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Barefoot Telecom
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Barefoot ARE your AVERAGE telco

Not feeling the "Barefoot" difference - feeling more like Telstra - logged a support call over 2hrs ago still waiting - rang and was told they are the call centre and cant do anything other than log another support call and someone will be call us within the hour - sounds like Telstra speak - sorry but dont need this am wasting MY time waiting for your call - I want to cancel my service and get a refund for the lot - have not used anything as not working - and will go elsewhere - all telcos are the same - unfortunately Barefoot is the same as others. Just had a phone call back from Barefoot, not support but someone to placate me, when i complained to the person - he put me on hold and when he came back I could hear him on my end of the line but he could not hear me - he disconnected the call and has not returned it to explain what will happen - as I can see that is the way it will be. SO will be asking for a FULL refund and go with the other AVERAGE telcos. Who can manage the growth.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)
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Hi Lemi, Sorry to hear you are unhappy. One of our senior team members has been assigned to call you ASAP to discuss.

Huge expectations and promises - Zero follow through.

Day 1 - Sales - I ended up talking to [name removed] in sales. Nice guy and the only part to the barefoot experience that I enjoyed. I wanted to get the 100/40 NBN unlimited service on the HFC network. So I ordered that and then paid a $145 for an NBN compatible modem. To be fair $145 for an AC1600 modem router is not too bad.

They then told me that it would be 1-3 days to get a connection date that was on the 24th of December, today's the 6th. :-(.

He then tells me "that connections are between 7-14 days, but yours will be 16 days or more, but we tell you 7-14 days because of worst case scenario it may be quicker. " ugh...what!!!! .... did you hear what you actually just said? It makes zero sense. At this point, I am thinking that Barefoot is actually a training ground for clowns and circus performers or I'm being punked. I should cut my loses at this point, but i persist instead #badmove.

I ring back and try to get more information about what's happening a couple of days later and the reply is "you'll just to wait, as there is a wait on HFC cause its new technology". So I think fair enough and give some extra time, and I wait. Then I do some more waiting and wait and wait. Did I mention waiting?

I give it two days between each call, and I continue to get the same answer over and over again, "please wait".

Next, I go to the NBN directly via Twitter and get a response; they tell me that an order for my address has not even been placed yet!!!! The NBN ask me for my order number, So i ring Barefoot to get it, expect they have no idea what that is and can't give it to me. #seriously!!! They tell me it's because of their wholesaler and it will be no different anywhere I go. #getanewwholesaler

So I call their bluff and go to a couple of other companies - They all give me an installation date right there on the phone via accessing the NBN portal directly. I go to two other companies ....precisely the same thing, they both also give me an installation date right there and then.

I back to Barefoot and ask to speak to someone, and their phone system for leaving messages is broken, and I proceeded to tell the guy in sales about it so they can fix it. He rudely tells me that it's my phone and hangs up in my face -rudely. #bigbreathinbigbreathout

I'll be honest; I really wanted to like these guys and for them to be really good. The reviews seem great, but so far it has been a joke.

Here's a free tip for you Barefoot - keeping a customer informed is the key to customer satisfaction, even if you can't supply the service that you say you can, (which at this point it seems you can't) keeping them in the loop is critical - no just saying "you'll have to wait".

So based on all of the trial and tribulations, today I decided to cancel my application and subscription before it even gets started and go somewhere else.

Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)
Hi Pete, Sorry to have lost you as a customer. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of NBN Co. We were advised by NBN Co. directly that there is currently an issue with the NBN portal generating appointments for HFC orders. No ETA was provided, this is why we could not provide an ETA to you. We can't comment on what other providers tell you before you sign up, but we have no contracts so if customers are unhappy, which you were, you are free to leave. We back ourselves and are confident we keep all customers in the loop, however when no ETA is provided then we can't provide you an ETA. We are sorry to have lost you as a customer, best of luck with your new provider.Thanks for your comments, My only answer to this is three things; 1 - Tell your customers that the problem exists before signing or when you find out. Allow the customer to make an informed decision based on the facts, rather than failing to inform them of critical information. A customer you miss is better than an upset customer that cancels before connection and leaves a bad review. 2 - Other providers - signed up and an appointment booked the next day. So I am not sure what's happening at your end.....but you might want to find out, both yourself and the wholesaler could not even give me an order number to reference when speaking directly with NBN. 3 - When someone rings up and tells you your phone service is not working as it should and trying to help you out .....being rude A&*holes is not helping your cause. I am happy to give the guys name if you want it, as this is not the forum your internal performance management process. P.

This service can't even load speedtest.net - now that's bad

So bad. I was better off using dial up internet. Or leapfrogging from my phone. This service occasionally comes close to the mbs you're paying for. But mostly it can't even play netflix reliably. Less honest than the government.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)
Hi Ally, Sorry to hear you are having issues. Have you contacted our support team so we can troubleshoot? We would love to try and rectify any issues.Yes I did.Hi Ally, Can you advise of the ticket number received if email contact was made with our support team?

