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Randomly misfires, poorly designed.

We got this for peace of mind, but it's actually MORE stressful to have.

Firstly, it sometimes goes off with the baby in the cot/bassinet, when the baby is completely fine (even when awake/moving about. Some pressure sensor if it can't detect a baby rolling over)

Secondly, sometimes when you take the baby out, it DOESN'T go off. We picked the baby up the other day and went to feed him, only to have the alarm go off about 8 minutes later.

Lastly, the module ONLY has batteries, with no option for plugging power in directly. Not exactly a sturdy design when you're using it to warn you of your baby potentially dying. The batteries should be the backup option, not the main power supply.

Hi Jon, thanks for the message. To address the point raised, as instructed in the User Guide, you must undertake the performance test daily and every time you move the monitor, change bedding or relocate baby's cot or bassinet position (as set out in this user guide on page 10). Conducting daily tests will limit the false alarms you are experiencing. Babysense2 should only be used for newborns up until 12 months of age. Babysense2 is also battery operated to ensure that no active source of power is in or around the cot or bassinet as a precaution. Please give our locally based Oricom Support a call on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST to discuss. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.We undertake the performance test as needed according to the user guide. We still have the issue. The batteries are also brand-new, so it cannot be chalked up to low power issues.Hi Jon, we would love to work with you to determine what is happening here. Please give us a call on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST, as the team will be able to assist. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.

Good product for peace of mind

We have been using our monitor now for 3 weeks and have found it really reliable so far. No false alarms like others have reported and we know it works because the alarm goes off when we take baby out of the bassinet and forget to turn it off.

I did only rate it 4 stars though because of some design flaws. When you turn the controller on it makes a loud clicking noise (I guess to tell you that it’s on) and this has woken my baby up more than I’d like (especially if she is only lightly sleeping). There is also a piercing blue flashing light on the controller to show you baby is breathing. We have it hanging off the basinet and I have to put a sock over the front of the controller, and stuff a nappy between the controller and basinet, because the light flashes so bright into the room and into the bassinet (blue lights are bad for disturbing your sleep so I find it interesting they chose to have this as the breathing indicator). I didn’t think much of it at first until night 3 I realised the blue light was flashing so bright into her crib and she was stirring a lot so I covered it up but I can’t cover it all the way because I need to see when she’s breathing, so it’s a bit annoying.

Other than that it’s been a great product, and if I don’t hear baby moving every 10-15 minutes I don’t panic because I know the alarm will tell me.

Hi Mandy, thanks for the message. Thanks for the review and for taking the time to provide that feedback which will be discussed for future product development. We wish you all the best with your future Oricom product use. Oricom Baby Care.You’re welcome. I have actually found the clicking noise when turning on the machine is waking my baby up a lot now, most times I decide if it’s worth putting it on or not. I usually look for the blue flashing light to know if it’s working or not so the clicking noise isn’t really needed. Could probably do away with it if you do a product upgradeHi Mandy, thanks again for the valuable feedback. All the best, Oricom Baby Care

Biggest cause of stress for new parents

We purchased the babysense 2 + secure 710 package for our first bub. We found it pretty good when we first started using it in the bassinet however we did have a few false alarms but as soon as we transitioned her over to the cot we have had nothing but constant false alarms sometimes having multiple in a night. We have tried replacing batteries, swapping to the other sensor pad, using both pads due to movement, checking all wires are correctly placed in and swapping the cords over but we are still having the issues. It has created so many sleepless nights in our house hold not just for us as stressed out parents but for our baby that is always woken by the alarm and we are now at a point that we have just stopped using it which is annoying as we paid a fair bit for a item that hasn't really served its purpose and we haven't even used it for 6 months.

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Hi Lana, thanks for the message. We would love to discuss this with you to have the unit working for you as designed. Please give our locally based Oricom Support a call on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST, as the team will be able to assist. With a product of this nature, it is extremely important that the product is used in accordance with the User Guide, and importantly, the daily tests are undertaken. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.

Terrible, please don't waste your money!!

This is a terrible product! It went off numerous times per night!! Our baby was perfectly fine, we ended up having to take it off because we as first time parents were stressing so much about it our midwife advised to get rid of it and said they do NOT recommend having one.

