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  • Suited to a wide range of digestion issues

  • Natural formula


AmbySydney, NSW
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I finally have some relief from the pain I endured sitting at my desk after I'd eat my lunch. I had tried changing my diet but nothing seemed to work. The agony and embarrassment I felt was terrible, I was constantly rushing to the bathroom and I would end the day looking 9 months pregnant. To be sitting at my desk pain free and my stomach no longer is knots is pure joy.

may lam
may lamSydney
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Side Effect


Excellent product for my IBS my abdominal pain has goine after I took the 1st dose, I have been taking twice a dayh and for 3 days however it seems making me a bit headace and tired so I stopped after 3 days

Julia H x
Julia H xMelbourne

This is excellent


I am so happy with this product. it has helped with my constipation and stomach problems. I would recommend 10/10 !!!!!!!!!!!! I will keep using this for as long as I can.

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Reflux be gone

DebblesGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC
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A magic product


After years of abdominal pain, bloating so I constantly looked 9 months pregnant, fluctuateing between gastro and severe constipation, my doctor suggested taking this. I have 20 drops in a water bottle with a small amount of orange cordial- I drink this twice throughout the day. No more bloating, no more acid, no more pain or toilet troubles. The first week I did get a bit of gastro, but I think this was just my system cleaning out, after that first week, all good. This herbal gift is a Godsend, give your body time to get used to it and you will be so happy with the results.

RobSouth East Queensland, QLD
  • 12 reviews

Love it


I have been taking ZANTAC and doctor prescribed drugs for a long time. I was a critic at first when my wife started taking IBEROGAST as how could a natural remedy beat the Doctors.
I am now sold on this stuff, have stopped all other medications, no more bloating or re-flux. I swear by this life changing natural remedy.

JoanSouth East Queensland, QLD
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I use it every day


I have 15 drops in water every morning. It tastes fine & it helps with my touchy stomach. I will have another dose if I have had something spicy to eat. My Mum takes it for IBS & finds it gives her relief too.


Brilliant product


This product has sorted my child's IBS. I've used it myself for stomach pain, indigestion and even nausea. For me it works best with 20 drops in half a glass of water, and sip slowly.

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Life saving product.


This product has been life changing for my daughter. She suffers chronic abdominal pain at times. I have started her on Iberogast twice daily and it has reduced her pain episodes immensely.
As it is a totally natural product there are no long term side effects which as a mum is a relief.
Thank goodness for Iberogast.

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PatriciaPort Lincoln, S.A.
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An every day must for me


Recommended by gastroenterologist after a bowel cancer scare and got immediate relief from constant indigestion and fluctuating constipation and diarrhoea . Have tried several times to do without it but old symptoms return, so now am never without it. Highly recommend it.

magical cure


I had a dry cough for 3 months due to gerd.Then i was told about this product.Almost straight away after taking it my cough & stomach acid disappeared.I was so happy i was almost in tears.

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try half strengh at first


I to tried this product at first it did not agree with me, my co worker a pharmacist said try half the amount insead of 20 drops try 10drops as I am a small person this has help so much (i was afraid I was going to get hooked on laxatives). with in a week of using this product at half strength thing are get better

Great product!


I was struggling with digestive issues for a few months and have tired numerous remedies and medications. I was then recommended this to give it a go and it was within hours I got relief for the first time in months

Wonderful reliable relief


I am happy to join the throng of people giving this product the highest tick of approval. It makes a pleasant soothing cuppa with a couple of drops of stevia to take the edge off the herbal taste - if you dont like it - and it is so effective! Gone are the 7-months-pregnant bloat and the painful reflux. It gives physical -and mental - relief; now i don't shy away from eating the range of foods i used to enjoy. Ahhhhhh life is good again.



After weeks of discomfort this is an amazing product. Have suffered from IBS for 22 years on and off and this is by far the best product I have ever used.

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Questions & Answers

Dawn J.
Dawn J.asked

is it supposed to give you wind?

No answers
Erma E.
Erma E.asked

Will it help reduce puffy stomach?

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Phyllis B.
Phyllis B.asked

Does lberogast into fear with Pregablin?

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Iberogast is an oral liquid that’s available in either a 50mL or 100mL bottle The 9 medicinal herbal extracts that are in this medication include: bitter candytuft, angelica, caraway, chamomile, St. Mary’s thistle, lemon balm, greater celandine, peppermint and liquorice.

Each of them has unique properties that work to ease the symptoms of functional digestive disorders. For example, bitter candytuft has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, and simultaneously relaxes and activates stomach muscles for improved digestion.

Is Iberogast for me?

Iberogast is designed to help relieve discomfort associated with gastric abdominal disturbances. Iberogast may be suited if you have a diagnosed condition, like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), but not necessarily.

Since there aren’t always clear-cut causes for functional digestive problems, a diagnosis can sometimes be difficult to get. As a result, Iberogast may still be helpful if you experience stomach pain, abdominal cramps, bloating, gas, heartburn, diarrhoea, fullness, nausea and/or constipation.

There is research to suggest that these disturbances can be caused by stress and emotional disturbances, changes to diet and new medication. It can be helpful to see a GP to see if a treatment like Iberogast would work for you.

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