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Brilliant service, great shoes!

I have purchased nearly 20 pairs of Bared Shoes over the past few years at the Armadale Store. The range of shoes is excellent and they have helped my back issues immensely - so much that I do not wear any other shoes now.
Special mention needs to go to Adam - his service and knowledge is amazing. He is an example of what brilliant customer service can be.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised

Customer Service serious issue for the company

My friend took me to the City store.
She wanted to buy her second pair of the shoes, and was given a pair just to try for size and after measuring my foot I was given the pair I wanted. The shoes were too big. When I pointed that to the sales person she just shrugged her shoulders, saying that was my size and walked away. I thought she had gone to bring another size.
My friend was happy with her shoes and wanted to get them in a different colour.
We sat for a while waiting for the assistant to come back to us, until we realised that we were the only customers in the shop and the assistant was engrossed in the conversation with another staff member. We tried to get her attention, but were ignored.
In disbelief we walked away, still unable to draw attention.
While I can not comment on the shoes, the lack of customer service is certainly memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Return Claim MadeNo

Best Customer Service I've Ever Experienced

VERY Happy!!
Despite being a super busy period for Bared and their upfront communications about potential delays, my order was packed, shipped, and delivered well ahead of schedule. When the first pair didn't fit properly, they happily + promptly sent out multiple alternatives for me to try at no extra cost.

Customer service like this takes effort to perfect, and completely alters customers' experiences. Should be a lesson to other online retailers.

And the shoes I received fit perfectly, look amazing and are the most comfortable pair of heels I've ever tried. I'll happily pay a little extra for this kind of quality, comfort and service in the future.

Thank you Bared team!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Sizing Slightly large
Product Appearance As advertised

Only brand I wear

My first purchase from Bared was a desperate one. In 2012, I was going overseas, developed a foot problem that required ‘special’ shoes, and couldn’t find any locally. On finding Bared online, I ordered a couple to try. They couldn’t do enough to get shoes to me in Perth before the trip. I bought two pairs then, and have since bought many more. The service, the quality, the comfort, and the price are excellent.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised

Shoes are all right, service not so much, probably better off going to a shop

I hate to leave a negative review but I'm honestly disappointed with Bared Footwear after hearing rave reviews.

The shoes themselves are all right. They're a bit pricey but they're quite comfortable. As someone with wonky feet I'd gladly pay extra for more comfortable shoes. Although they say they're true to size and recommend people getting their normal sizes, I've gotten both 37 or 38 shoes, and I've heard the same from girlfriends who have shoes in different sizes.

The mostly negative reviews are because of the online service I've received.

- I've purchased two pairs of shoes separately, both during sale times. Their website never seems to keep up with their online sales -- you'd think they'd get infrastructure ready, but no. Chaos on both times, also judging by the comments left by women on social media.

- The first time I ordered, the discount wasn't applied to my order. It would show the discounted price in the cart then when I went to pay I got charged full price. (Fortunately, they rectified this quickly.)

- Although I put in the correct address, they printed out the wrong address on the label. I noticed this and processed a redirect request via AusPost and told Bared about the error. AusPost didn't do the redirection correctly (they forget to add the updated label) so it was rejected and listed as return it to sender. I contacted Bared about this and they said they would recall the parcel and send me a new one via Express.

- However, the Bared customer rep didn't recall the parcel on time. I called on an afternoon and apparently the request was only made the next day when the old parcel was already onboard with driver (AusPost tried to deliver it again) but despite that, Bared still sent me an extra pair of shoes. I also told them that morning but they still sent the extra pair of shoes. I would've expected them saying they would not send the extra parcel because now I'd have two pairs of shoes coming that way. There were no replies about what to do with the extra parcel and I didn't want to deal with the hassle of returning it. I settled on redirecting the parcel back to their warehouse. No response from Bared til later.

- They gave me a $100 for my trouble. When I check the code online at the gift card balance checker it shows 1c. I tell them it's not working correctly but they say "There's nothing wrong with the checker." and apparently that's how gift cards are set up, if it's given to a customer because of less than stellar service it shows up at 1c on the checker but the correct value is applied in the cart. They can't seem to understand that as a customer, if I get a $100 voucher I expect to see $100 on the gift card checker and seeing 1c is misleading.

- Anyway, I decide to use it at another sale. This time the website is acting funny, it takes me several tries to actually pay for my cart. Either the voucher doesn't work or the payment methods don't work. They had sent out a FAQ saying, "If gift voucher code doesn’t work, please call (03) 9509 5771, or if you’re concerned your size may sell out we suggest purchasing the shoes and letting us know in the notes section at checkout that you have a voucher – we will then refund the voucher amount to you." so I call because the voucher's not working. I get a girl saying, "well according to the FAQ if your voucher's not working just place the order and put it in the notes section" -- yeah but your FAQ said to call first? Maybe remove the call option if you don't want people asking you about their vouchers?

