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Babylove Ezy Switch EP

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Happy and worth the price

It's little bit tricky to install and we need to buy additional strap to fit for our small car but happy to use it, baby is happy and like it. He loves going out in the car and enjoy sitting in his carseat.
Cheap price too.
Bought in Baby Bunting


Easy to install, kids are comfortable, can still rear face my 1mtr tall 3 yo with plenty of room to go! Very affordable compared to other seats on the market. This doesn't have isofix. Comes with cup holders though (we don't use them at all) and I can fit 3 of them across the back of my form mondeo wagon. (Super SUPER tight fit).

Easy to install. Baby likes it

Only recently purchased this item. I have installed it myself. It is fairly easy. Baby seems to like it and is enjoying to have more room now than in its capsule before. It has three star safety rating for rearward facing. However, it only has a one star safety rating when forward facing. We are hoping to use it only in the rearward facing position. We bought it for less than $200. It seems a good product for this pricing. No idea about cleaning and maintenance as I have just installed it

Best seat on the market

Absolutely incredible seat! So easy to install and use rear facing and forward facing. My 19 month old is still happily rear facing and well below the markers. Love the blue hasn't faded at all! Straps are simple to adjust. The extended rear facing is what sold us on the seat along with the price and it has well and truly given us our money worth and will continue too do so. Thankyou babylove

Great price for extended rear facing!

I am very big on extended rear facing in carseats and this seat allows parents to do just that without having to fork out too much money. Regularly see them on sale for under $200. Very comfy, padded seats, easy to install. The only 'negative' is you have to re-thread the straps as the child gets bigger (as opposed to some other seats which automatically adjust when you lift the head rest). But besides that we have been very happy with this seat. We use this seat in out second car and my parents have one too for when the kids visit. My daughter is 3 and still comfortably fits rear facing in it without complaint.

What a bargain!

We went to the baby expo looking for car seat for our coming baby, the lady working in the expo told us babylove car seat as good as the most popular brand, the all made from same factory and the only different is the brand name! We bought it just for try and it works fine and safe, that's all we care!

Great! Easy to clean and maintain

Only used forward facing, so I wouldn't know how taking out a newborn would be. However it seem like a comfortable seat. It is easy to clean and maintain. It doesn't cost much compared to some other brands out there. I love it. Definitely recommend this product to friends and family.

Good for the price

I didn't mind this car seat, had it for about a year and a half. But it wore quite quickly. But for the price it's definitely not bad. Quite comfortable but I wouldn't say it's a long term car seat. We are using it for my mums car when she has my daughter !

I haven't got much to compare it to

One of my favourite features was the little clips to hold back the buckles in between use but one of them broke within a few months.
Baby seemed comfortable in it from the day we brought her home from the hospital when she was tiny.
Otherwise I haven't got much to compare it to so can't comment on many other specifics.

Difficult to maintain a good install

I was happy that I could get a budget ERF seat for my second child however 3 months in, I wosh I'd paid a bit more for the other brand I considered and have a good history with.
There are some positives definitely, great colours, comfy fabric, easy to access button for harness release.
My main issue is that the rebound bar constantly pops out which affects the installation almost every use. We have tried with and without the use of a towel but neither helps. The rebound bar constantly popping out and moving up and down means you cannot get a good install and the seat moves every time I tighten the harness. I have to check the angle constantly and sometimes reinstall the seat every 2-3days. If someone didnt pay constant attention to this it could become very unsafe.
Given the chance again, I would spend the extra for a different seat.

Good Bits but Not the Safest

We bought one for a visiting baby under 1 year old. It looked good in the shop and was on a sharp sale. Attaching the seat belt requires pulling up the upholstery since a typical male hand cannot pass through the channel provided. Not convenient, especially if the seat is used in multiple vehicles. The tether strap is probably as long as any, but is 300mm too short for a hatch with the anchor point on the floor behind the seat. Since there are so many hatches (and SUVs) configured like this it is strange manufacturers make "too short" tethers and sell 300mm extensions for $25-35 extra. This seat has high sides and the front seats in our mid-size SUV and mid-size hatch both need to be near their front limits when this seat is installed in the back rearward facing position.

