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  • Suited to a wide range of digestion issues

  • Natural formula



Wonderful product, highly recommend


I have had acidity and acid reflux problems for in excess if 20 years, the ppi medication I was prescribed had only masked the problem with a danger of developing kidney problems, one dose of this herbal medication and it worked like magic, it's a miracle to me who have tried everything else under the sun with no relief,
.I am thrilled at how good I feel, no acid reflux at all.

Absolutely awesome!!


Suffering with clinical intestinal issues and after major surgery, removing 25 cm of my colon, this magic little elixir offers so much relief.
The taste is not as bad as cough medicine and my daughter (16) and son (21) have used it saying it relieved their pain within 15 minutes.
Sometimes I've taken it and have persevered with issues, however that was because I had an infection that required antibiotics.
Its def worth trying if nothing else has worked for you.
I am lactose, fructose and gluten intolerant. It really helps to have in my bag when eating out. I like that they are drops.

My Answer to an IBS Prayer


Having been diagnosed with IBS 38 years ago, I have never experienced such instantaneous relief. This is the answer to a prayer. The fact that the ingredients are made from herbs suits my belief in some forms of eastern medicine. Thank you so much.

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The most amazing product


This product has saved me from intense pain for 16 years I could not eat without being in so much pain now I have no pain and can live a normal life and the great thing is its natural thankyou

Worked within 10 hrs


I was recommended this by my specialist for long term stomach and bowel issues- bloating, digestive problems, acid, stomach pain- the list goes on. I have been on blockers for my chronic acid for years. This product kicked in pretty quickly. My symptoms reduced dramatically. It really helped me.


Would sell my kidneys for this stuff!


I was recommended Iberogast any day of the week! because the prescription meds where doing nothing for me! And I haven't looked back since! It worked within seconds of taking it and if anyone says to me oh I have tummy issues I put them on to iberogast and they have all said the same thing Omg amazing !!

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Great product


Best product on the market for bloating and IBS symptoms . The lady at the chemist recommended it to me and i have been using it ever since. I would totally recommend this to anyone to try that suffers from IBS problems.

RobynWide Bay-Burnett, QLD
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Gastro recommended it. Best thing. Wouldn't be without it,
My husband has blood cancer settles his tummy after chemo.
I have non ulcerative dysthepthia
Better than drugs find if don't take pain soon comes back

Peptic Eieana
Peptic EieanaJohannesburg

Relief after a week suffering


I am only on my 2 day but I can say that my acid reflux symptoms are reducing. The pain & discomfort are still there but if I would rate my sufferings for the past 1 week to today it would be down a notch. Supposed to go for endoscopy in a week's time but as my Gastroenterologist said, I can drop the appointment if I'm better! I will update you guys in 1 week.

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i have had various stomach problems all my life and, this is the only thing that helped all my problems. I am glad the chemist recommended it to me. I wont be buying anything else but this in the future.



I had alot of things going on with my stomach...
Poor digestion, slow, nausea, very slow...
Took this for 2 months and my stomach felt almost new. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING



I have suffered with indigestion, burning and aching in my stomach for a year. I tried all the usual prescription drugs and otc medications. Nothing worked and I was ready to have an endoscope when I saw iberogast advertised on tv. I have been taking the drops for 3 weeks today and I am astounded with my improvement. Pain eased, energy up, eating normally, exercising and sleeping 8 hrs a night. I am blown away with this product.

Life saver for my sons colic issues


I wish I found this product earlier !!! My son had serve colic (wind issues and bad pain)bi tired everything ; gripe water, infacol,infant friend , warm baths , bicycle legs , massage and list goes on. Went to nautropath who advised to use this .. I had a new baby within a day .. So greatful !

Worked for me


When I was pregnant my naturopath recommended it to me because I was bloated. I also used it for my baby when she was having wind pains when she was 3 weeks.

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Life changing!


I've had all the problems you associate with IBS for most of my adult life, ( I'm 54) A friend saw the ad on tv and suggested this might be a natural way of finding some relief. Bought a bottle, took the recommended dosage, went to work. At 10.30 I realized I hadn't thought about my' problem' all morning, because I hadn't had any of my usual issues all morning! Yay! Problem solved!

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Dawn J.
Dawn J.asked

is it supposed to give you wind?

No answers
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Erma E.asked

Will it help reduce puffy stomach?

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Does lberogast into fear with Pregablin?

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Iberogast is an oral liquid that’s available in either a 50mL or 100mL bottle The 9 medicinal herbal extracts that are in this medication include: bitter candytuft, angelica, caraway, chamomile, St. Mary’s thistle, lemon balm, greater celandine, peppermint and liquorice.

Each of them has unique properties that work to ease the symptoms of functional digestive disorders. For example, bitter candytuft has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, and simultaneously relaxes and activates stomach muscles for improved digestion.

Is Iberogast for me?

Iberogast is designed to help relieve discomfort associated with gastric abdominal disturbances. Iberogast may be suited if you have a diagnosed condition, like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), but not necessarily.

Since there aren’t always clear-cut causes for functional digestive problems, a diagnosis can sometimes be difficult to get. As a result, Iberogast may still be helpful if you experience stomach pain, abdominal cramps, bloating, gas, heartburn, diarrhoea, fullness, nausea and/or constipation.

There is research to suggest that these disturbances can be caused by stress and emotional disturbances, changes to diet and new medication. It can be helpful to see a GP to see if a treatment like Iberogast would work for you.

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