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Hi Chan, thanks for the message. We are sorry to hear of your experience with the Babysense2 and importantly, the Babysense2 is included as a medical device on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG No. 97479). We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss why the unit was false alarming with you, and would suggest that you give our locally based Oricom Support a call on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST, as the team will be able to assist in troubleshooting the issue with you and will work to provide you with a solution. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.

Doesn't work in bassinette

I bought the original Oricom BabySense with the rectangle movement pads for my first three children. I credit it with saving their lives once or twice. We broke one of the cords to the sensor pads and thought it was time to replace the unit after 3 kids and 6 years so i bought the updated one. Didn't really like the smaller round pads but trusted it. Went to put it in the bassinet and found the cords are way too short and can't be used in a bassinette, which renders the unit useless. Rang Oricon for advice and got told to cut a hole in my bassinet. Because it is a mesh bassinet, cutting a hole in it would jepodise the integrity of the bassinet and bub could end up falling out. Very very disappointed with their changes and will be sending it back and telling everyone what an inferior product this now is.

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Hi Miranda, thanks for the message. We are sorry to hear your thoughts on the newer Babysense2, however importantly it is the same proven performance as the previous version. The reason the length of the cords was reduced was for safety reasons and to eliminate risks. Unfortunately, we cant fit all types of bassinets/cots, as the designs vary quite significantly. We would advise that if the product is not fit for purpose, then we suggest that you return it to the place of purchase. If you would like to speak to an Oricom Support team member to determine if there is anything else that can be done to assist, please call on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.

Works as expected

I bought this product as an additional safety measure to alert me when there's something wrong with bub. So far, it has always alerted me when bub was taken out of the cot while it's on.

In terms of set-up the Grotime cot allowed an easy set-up, no need for screws.

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Hi Andrea, thanks for the message. We are glad to hear of your experience with the Babysense 2 and wish you all the best with your future use. Oricom Baby Care

Only one flaw

This is excellent product and it has only one flaw in my opinion. It would need third sensor pad to cover the whole cot/bassinet and thus prevent false alarms when bob manages to get into corner far enough from the sensor pad. Maybe the issue will resolve itself as the baby grows but for our 13 month old we still get the occasional false alarm. Lucky not too many as the engineer in me optimised the sensor pad locations and marked them with sharpie on the cot.

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Hi there, thanks for the message. Importantly, the Babysense2 is only designed for use from 0-12 months. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.

Gives me the reassurance I need!

This is such a wonderful product. Having such accurate sleep sensors puts my mind at ease and I am confident in resting and completing household tasks while my baby sleeps. The 20 second warning is also a great reminder to not only check on baby but also to turn the sensor off before the alarm sounds.

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Hi Libby, thanks so much for the review and for taking the time to let others know of your experience. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.

Good, but the out of range alarms are killing me...

We have been happy with this product for our son’s cot. Pros include being able to secure it to our son’s bassinet and then cot with ease. Cons once your baby starts moving around the cot (6months plus) you will have to disconnect the alarm, or be woken up every hour... Also, it often goes off in the middle of the night stating “out of range” even though it hasn’t been moved and we live in the room less than 1 metre from the cot.
Overall, for the price it has been good and it helped ease my worries when our baby first moved into his own room :).

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Hi there, thanks for the message. For this one, we would suggest that you give Oricom Support a call on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST, as they will be able to assist in troubleshooting the issue with you and will work to provide you with a solution. Thanks and all the best, Oricom Baby Care


Brilliant. Perfect for peace of mind.

Yes I have had a couple of occasions where it was a false alarm but that more then makes up for all the other times. These were more when I moved my child to cot and she would curl up in the corner of the bed and it would trigger the alarm as she was off the senses.

In fact I think there was one time where my newborn may have actually stopped breathing and this alerted me to it.

It's invaluable!

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Hi Anne, thanks for the message and for the honest review. We appreciate you taking the time to let others know of your experience. All the best, Oricom Baby Care

Non stop false alarms!

