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Bayer Ungvita Vitamin A Ointment

Bayer Ungvita Vitamin A Ointment

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Gentlest ointment out there

I used Ungvita exclusively for my babies nappy rashes and it never stung or caused a skin reaction. My babies are now parents and have used other products on their babies. I still always have Ungvita in the cupboard, but recently tried one of the alternative ointments recommended for nappy rash on myself. It was not as painless as Ungvita. All babies deserve the least painful option on their delicate skin.

Purchased in December 2015.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeSensitive Skin

Skin Recovered From A Dry Patch Of Skin

From a dry brown patch of skin Ungvita Vitamin A Ointment made my skin return back to its original skin colour within approximately a week. Apply 3 times a day.

Purchased in September 2017 at Chemist Warehouse Physical Store for $10.99.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeCombination Skin

Ungvita - TOP must have in your home!

Ungvita Ointment has to be one of the TOP must haves in your home. I use on my face when I have had a breakout and used my Differin (adapalene) Gel. The Differin Gel dries out the skin therefore you need something to help slough of the dead cells and Ungvita does this. It also helps the healing process.

I have used Ungvita successfully for over 65 years

I have used Ungvita successfully for over 65 years. As a child I noticed the cod liver oil smell but liked it because it worked "like magic" (my words in the 1950s) on my cuts and grazes. A few years ago I bought a "lower smell" version of it but found it was not as effective so I went back to the smelly version. I bought a new tube recently and was pleased to see it was still available. I know of nothing else that comes near its rapid healing qualities. I am surprised this aspect is not prominently written on the tube and container.

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If you notice the smell of Ungvita, try using only a tiny amount. I have found a tiny amount still does a lot of good. A small tube goes a long way!

Reduces scar

I used it on my scar ( 7 stitches on my face) help heal and scar is hardly visible. It’s fabulous,
I used ungvita in the morning and before bed, and during day , almost like usual get lip balm , constant applying it on the wound.

Can't recommend enough - Great for fine lines and wrinkles.

Purchased this just recently (used to use it 30 years ago) for dry skin.
Used a small pea sized amount on my face and after 3 days noticed a change in fine lines and wrinkles. Am now sold on it and apply a thin layer every night, will always have a tube on hand.

#1 for facial wrinkles and clarity

Been using this product on my face for 20+ years. I am always in the sun, tanning, long summers and dry winters.Never used sunblock - should look 65, but people think Im in my 30's, Im 46 years old. This is a true miracle cream if you give it a chance. Very tiny amount the size of a peppercorn rubbed in morning and night.


I was using it in the 60's to heal wounds on my horses. Vet recommendation - worked a treat. I am still using it today in the house but also outside on the horses.

Family tradition

I am nearly 67 years old and have been using ungvita all my life. My parents used this product . All my children have a tube of ungvita it is magnificent for cuts , blisters , burns cracked heals and it usually takes soreness away from wounds in a hour after applying this product. I have various stories of when I have used ungvita and would love to know when this product was invented.

Skin Saver

What stands out from this product is actually the smell. Pungent to most people with its fishy aroma (since Vitamin A is usually derived from Cod fish). However, the consistency and the texture of the ointment is perfect for almost everything from preventing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles, cracked heels and nipples, rough knees and elbows. In my case, I had used to promote the skin healing of my very prone eczema spots. I would recommend to use this during night time while you sleep, and wash it of via bath or shower within the next morning as the smell can be noticeable in public. I still give it 5/5 because it has been a huge help to my skin.

PERFECT for dried out skin from acne products

This stuff is fantastic, I recently burned my skin with Benyzol peroxide.. no amount of aloe vera or a suitable moisturiser would help the persistant, horrendous flaking and soreness..it was turning into a huge crater- like sore on my face. I found this little bad boy in the cupboard (bought it years ago to heal a tattoo). Put it on before bed and woke up with significant improvement. The dryness had dissappeared and darkened scabs came off with fresh skin underneath.

Can't recommend it enough for those suffering from wounds and sores from cystic pimples. I wouldn't recommend putting it on an active flare up but to help the aftermath... amazing stuff.
and who cares about the smell, quit your whinging!! it absorbs quickly enough and the smell isnt THAT bad.

oh and as mentioned above.. great for healing tattoos.

