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Bank of Queensland Reverse Charges

Bank of Queensland Reverse Charges

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The account was good for a while, but it is a pain to have to keep that minimum balance just to get the fee rewarded to you. I think there are better online savings accounts out there.
The idea behind this account is a good one and if the balance is at least $2000 than you don't have to pay an account keeping fee and it actually gets paid to you which is pretty unusual for a bank these days.
It can be a pain to have to always keep $2000 in the account when that money could be earning a better interest rate elsewhere.


This account was innovative in the days when there were few fee free accounts around, but now doesn't really excite me. It's a product of the old days and should be shelved.
Good if you keep the minimum balance above $2000, as instead of an account keeping fee you actually get a bonus payment.
The minimum balance requirement is too high for a transaction account, and the bonus payment is less than interest that you'd get if you had that money in an online savings account. Which makes it another of those annoying bank gimmicks we could do without.


Low fees, easy to understand statement, branch staff very friendly in most cases. Atm's easy access around the place.
I like that its low fees on the account and that their are plenty of atms locations around our area. The statement is easy to read on line.
I dislike the fact that you cant have more than one account on it, for eg: if you want to open another savings account you still need to do this in the branch which I find very inconvenient as I dont have time to go to the branch with the hours I work.

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Reverse Charges
Release dateJun 2007
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