Stay away! Will never give you any service, LIE to you, then REFUSE to refund you, and then blame yo

All email exchanges and correspondence with Barefoot have been uploaded to an image hosting site for reference and evidence, to prove that this review is unbiased and supported with claims

I will check back regularly to see if the link is still working, if not, it will be re-uploaded.

Let me address each point one by one from the title.
First of all, do NOT believe any of the positive reviews, they are all fake accounts made by Barefoot to boost their own score on ProductReviews.
If you click onto each individual profile, you will see that all the accounts which gave positive reviews were created on the day (or one day prior) of the review, WITHOUT reviewing anything else. Barefoot does this daily to keep their scores up against the numerous bad reviews.

Now onto the actual review
(All points addressed will have evidence provided to keep this review unbiased)

*****1. No Service.

Placed the order on the 14th September, received an email from Barefoot on the 18th, saying the order is being processed, and I will hear back from them in 3 business days with an update (Which never happened, no updates were received at all)

During this time, as I had an old service active, I emailed Barefoot, to delay the activation until the 27th September, in which they agreed, and stated that the billing cycle will not start until the 27th September.

On the 27th September, I emailed Barefoot again, as there was STILL NO internet, I received a response from Barefoot confirming that there was no internet indeed.

*****2. Barefoot LIES to you

At this point, I was extremely fed up, so I called Barefoot to get some answers. The customer support team tells me that I have no internet, because the request is being rejected by OPTUS, and when I ask why, they said they have no idea why, and they are UNABLE to find out for me.

When I asked why I haven't been updated about the requests being rejected, they told me that they HAVE notified me through email and SMS, but due to a systems error, I didn't receive it. At this point I requested a callback from a supervisor, and I was told I will receive a callback in 15 mins.

After about 45 minutes, I finally get a callback, they told me that, the internet is done through TELSTRA, not Optus (You don't even know which company you are providing internet services from??)

Furthermore, I was then told that there was NO systems error, and they DID NOT notify me.
When asked why, they replied that "there was no need to notify you, it has only been 10 business days since you signed up, this is within our reasonable time frame not to provide internet."

I asked them: "In the email, you said there will be internet on the 27th September, why is there still no internet"

They started to stutter on the phone: "Well umm, look mate, uhhh, when we say the 27th, we don't really mean it's actually going to start on the 27th, it's just an approximation mate"

I was furious: "There was no mention that this date was approximate in the email. What's the approximation? A few days? A week?"

Barefoot replied: "We don't know."

I then asked, "Okay then, when will I have internet? Can you give me a guaranteed time?"

They said: "That's hard to say, it can be another 2 weeks, 1 month, we don't know."

I replied: "So you're saying, that I may never ever get internet, forever, and Barefoot has no legal obligation to do anything about it."

Barefoot: "Yeah, that's right, when you sign up, you signed all your rights away in your waiver, it says that we don't have to provide any services to anybody within any time frame, without any consequences."

*****3. Barefoot blames their problems on you

On the 28th September, Barefoot sends me an email saying that my service is active, I immediately setup my modem, and it worked for a few hours, and then it suddenly stopped working (DNS server stopped responding), no matter how many times I restarted and re-setup my modem (With a CD and manually)

At this point, I was mentally exhausted having to deal with so many problems with Barefoot, so I called them immediate to cancel the service and refund my charges.

The person on the other end was extremely hostile

Barefoot: "This is most likely not our problem, your modem is probably broken."

I replied: "I am fairly sure that's not the case, it was just working fine before."

Barefoot: "We've had lots of people with a working modem, and then they suddenly just broke for no reason, it happens."

I replied: "I find that hard to believe, that's ok, I will ask for a refund instead of dealing with Barefoot."

Barefoot: "Look mate, why are you changing companies? You can't just run into some problems with a company, then change companies, all the other companies will have the same problems as us!"

I replied: "I want a refund, and if not, I will be reporting this issue to the TIO."

Barefoot: "If you report us to the TIO (Ombudsman), we won't refund you, we will just wait for a letter from the TIO."

(Barefoot THREATENED to not refund me if I report them to the TIO (Ombudsman) )

I replied: "Ok, I won't make a report if I receive a refund."
They said they will pass the information onto the billing team.

After the call, I took the modem to my friends house, it works perfectly.
(I had to make sure, because after all, if it is my issue, then I can't blame Barefoot)

*****4. Barefoot REFUSES a refund.

I receive an email on the 4th October from Barefoot, saying that, they still haven't charged me $59 for the line connection fee, and since I owe them $59, they will NOT be processing a refund.

That's completely irrelevant, Barefoot insisted that they don't provide a stand-alone internet service, and they insisted that they connect the line for me.

And I have not received a SINGLE BIT of service from Barefoot, so it's irrelevant whether the line is connected or not, because there has NEVER BEEN an internet connection.
Barefoot will use any excuse to get out of refunding you.

