaked sometimes but it is the same problem with others as well. overall is it best choice for its absorbancy and fresh like feel even after the whole long night. Show details
CloPerth, WA6 posts

Too Many Leaks

Tried the infant size for my newborn, but they leaked almost every time. After 3 nights using them, I gave up and decided to use them just during the day but even after 2-3 hours they would leak. Back to Huggies for us. Show details
Ben4 posts

Leaks and left with a soaked back

Baby always has a soaked back at night. After less than 2 hours. So many sheet changes. Happens with newborn and size above. Also poo leaks from the sides. Will switch to another brand. Show details
AmandaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC3 posts

Baby love lover!

We used huggies for our first until about 6 months but with constant leaking no matter what the size ect we changed to baby love and never had an issue with our second baby we used them from the start and would never use anything else! Show details
FionaGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC3 posts

Never leaks

I'm surprised to see so many people found these nappies leak. We used huggies from birth till around 8 months old, they ended up being expensive and leak all the time. We changed to baby love and never had any leaks in the past few years we've been using them. Show details
AshleeSouth East Queensland, QLD15 posts

Good quality

These nappies are great and fit well. No leaks. The only downside is once you go last size 2 there is no longer a wetness indicator. Other than that they are great. Show details
AnnoyedGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC2 posts

Gone downhill

I used these nappies for 2.5yrs with my eldest & loved them. These were on special just before my 2nd was due so thought I'd buy 2 boxes of infant. Well what a waste they are. He's 5.5kg, in the correct size & still constantly damp through his clothes. We've also had several leak so bad I've ended up wet while feeding him. I have 1 full box & 1/4 left of the open one & I'm switching back to Tooshies. Show details
Dr. Zhan
Dr. Zhan2 posts

100% leak rate

My baby is 6.5kg and is using the 4-8kg nappies. Every single time she poops it leaks with no fail, even when she poops just a little. The material does not absorb. Moreover, compared to Huggies, BabyLove has a faulty design that guarantees leakage. Will never waste my money on this crap again. New mums stay away! Show details
Jleahoppers crossing

Leaking crappy nappies

so disappointing and such a waste of money. These nappies are terrible. I have a newborn baby and I thought I would try them out ...they leak and make her clothes wet...she also developed a nappy rash because of the thin padding making them unable to absorb. I couldn’t even use a packet they are so bad. I will stick to Huggies they are the only nappies that are any good from what I’ve seen so far!

SunanaRichlands , australia

Leakage problem

My baby is 8 kg so I brought a big box of 6-11 kg nappy but it was leaking every time, every day

JaimeePerth15 posts

Leaking nappies

I do not like to write bad reviews but Babylove newborn nappies have been terrible with leaking whether used briefly during the day or overnight. I hoped i could prevent wasting the whole box (bought a large box to use as my first nappies) but even with a short wear during the day, they leaked terribly. Unfortunately we could not even make use of the large box.

AnastasiaGladstone14 posts


Useful, cheap while still being good quality.

Size has to be spot on or nappy can leak (rairly though)

For my two kids 4 & 2 I swap between these and Huggies nappies.

My children find them comfortable although they don’t seem to hold as much as Huggies brand nappies do.

Gratefully mummy
Gratefully mummyHunter Region, NSW6 posts

Mummy of a heavy wetter

After using the same brand of nappies for almost 3.5 years in total they started to leak so I tried babylove. No longer is my son wetting through his nappy of a night and is no longer having explosions out of his nappy. I find baby love to be soft and gentle on the skin

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SamAdelaide2 posts

Hated them

Leaking all night .we bye a packet of nappies each week. Huggies . this week I thought I'll try baby love nappys newborns . the first day was fine but then they were leaking all day everyday. Because we budget our money I couldn't even bye Huggies . I had to deal with it. My baby soon developed a cold from being cold cause I didn't realize until it was all up his back ... Then came the lemoneya (can't spell it ) xray found in his lungs .. Not happy . the medical bills was costly the petrol getting to and from the hospetial the clothing that was wasted . never bye them .there crap and they don't even say sorry

Taylor13 posts

There ok there not the best at times

I liked the nappies for day time not night as my daughter will not even be alseep for three hours and she will be leaking out of them I have tryed changing her thought the night but she will still wet thought them but all kids are different so some kids may not wet thought and some will

Challenge innuities
Challenge innuities

More cons than pros

We tried these because the 'Thank You' stock was depleted. The good things are that they're reasonably cheap and that they fit. The bad news is they leaked every change. Bickering between husband and wife was at an all time high.

Couldn't swap back to Thank You Nappies quick enough.


Really disappointed

I tried these nappies cause they were on a bargain price and promo at my local chemist warehouse. You buy 10 get 1 free with baby love tokens. I used them 5 days.. my girl got a nappy rash her privates were wet in the morning from the nappy NOT holding the urine in the nappy barrier.

NOTE i put sudo cream on my girl each night before she sleeps i have used huggies ultra dry since birth. For an extra 3.00 i get a dry happy baby slight red marks but otherwise a Healthy smooth bum.. after 3 days of sudo cream and huggies the rash was gone from the baby love nappies.

ChuckyAU2 posts

Happy mum

My children can only use baby love nappies. They don't give them rashes, they are perfect fit. Absorbency is great for overnight, as most nappies leak through clothes at night baby love keeps my babies dry. Have used these nappies with 4 kids in 15 years. Very happy mum here.



