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Bakers Delight Sweet Chilli Twisted Delight

Bakers Delight Sweet Chilli Twisted Delight

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helped me come out to my parents

we always buy these because my family loves them, so i bought it this time and broke the news to my family, they kicked me out of the house screaming im the devil so now i eat it on the streets with my low budget its all i can afford

Purchased in March 2013 at Bakers Delight for $4.60.


A fantastic soft white bread pull apart twist with loads of flavour. The balance is perfect between the spiciness of the chilli and the sweetness. The bread had a crisp top with fluffy white soft bread in the middle. Perfect accompaniment to any meal. Baked fresh daily. I find it great to have with soup. Also great for bbqs when you have lots of people to feed. Suitable for the whole family although younger kids may not like the spiciness of the chilli. Reasonably priced. Available at Bakers delight. Not always available though.
Great tasting white bread twist which is baked fresh. Great balance of flavour. Reasonably priced.
Not always available. Bakers Delight stores are not always convenientally located

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