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Baumr-AG TR2

Baumr-AG TR2

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Very quiet and stressless operation, obviously intended for smaller lawns!

It takes longer to do the lawn than it would with a loud and heavy petrol line trimmer, as it is not so powerful, but I am happy with it as it is very quiet and light so it is much less stressful, in fact, very un-stressful, to use. It is good for a small lawn.

It cut through my lawn which had not been cut for five months over mid Autumn, Winter and Early Spring so that was a good test. It did about half the lawn on one charge, so about 30 minutes, whereas a professional lawn maintenance man with a heavy duty petrol cutter used to take 25 minutes to do the whole lawn. So it is taking much longer, but I like using this line trimmer whereas a petrol line trimmer scares me and stresses me. So I don’t mind spending extra time to get the job done and getting some relaxing exercise at the same time. Also, the next time I cut the lawn it will not be so overgrown, so it should be easier and take less time. I used to pay $40 a time to get the lawn cut by a professional, but now I can get some quiet and relaxing exercise and save that money. It cost me $119, so it will pay for itself with three lawn-cuts! So I am very pleased with this electric line trimmer.

There is an online manual which is very complete and written in perfect English. But it is very easy to assemble even without the instructions. Very easy to use, too! I like the design. A lot of thought has gone into manufacturing it, and I like the colour. For the price it is great value.

If you have a big lawn, and/or, if the grass is very thick, and you want to buy an electric line trimmer, then I would suggest paying more money and buying one of the bigger 38 volt line trimmers (or larger capacity) that you can get.

An electric line trimmer is great if you don’t like loud noise, lots of vibration, and having to worry about petrol. I recommend it!

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Power SourceElectric
Handle TypeLoop Handle

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