Tries these and huggies ultimate on my newborn, baby love is the better fit and no leaks so far (2weeks in). With the huggies we had some leaks but I think it was due to the smaller fit which was considerably smaller than baby line newborn nappies. Definately give them a go cheers

Jess5 posts

Have been using this since my daughter was a newborn

Such a great brand in nappies 2nd best to Huggies similarities are near on the same no leaks, absorbency is great highly recommend as a cheaper alternative to huggies no rash’s and my daughter has sensitive skin also have been using it for nearly 2yrs now don’t see me switching or changing anytime soon or in the future.

Andrea17SYDNEY30 posts


Tried these for our newborn after seeing they’d been recommended in Choice. Snug, comfortable fit with no leaks or nappy rash. I think my friend only uses this brand for her baby. Would be happy to continue using these in the future, good value if on sale and buy in bulk.

Iman8 posts


The nappies are good . They were soft on my baby skin with no leaks . My friend just recommended to me and she was right no rash on the baby skin perfect gor night time and their price are reasonable they are always ln sale in coles And Woolworth highly recommended it

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KhushiPerth9 posts

It was ok

I was using buggies and requested a sample from baby love I like the sample as it was a bit softer but when I bought a whole pack from Coles the nappies was huge. My baby has to keep his legs wider because it was too big and I used the infant ones still it was too big for my son he was around 5.5 kilo. It was ok but might be better. With first wee the indicator was showing blue line. So you can’t rely on that. It was bargain price though.

EzzieMelbourne6 posts

Snug fit, no leaks

As my baby grew into a toddler Huggies and thank you nappies were no longer fitting. Tried babylove and haven't looked back, up to our 3rd size with success. My toddler is tall and slim round the backside and these are the best fit for this stage of her life. Currently 18months old and wearing size 5/walkers

firefighterSouth West, WA7 posts


My baby was using Huggies newborn. He is now one and we switched to Babylove after a friend recommended it. Much softer than Huggies and a better fit. Never had any leaks. Never had any rash. Would recommend this to all my mummy friends. It's often on sale at Coles and Woolworths.

Not impressed
Not impressedAdelaide4 posts

Not a fan

I thought I’d try these nappies as they were on special at the local supermarket. My Baby had a reaction to them and hes little bottom was bleeding, nappy wasn’t on him for that long either really. Thought I’d try again the other day and the bleeding was even worse. Definitely won’t be using again.


It was good until I found elastic thread inside a nappy

BabyLove nappies are good. We bought it as DS wasn’t comfortable in Huggies nappy that we received as baby shower gift. We have been using it for 4 and half months now and we are happy with the product until today. In the latest pack, I found few nappies have loose elastic thread hanging from it. Glad I saw it and removed, else it would have been a nightmare with baby sleeping in such nappies.

PragsGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC9 posts

Best Nappy

Used 4 years for my first one and now using for the second one. Tried Huggies, pampers, coles comfy boats but never been happy without Babylove. This is the best brand for nappy and never give rashes whereas other brands gave bad rashes. Pampers is okay but huggies and comfy boats are too bad.

Anne D.
Anne D.Penrith9 posts

Love Babylove nappies!

Babylove nappies are great, especially overnight - no leaks! Always reasonably priced compared to other brands. Minimal to no chaffing or red marks for baby. These nappies have great absorption. I worry less with these nappies as I know they won’t leak! I’d recommend these nappies over other more expensive brands

Shay K
Shay KToowoomba15 posts

Great for nighttime

I'm very happy with the quality of cosifit nappies. I use these as overnight nappies for my heavy wetter to compliment using home brand ones during the day. They are cheaper than Huggies but on par with nice, thick padding. Some nappy brands seem to be smaller than others, these are on the larger end. Ki

Ash5 posts

Great product

I love these nappies they fit perfectly and we have no midnight leaking accidents. They stay on well with no sagging. My little ones skin stays dry with no red rashes or reactions. You can always get them at a great price which means great value for money when you are on a tight budget.

The Chaddys
The ChaddysMurray Bridge8 posts

Love love love

Love these so much even my partner loves changing our LO now. These have the number indicator my partner feels like he wont do the nappies too tight or too loose so finally ita not just me changing them Very absorbent and well worth the money I use these mostly at night and use baby love nappy pants through the day

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Katie L
Katie LGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC48 posts

Quality nappies and cheap

Switch from Huggies to Babylove as my little one grew a little older. These are much more affordable and very well worth the switch. Does not leak, baby is comfortable wearing it that doesn't leave red marks. Although it can go up to 12 hours without change, I tend to change every 2 hours also or as soon as it's dirty. I find leaving them on for too long dries out the delicate skin of my toddler- same goes with any other brand I believe. Will continue to use Babylove. Thank you Babylove for making life a bit more affordable for us mums.


FrancisMelbourne6 posts

Can be relied on

Got a sample from their baby shower promo. True to its selling point, babylove cosifit reduced red marks in the leg area. It has a good fit and have experienced almost no leaks or blowouts. However, I think 12 hr leak protection is exagerrated for all nappies. Would definitely recommend

Aman6 posts


V good nappy very soft love it but don't have back pockets so can't stop the running pooh to came out plz check huggies back pockets and start making that pockets in this then this nappy will b best in the world after that i will love to buy this thanx

Jose Avalos
Jose AvalosVictoria, 35059 posts

Great Nappies for the Price!

I used to use a more expensive brand ( Huggies ) but tried these and found they were equally as good! Super reliable and soft for baby. They never leak and have never left rashes on my baby. The Fitment of these Nappies are great the easy to fit straps.

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