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Bayer Drontal Allwormer for Dogs

Bayer Drontal Allwormer for Dogs

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JaneAgathaHobart, TAS

  • 2 reviews

I won't be giving my pup Drontal Allwormer again


I gave my six month old puppy a dose of Drontal Allwormer last night. At around 9.30, bedtime, she became distressed and agitated. She didn't settle in her crate, kept barking and whining and yelping. I sat up with her for a while. She was very agitated, kept running around, seemed panicky and afraid of me. Her behaviour was most unusual. When she hadn't settled by midnight I took her to the after hours vet. By then she had the shakes. The vet said her symptoms suggested that she'd been poisoned. Having ruled out other possible causes, the vet agreed that her symptoms had probably been caused by the Drontal.

Purchased in October 2019.


AstraGirlHunter Region, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Sick doggo


Gave my 29kg BC/ Goldie a large chew yesterday at 2pm and the vomiting started bang on 11pm, sick again 3 more times by 1230 and then a drink and some grass eating before finally settling down just after 1am. Called the vets and the best advice was watch her water intake and test bland food.... she had a doggie panic attack about 930 this morning climbing on me with shakes and trembles off and on for 10-15mins.
Has been keeping down the food but we’re not trying this again! Back to the interceptor chews for us!

Purchased in June 2019.



  • 2 reviews
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Bad reaction to drontol.


My beloved labrador who is normally so chilled took drontol worming yesterday. Up all night barking, crying, mega hyper. I will never use this product again. It really knocked her around mentally poor girl. She has calmed down now but it was a really scary reaction.

Purchased in September 2019.

First and only time our girl gets this treatment


Our 3 y.o GSP is still recovering after taking the tablet 3 days ago. Initially she vomited then cried and had massive bursts of energy we couldn’t settle her. Then has been almost impossible to rouse And barely moved for 36 hours. I am still worried about her.

Purchased in August 2019.

Samantha B.

Samantha B.South East Queensland, QLD

NEVER AGAIN!! My dogs are violently ill


Vet recommended Dorontal Small Puppy wormer for my 12 week old pup and 2 yr old Jack Russels, gave them the correct dosage for their weights and now 2 hours later they are both vomiting, shaking, unsettled. NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!!

Purchased in July 2019 at Pet domain.

Peace Train

Peace TrainPerth, WA

Made my small dog vomit a lot


I was looking at the reviews to see if anyone else had problems with this product, and it seems yes.
The vet gave my chihuahua x mini fox terrier a dose of Drontal and a couple of hours afterwards she vomited a couple of times, then again several times in the following 2hrs. She was getting a bit lethargic too. I ended up taking her back to the vet to get an anti-nausea jab which sorted it out. Think I'll try a different brand next time!
I would have only given 1 star except I assume that in most cases it's a useful product if my vet uses it.

Purchased in May 2019.

Very bad reaction to Drontal


Wormed 3 dogs, one has become very I'll. Trembling, panting, as somebody else described, like she is on drugs. Petrified of her own shadow. Won't even go out into the garden. Hiding in the house. Perfectly normal until she took Drontal. Will not use again.

Purchased in July 2019.

Leisa L.

Leisa L.South East Queensland, QLD

  • Verified purchase

4 dogs vomiting after giving Drontal. Beware.


I wish I had read all these reviews first. 3 mini dachshunds vomiting 5 times and our mini poodle. Started vomiting after a couple of hours onwards. I will not be using this product again

Purchased in May 2019 at Best Friends Pet care for $42.99.

Same as everyone else on here


Treated my 8 month old dachshund pup with drontal for puppies and small dogs. 3.5 hours later the vomiting has started. He's been shaking and has vomited 3 times so far. He is cold to the touch and I have wrapped him in blankets. Awful to see and I can't belive this stuff hasn't been recalled. I did not expect this from trying to look after my dog

Purchased in May 2019 for $30.00.


