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Barefoot Telecom
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No thrills, No Fuzz, No Buzz but it is Cheap

I have been with a barefoot for a few months now after shopping around for a good broadband deal until NBN arrives. On the price they are very competitive and for service we have not had any outages but my word the service is sooooo slow. I have not had a slower of any provider compared to them.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateNovember 2018
Set-up Time4 days
Adequate Speeds No
Standalone or BundledStandalone
Contract TypeMonth-to-month
Data TypeUnlimited Data
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Hi Nico VDM, Sorry to hear this. Can you please advise your account number so we can look into this issue ASAP? If you are experiencing issues please contact our support team on 1300017622 so we can investigate.

Deceptive marketing

The only reason I am awarding 2 stars is that they include the $10 discount (first 6 months) in the advertised price. It’s not cool to be dishonest to your customers.

Connection TypeNBN FTTB (Fibre to the Building)
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Hi Steve, Thanks for your review. We are unsure why you believe this is deceptive, as it clearly stated both online and in our terms and conditions that the advertised price is a promotional offer available to new customers. Regards, The Barefoot team

Never refunded me money for the time the internet was down!

Our internet was only active 10 days after barefoot told us that the internet was active.
We attempted three times to get some sort of deduction or compensation back. Every time we spoke to someone on the phone we have been told that they will double check and get back to us. Unfortunately nothing ever happened.

I would give more stars but based on my above mentioned experience and also based on the slow internet we are having, we can't give any more then 2 stars.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Simone, Sorry to hear this. We have organised our support team to contact you ASAP. Regards, The Barefoot team

Will be changing provider

I needed a net phone and from the beginning I’ve had problems. Initially I was charged from a date about 4 days prior to being connected. They disputed the date was wrong, said I had my dates wrong but paper work shows NBN not connected until after the billing date. I then phoned because no one could call my number, because barefoot tried and it worked my word meant nothing. No one can reach me, and now I get cut off after talking for about five minutes. Haven’t phoned them, what’s the point, just going to change provider.

Connection TypeNBN FTTB (Fibre to the Building)
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Hi Richelle, Sorry to hear this. We have organised our support team to contact you ASAP to discuss this issue. Regards, The MATE TEAM


Slow service - this isn’t their fault but when I contacted them to look it it - total disinterest I trying to resolve issue.

Help Desk are condescending and unhelpful.

When you ring Barefoot - they never answer. Have to leave a message and they call you back.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)
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Hi Brian, Sorry to hear this. We are horrified to hear that our support team were unhelpful. Can you please advise your account number so we can look into this issue immediately? Regards, The Barefoot team

Very often in the afternoon/ evening slower internet than my plan states, so I could not watch inter

Not reliable, I can't make a plan to watch internet TV in the evenings. The internet speed is lower than it should be. Spoke to someone in company about my problems and I was given website to go and record/ report speed in different times of the day. I can't record speed on the working days as I am at work. Anyway it was so complicated that I have given up.
Simply, I need quick internet in the afternoons/ evenings and weekends to be able to watch internet TV. I am on the 100mb/sec plan ($99.00 per month) and it should be more than enough for internet TV. I have NBN connection with broadband.
I am not happy the way Barefoot dealt with my complaints.

Connection TypeI don't know
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Hi Andja, Sorry to hear this. We have organised our support team to contact you so we can troubleshoot. Regards, The MATE TEAM

Issues with Account

Currently dealing with a problem regarding Payments with Barefoot Support. They have been repeatedly told on multiple occasions that I can’t afford final payment of $123.00 right now after I officially cancelled my Services not long ago.

It seems like Support are blatantly ignoring my pleas as a excuse that I can afford payment when I made it crystal very clear I can’t at this Time.

Sorry, but I can’t recommend Barefoot Telecom at the present Time.


Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)
Hi Bradley G., Sorry to hear this. Can you please advise your account number so we can look into this ASAP?Please read, I no longer have a Account Number because it was cancelled by me way beforehand - Yet you Guys still chase me for a amount I can’t afford to pay or even pay off at this Time.Hi Bradley G. Can you please advise the account number of your closed account?