This report is more than 1300+ words and has taken me over 2 hours to write, no person in their right mind will go out of their way this much to write a report like this, unless they deem this to be the most appropriate action after being BULLIED by Barefoot.

If any PR from Barefoot wants to respond to this, and has trouble finding which points to respond to, I will make a summary for you.

1. Why has Barefoot told me the internet service is provided by Optus, when in fact Barefoot's internet is provided by Telstra?
2. Why haven't I received any updates within 3 business days as stated in the email by Barefoot? (not just 3 days, updates AT ALL)
3. Why didn't I get a callback from the manager in the stated time frame?
4. Why did Barefoot lie to me and say that you DID notify me, but there was a systems error, which caused me to not receive any notifications? (Then later admit that no notification was ever actually sent)
5. Why was there no internet on the 27th September as stated in the email?
6. Why did Barefoot tell me, the date of the 27th September is just an approximation? When in the email, it doesn't state that this date is an approximation?
7. Why did Barefoot blame me for having a broken modem as the reason for the lack of internet, when the modem works perfectly fine? (Modem tested at another location)
8. Why did Barefoot threaten to not refund me if I make a report to the TIO?

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
Hi Vincent, Thanks for taking the time to leave us this review. Firstly, the claims you have made about fake product reviews are incorrect. All of our reviews on Product Review are 100% genuine and any review requires verification (proof of purchase) to be published. Please refer to this link for more information, which verifies this fact: https://business.productreview.com.au/what-are-verified-reviews-9fb2ed34ce8b In regards to your account, as previously advised via email, our billing team has reviewed your case. We can see your account has now been cancelled as requested. For full clarity, the timeline of your order was as follows: 1. You signed up online on Fri, Sep 14th 2018 at 11.07PM. 2. You received a confirmation email on sign up which included our CIS (Critical Information Summary). You accepted this CIS upon sign up. As outlined in our CIS (Critical Information Summary), a $59.00 line connection fee is charged for services connected with an inactive line and will usually be passed through on your second or third invoice. This is a direct pass-through charge by Telstra - it is not charged by Barefoot. 3. Payment for your order (your first-month plan fee in advance) was processed on Sat, Sep 15th 2018 at 2.41PM. 4. The first component of your ADSL order (the activation of your phone line) was placed on Sat, Sep 15th 2018 2:42PM. Upon this order being placed, you received an email which stated the following: "Your ADSL order is processed in two parts. Firstly, your currently inactive phone line is re-activated. This order has just been submitted and can take anywhere between 3 - 5 business days to be actioned by Telstra. Once your phone line is activated, we then process the order for the ADSL component of your service. This normally takes between 3 - 5 business days to be activated. Once your phone line has been activated and we have ordered your ADSL service you will receive another email. IMPORTANT: As advised on sign-up and in our Critical Information Summary (CIS), the fee to activate a currently inactive Telstra phone line incurs a standard 59.00 line connection fee. This is a direct pass-through charge from the carrier and will usually appear on your second or third invoice." 5. Your phone line was activated by the carrier on Tue, Sep 18th 2018 3.03PM. Upon activation of this phone line, you then received another email which stated the following: "Your ADSL order at ADDRESS has been submitted to the carrier and is currently being processed. An update on your order including an estimated activation date should be provided within three (3) business days." 6. Your ESTIMATED activation date was provided as 27/09/2018. 7. Your ADSL service was activated on Fri, Sep 28th 2018 6.42PM. 8. You contacted our support team on Tue, Oct 2nd 2018 3.41PM to advise that you wished to cancel the service and requested a full refund. You refused to perform any troubleshooting and you did not give us or the carrier an opportunity to rectify the issue with your service. 9. On Thu, Oct 4th 2018 4.55PM our billing team advised that as a gesture of goodwill, we are happy to return your monthly plan fee for the ADSL service as the service was only active for a few days and you did not use the service. However, the Telstra line re-connection fee will stand as this is not refundable because the phone line was activated as part of your order. As we already debited your first month's plan fee, this will be used to cover your line re-connection fee and as such, no refunds will be processed to your account. Your phone line was activated by the carrier on Tue, Sep 18th 2018 and regardless of whether this service was used or not, the service was active. Under the terms of the plan you signed up for, this fee is not refundable. This is a direct pass-through charge by Telstra - it is not charged by Barefoot. We sincerely believe that we have acted more than fairly in regards to this matter, and we will make no further comment as we can also see that you have an open TIO complaint. All future correspondence will be dealt with via the TIO. We wish you all the best with whichever provider you choose. Regards, The Barefoot Team"Imagine if we refunded everyone who asked for a refund, we'd have to refund tens or hundreds of thousands of people! The company would go broke!" - Barefoot Manager, 2018. I will elaborate on this further below. Barefoot, To anyone who wants to verify the fake-ness of Barefoot's reviews, do this - - Go to any other product on ProductReviews (Literally, choose any) - Look at the reviews, and the profile information of the reviewer. - You will find that for EVERY other product, just about ALL the reviewers have had multiple reviews and answers (active member of the community) - Only Barefoot's positive reviewers - 