HelenSydney, NSW

Bad side effect for my puppy dog


I have given Drontal tablets to my puppy dog in accordance to their weight instructions. It has bad side effects as he doesn’t want to eat or drink (he used to love his food and always wants more) and at times abit afraid when I try to pat him.
Do not recommend this worming tablet at all.

Purchased in March 2019 at PetBarn.


K.simonMid West, WA

R.I.P Bear


Purchased in March 2019.


ConnedGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 2 reviews

Drontal - what have I done to my beloved dog?!?!


I gave my Brussels Griffon Drontal wormer yesterday afternoon, around 3 pm.
It’s 4.30 am and he has been agitated, trembly, ‘ on guard’ and visibly hyperactive. He is starting at common objects as if he has never seen them before. He vomited once during the time I was out to dinner between 6 and 9.30.
He’s normally a deep sleeper who snores and snuggles in for as long as possible.
What the hell is in this damned stuff ?
Never again . I will be taking him to the vet ( who prescribed this junk) ASAP today.

Purchased in July 2018.


EnaMarySouth East Queensland, QLD



Over the last year I have come to the conclusion that every time I give my Golden a Drontal Allwormer tablet, he turns into a mad dog as if he is on drugs. Where he would normally sleep, he stays wide awake all day or night. His concentration is markedly diminished and he is so toey when playing or walking. I can’t do this to him anymore so will be asking my vet to recommend another product.

Purchased in December 2018 for $35.00.

Very Sick Dog


I bought Dontral for my 1 year old Lowchen. Within two hours she started vomiting (6 times) over the next few hours. From there she went totally crazy, from mad runs to lying outside in the garden in the rain. Picking her up she looked straight through me, blank, unresponsive, This lasted most of the night. She was totally apathetic, wouldn’t eat, drink or go to the toilet. After reading these rewiews at least I knew I wasnt the only one. I had a long night with her while the worst passed.

Purchased in February 2019 at Animates for $49.00.

Same as everyone bad reaction after Drontal


My golden retriever is 26kg I gave her the recommended dose large dog drontal. She would not eat it anyway at all by itself, rubbed in peanut butter, mixed in food. I had to trick her into eating it. After having it she vomited badly and felt ill. This has happened twice in 6 months. Definitely wouldn’t recommend this product. Worst reaction.

Purchased in January 2019 at Pet Circle for $35.00.



15 week old terrier mix, 7.5 lbs, gave dose that veterinarian prescribed. My dog became violently ill throwing up, had to make trip to emergency vet since vomiting would not subside. Received fluids, nausea injection, and multiple tests with negative results and a bill of $600.00. Would not recommend this product to anyone. Risks are too high for a reaction. I wish that I had read the reviews first. Never again!!!



I gave my little old dog the 3 Drontal all wormer tablets this morning and ever since she has been non stop walking around as though she's in pain. She poooped 3 times in the house and then vomited outside. I just heard my husband let her outside again so she's still not settling. Because she is old she is usually asleep ALL day and only wakes up in the late arvo to do her thing outside, have her dinner and then back to sleep again. She is 18 and I know she has worms so have to do something for her but the violent reaction she is having may not be worth doing it again in 3 weeks. I don't think my stress levels could handle watching her go through this again! Also I don't know if she is over the worst yet or thats still to come.





My vet prescribed for whipworms. 30 minutes ago (4 hours after giving my dog Drontal), he threw up twice..ALL of his dinner. I knew better than to give medication without reading first but I didn't until after. He is supposed to get a 2nd dose in 3 weeks but that will not happen. It is night and I am wondering if there will be more side effects showing up before morning. Very Unhappy!

Dave a

Dave a

  • 11 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Dachshund vomits!


I wish I read all these reviews before buying. Poor thing was whining so much and then threw up everywhere about three hours after dose.

Horrible side effects.


My pug has definitely reacted badly to the Drontal All Wormer, and has happened more than once (I feel terrible, didn’t realize the connection). Vomited, staring into space, twitching/jolting, and acting like on amphetamines just like others mentioned. She can’t fall asleep. Will definitely never give to her again.

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