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Babylove DriWave

Babylove DriWave

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    Bel Anderson

    Bel Anderson

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    Great Nappies


    Medium priced nappies. Very good value. Absorbent and keeps you're baby dry. Hardly had any nappy rash compared to the other brands I've previously bought. Great value very highly recommended

    Purchased in February 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.



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    Babylove nappys


    Babylove nappys are by far the best & most absorbent nappys I've used on my children. They aren't cheap nasty plastic they are soft & comfortable. The newborn size has a little cut out bit to sit around the belly button clip & the nappy pants are easy to use

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    melissa attard

    melissa attardMelbourne

    • 5 reviews

    The best nappies with no leaks


    I thought i would try the new baby love nappies couldnt believe it had no leaks or red marks on my baby and they are so soft compared to other nappies I tried. especially at night it absorbed so much. I bought them from baby bunting great price will be sure buying these nappies again. I recommend these nappies there fantastic



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    Favourite brand


    My favourite brand of nappies. They are soft, absorbent and has a good fit. Made by Unicharm which also produces some Japanese nappies. A bit too floppy when full in Junior size but all the other sizes are great! Babies r us has good sales on them a few times a year.

    Great for active babies.


    I was using treasures nappies but had so many leaks and side guard breakages that it was horrendous - repeatedly wet baby and bedding in the middle of winter! I switched to huggies but they weren't much better. Someone then recommended babylove driwave nappies to me and oh what a godsend! No leaks. The sideguards have stood up to all of my little boys activity from crawling to now running (toddler size). Super absorbent. Soft. He won't wear any other brand. Best switch ever .



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    Love these nappies!!


    M 007

    M 007Perth

    • 8 reviews

    Does the work quite good.




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    Very dependent on the size of your child


    I found these nappies to be good depending on the size of my baby. When he was smaller I had a lot of leaks but as he got bigger I had fewer leaks. Then he got too big! There's no elasticity in the waistband. Also had a funny chemical smell to it.



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    They are my preference





    Today I noticed my daughters baby love dri wave nappies had ripped open at the front panel. The contains of nappy spilled all over my carpet. I have been using these nappies for almost two years but now will be switching to another brand. I do not feel it is safe for my daughter to wear them anymore.



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    Competitive price, easy to access


    My son first using Huggies, then when he was 6th months we changed to Merries. Merries is hardly refill that only certain shops provided. So I ask mums in my Mothers group. One Mom recommend Babylove Driwave product. She tried different brands and found this is only brand can survive overnight.

    I change to Driwave line, so far so good, they have competitive price, products easy to access (Coles, Wooli, Big W, some local pharmacy). However, my son starting using it during the autumn, I am not sure how good of those nappies in summer.

    I agree with others that Huggies sometimes can't hold and leak the poo.
    so far we don't have that problem using BabyLove Driwave for 18th months old toddler.

    H .

    H .Australia

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    Excellent nappies!


    We've been using these since our child was about 4 months old, they are by far the best nappies that we've tried! We've barely had any leaks since we switched over. I'm so glad a friend recommended them to me! They are also quite affordable and are often on sale.

    Very good prouduct


    hi I used huggies in the hospital and for the first few months as my daughter was too small for the newborn babylove nappies. love these nappies as they don't leak or let the poo out. have been using these for 2 months now. would give them a five star but they have just recently changed the design from the wiggle to now have a wetness indicator and they don't feel as thick as they were. The new design gives my little girl a rash around the tommy so I only use them for day time as not to have them on her for so long. Have been using homebrand too they are just as good and fit her like a glove.



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    Tried and tested today !