1. Their accounts are brand new (made on the day (or day prior) to the review) 2. They have only reviewed Barefoot, nothing else 3. No other activity on the website (No reviews, asked questions, answered questions...etc) How does Barefoot get pass the review moderation of the website? For the review to be verified as "verified customer", the review needs to submit proof of purchase, so Barefoot creates these accounts daily, and uses the proofs of purchase to get past the customer verification check. If they didn't do this, their ratings would be at 1 or 2 stars, consistently. One more update to anyone who happens to be reading this thread. I called Barefoot again a few days ago, and spoke to the manager, requesting the refund that I still haven't received. The attitude was laughable, when they made ridiculous analogies. "Imagine if we refunded everyone who asked for a refund, we'd have to refund tens of thousands of people! The company would go broke!" According to your logic, there are 10s of thousands of people asking you for a refund? I actually wouldn't doubt that, for a number of reasons. On a previous call with another manager, on the issue of no internet service after the promised date. When asked why there is such a huge delay with the service activation, the manager answered this. Barefoot: "This is actually very common." Me: "How common? How often does the customers' internet activation get delayed?" Barefoot: "About 30 to 35 % of the time" That's an EXTREMELY high number. When asked about this statistic of a high customer failure rate - Me: "The other manager said about 30 to 35% of the internet activation is delayed, don't you think there's something wrong with your service? Does that sound right to you?" Barefoot: "No, that doesn't sound right." *So Barefoot can't even corroborate information between their own managers?* Me: "Shouldn't Barefoot try to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction, and reduce product failure rate, like other bigger companies? 6 sigma methodology" *The manager then went silent for an extended amount of time, as they have left the phone conversation with me still on the line* Me: "Hello? Are you still there?" Barefoot: "Yeah, I'm still here, but I just don't see how any of what you are saying is relevant." *Barefoot claims it is completely irrelevant information that a high amount (30-35%) of the customers are receiving poor quality service* Here is the other ridiculous analogy Barefoot came up with - Barefoot: "Imagine you're going to Maccas and you order a burger, and you paid for it. If the burger sold out, and they can't give one to ya, the most they can do is refund you the original cost!" (Yes, Barefoot used the example of going to Maccas) Let's go with Barefoot's analogy of going to Maccas - if I'm going to Maccas and paid for a burger, and didn't get anything, they would refund me THE WHOLE COST of the burger. Would Maccas say, for example "We can't give you your burger, but there's an ordering cost, so we can't give you your refund." Of course not. So where's my refund? Out of the 8 questions I outlined, you somehow didn't manage to answer a single one. 1. Why has Barefoot told me the internet service is provided by Optus, when in fact Barefoot's internet is provided by Telstra? 2. Why haven't I received any updates within 3 business days as stated in the email by Barefoot? (not just 3 days, updates AT ALL) 3. Why didn't I get a callback from the manager in the stated time frame? 4. Why did Barefoot lie to me and say that you DID notify me, but there was a systems error, which caused me to not receive any notifications? (Then later admit that no notification was ever actually sent) 5. Why was there no internet on the 27th September as stated in the email? 6. Why did Barefoot tell me, the date of the 27th September is just an approximation? When in the email, it doesn't state that this date is an approximation? 7. Why did Barefoot blame me for having a broken modem as the reason for the lack of internet, when the modem works perfectly fine? (Modem tested at another location) 8. Why did Barefoot threaten to not refund me if I make a report to the TIO? 9. Why is there such a high failure rate (30-35% according to your manager) of internet activation for your customers? 10. Why did one manager tell me that there is a 30-35% failure rate for internet activation, when another manager denied this? 11. Why did the manager leave the conversation in the middle of a call? Do you treat all of your customers this way? 12. According to you, you won't refund because "If everyone asked for a refund, we'd go broke", so even if everyone had a rightful reason for a refund, you would still deny the refund just so the company won't go broke?Is there anything you would like to say/rebut Barefoot? Perhaps release all the phone calls as evidence if you think my review is biased and unfair?

iPrimus suck, still better than barefoot

I signed up for ADSL2, first 48 hours had 300ms ping to google and internet dropped out every few minutes, had 16mbps down for the first 2 weeks. Have had 7mbps sync for the last week, barefoot requested multiple speedtests and then told me my service is meant to be adsl1, so there's no issue. Haha, are you guys serious? Don't believe all of the fake reviews here either. I'm a real person and barefoot telecom suck, don't waste your money. Bad service, bad products. I even have a confirmation email stating I signed up for adsl2 from barefoot.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
Hi Old mate, Your service is provisioned on an ADSL2 port, so it is definitely an ADSL2 service. Any speed over 1Mbps on an ADSL service is considered within specifications by the carrier (Telstra). Your modem is syncing at approximately 7Mbps. As advised, we logged a speed fault for your service and the carrier advised that your speeds are the best available speed at your location based on your distance to the exchange and the quality of your copper. If you are unhappy you are completely free to leave as we have no contracts on any of our plans and no cancellation fees.Then why did it sync at 16Mbps for the first 2 weeks?Hi Old Mate, As advised we have logged a request to the carrier to find out.

