Bauhn (Aldi) ATV50F-415 (50", Apr 2015)

Bauhn (Aldi) ATV50F-415 (50", Apr 2015)

2.3 from 23 reviews

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Terrible TV no back up support

The picture quality was average at best, the in built speakers will distort at basic levels, plenty of ports with this unit, My main beef is their attitude to my complaint -that the picture stopped coming on after about 9 months and you would just get the sound after about 5 minutes the picture would come on -this was repaired under warranty and the failed part was replaced -the tech said yes this part was faulty in this tv range-now another year down the track the same thing started happening but now the picture has stopped working altogether and you just get the sound. I thought that it should be fixed again as warranty because the same replaced part has failed again but NO ! that's not how they see it- so now I throw it in the bin because by the time I pay to get the tv fixed outside of warranty I may as well buy a better one and be done with it ! I am actually a big fan of Aldi we easily spend 5 grand a year there and my friends call me an Aldi Nut case- so now all because they won't support their product's- sadly I have had to write a bad review about Aldi and their TV's-

Date PurchasedOct 2015

18 months and working well.

We purchased this TV in June 15, it is working well, good picture, no problems. Built-in sound is not great so we use a Bose aux system. A good TV for the price paid. We also have an old Bauhn Plasma TV that was bought from Aldi in 2008 and it is still going well.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

A great product for the price point

We purchased this product because we wanted a new TV in our spare room.
Every time we have a guest stay over, they all comment about the great performance of the television.
We made a great purchase when we bought this product! We have not had any issues at all.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Sound Bar won't work with it

Been going ok for me, bought a new sound bar from LG and its just not compatible, works every now and then . I have to turn things off, pull out plugs to get sound. Best to stick with a recognised brand i guess. Need to buy another Tv so the sound bar can work properly not bloody happy about that

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Bad customer skills

At first this TV was wonderful but now I only had it for about 11 months and I can't connect my USB or Hemi wire any other wire to this TV call customer service still haven't received call back would not buy again. I advise you no matter how cheap it is it's not worth the hassle

Date PurchasedJan 2016

TV's don't belong in foodstores

My Bauhn 50" TV from Aldi's lasted for about 2 years (maybe a bit less)as well when the picture went. Yep, disappointing of course,and I truly thought I could expect a lot more from a German brand as i thought Bauhn was of good quality. But it's not the end of the world. Aldi;s is a food store,so appliances are not going to be of high quality,even if they look good, which I now know,. Prices on quality TV's have dropped so much now....LG,Samsung, Soniq ,HiSense, Toshiba, Sony etc-- (even UltraHD is affordable) and that can be bought from reputable appliance stores-I would never buy a TV from a supermarket again. It's not worth the hassle when items don't perform as they should. Shopping around is the key and reading a good amount of reviews on the item of interest is a major plus.Also, look for longer warranties-not just 12 months. Short term warranties suggest short life.

Date PurchasedJul 2013

Terrible tv

Cerap tv ever. Had to replace 1 before 2 months and now its broken again with 6 months.
Screen displays but after bauhn display it goes off again.
Refused to refund too. Never buy again looking for cheap tv. Better get samsung or lg which has 5 year warranty and reliable.

Good for first 8 months

TV was good for the first 18 months. Then it would lock when a USB device was inserted and the tv had to be turned off and turned back on . The remote started to play up and the power on off button stopped working. Have had to turn the TV on with the manual switch on the side. Now when the blue light comes on the is no picture 80% of the time. Occasionally it will work. This TV is just over 2 years old. for a $600 investment that wasnt very good. I will not be buying another ALDI TV. They need to improve the warranty on the TV s because I dont think people will take the chance with them now.

Picture issue as like most reported!

I had purchased the implied 50in bauhn TV being my 3rd purhased since and have also picture issues with regard to this current product. At certain intervals during ownership the picture whitens at the left side of the TV and when I apply some localised pressure to the case frame by grasping the affected area it usaully comes good? Still this product is defective and any response from the implied servicer is still pending any response at all. What can I say other than this product is not worth the initial saving and shall refuse to indulge further with this brand.


Another loyal Aldo customer has found out this TV as with others has lasted just 2.5 years! TEMPO are not willing to consider any claim! Contacted Aldi Customer Service Hot line TWICE and now taking my request to a higher level! Let's see what Aldi can do or off we go to ACCC for a full report and publicity.