Good when it works

NBN Fibre To The Node FTTN package. Was easy to connect but often has frequent dropouts, requiring reboot of modem to get working again. Online and email support is non existent. When working, speed is good and I would rate 5 stars if not for the dropouts and poor customer service

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)
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Hi Mark, We are sorry to hear this. The most common fault with a FTTN service is DSL sync drops. Please call our support team so that we can raise a fault with NBN to try and resolve the issue. Regards The Barefoot Team

Lies! there is a connection fee

Only after signing up do you find out you have to pay a connection fee of $168 is the phone line is not already connected. Also it is Telstra connection.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Miss, We can confirm that none of our services have any connection fees. For ADSL connections, a standard Telstra line activation fee will apply to connect your telephone phone service if this is currently inactive and this is detailed in our Critical Information Summary (CIS) which is freely available online and would have been emailed to you on sign-up. • Existing telephone line without a Telstra technician visit: $59.00 • Existing telephone line with a Telstra technician visit: $169.00 • New telephone line connection: $299.00 with a Telstra technician visit and cabling work (upfront payment required) Please note that if a technician visit is required by Telstra we will ALWAYS inform you beforehand and allow you the option to cancel your order if you do not wish to go ahead. Regards, Barefoot team

Still no service after a month

I made my order and paid the $149 for the modem. It’s been about a month and Barefoot have still not managed to connect me to the internet. They blame it on my address not being registered, yet all my neighbours have Internet.
The customer service has been amazing till today, hence I have been patient. Today I spoke to [name removed] who abruptly told me if I’m not happy I can look else where. I explained that I just wanted a rough time frame and he told me ‘there’s no timeframe and I just have to wait’. I’m so disgusted with being spoken to in such a derogatory manner. I understand that every case is different and I’ve been willing to be patient, but today’s rudeness was a complete let down for your company.

Connection TypeNBN Wireless
Hi Shasta, If one of our agents were rude, we are terribly sorry to hear this and want to get to the bottom of this matter ASAP. Please advise your account number so our management team can review this immediately. Regards, Barefoot teamHi, Account no: 584532

Tech support??? What's with Getting a call back

As a brand new customer I wasn't sure what to expect upon requesting tech support to set up my nbn modem. So after checking this with the hours of availability of your tech support (something I never had to do in the last as my previous telco had much longer and more flexible tech support) I called and I found that my details are taken and then the phone is hung up. I called around 6:20 pm and was assured I would get a call back in a few minutes. At 6:55 I had still not received a call. I was concerned that I would have to wait until the next day so called back a second time only to have my details taken again and no help given. Finally at 6:57 I received a call and the tech was great. Had the clock clicked past 7:00 three minutes later I would not have gotten any help at all. I am surprised, baffled in fact that you are able to run tech support in this way and am strongly considering cancelling my contract.

Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)
Hi Benji, Thanks for your feedback. Our support team operates from 8:30am - 7:00pm Monday to Saturday. If all of our support team are on calls, your call is directed to our overflow service who will take your details for our support team to call you back. We believe the call back method is a much better experience than having to wait on hold however we are always looking at ways to improve our service and will take your feedback on board. Rest assured that if you contact us before 7:00pm and leave your details we will definitely return your call, regardless of it is past 7:00pm or not. Insinuating that you wouldn't have received a call back when calling within operating hours is 100% incorrect. In regards to cancelling your contract, there are no contracts on any Barefoot Telecom services and no cancellation fees. We can see that your issue was resolved and hope you are happy with the technical support you received.I was not insinuating anything. It was the information that YOUR staff told me on the phone. So instead of accusing me, your customer of getting it wrong, maybe have a look at the processes that your company uses with their call centre. I was told in very clear terms that after 7:00 pm I would NOT get a call back from any tech support. If this information is incorrect I suggest you work on your staff training.Hi Benji, We have raised this with our overflow team. To clarify, you will 100% receive a call back, as long as you call within our operating hours. Thanks for your feedback.

Not upfront about costs and nature of installation, and caused problems even after cancelled

When I rang up barefoot to get a quote, I was told that the installation fee would be $59. I double checked this, as another internet provider told us we would need to get a technician out and I wanted to make sure I knew of all the upfront costs. I was assured that $59 would be the only setup cost and as a result I decided to proceed. Much to my annoyance, a couple of days later I was told that the cost would actually be close to $200 as they would need to get a technician out. We did not have an active phone line they told us, and we should contact our landlord to get them to pay the cost. This was untrue, given that our landlord subsequently advised us that there was in fact an active phone line, it just happened to be with optus rather than telstra. Thinking we would just go with optus, I called up to cancel and was refunded. Unfortunately, Barefoot had already proceeded to organise the technician (prior to us agreeing, in fact we never agreed, to a technician coming to the property), and failed to cancel the technician visit, so instead I have received numerous calls and texts from telstra about a technician visit that was never requested nor approved at our rental property.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Failedconnection, Sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately in some cases the network owner (in this case Telstra) will come back to us once an order is placed and advise that an in-place is no longer available and a technician visit is required. Unfortunately this means extra charges and the only way we find out about these charges is by placing an order. We use the Telstra network, so if there is an active line with Optus we are unable to use this line. Please contact our support team on 1300 017 622 if you are still experiencing any issues regarding Telstra contact details - we apologise for this issue. Rest assured you have not been charged for the new line as you did not wish to go ahead with this.