Great for cat flu

I've just used this on a kitten with severe conjunctivitis and nasal blockage due to cat flu symptoms. I applied the ungvita onto a cotton bud and then over the glue eye (which is shut). I did this to soften the hard crust of discharge. The same with the nostrils. Not only did the crust soften, it went away and the very inflamed eye surrounds went from bright red to pink. The nose has not become occluded since with discharge. The Ungvita gives a good water proofing and is very soothing to the kitten.

Tried and True

I've been using Ungvita for many, many years. I absolutely swear by it for healing and repairing skin issues. I suffer from a rare autoimmune issue known as Lichen Planus and it is one of the only ointments that actually helps alleviate the awful irritiation (even in intimate areas). In fact, I've used Ungvita to cure my horses of rain scald, and it works better than any standard equine product I've used. It's great stuff. It really is.


Never came across a product that work so well at healing wounds, the smell of cod liver oil is not that unpleasant .Reminds me when i had to have a table spoon every week.

Its ok

I stopped using the cream because of the smell it has a revolting smell my partner could not handle the smell. Please make a pleasant smelling cream and i most definitely buy it again as it does work

Cheapest and most effective beauty product out there

At about $10 a tube, can't get past this one. It reduces redness, keeps my skin smooth and clear and has greatly reduced the depth of acne scarring and wrinkles. I used to use Skin Doctor's gamma hydroxy but after finding Ungvita I'm saving a lot more money for virtually the same effect. I did some research on it and it works by regenerating the epidermis more regularly. You don't need to use it every night like other products either.

Perfect for scars and hydration. Reduces my skin redness too.

Been using it to reduce rash, dryness, and it has worked wonders. Under the eye area is healing so fast. Reduces wrinkles too, love it. The best buy!

Bayer Ungvita Vitamin A Ointment

AAA+ initially purchased to help my baby boys nappy rash, it worked a dream! secondly, fabu for minor burns. Mostly, I use it to right wrinkles - Most evenings I will snip the end off a fish oil capsule, wipe over face and then apply Ungvita around my eyes or old acne scars.
Enriched with Vitamin A fabu for fighting wrinkles
a little on the smelly side


Find this product to be great quality, Used it for my eczema outbreaks which really helped. Also when my newborn had a serve nappy rash I apllied Viatmina A ointment and aired dried it noticed a huge difference!
Also used it for cracked nipples from breastfeeding, apply very small amount before bed, allow to heal overnight, helped sooth and protect.

Only use small amount, it's an oitment and it's Fishy... So the smell can be a bit over powering when using large amounts.
good price, works well etc
Smell can be overpowering.


I am 70 years old have used a pink sweet smelling Ungvita vit A cream on my face, Is there anything like it.
Its amazing healing properties
I use it on my face,the smell is disgusting.

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Questions & Answers

Can I purchase a larger amount of Ungvita?
2 answers
Hi Maggie, not that I am aware of. Only ever purchased it in the packet pictured. Love this stuff. Great for your eyelashes, a thin smear on your finger, then spread on your lashes makes a big difference.Hi Maggie, I only know of the 50g tube in recent years. When I was a child (I'm 76 now) my parents used to buy a much larger jar that lasted for many years. (No expiry dates back then!). I only use it for rapid healing of skin cuts and abrasions and only a very small amount is needed, so the little 50g tube lasts for years too!

Does Ungvita cream help in the regeneration of skin over a wound having totally scrapped skin (area 8 cm x 8 cm) ?
1 answer
Honey works well for that. Know this from much experience in healing skin wounds on myself and others. I have also been a beekeeper. Manuka honey is good, however use pasture honey unless it is an infected wound as it can sting a bit.

Can Ungvita cream be used on wound that won't heal?
1 answer
My experience with Ungvita is mainly on small cuts, grazes etc and it heals them very rapidly. If a cut is deep enough, I use an adhesive bandage to pull the edges together. This works really well on the little nicks I get near my fingernails. I have never had a 'wound that won't heal', and I'm not a medical doctor, so I can't answer your question, except to say that non-healing is usually due to some other problem, and it would be worth getting your GP's advice about it.


Bayer Ungvita Vitamin A Ointment
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