We had this monitor purchased for us as its something we really wanted for our first bub. Using the 1 pad in bubs bassinet was fine, we had no problems. But bub went into his own cot at 3 months so we started using both sensor pads and have had nothing but false alarms, sometimes as often as twice in one night.
I called Oricom who went through testing the sensor pads with me but didnt seem to have a problem there. They asked if bub could actually be in a deep sleep but all times he has been wide awake when we have run into his room. Twice the alarm has gone off while bub was awake during the day and just playing in his cot so wasnt even close to sleep. We have a Boori slatted cot so Oricom suggested we try a piece of plywood to put the sensors on, the first night we tried that the alarm went off again. Bub is a very active roller and it seems the times the alarm is going off he has rolled to the very edges of the mattress. I discussed this with Oricom but they said that shouldnt matter and the sensor pads should still cover the whole mattress.
Oricom then offered to replace the unit in case there was something faulty. The first night we used the replacement unit the alarm went off again. It seems obvious that these sensor pads do not cover the entire width of the mattress as they say they do. After having 10 false alarms over the 2 units, we now no longer use it. Its not worth the sleep deprivation for us and our baby.
To top it off they expected me to pay to send the first unit back to them, i emailed them saying that there should be a Reply Paid address i should be able to send it to and also mentioned in my email how the second replacement unit is giving false alarms as well. I got a one line reply giving me the Reply Paid address as a "once off" and no acknowledgement at all of my issues with the second unit. Not happy considering these arent cheap monitors, if you have a small cot you might be fine but a sleigh Boori cot like mine...expect constant heart attacks throughout the night!!

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We are sorry to hear of, your experience with the Oricom Babysense2. Our Support Manager will contact you today to discuss this further.

A little annoying...

I did my research and decided on an Angelcare monitor for baby 1. Then went with Babysense 2 package for baby 2, as there were a few things I didn’t like about Angelcare. Have only had the BS2 a few days and will update with more later... the Babysense2 running on batteries is great in case of power outage, also good that it alarms for a slowed resp rate, not just absence. All monitors have issues with fans, so I’ve set our fan to low and have had no issues each time I’ve tested. What I do find annoying is the unit hanging off the cot where bub is going to be grabbing for it soon (she’s 6 months), and the flashing blue light is like a strobe at night! I’ve hung a towel over it to dim it, but why is this necessary? Surely something less bright would serve the same purpose. Still happy with it despite these two things.

Hi there, thanks for the message and taking the time to pass on your thoughts. Importantly, there is a under mattress bracket contained that would be more suitable for your application and will restrict any grabbing of the control unit. We will make sure this feedback is passed on and wish you all the best in the future. Oricom Baby Care.Thanks for taking the time to reply. I’ll set the under mattress bracket up and see how that works. Have also found the “tic” sound when I turn the monitor on sometimes wakes baby if she’s not quite asleep. Quite happy with the monitor overall though. Especially with my Secure 870 monitor.Hi Bels, thanks for the update. If you need to discuss anything, please feel free to give Oricom Support a call on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST, as they will able to discuss with you. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.

Safety First!

Very happy with this monitor system, just need to keep our little one ON the sensors (she can't crawl yet but still manages to move all around her cot!) The only possible issue I have is if the pedestal fan is blowing on the cot, the alarm doesn't trigger. I took our daughter out, forgot to turn it off and left the fan on. Came back in about 10min later to turn the fan off, 20sec later, alarm went nuts. So great product, just leave the fan on oscillate, not blowing directly at the cot/bassinet.
Oh yeah, would be good if the sensor leads were just a little longer, we hang the base unit from the bottom of the side rail on the cot but the leads just need to be about another 10cm longer so it's not such a tight fit.

Hi there, thanks for the message. We are glad to hear of the experience you have had and have passed your feedback on. Thanks and all the best, Oricom Baby Care.Thanks you for your interest in customer feedback. The fan bit I think is good in a way as it illustrates how sensitive the monitor system is, so you know that you'll be alerted early enough to apply the proper emergency assistance should the need arise.

Feel safe with this in the nursery room

We use this with the Oricom Secure710 Digital monitor. The 710 is use for video and sound. And the Sense2 is for movement monitor. Really have to have these 2 working together. Works as expected, never had any issues. It's highly sensitive, which is great. This is what we wanted. Without these product, we could sleep at night. Great product.

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Hi there, thanks for the message. We are glad to hear of the experience you have had with both the Babysense2 and the SC710. All the best with your future use, Oricom Baby Care.

Provides great peace of mind during winter. Useless in summer.

During winter this device provided excellent peace of mind. Works 100% as it states, never had any issues. However this device is highly sensitive and with the ceiling fan set to medium or high during the summer months, it simply won't trigger the device at all. With our ceiling fan set to low, sometimes it will cause the BabySense2 to trigger after a couple of minutes, though not in any useful time period.