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I am pleased to report Aldi have refunded my purchase in good faith and my sincere thanks to the area manager and store manager for their prompt action to assist a loyal customer

Was Ok But Only Lasted 2.5 Years!

Same as per many others, I purchased the Bauhn 50" ATV50F-415 about 2 years and 4 months ago from Aldi and all of a sudden the picture is gone! Have called Tempo (the company mentioned in the manual) and reminded them that even though it's out of warranty there is an Australian Consumer law that protects buyers within reason from common product issues. It's well documented that this TV model has a BIG ISSUE and it's very reasonable that a TV should last well over 2.5 years!!

Tempo will send someone over to take a look, will update you on the result, in the mean time check out this link in regards to the Australian Consumer law:

Tempo would not have taken a look at this issue if I did not mention the law and if I did not have a copy of the receipt. Let's see how we go...

horrible never again

Same...after a week screen had a faint black line across the centre, emailed as requested pictures of the screen and no reply 3 weeks later called again and emailed still nothing and now no picture at all. Not happy as the money could've went on better things. I think I'll stick to professional businesses Australian owned from now on and read reviews before purchasing anything from a foreign business!!

Bauhn TV's are Delayed

Bauhn TV's have poor refresh rate and are very uncomputable for gaming because it's DELAYED.

BAUHU 50 " screen tv

Drove 60 ks to Warwick ALDI to get a BAUHU 50" screen TV and as soon as I turned it on half the screen is black - spoke to a friend that brought one yesterday as well same problem - 5 hours later still half black. I have sent an email to the address in the manual for 'after sales support' so hoping to get some response. But what ever the out come I will have to drive 60 ks


sound has to changed to surround using the menu button on tv or remote,sound is then a1
otherwise is a bit faint,unless turned up. I have owned tv for over a year and have had no
other issues for this product.I own other bauhn product also and all are great value for money.

So Far So Good

Bought this on special from Aldi just over a month ago. It is our second TV and is in our guest room so has not been used a whole lot but so far I am impressed. For the price the picture is good, a bit too good at first, it was too bright but now it is adjusted it is fine. The sound is also fine. This was a worry for me as I have hearing problems but I can hear this TV better than our much larger Sony but perhaps this is due to it being in a smaller room. Certainly in smaller room there is no need for a sound bar, in my opinion anyway.

The instructions are clear so adjustment of the picture and tuning is easy. Following the instruction I recorded a program to USB just to test it and again no problems. The playback was also good but I believe this is due more to the capacity of the USB device than the TV.

Would recommend this TV. Good picture, good sound and a very reasonable price

Poor Picture, Terrible Sound

Bought this to replace a Samsung; first opinion, picture was terrible via RCA scart foxtel connector. Sound was hardly present. Ended outed to adjust pic quality using remote & that performed as badly as the screen.
Straight back for a refund under the 60 satisfaction guarantee

poor quality sound

When there are low frequency sounds from programs the speakers actually rattle. It seems that this is a common problem for these TV's. I am aware that you get what you pay for, however a better quality speaker is surely a basic requirement.

Poor SD Quality

At $ 499 this TV looks like outstanding value, but like most things you get what you pay for.
It's main problem is it's scaling of our 576 line SD ( standard definition) TV. There are noticeable artefacts causing jerky frame refresh, particularly noticeable with rolling credits and any sideways camera motion. This becomes quite annoying once you start to notice it.
Funny enough, the HD quality isn't too bad and doesn't exhibit the jerkiness quite as bad. The PVR functions work well and the remote is easy to use with clear good size buttons.
The panel used is 3840x2160 pixels designed for 4K images but limited to 1080 in this case, in fact this may be the cause of the poor SD quality with the extra work required of the scaler.

Not the best

I purchased this tv yesterday. Easy set up and scanned channels no worries. Picture is good but the sound quality is rubbish. I'm yet to stream through my laptop to see how that goes.

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Need universal remote to replace Bauhn original Suggestions please?
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Ebay and amazon have them - just search bauhn tv universal remote and you will see there are loads around.

How do I reprogram the remote please. After a year of non use the tv works but the remote doesn’t even with new batteries
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Why does my tv crash while i'm watching you tube?
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