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Bauhn (Aldi) AS47HD1 (47")

Bauhn (Aldi) AS47HD1 (47")

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reasonable for the price you pay

4k had just been launched not too long before that, and while other TVs of that size and 4k were expensive, it made $500+ a good deal. Worked fine, easy to use, never once broke down. Color was off though... super 'red'.. tried adjusting it, but didn't help much. Sound was ok. As did not expect much for that price, it served its purpose. It's been 4 years and the TV is still going fine. It has so far survived 2 moves/relocations, and no issues.

Date PurchasedOct 2014

Didn't last 2 years

We got this in aldi thinking it was a good deal. Always was slow to turn on. For the 2 years we had it it wasn't even used that much.. maybe every other day. Yet it barely lasted 2 years. It started flickering and then the sound went. Then it just would not turn on at all! Should've kept receipt as i think there was a 2 year warranty on it

Date PurchasedJan 2013

Display panel useless!

Display panel very annoying, shows channel I.d. In big letters - pointless as this also appears elsewhere on screen
Actual name of program showing is microscopic - pointless as you need to move close to read it.
Picture quality is reasonable for a cheap unit, bought to watch in bed.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Absalute Rubbish and a big rip off with spare parts for AS-47fhdi tv.

My AS-47fhd1 tv failed 1 month outside the warranty and this isn't my beef...Took the thing to a registered technician and he said 2 printed boards needed replacing so OK I contacted Aldi and after 1 week and many phone calls the contact was given to me by a person in P.R . Tempo Aust p/l . supplied wrong parts and charged me 150.00 then told me to go whistle over the phone,Tech needed $400.00 to cover labour and Aldi closed all contact with me, wouldn't answer the phone calls, TV went in rubbish bin with my money.Have bought 4 electrical items from Alidi and I now say they are the greatest Land fill Company in Australia and won't be buying anything from them EVER again. 1 very unhappy EX customer . NCS.

crap aldi tv

same. i bought mine from thornleigh , having waited since 7am saturday morning. Picture quality and sound quality are absolute rubbish.
going back today. How can they sell something so obviously crap ?
I buy a lot of their stuff, usually very good quality, definately not so when it comes to TV's.

You get what you pay for!

Waste of time and money, quality of picture terrible and lots of shadowing regardless of how much time fiddling with tuning, even a tv tech couldn't tune it to watchable standard, save up and buy a better tv from a dedicated tv retailer!!! Aldi for grocery shopping leave the electronics to the experts.

Not good you pay for what you get

Bought this unit to replace a plasma set that was on the wall , I did not get around to putting this unit on the wall for 9 months after I bought it , when I finally did , The picture was fair,but the sound is terrible because the speaker is so small and stupidly facing the wall at the back of the set it is not clear , also the sound goes from 0 - 100 but you wait too long for the sound to go up and when it does it's not by much ,, also the remote stopped working 1 month after the warranty ran out ( or so I thought ) it was actually the remote RECEIVER inside the T V , quote was well over $300 to fix it ( not worth doing , oh yes and then A V 1 port stopped working , Without a remote I had to get up all the time if I wanted to use the other AV s ..... Aaargh , Finally had enough and plugged a set top box into A V 2 and changed channel via the set top box , not happy with the brand but hopefully I can get a couple of more years out of it before it dies

Initially I thought it great even though the remote didn't work

For the first 3 years I manually turned it on/off with side button, then that broke, had to turn it on/off at the wall. Now it's died completely and have been quoted $300 to replace power
board. Do I get a new 55" Bauhn at Aldi's next Saturday for $799 (same price as original)
3 years ago??? I don't think so!
It's back to a reputable brand (Sony) at $1200 for me tomorrow............Sorry Aldi!

Big Mistake!

The screen developed a tapered10mm vertical stripe which had five randomly spaced(30-50mm) black blobs along it.
This all happened about six months after it was purchased. Being a gift the docket had disappeared by then so haven't bothered to pursue a warranty claim as yet, but I would dearly love to!

Not happy Jan!!! with our Baun TV with inbuilt DVD player

My Aldi brand Bauhn TV was just out of its 1 year warranty when have the screen turns either black of coloured vertical stripes... what a waste of money for something that only worked for 1 year... wouldnt bother again!!!! go with a trusted brand where you can extend the warranty...
Nothing ....its broken !!!
Half the screen is black or coloured vertical stripes.

You have consumer rights for a warranty outside of that provided by the manufacturer... they are legally obliged to accept this and extend your warranty.Exactly the same story with us. Dreadful waste of money!

Bauhn tv from aldi

Dont buy one they are dangerous. Ours cracked off the stand and landed on the floor in the middle of the night. Imagine the accident that could have happened if a toddler was running around at the time. The tv is ruined of course as it hit th concrete floor. The plastic stand sheared off and the tv was only purchased 3 months ago. My partner paid cash when he bought the tv. Now we are trying to find receipt which to me is irrelevant as these tvs are aldi tvs and need to be recalled. Money should be refunded regardless of a receipt.

Dangerous. Plastic stand unsafe. These tvs need to be recalled before someone gets hurt.


I like this TV so much, even though it it doesn't have the the crystalline clarity of the much more expensive models. One of my mates, an IT professional and tech freak came over, scoffed when he recognised the Aldi label "Bauhn". But when he watched it he said, "Why would you bother paying more for a TV? Its ridiculously cheap." Hell, I can only agree.
Note - I have been told that there is a lag time if you use it for gaming, but that's what my PC is for.
Cheap, great value.

great value unbelievable price

Colours are fantastic and vivid. Watching sport such as AFL no problems with blurring or pixelation. Remote easy to use and PVR function easy to use. I have spent a couple of thousand more before and this tv at 599 is a steal. Not a cheap and nasty crappy product. I am so lucky to purchase one. Added two year in home service you can't go wrong.
quality of picture, value for money.