Our sons bedroom is a fairly standard 3.5 x 3.5 room with his cot against the wall. We have also tried using a pedestal fan, however for it to provide any useful comfort, like the ceiling fan, resulted in Babysense2 not triggering. The evaporative cooler doesn't effect it, however the vent for it is located in the opposite corner of the room to where his cot is and depending on your neighbors, isn't practical to run all night. Depending on how you cool your home will depend on the value you will get from it over the warmer months, in the warmer parts of the country.

I did contact customer support who did respond by referencing the product manual "Due to the extreme sensitivity of Babysense2, it can be influenced by fans, wind, air conditioning, humidifier, cot mobile, ceiling projector etc." and went further to suggest trying a pedestal fan.

Great product for peace of mind

We love the Babysense2. We love the design and would not be able to sleep without it. This product is great in that it provides reassurance for the nights when you are on edge and thinking the worst. We have never experienced false alarms and would recommend to any new mum looking for a device to give them the reassurance that you will know if something terrible was to happen.

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Hi Tom, thanks for getting in touch. We are glad to hear of your experience with Babysense2 and thanks for the review. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.

Highly recommended

I would not be able to sleep without it- if I disn't have this I would be waking up all night to check the baby. Never had any false alarms. Was really easy to set up too. We bought it in the pack with monitors and they are great too

Alarm sounds when baby is fine

The monitor was great for the first 4.5 months of use. Then one day the alarm sounded. I basically had a heart attack thinking my baby had died, when in fact she was fine. False alarms then continuously sounded every day after, even though I was doing nothing differently. I had the sensor pad set to the most sensitive setting, and changed the batteries. Still the alarm would sound in the middle of the night scaring me and waking my baby. Not sure why it stopped working. So disappointed as I was enjoying the peace of mind.

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Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. We are sorry to hear of the false alarming, and would recommend that you please give Oricom Customer Support a call on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST, as they are well equipped to troubleshoot this issue with you and work towards a solution. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.

Puts my mind at ease

I got bad anxiety worrying about my boy that i was constantly checking on him. Once we got this purchase i would still wake but wouldnt even have to leave the bed knowing that if something was wrong that alarm would sound.

Sometimes id get my boy outta bed and forget to turn it off so it would sound the alarm but thats my problem n no fault of the product.

I have however noticed that if a fan is on or window open or movement on the ground in the room but my baby isnt in the cot itll still sense movement and wouldnt sound so sometimes get worried that if he did stop breathing and the fan was going then the monitor wouldnt pick it up

Highly recommend

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Hi there, thanks for the review. For this one, it is important that you test the unit daily in accordance with the user guide. Please ensure that the tested unit is working as directed in the user guide when environmental factors are at play in the room, like the open window and a fan. Thanks and all the best, Oricom Baby Care.

Peace of mind!

The BABYSENSE2 Breathing monitor is a new addition to our home. I wish I had got one with Harvey. I spent so much time when he was a newborn, checking on him and his breathing all the time when really, I should have been sleeping too. The Babysense2 fits into a bassinet or cot and will alert you if the babies breathing drops to an unsafe rate or stops. It's amazing.

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Questions & Answers

Hi our bassinet has a foam mattress that is maybe 3 inches thick. Will that be too thick?
1 answer
Hi Murray, Sorry to advise, but we do not recommend that a foam mattress is used with the Oricom Babysense. Unfortunately, a foam mattress is quite dense which could block the sensor's ability to pick up movement. ALl the best Oricom Baby Care.

How do you turn off the blue flashing light ? With an epileptic in house this is dangerous
2 answers
I don’t think you can, the blue light is meant to be an indicator for each breath taken. You may have to contact the company and ask.Hi there, thanks for the message. We would recommend that you give our locally based Oricom Support a call on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST, as the team will be able to discuss this with you. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.

We purchased the Oricom babysense2 Monitor just over 2 weeks ago when our daughter was born however when we do the check on it, after taking bubs out of the bassinet it takes a lot longer than 20 secs for the monitor to detect no movement & for the alarm to go off, do you know why this is? How do we fix this issue?
1 answer
Hi Bianca, thanks for the message. We would love to discuss with you so would recommend that you give our locally based Oricom Support a call on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST, as the team will be able to assist. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.


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