    I recently put up a review And I wanted to share :) I did try huggies all day for 2 days this week and resulted in 5 poo leaks which was so annoying when out and about.. The hugies nappy did not fit and is small made as well and was leaving red marks on baby the next size up - crawler is too big so infant should be best fit for my 6.9 kg baby girl. Today iv tried babylove and no leaks with 4 poo explosions I was so happy that I didn't have to keep changing clothes and cleaning the poo of her expensive clothes. I would recommendbtobs new mum and I would say babylove is much more affordable
    Soft on skin, Fantastic fit esp around girls hips,price
    Don't like wiggles print as much as Winnie


    GrizzBear89Darwin, Northern Territory

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    I think these nappies are a lot better than huggies and all other brands. I have used them since 2 months as other brands leaked once my son started sleeping thru the night. They are also less bulky but absorb well and I have no problems with nappy rash. You can buy them quite cheaply at Kmart and big w and other supermarkets on special.
    Great absorb action


    melbmummaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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    Love... Baby Love!!!


    Such great nappies for the price! They are better quality than Snugglers, Aldi, Coles brand etc, but a step down from Huggies. That said, my son had gastro around 6 months old, and it was the Baby Love nappies that could hold in his runny poos, they were leaking out of the Huggies!
    Absorbent, good quality, affordable
    Wiggles prints are a big boring

    Wouldn't use any other brand!


    My son is now 5 months old and has worn Babylove nappies since arriving home from hospital. They fit him so well, he's never had nappy rash and we rarely have any leakage (and he pees a lot!). Huggies just didn't seem to fit him properly or work as well.
    cheaper than Huggies, better fit for my son



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    Do not use these nappies! I give them zero stars!


    After running out of our normal Huggies I had to quickly buy some nappies for our 22 month old. I got these Baby love nappies and they are terrible. My daughter got the worst nappy rash from them I have ever seen and there were weltz on her! It was most distressing for my wife and I! Not to mention that she woke up in the morning and her entire sleep bag and bottom sheet were wet (and we changed her during the night when she woke up at one point).

    Everything, they are the worst nappies ever!

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    Must work for Huggies parent company - illiterate can't even spell welts! Huggies are the most overrated brand on the market. You obviously are a paid stooge or you lack the ability to find the correct size for your own child - I pity her.


    EV79LawtonWA, 6018

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    My son and daughter are using Babylove DriWave during summer.
    This nappy is good to use during hot weather compare to Huggies and of course, the price is cheaper as well.
    It is the same product in South East Asia if you have been to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand which the brand-name is called Mommypoko.
    The only downsize of this product is it can't really hold the wet as much as Huggies.
    So please do change it after a few hours.
    big nappy, inexpensive


    BrittanySummer Hill

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    Best nappies you can buy


    I was a huggies person at first, but when my son started sleeping through the night I would find that they would leak. I switched and will never go back, they hold so much more, are so soft and are much cheaper. You get more for what you pay for.
    So soft, compact and holds so much
    Ugly wiggles design

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    I was given a pack of the babylove newborns for my 3 week old, was using huggies before hand, when I opened the pack, I found that the babylove ones are literally double the size of the huggies! Kind of confused cause im not really sure why their so huge and bulky! An anyone shed some light on this? I haven't put them on her yet so I'm not sure what they actually will fit like

    2 answers

    In my experience, Huggies were the best brand for my little one (newborn) up until the Infant stage, where I found that the leg parts were just too big (loose) and that's when we changed to Babylove which seemed to be a much better fit. I'd like stick to Huggies or whichever you feel is better for your newborn for now and if the holes around the legs no longer fit, then maybe try Babylove or another brand. Maybe try lifting up the front part a little higher (if no more stump) to get a better fit with Babylove...? I left a good review about Babylove but my recent purchase was a nightmare. Not only did they change the design but my baby girl now leaks out of them. She never used to. I'm going back to Huggies after this pack runs out.


    Same, we were also given a pack of babyloves and changed immediately from huggies. They are bigger than huggies for sure but we found that our little one was sitting deeper in the nappy and offered better protection. We are unlikely to go back to huggies because baby love are just as good and we've had equal leaks with both - attributable to not being put on properly. That said, I can sing babylove praises until kingdom come but until you put them on your baby you wont know. You have nothing to loose and lots of money to save.

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