Bad Internet Service and Customer Service

I subscribed to this ISP based on the reviews here. Reviews were accurate on how fast the service was established. In less than a week the Internet was up and running and I didn't even have to be home.

1. In their website Barefoot claimed you can use any modem and offer to help setting it up. When I called them for help their representative went: we don't support iiNet [name removed] and how some internet providers lock their modems blah blah. He called back and apologised and offered to help but it was hassle for me and I didn't appreciate the way he first talked to me considering there was no pre-requisite to certain modem

2. The Internet service is slow! And I live around 5 km away from the city. Forget about playing a video games on a console or tablet. Forgot about watching video streams or podcasts or (God forbids) to attend a webinar!
I raised a simple question to their help desk," is this internet plan fast enough for video games?", it's been 13 days since I exchanged emails with their Support and no one is confirmed if the damn plan is for regular browsing and downloads or not. They even sent me this stupid link of speedtest! Like I'm a newbie to Internet or something and the result of testing it Early in the morning with one device at home rated 3 stars and the barefoot support claims "it's fair"

3. Their IT support call during my working hours (9-5) and leave voice messages asking me to call back their help desk. When I call the help desk they ask for my contact details and say: someone from our IT support will call you back... And so forth on this cycle!

I'm counting the days for the first month to end to move to another ISP. The only reason I gave them two stars not one is for establishing the Internet connection on time.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi CH Girl, First of all we would like to apologise for the current issues you are having. In response to your post please see below: 1. This is completely unacceptable and has been addressed internally with our team. We offer a BYO Modem option and if we do this then we need to offer the support that comes with offering this option. Once again we apologise for this issue. 2. We provide our ADSL service via the Telstra network. Your service is residential grade and is achieving speeds above 8Mbps. Speeds can be affected by many factors including how far you are from the exchange, the quality of the copper cabling etc. In saying that, this is generally a good and acceptable speed when it comes to ADSL2+. The speeds are acceptable for Australian streaming services, YouTube and general, day-to-day residential traffic. Regarding gaming, it really depends on the device you are connecting with and where the gaming server is located. 3. We can call you before 9am or after 5pm. Our customer service team is open from 8:30am to 7:00pm Monday - Saturday. Please let us know when you would like us to call. In the meantime we believe we have actually made contact with you and worked out some possible resolutions for your issue. We have forwarded you a new modem so we can see if the Wi-Fi signal on your BOB modem is causing your issues - from our understanding everything you are doing is via Wi-Fi. Regarding gaming and connecting to overseas servers, we always recommend connecting hardwired to your modem as this will give a much more consistent speed. Our representatives will keep in contact with you to confirm that the modem is improving your experience with Barefoot Telecom. We are really hoping that you remain a customer. We have no contracts as we believe in backing ourselves and if a customer is not happy for whatever reason they shouldn’t be forced to stay a customer. Kind Regards, Barefoot Telecom

Questions & Answers

My home address is 489 Redland Bay Road Capalaba QLD 4157. - do you provide ADSL in this area? - what is the average speed at peak hours in this area? Thanks, Jack
1 answer
Hi Jack, In order for us to see what Internet services we can provide you, we will need to perform a full service qualification check on your address. Could you please send your full address including any unit/street numbers, state and postcode to support@barefoottelecom.com.au so we can check and advise?

Is Barefoot and Mate telecom same company ?
3 answers
Yes they are.Yes. Barefoot will be shown as Mate Communicate in your bank statement.Hi kumar, Barefoot Telecom and MATE Communicate are the same company operating separate retail brands.

Hey I was just wondering for adsl what are the network speeds to choose from in megabits per second (mbps)?
1 answer
Hi Kyle, The maximum theoretical speed on an ADSL servce is up to 20Mbps. In order for us to see what Internet services we can provide you, we will need to perform a full service qualification check on your address. Could you please send your full address including any unit/street numbers, state and postcode to support@barefoottelecom.com.au so we can check and advise?


ADSLNBN 12 (Lite)NBN 25 (Mid)NBN 50 (Max)NBN 100 (Ultra)
Price $59.00$69.00$75.00$99.00
Packages AvailableBundle and StandaloneBundle and StandaloneBundle and StandaloneBundle and Standalone
Data AllowanceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
NBN Speed Tier 12/125/550/20100/40
Max Download Speed 12 Mbps25 Mbps50 Mbps100 Mbps
Max Upload Speed 1 Mbps5 Mbps20 Mbps40 Mbps

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