Souds like Aldi paid you.No but good tv still going no problems good quality not a shitty panel and electronics in cheaper brands such as soniq ect.


Great tv but wish I could figure out why when I turn it off it also turns off my Sony hdd dvd recorder I have been trying for a week to get tech to call me from service and aldi
bad service

yep well mine is a month old, sounds gone and was turning the foxtel off on me, i cant find were to get it fixed, aldi said ring the number on the book but i cant find itits not an aldi problem.. the hdmi cable is sending the off command to which ever device its connected to.. This is standard of Most hdmi devices these days. actually if anything aldi have OVER engendered their product look in the menu and try disableing the " HDMI CONTROL " it might be in the tv's settings..somewhereStrange, over the years I have bought loads of electrical items with Aldi and have alwayhs found them to have excellent service! At some stage I had a large tv which started to give me problems after 3/4 year or something. It was fixed by Aldi and delivered at my front door FOC.


Great TV! We are really happy with the quality, the picture is clear and sharp. I especially like the fact that you can copy movies from your pc onto USB and the TV accepts this. No more haveing to put them on disks. This TV ws $799, we saved absolute hundreds! Dont be fooled by the guys selling big brands for $1700, its a waste of money. Will be lining up at Aldi again if they bring out a smaller one for our bedroom!
Excellent buy, great price.
so many people missed out of this one! You had to be at Aldi at 8am in the morning and get a ticket. Sold in a few minutes

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Got this on the 28/07/2011 for $599 Eastlakes NSW opening time. The pallet emptied fast! Every thing works according to specification. I can't see anything out of the ordinary picture wise. Plugged in and everything works accordingly. At the moment it is setup temporarily next to my 6 year old Samsung 40 inch ($3600 when I bought it)LCD and the picture is just as good or better. It will be eventually be setup in my pool table room. This will do for the next year or 2 and wait for LED technology to improve more and prices to fall as I think LED technology will prevail over the others.


I purchased this product because I could see that it was far cheaper than any similar product on sale at the time. The 60 day Aldi return policy enables you to take a gamble that the product will be okay. The product has lived upto expectations and I am happy I bought it. I have saved a heap of money compared to buying other brands. All aspects (picture, sound, options) of the TV are great. The only downside is the blank screen you get for a few seconds after you switch digital channels before a picture appears. But this may be a problem associated with digital TV broadcasting??? not the TV itself.
Cheap price in comparison to similar size and type televisions. I was dubious at what I would be buying as at the time it came on sale as there were no reviews. However I had read reviews on other Bauhn LCD televisions of smaller size and these were positive. What made me purchase it with confidence was Aldi's 60day refund policy. If the product didn't live up to my expectations I could return it within 60days for a full refund. I have bought numerous Aldi "special buys" in the past and most have been more than satisfactory and those I have had to return I have had no problems getting my money back. Thankfully, this TV has lived up to expectations. The picture quality is sound as is the tone and volume. The number of input option sockets (eg. HDMI) are sufficient. The hand remote aillows you to easily contol all variables. I like the on/off power switch located on the lower, right-hand rear corner, out of sight but easily accessable. Also all the componet input sockets/connection points are located in an easy accessible spot (out-of sight) on the left rear side of the TV. The general styling of the TV is modern and functional. I also like the fact that there are manual controls down the lower,left side of the TV. They are not obtrusive but easily accessble should the remote control fail. I like the fact that there is a two year manufacturers warranty.
You are unable to purchase an extended warranty on this product as it is an Aldi 'special buy'. Aldi do not offer extended warranty options.When switching channels there is about a 2-5 second delay (unlike the old analogue TV's) before the new station tunes in. However, I have noticed this same sort of delay on other brand LCD TV's so I don't think this one is any worse.The fact that not enough are available for sale as they are only limited numbers as an Aldi "special buy" item. This means many people miss out on a bargain. Also the fact that because they are a particular type of Aldi 'special buy" no previous reviews of the actual product is generally available for this actual product.


I purchased this TV from ALDI when it was on special for only $799 and have had no regrets since.

Aside from the great quality of the TV itself, the remote control is well made, the HD (cable) makes my PS3 games look amazing and I can record and transfer TV shows from the TV to the computer and vice versa. You can even delete an episode from the USB stick as you watch them.

Absolutely fantastic product. If you can get one you won't be disappointed! Much cheaper than the competition and just as good quality wise.
Cost effective, light, nice looking, great quality, TV recording.

Excellent value. Very happy with the performance.

Got this on 28/07/2011 Eastlakes NSW for $599. Pallet emptied fast! Everything works accordingly. Very happy with the price, easy setup and picture quality is good. This will do for the next couple of years or more.
Inexpensive, easy setup, good remote and easy navigation, picture quality is good.

Bauhn DTV

We also bought the Bauhn 47" DTV and are very happy with the performance. Why fork out hundreds and more dollars for a brand name when this one does us nicely, with technology being obsolete within a few years paying less is best as one can upgrade to newer stuff on the money one saved.
But we never had any "bad" products from ALDI here in Australia and Germany.

What warranty

Turned TV on first time RED line smack down the middle of the screen. Contacted store they told me to ring the number on the warranty card 3 days of trying to contact warranty people still no luck.
most of the picture looks ok
non existent warranty service

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You should be aware that ALDI offer a no questions asked moneyback guarantee for the first 3 months,... stop whining and do something.

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When watching a DVD through hdmi the hdmi will turn off when the heater clicks on the TV and heater don't shair the some power point.
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Bauhn (Aldi) AS47HD1 (47")
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