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Baumr-AG Self-Propelled 750SXi

Baumr-AG Self-Propelled 750SXi

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Bought this mower for my son who started up his own lawn mowing business it had all the features I wanted for him key start self propelled wide body will not start I've got a very disappointed son on my hands who thinks his dad is useless someone please HELP

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Really like my Baumr-AG 750SX lawnmower

Nicely made of Chinese manufacture. Easy to set up by attaching the handle and tightening a few body bolts. Adding oil was simple and downloading a really good manual was a bonus, even though I didn't need it. It started first time and because my previous lawnmower recently died, my lawns were overdue by a week for a cut ... which means I had a lot of grass to get through. My grass was full of water which is a good test for a lawnmower and catcher. The design of the lawnmower grass expulsion port clogged a couple of times, due to moist lawn cuttings but I developed another strategy which then worked drama free. The catcher design can be tricky to attach but I soon got used to it. The throttle positions make little difference to the engine revs but generally I want it going on full throttle, so I don't mind it is at full power. The lawnmower has a note similar to the previous Briggs and Stratton engine on my old lawnmower and this is a good thing. Because it sounds well built and hopefully built to last.

The big wheels are a bit of a bonus as I have a developed lawn and they make it get through thick grass with ease, compared to my previous small wheeled lawnmower. The self propelled feature is something I previously had and this new mower can really scoot along. Another reviewer wrote that he was running behind and I soon found this to be the case. This thing can really move!! I did manage to get the throttle to drop from F1 speeds to HSV speeds so I am rediscovering power walking. After I finished my lawn mowing, I was admiring how uniformly cut my lawn was ... I mean it was really nice and that's a result which was a bonus. It was only my first time using it and I guess I will learn more as time goes on. I'm really impressed about the look of this mower and how nicely painted it is. I can't speak to durability and longevity but it sounds like it will go the distance because the engine is strong. I hope the self propulsion unit lasts because it makes mowing a breeze. I will probably buy some parts but it almost makes it economic to run it into the ground, then just buy another one when it eventually dies. If I get 2 years I'll be happy ...

if I get 5 years that's what I expect ... if I get 10-20 years, then I'll be amazed ... but that won't happen because that means getting it professionally maintained to last that time and frankly, the maintenance costs would outweigh initial purchase price so why bother? I only paid $231 with an eBay discount including free delivery. The alternative is a mowing service every two weeks at $40-50 per cut so it will pay for itself in no time. I enjoyed the first mowing experience as I have a wonky left leg that made me struggle with the old self-propelled Rover. Does it have weaknesses? Well I read a review that stated the self propulsion unit failed ... and someone else commented that it took half a dozen yanks to get it started (even the manual states it takes 5-6 cord pulls) ... but mine started first time and then a second first time on the same day, so maybe mine was made by someone with pride. Oh the height adjustment lever takes a bit of getting used to because it's different to what I was used to and the handle mechanism isn't as sturdy as my previous lawnmower but that's just a change and a change is as good as a holiday. As a nearly final note, you can see I've given the whole deal 5 gold stars ..

I kind of expect something to go wrong as weaknesses in machines that take a beating, can't help show problems sooner than later. But when I weigh up the value equation, knowing that I could buy another one in 6 months time if this one packs it in, then it's affordable by all comparisons compared to the $500-$800 you'd pay for something from an olde worlde brand that performs on the same level. So in an age of disposability, this lawnmower deserves 5 gold stars, even if it betrays me next week which I don't believe it will. It peaks at 96db so buy cotton wool for your ears. I do love the smell and roar of a 4 stroke by the way.
19/9/18 I did my second lawn mow today. It did it again, started first time! This time my lawn was normal and thick and it wasn't as wet as the first time I used it. So the grass catcher worked a whole lot better. Normally I wouldn't think a lot about a lawnmower but this machine is incredibly good and continues to impress me.

Date PurchasedAug 2018


I have had this mower for just over 12 months I have a very small lawn to mow. It has always been hard to start. It has no primer bulb nor choke and now it simply will not start. I have replaced the spark plug it has new fuel and oil and I pull the cord in the start position to exhaustion. Not good enough. No after sales service I may as well throw it away.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

D.O.A. right out of the box

Not sparking at the spark plug, right out of the box. Bought a new spark plug and still no spark. Told the Distributor (Edisons in NSW) and they told me to download and refer to the manual (which I did). Then they emailed me to ask me if I'd agree to take the mower apart and replace with a spare part (they didn't say what 'part' it would be) that they were gonna send to me - I was hesitant but I said "okay if that's what you want me to do". And also upload a video...What? The mower won't even start so what good is a video? But anyhow I never did get any further replies from them or the spare part. Edisons pretty much playing me around.

After a few days without hearing from Edisons, I had to get eBay involved and request for a full refund. I then had to drain the oil and fuel, pack, and freight the mower back to them from Brisbane to Sydney ($55 for freight).
A real shame, because I think the mower looks pretty decent, and would've worked well on the lawn...if it would only start. I wanted to like this mower...I really did. But compounded by the poor service from Edisons, I'll be staying away from all Baumr-AG machines from now on regardless of Distributor.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Take the time to learn how to use it properly

Easily assembled out of the box, starts easily, and works well. Engine looks and sounds like the B+S engines on my other mowers, but runs slower and quieter.
Purchased this mower because it is smaller and lighter than the smallest self-propelled Honda, and much cheaper than alternatives in Bunnings or other local suppliers.
Criticisms are as follows:
1. Wont turn grass into lawn without a lot of work (ie cut small strips or start high and lower slightly after each cut). Like my other mowers with B+S engines, it will stall if it sees too much grass at once (I want a 2-stroke victor can motor for this)
2. Wont trim grass edges as the blades are inside the steel base. (I miss my 18" victor). The leading edge of the mower will catch clumps of grass if the clump is too high or the mower set too low. If the mower is set too low, the base will drag on the concrete but the blades will still miss the grass.
3. Not good for tight areas or if there are many obstacles. When the clutch is released it feels like brakes have been applied and is harder to pull backwards than a normal push mower, which makes heavy work in these areas.
With regards to using the mower, when first used it seemed to travel very fast but with time the mower behavior/performance settles and as one gets used to it, the travel appears to be slow. When travelling up hill, apply a small amount of downward pressure on the bar to increase traction on the read (driving) wheels. Momentarily apply additional pressure to raise the front wheels if the mower stops suddenly due to a clump of grass protruding above the height of the base. The shape of the edge is designed to not slide over obstacles.

Questions & Answers

The spring connecting the drive mechanism when the operating lever is pulled has come lose causing the drive belt to come off. I have reconnected the drive belt, but I now need to reconnect the tensioning spring. It is still connected onto the drive mechanism but tye other end is not connected anywhere. Where is the point to connect this spring. Any help greatley appreciated. Neil.
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key start not working after 1 year. how do i charge it?
2 answers
Mine is a different lawnmower to yours. I have a pull starter with a cord. I don't know anything about the key starters.Swing open the plastic cover which is just to the right of the throttle and you then have access to the battery. Connect a battery charger to it, preferably an automatic cutoff one, observing the correct polarity on the terminals and recharge it.

I'm wondering what kind of grass SteveJ has that grows fast in Adelaide in the middle of Winter.Is that review fair dinkum?
2 answers
Couch grass.The Marijuana that fell on the lawn


Self-Propelled 750SXi
Price (RRP)639
Power SourcePetrol
Cutting Width460
Maximum Cutting Height70
Minimum Cutting Height25
Mulching CapabilityYes

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