Cleaning (limited experience) has been easy, and easier than a very soft plush fabric. It comes with a messy mat. A towel should be used to protect the seat bottom and back as the messy mat only covers the bottom. The quality of upholstery is good and seems very serviceable, but not great using an adult perception as the metric.. Value seems very good.

After buying I found the safety rating that is 3 stars for rearward facing but only 1 for forward facing. All seats sold in Australia have to pass the ANZ standards so it is not clear how much better an additional "star" is, and even some $500 seats are no better safety-wise. In retrospect start with the safety reviews and make a short list.

Baby loves it..

The best tester was my 6 mth old granddaughter; time to move out of the uncomfortable capsule. At the shop they were all lined up (about 5) that were in the price range. We sat her in all of them but the Babylove Ezy was the one she seemed to be more comfortable in, she sat back and cosied her head on the rest, it was quite funny but that was how the decision was made.I purchased 2, one for her hubby's car. We brought them home my daughter installed hers and made the adjustments without any problem and we went for a test drive. Perfect, she was asleep within a very short time. She appears so much more happier in her car seat and falls asleep every time. Price was very affordable and compared to the very expensive ones I think we got a great deal without having to mortgage the house....

going out

so easy to get in & out of car , great to get baby in and out of .Makes you feel baby is safe and secure.so time saving when need to get in and out quickly. Baby sleeps comfortably in it on all types of road surfaces whether bumpy or smooth .Love it..

Excellent seat!

Easy to install and adjust. Extended harnessing and plenty comfy for a newborn. Slim enough for 3 across. Easy on the budget without compromising on quality or style. Own a second one now for the second car and recommended it to family. Wouldn't purchase any other 0- 4 cat seat.

Excellent safety for a budget price.

This seat isn't the easiest to get a tight install on in rear facing mode.

However the excellent rear facing safety comes in the A4 markers at 39cm in height.

The seat is slim and great for 3 across.

The fabric feels a bit cheap, but the price reflects this.

Great value for money

I love this seat. Easy to install, only took us 10 mins. Lots of adjustments for the perfect fit. Heaps of cushioning - Bub falls asleep in it almost every car trip. Easy to get in and out when rear facing. Highly recommend this seat, I love it!

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Questions & Answers

Can this seat be fix on to a Mercedes ML350 2013 model?
1 answer
Hi Mervin, thanks for your question. We would recommend that you contact a child restraint fitter for advise on your vehicle. Please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330 if you'd like to point you in the right direction, Kind regards, the Babylove team.

Hi, Is this carseat suitable for a Holden Cruze? Thank you
1 answer
Hi Leah, thanks for your question. The Babylove Ezy Switch RP should be suitable for your vehicle however here are the measurement for your reference - Rear facing: (H) x 745mm (W) x 440mm (D) x 570mm, forward facing: (H) x Min: 720mm Max: 792mm (W) x 440mm (D) x 400mm. We would recommend that you visit your local baby shop to ensure this seat is suitable for you and your family. Kind regards, the Babylove team.

I need to take a car seat on a virgin Australia flight and I need the seat to have certain markings. A friend of mine has an older version and said it does, but before I purchase can you please tell me if it has AU/NZS-1754 label and also a green label that has a picture of a plane and also says that it meets the standards for use in an aircraft. Thanks you for your urgent attention to this matter! I fly out in 3 weeks
1 answer
Hi Mel, thanks for your question. Can you please give us a call on 1300 303 330 so we can discuss this with you in detail and provide you with the best options available for your travel. Kind regards, the Babylove team.


Ezy Switch EP
Price (RRP)$249.99
Age Range0-48months
ISOFIX CompatibleNo

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