Not happy at all

I just switched from Telstra Broadband to Barefoot NBN. Few problem that still need to be fixed:
1) one of the reasons why I went with barefoot was the modem. The model offered was the AC1200 which is a wireless modem with external antennas that guarantee a better coverage. I received a different modem (netcomm) with antennas inside and I'm struggling in some areas.
2) Nobody from barefoot told me and I couldn't find anywhere in the info provided that barefoot wasn't supporting email services. My web hosting provider did not support this service as well therefore now I cannot send emails from the program (window live) that I always used, that I'm familiar with and that has all my database of contacts and info. Best advice from Barefoot support? "I suggest to create a new email from gmail or hotmail or change your hosting provider". This is a BUSINESS and I CANNOT change my email address!!! May be I should change ISP instead of web hosting provider!
3) Got a message from barefoot that my phone number has been moved from ADSL to Voip and is now active. Cannot make calls nor receiving call. Still waiting barefoot support......

In conclusion, few hours to redeem their quality or time to pack up and send everything back

Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)
Hi Romano, 1) We have recently stopped supplying the D-Link modem as we found some customers were experiencing dropouts and speed issues on Fibre to the Node (FTTN) and Fibre to the Basement (FTTB) services. The Netcomm modem should provide a much better experience, and also has stronger Wi-Fi range (AC1600) when compared with the D-Link (AC1200). 2) We do not offer email services. All hosting providers should provide an outgoing mail server. The reason for this is so that you can setup email on your smart phone or PC and receive and send emails no matter where you are in the world. If you use an incoming mail server from an ISP you will only ever be able to receive email in the location you have that internet connection i.e only at work or at home. For this reason we don't supply outgoing mail servers as its of little benefit to many of our customers. 3) We believe you have spoken to our support team today about this and we are attempting to resolve this issue. We will keep you updated on this.As I said, it would have been nice to have these information BEFORE signing the contract and spend the money for a modem and Voip device! As well as would have been nice to know that you are not a "business grade service" BEFORE the contract. Both your agent and your admin knew that this was a business but nobody remembered to mention this fact! Don't you think is quite unprofessional? Concerning the emails, I've been with IINET, Optus, Telstra and Iprimus so far, and all of them supplied email services automatically, therefore I was assuming that you too were providing the service..... mainly because I did not find any mention in your documentation. By the way, little update, your ATA device for Voip is faulty and I should receive a new one in 2 or 3 days. Do you know what does it mean for a business to be without phone for 3 or 4 days? (starting from yesterday) Thank god I asked to have a voice mail activated and at least this service has been providedHi Romano, We believe you have spoken to our operations manager regarding some of your concerns. We hope that this discussion helped explain your queries.

Once great

I used to love barefoot telecom until they failed to fix my nbn properly and then their true colours showed... offered no support as they claimed there was no issue... refused to accept anything i had to say... now I'm with another isp and my internet is 15mbps faster out of a upto50 plan which tells me they don't allocate enough bandwidth to customers... their call centre is also a nightmare, can never get through, always having to leave a message and wait for a return call...

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)
Hi Buck, We are sorry to hear this. If we advised that there was no issue, this would have been the response we received from nbn, who own the network. Can you advise your account number with Barefoot so we can investigate this matter? Regards, Barefoot teamYou had two months of ongoing arguements that showed you didnt care, youve had your chance, now wear the review... it worked out for me anyway as your lousy 30mbps out of 50 is obliterated by my new isps constant 40-47mbps out of 50...Hi Buck, As previously advised, if we advised that there was no issue, this would have been the response we received from nbn. Regards, Barefoot team

Painfully Slow Service and Inconsistent Download Speed.

NBN service with upgraded speed. Was never impressed with the speed.

Poor service due to lack of service staff. Whenever you ring up, you can't speak to someone. You have to leave your details for them to call you back when they are ready. This makes service outages so much longer to fix especially when NBN has to be involved. The staff are generally nice but their service model is a joke. They are very quick when you want to enquire about a new service, however for service, you have to wait, sometimes overnight. Unacceptable.

I lasted three months with them. I had three major outages in this period and have since cancelled. I would recommend steering clear of Barefoot and their sister company Mate.

Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)
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Hi AAA, We are sorry to hear you were unhappy with your experience. We operate both sales and customer support services on a callback system as we believe this call back system is the best method of responding to all enquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible. This also negates the need for you to wait on hold for excessive amounts of time. However, we are always looking at ways to improve our customer experience so will definitely pass your feedback onto our management team.

