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Bauhn (Aldi) ATV46FLEM (46")

Bauhn (Aldi) ATV46FLEM (46")

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This is not a quality product!

Have had this Bauhn ATV-46FLEM 46” tv for 7 years and it ages ok. The reason for giving it a 3-star rating is that you really just get what you pay for. It has been great to me for the past 6 years but most electrical technology (in this case, a tv) start to die after 7 years, and this is the case for me. The remote is cheap, weak and now hardly works. Have to press the back of the remote down with some force for tv to respond to remote. In the last year or less, the display has started to act very strange. The display blacks-out but the tv is still on as the LED back light is still shining behind the LCD screen but there is nothing displayed. The display also glitches and goes black and sound and all cuts out, resulting in the same way that I just described. Sound quality is quite standard for the price and the picture quality is standard HD 1080p, so basically, it’s just a standard affordable device. Overall, this is a pretty good product as all tv’s and other similar technology generally last for a period of about 6-7 years and then your due for an upgrade. 3 stars is what this TV deserves I think as it has served it’s time well for me, but now I’d say that it’s ready for at trip to the tip. Hope this helps with deciding whether or not you should buy one of these second-hand off Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace or somewhere else as they are discontinued due to the manufacturing of new Bauhn Actios models, so there is a high possibly that, being 7 years old, there is no longer any new stock left anywhere. If you ask me, most people selling their ATV-46FLEM 46” are probably selling it because of these issues, so save your time and cash and just buy a new tv. Being 2019, you can get a big bang for your buck as technology is advancing rapidly, providing cheaper ways to make better products.

Purchased in December 2012 for $550.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Picture Quality
Sound Quality

Excellent value and still going at 7 years

Everything is perfect about this TV except the option to lighten the brightness. For movies that have a lot of dark scenes I am left in the dark... But that is only one negative in 7 years of viewing. I have this TV on 5 hours plus daily. The colour, clarity, contrast and sound were all perfectly adjusted the first time I turned it on. My previous analogue had a brilliant sound system which I miss and this is just basic sound but for $550 I can't expect more. I hope I get more years out of this TV and hope when it needs replacing that Aldis new models will be as brilliant as this one - looking forward to having a smart TV that I can download from You Tube and have direct internet access too as I have disability. Though reading the current model reviews it's not looking good....

Purchased in August 2012 for $550.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Picture Quality
Sound Quality

Absolute rubbish!

Sound quality is extremely poor with echoing. Very slow to start up & "initialise". Have contacted Aldi supplier - Bauhn/ Tempo several times whilst under warranty & subsequently with no real successful resolution. Technician actually agreed that the sound is not great!
Not a patch on our old Panasonic (or even older LG).
Don't waste your time or money on these types of Aldi TV products!

Date PurchasedNov 2012

Bauhn full HD tv's - 46"

I have had the above for over 2 years - it is very good at being a TV
I don't like, or admire, the display from the program guide, when compared to our 6 yo 32" Samsung, however it is usable and accurate. Picture and sound are very good
All in all, the Bauhn is a very good TV and at Aldi prices is an absolute bargain
Would recommend it to all.

I can't find firmware upgrades

I bought this TV and am very satisfied with it, there are some problems when recording TV to the USB device. I believe that an upgrade from the software might address this problem but I can not find where to download the latest firmware from. Otherwise this is the best TV I ever had and I truly recommend this TV to all my friends
Picture quality, ease of use, connectability to a USB disk
While recording a program the TV does not work

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Questions & Answers

My remote control is not working anymore and I'm trying to operate from the tv panel. But I couldn't manage to find any OK button. Can you please let me know how to select OK from the TV itself?
1 answer
I use one of the channel buttons and it selects same as ok

Does the atv-46flem have ARC?
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Bauhn ATV-46 FLEM. My tv has been turning itself off all of a sudden. Sometimes I have it on for 45 minutes and it shuts down or sometimes for hours on end and it does it. Anyone else have these problems???
3 answers
I have a Bauhn ATV-46 FLEM also (46" LCD TV with LED backlight). Some months back it started losing the picture - just a black screen but sound OK. Turn it off for 2 minutes, back on - worked perfectly - then 10 minutes later .. black screen. We got used to this staccato viewing. Finally it went black and stayed black. Today I took the back off and went over the circuit boards - and found one board (yellow color - top left corner when TV approached from behind (labelled HTX-P1420402A) - with a transformer (BYQ037) having a faint scorch mark above it. Removed some screws to view the underside of the PCB. The top edge of the transformer has 9 leads coming from it. Leads 4 & 5 coincided with the scorch mark on the other face of the board. The solder joints to the pads on the board looked somewhat suspect. They had been heated and cooled, many times and finally become dry joints. Hence the off, cool, OK again, cycle as they expanded and contracted. I resoldered them in situ with plenty of solder. Reassembled. Turned it on again - and Presto! We have a working TV again. The heat sink which should keep things cool is obviously too meagre - and the root cause of the problem. (If it happens again - I will try fitting a small CPU-fan to provide extra cooling.) The re-solder is an easy fix - and costs nothing. Make sure you have it powered down and unplugged before fiddling!Do you maybe have the sleep mode activated?rde's solution was spot on for me. Thanks mate, that saved quite a few dollars either having it repaired or buying another TV. Our unit lasted until February 2018 (bought in (October 2012) without any issues before the identical problem surfaced. With the re-solder fix it's now all good again.


Bauhn (Aldi) ATV46FLEM (46")
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