- So I place my order and add in the notes section that my voucher wasn't applied. I also send an e-mail about it. I get a reply confirming that they've refunded the amount on the voucher. Weeks later -- guess what, they still haven't refunded. I send another e-mail. No reply. So I give them a call. The person who picks up says that although I got an e-mail about the refund there wasn't any so she finally processes my refund.

And that is the end of my affair with Bared Footwear. I have other shoe companies I buy from who make comfy shoes so I'll stick with those. MAYBE if I were in Melbourne I would drop by, but after strike two I'm done with their website.

If anyone from Bared is reading this, I hope you can take these suggestions on board:

- Fix your website. If you advertise sales, surely you can make sure your website is adequately stress-tested beforehand? I know you ladies are working round the clock addressing enquiries but if your website was working properly you wouldn't have to waste so much time processing refunds because the vouchers or discounts didn't apply or fielding calls from people who want to order but who can't get through the website!

- Hopefully when people respond to e-mails they can really understand the situation. For example, when I advised Bared that AusPost was delivering the old parcel and they didn't have to send the new one, the response I got was "I just tracked your parcel and can see it’s been delivered, is that correct?" -- no acknowledgement that they had sent me an extra parcel, no instructions how to return it, no pro-activeness on their end to recall the parcel. Maybe have a better issue resolution system in place so you can better keep track of the history of a request because it seems like people were just reading the latest message and not bothering to understand what happened before. This is sad because everyone I've talked to either on the phone or via e-mail has seemed really nice and willing to help, and it's wasted on not having a proper issue resolution process making things a lot more frustrating than they should be.

- Before confirming that a refund has been issued please make sure you've actually done them.

The BEST service I've ever received

I have ordered 2 pairs of shoes on separate occasions. The first time I ordered the incorrect size. They happily sent a second pair to try so I could compare. Then they emailed through a returns label so could send the ones that were incorrect.
The second time my husband ordered shoes that were in completely the wrong size. They called me to double check that this was correct or if there had in fact been an error. They then sent a credit (as I requested) within 10 minutes of the phone call.
So not only is the product spectacular quality, the customer service is unparalled. I could not be more impressed.

The only shoes I wear

I discovered bared a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back. The shoes are beautiful to look at and beautiful to wear. I get compliments all the time but the support and comfort they give me is amazing. My feet have improved since wearing these and I have since thrown out all my other shoes and only wear these.

The customer service is second to none. Staff are very knowledgeable and go above and beyond. Only downside is they are pretty expensive but worth the cost in my opinion.

Great customer service

I tried a lot of Bared shoes on and was a bit disappointed that the fit wasn't all that great with a lot of them but then I found a pair that were super comfy and bought them in 2 colours. They rubbed on the heel wearing in but so far so good. I purchased 2 pairs full price and the next day they went on sale and the staff member refunded the sale difference so I could avoid returning them to re-buy at sale price.

I think I will be happy to buy Bared in future but just won't get over excited next time that all of their shoes would be comfy as they are made differently to suit different feet.

Best shoes ever and comfy !!

My nickname is Imelda - I love shoes but they have to be comfortable, allow me to walk fast and long and good quality. Bared shoes fit the bill 100%. I am just so happy I found them. Designed by podiatrists but really cool designs, range of leathers, funky colours. They literally deliver next day. All shoes except sandals come with a range of inserts - for wide or narrow feet and they are all orthotic compatible. I am a standard size 40 with wide feet and so far I have bought boots, gold sandals, high heel sandals and leopard flats. All fit perfectly. LOVE.

Just be wary when shoes are on SALE

Just be wary when buying when shoes on are SALE. The shoes might have $20 off or so for their sale which is usually for 48 hours or so. If you read the fine print it says that 'sale' items cannot be REFUNDED. They will only give a store credit or exchange. This caught me out. I would expect shoes on clearance not be refunded, not when they are just on a two day sale and then back to normal price they still won't give a refund. I bought two pairs of shoes, both are too big, and when I contacted them to return them they would only give me a credit or exchange, even though one of the pairs of shoes didn't have a smaller size in stock. Disappointed.

Amazing! I can’t stop raving about these

These shoes are amazing!
I wear orthotics and usually have difficulty finding nice shoes, limiting shoes and boots and sandals to very short timeframes to save my legs.


I bought a pair after desperately searching the internet, after seeing my podiatrist with a pair of these sexy numbers on.

Now in just 3 weeks I have a few more pairs
They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn in my life!
And the quality is superb
Ballet flats to boots to heels

Great work BARED! Stylish, well made, excellent customer service... and oh... next day delivery! Efficient as well

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