Horrible Service and Connection

Connected to Barefoot in October 2016. We had no issues until our line started dropping in and out. We called Barefoot and were advised that it was the NBN connection. Waited two weeks to hear back from them, still without internet only to be told we would have to change modems. We returned our modem and are still waiting to be reimbursed for this. We continued to pay our bills although the service was practically no longer working. We are now moving houses and the company has still not discounted our bills for the loss of service three months after first reporting. This company has massive issues communicating and clearly does not care about its customers. Would only recommend this service if you enjoy no internet connection and a company taking your money and not refunding you.

Connection TypeNBN Wireless
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Hi Madeline, We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your experience. Please DM us your account number so we can have the billing team look into your account and try and get this resolved for you.

Honestly not worth the time and money. Junk!

We setup an ADSL 2 connection to our house. Our old speeds use to be 12 fast and flat down and 1.2 up. Now with barefoot, we get the barefoot minimum. 2-5mbs down and .2 up if we're lucky. The line can now not even handle the 4 people in the house. We shouldn't have moved from TPG i didn't realise they would provide us with a worse connection. These reviews now seem dodgy, too many positive reviews for an ISP. Somethings sketchy. We rang the tech support on the first day of activation and the technician said "So would you like to cancel than?" The customer support is so bad. You ring, they take your details EVERY TIME and then call you back. What kind of call centre is that! I've had to give my details EVERY TIME over 10 TIMES! Turns out in the end they put us on ADSL1 instead of ADSL2+ without asking or telling us. Charging us $70 a month for ADSL 1 WHAT A JOKE!

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
Hi John, We are sorry you feel this way. 1. We can assure you that every review on this page is 100% legitimate. 2. When all of our support team are on calls you are directed to our overflow team and we endeavour to call you back ASAP (usually within the hour). We believe our call back method is better than having to wait on hold for a long period of time. 3. As per our Critical Information Summary (CIS), we provision the best available ADSL service for your premises. We can see that we have gone back to Telstra to see if an ADSL2 port has become available as one was not available when your order was originally placed. If one is available your service will be moved to ADSL2.Starting a sentence with "Sorry you feel this way" is honestly a little snark. We didn't screw up the install to ADSL 1 when ADSL 2 was available. You did. We feel no way other than cancelling, contacting the ombudsman and getting a refund for this poor, poor service. 1. Ok sure. 2. I've never, and i mean never been able to contact the support team and get through. I have always needed to give my name, address, number. Every time. Don't lie. It's not overflow it's how you handle support calls. 3. We rang Telstra and Belong and they said over 600 ADSL2+ ports were available at our exchange. So, you're either not wanting to pay for the exchange or you're lying, or you screwed up the install. 4. We're moving to Belong and it took 1 install and about 15 calls, emails and other useless ways before we thought we will never be coming back.Hi John, Our response was not intended to be snark at all. As advised, when we initially ordered your service, a service qualification check indicated that no ADSL2 ports were available. There is no difference in the cost for ADSL2 or ADSL1 so we would always want to offer you the best connection possible - we do not pay extra to access ports, that's not how it works. We believe you have spoken to a senior staff member and you have advised that you are moving to another ISP, we are sorry to see you go.

Incredibly bad treatment of costumers, very ruthless people operate this business.

Incredibly terrible treatment of costumers. Very ruthless people operate this business. Don't go with them, many better alternatives out there who operate ethically.

I recently moved out of my house completely (7th of Nov), I made a phone call on the 10th to cancel our connection but because it was 1 day over the "monthly cycle", the 9th of Nov, they decided it would be appropriate to charge me for the whole month, so they charged my account the 9th Nov - 9th of Dec to an empty home. This despite them charging me when I first signed up with them couple of days into the cycle without having any internet access as it was being setup.

To top it off, they somehow magically showed that we used 190gb of data between the 8th and 9th, the house was empty, electricity was disconnected. I have several documents to prove it so, I even told them that, but no, they don't care. I am a leaving customer, who gives a damn about those right? I was too polite to these people, my mistake.

In conclusion, don't go with these guys. They will attempt to screw you over the moment they have an opportunity. Don't trust their "no contract" nonsense, it means nothing, they just charge you for the whole month when you leave them.

Connection TypeNBN Wireless
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Hi Ghamdan, We are sorry to hear you feel this way. Your bill cycle was on the 8th of the month. You advised us to cancel your account on the 10th of the month. Once we cancelled your account, we confirmed via SMS that your final payment of was to be processed on the due date as per your final invoice. As our Critical Information Summary (CIS) advises, all Barefoot Telecom plans are billed in advance and no pro-rata credits or refunds for the current billing month are offered for cancelled accounts.

Absolutely Brilliant

Hi All - I just have to tell you my story with Barefoot Telecom. Firstly I have been in IT for nearly 3 decades, I am a global lead for one of the biggest IT companies on the planet and I work from home - so my choice to go with Barefoot was not taken lightly.

After getting 5mbs during the evenings with Telstra on a 100/40 plan and Apple devices and apps not working correctly (similar to a DNS issue Telstra had in October last year) I decided enough was enough and cancelled my Telstra NBN FTTN service. 4 weeks later (as of today) Telstra have still not disconnected the service because of an ordering issue on their end and no amount of TIO, ACCC or even a Tribunal case moved them any faster. The problem with FTTN is unless you have your current provider disconnect you from the NBN first you can't order a new service from someone else (don't get me started on that).

Barefoot came to my rescue with a brilliant idea - a second line. They ran another NBN service to my home and it was connected in no time at all. Their call centre is here in Australia and the person I originally made contact with supported me the whole way through. They delivered as stated. And here is the kicker - all the Apple device and speed issues are pretty much gone. On my first day I got about 90mbs when first connected and right now during the evening when I was getting 5mbs before I am getting 53mbs - a substantial improvement and a speed I can live with given congestion.

Now I will state I have only 1 days data to go off but I can't sing the praises of Barefoot Telecom enough. The support was great, the provisioning superb and they out of the box thinking fantastic. Right now I have 2 NBN services in my home whilst Telstra struggles to disconnect the original one - in the meantime I am back online with Barefoot.

And if that wasn't enough unlike all the big Telcos who force you to use their gear if you want a phone, Barefoot will allow you to use your own gear and supply all the VOIP settings. I was able to setup my Dlink Taipan and Cisco SPA112 VOIP faster than the Telstra box could boot with the settings they provided and I have a far superior network now compared the Telstra Gateway as a result. If you don't want to be tied down to what is essentially poor and cheap telco gear or contracts - talk to Barefoot - I can't speak highly enough of my experience to date.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)
Hi netnemesis70, Thanks for your positive feedback!Just to add more - I was experiencing a little bit of erratic speeds up and down during the day - nothing drastic - yet Barefoot tech support arranged for the local CVCs to be increased and I am now getting 90mbs plus during the day - all within 3 days - other large Telcos haven't been able to do the same in month of complaint from numbers people - I recommend Barefoot all the way

Hopeless customer service

Requested standalone broadband plan, After checking my area exchange I was told that they can provide me adsl2+ Once the phone line was active plan fee was processed and then after few days they informed they can not provide.

It's been over 8 days they still haven't refunded paid amount or any updates from them but I'm very happy I didn't get the service.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
Hi G.S, Sorry to hear that you have experienced this issue. Can you please contact our support team on 1300 017 622 as we have no record of this. All refunds are processed within three business days. With a standalone plan we do not activate a phone line as the phone line is already active with another provider - we simply order the ADSL on this line.Hi, Yes I have already sent a message through barefoot contact us page few days ago before posting here. I was also told by barefoot agent on the phone that refund will be processes within 1-3 days. I requested standalone plan, phone line was connected by other provider after barefoot assured me they can provide me ADSL 2 + at my Address.Hi G.S, Our support team have contacted you today via email and processed your refund. We apologise about the delay on this. Unfortunately the only way to know if a service will be provisioned is to place an order - in some cases there are issues with Service Qualification checks on Telstra's ADSL network but unfortunately we do not get advised of these until an order is placed.

Useless company. 5 Weeks without service. Why is it never their fault?

Ordered ADSL2+ internet more than 5 weeks ago, and I still don't have any service.
Called customer support and they kept saying it's not their fault and they can't do anything about it, and tells me to keep waiting.
Find another company!

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Scott, Sorry to hear this. Can you please advise your account number so we can look into this issue ASAP?

Dishonest provider but no problems with the internet connection.

When I sign up with Barefoot it was during a promotion of getting internet for $59/month with the 1st month free. They charged me for the first month & when I question this they said I will be getting the 2nd month free. After a few months I notices I still hadn't had a free month so I questioned this & they said that promotion has expired now so I will not be getting a free month but I am now on a 'promotion' that means after 6 months of signing up they are going to be automatically taking $69/month (which they didn't ask my permission for) out of my account instead. I thought this was misleading & dishonest so I made a complaint & they backed themselves up. I think its wrong that company's can lie to you about getting something then taking extra money out of your account without even asking. I haven't had any issues with the internet itself.

Connection TypeNBN HFC (Cable)
1 comment
Hi Amy, Thanks for your review, glad to hear you have had no issues with the service. We can confirm that at the time you signed up our promotion for the second month free expired - this was replaced with our $10.00 off for 6 months promotion. You were eligible for this promotion and received $10.00 off your plan fee for the first six months and this was applied to your account. You are paying $59.00 a month for the nbn50 plan for the first 6 months, reverting to $69.00 after 6 months. This is the regular price of the plan. Our previous second month free promotion did not include any discount on the plan fee of $69.00, but you have received this. We do not believe we have been misleading at all, however, if you are unhappy with this, you are free to cancel your service and move to another provider as we do not have any contracts or cancellation fees. Regards, The Barefoot team

Consider other providers

Poor customer service and dodgy practices. NBN is fast but I would hardly put that down do barefoot rather than fibre to the building. Consider other providers in my opinion.

Connection TypeNBN FTTB (Fibre to the Building)
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Hi Alex, We are sorry to hear this. From our notes we can see you had a billing dispute about a service which you and your partner never requested to cancel. Please be advised we are a month to month provider so if you leave address you need to call or email us to confirm a cancellation date for an active service. Regards The Barefoot Team

Nearly 3 weeks but still not connected to Internet

Ordered a new connection on 21 September, it was supposed to be connected within 14 days.
On 14 day got a message that it is a Greenfield site, greenfield member will contact me. Still waiting to be connected to the Internet and be contacted by Greenfield.

Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)
Hi Raj, As discussed, NBN Co. has determined your address to be a Greenfields site. Unfortunately when this is the case the Greenfields team at NBN Co. contact you directly. We are only provided a date as to when this contact will occur and we are unable to control this as NBN Co. take over the installation. As discussed today, we will follow up again with NBN Co. if you are not contacted by the Greenfields team.Everytime I contact Barefoot Telecom, I am asked to wait with no clear timeframes from 21 September 2016 till now(Nearly 50 Days). On 3 Nov 2016 I was asked to talk to NBN directly which I did today and NBN told that they cannot provide me information as it is a backend thing (Call Ref No: 511066-238823441) Totally not sure whom to talk and when I will have Internet. Wait continues nearly after 50 daysHi Raj, Unfortunately the Greenfields team at NBN Co. have taken over your installation - when this happens we are unable to control this. We understand your frustration as these issues can drag on. As previously advised, we have offered you the option of a refund, the issue is that if you go to another provider you will go through the same issue as all ISPs go through NBN Co. to order your service. According to the latest update from NBN Co. there is no exact ETA for the relocation of the fibre distribution hub that services your premises. Once the network infrastructure is complete you will be contacted by the Greenfields team to arrange an installation date.

Australian based but generally pass the buck and can't give you the answers you need

I am on NBN, the service for the most part started off reasonable. I started having issues and thats where barefoot struggles, because they just resell from NBNco if you have any issue they pass the back to them and you're in a waiting period until NBN decide to get back to them.

The support is OK, the guys are reasonably competent but I guess they're limited to what they are able to do.

I've had drop outs regularly since I've had the service, changed modem and still have the same issues.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)
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Hi AussieFlyier, We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with your service. We can see that our support team have obviously gone through the troubleshooting process including trying a new modem. Rest assured that we will not "pass the buck" at all and we pride ourselves on doing everything in our power to resolve any issues you may have. We do resell from NBN Co. via the Vocus network, however all providers do this as NBN Co. owns the network. Any issues need to be raised with NBN Co. as it is their network.

Simply Stunning Service

I recently changed internet provider to Barefoot Telecom and what a difference that has made. These guys are dedicated to providing service. Remember that word "SERVICE" ? Well Barefoot Telecom provide it in heaps. Their slogan is: "We are not your average Telco". They certainly are not, and on top of that their support is local and not offshore. I highly recommend them to any one looking for a first class internet provider.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

Great Service, Local Support

I switched from another provider to Barefoot a few weeks ago and the experience so far has been very good. It's almost impossible to find a local ISP that hasn't cheap-shored it's service arm overseas, these guys are based in Sydney and are a small team so you always speak to a real person. Quality service and support so far, let's hope it doesn't deteriorate otherwise I'll have to look elsewhere... AGAIN!

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

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My home address is 489 Redland Bay Road Capalaba QLD 4157. - do you provide ADSL in this area? - what is the average speed at peak hours in this area? Thanks, Jack
1 answer
Hi Jack, In order for us to see what Internet services we can provide you, we will need to perform a full service qualification check on your address. Could you please send your full address including any unit/street numbers, state and postcode to support@barefoottelecom.com.au so we can check and advise?

Is Barefoot and Mate telecom same company ?
3 answers
Yes they are.Yes. Barefoot will be shown as Mate Communicate in your bank statement.Hi kumar, Barefoot Telecom and MATE Communicate are the same company operating separate retail brands.

Hey I was just wondering for adsl what are the network speeds to choose from in megabits per second (mbps)?
1 answer
Hi Kyle, The maximum theoretical speed on an ADSL servce is up to 20Mbps. In order for us to see what Internet services we can provide you, we will need to perform a full service qualification check on your address. Could you please send your full address including any unit/street numbers, state and postcode to support@barefoottelecom.com.au so we can check and advise?


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Packages AvailableBundle and StandaloneBundle and StandaloneBundle and StandaloneBundle and Standalone
Data AllowanceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
NBN Speed Tier 12/125/550/20100/40
Max Download Speed 12 Mbps25 Mbps50 Mbps100 Mbps
Max Upload Speed 1 Mbps5 Mbps20 Mbps40 Mbps

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