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Poor customer service

Today I returned some cushions to a Bed Bath & Table store only to be ignored by the two girls who worked at the store. They’d obviously noticed the big bag in my hand and didn’t want to be the bearer of a $220 refund. Staff need to be trained that refunds are part of the retail
industry and ignoring customers just doesn’t cut it. When I finally got someone’s attention they were extremely pushy about me looking for something else to replace the cushions. When I said ‘No thank. I’d just like a refund’ the staff member never spoke another word to me. As someone who has a large retail background I was really put off by the staff member and I doubt I will ever step foot in the door when there are other retailers who make the experience so much nicer.

Okay, but expensive

The homewares and the like sold are okay, there are some nice things however everything is expensive. The sales are not very generous and the items still end up being expensive. Finally they have offered customer service as before they never bothered to ask if you need help. However, in recent times over these very recent months/year, that has changed which has made the experience a much better one here.

Customer satisfaction and service

I just want to thank Vicky the sales lady , the way she handled my concern in regarding the warmth of a doona we purchased on how she treated us in a professional manner and how bed bath and table how they treat their customers complaints , job well done

Inferior Quality

Very disappointed with the quality of sheets. Big price little quality. Will not be purchasing this brand again. sheets ripped after a few month’s use.

Poor Quality Manchester

A Morgan and Finch king size I set bought recently is poor quality for a huge price around $200.00!!. Bad workmanship. I really expected excellence but I received an inferior product and I was totally ripped off. This just isn't right. It was made in Bangladesh and I expect those who put this together got paid a pittance. So very disappointing. I have bought better quality at Big W and Aldi, seriously what is going on?

Extremely rude staff

Rude staff who talk down to a customer after trying to exchange a faulty item given as a gift. Was told that rhe receipt tells you that you need proof of purchase- i had already explained it was a gift so i didnt have nor had seen the receipt- item still had the store tag on it. Not helpful - just rude.

They’ll only fool you once

I’ve never seen such a poor quality item masquerading as a ‘quality’ brand. The single doona cover was $89 not including pillow cases- it was displayed as being heavily discounted, but the original label showed it was always $89. It creases like crazy and has the cheapest feel- I would have been so much better getting a $15 from Kmart. Horrible quality. They’ll only fool me once.

Small doona! Doesn't fit the cover!

We recently bought a king size doona from BB&T, Morgan and Finch brand. We paid a lot of money for it thinking it would be a good investment. However, none of the corresponding Morgan and Finch brand doona covers seem to fit the doona! They are all miles too big, or more correctly, the doona is just too small. It means that the doona moves all around the case meaning that often the doona slips down completely leaving no warmth.
I'm happy with the quality of both products, I just wish they were the same size!

Consumers need 31 day return!

Hi, l strongly agree that 31 day return should be law. At sale time l buy a lot, but open little for 2-3weeks, due to time & health. checking a product by inspection or use also takes time. I have too many products where incomplete or faulty only found after a month, rarely 2weeks. Call head office, call consumer affairs or dept fair trade, this needs fixing!

Twisted pure linen pillow cases

My complaint is about Morgan and Finch pure linen bed sheets. The pillow cases are soooo badly made one has the side seam running on the diagonal. Bed Bath and Table offered to exchange pillow slips but for $210 (on sale) set of sheets, I want perfect! I'll be asking for a refund! I thought I'd let Morgan and Finch know about their faulty products but I cant find a contact....surprise.

Excellent staff - David Jones - BednBath - Rundle Mall Adelaide

Such a wonderful Mothers Day recently spent shopping in BednBath with my children. The staff were well knowledged and fantastic in helping me select just the right bed quilt, sheets and pillow cases for my lifestyle and colour scheme. Fantastic Customer service and such a fun experience. Will be back

one wash - fade out

Purchased product Ajanta sheet set for a queen size bed. One wash the color faded out terribly on the pillow cases. One store told me bad luck, the second store tells me the product is no longer available, one year later I walk passed a third store with the product on their bed as a display. Can I please purchase two pillow cases - no as you must purchase the complete set. Sorry to hear about your pillow cases but we can't help you

Love my new bathroom accesories!!!

I went to Bed Bth n Table whitfords looking for toothbrush holders/cup.
Got exactly what i was looking for plus some bargain Easter trimmings. Lady behind the counter was vry helpful. I phoned the shop and let them know how happy i was- mission accomplished!!! Thankyou so much

No Happy and not fair

Bought bed cover sheets/cover set 3 weeks, didn't open until today and realized the shop assistant gave me the wrong size for the bed sheet, all other items were king size except this item was a queen and didn't fit.

tried to return it today 27/03/2018 around 1:30pm and was told ''NO'' as its over 14 days, i explained that it was given to us by mistake by the shop assistants when asked to give me a full set but somehow a wrong size was given. the pack was unopened and had the receipt in my hand but both the cashier and Manager refused to return it.

they advised me to sign up to be a member so i can get 30 days return policy but when i said Ok ill sign they said but not for this item as its too late.

i refused to buy another item from them and went down to Myhouse store and bought the right size.

i find it very unfair for the item that they still sell not to be return or swap with any additional payment to make up the difference.

now i have a queen size sheet/cover sitting in my cupboard not to be used until i downsize or get rid of it. every time i see it i will remember this store not to go in and tell my family and friends about it.

these rules are made to be for their company's advantages. why can't a normal shopper makes this rules and regulation to suit us, after all we shop and require the right rule to suit us.

hopefully, BED BATH N TABLES learn from this and improve their customers care and not worry about stupid 14-day Rules.

Bad customer service!

Miranda store - Bed Bath n Table
I went in to return a bath mat, went straight to the service counter. Stood there waiting for assistance, 3 workers were too busy walking around and chatting, not one of them had asked me if “I can help you”. Until one of them saw me about to loose my patience ... finally asked me if I can help you. Told her I’d like a refund on the bath mat please. She was so blunt, no customer service was rude and no thank you. I was intending on purchasing other home n bath items in the store, but the way I was treated I walked out!
I’m happy to go else where and spend my money at other home shops who will take care of their customers. I will never again shop at this store ....

Toilet brush saga

I purchased a toilet brush late 2017 from the Harbour Town store. It had a square chrome plate fitted to the handle & fitted the top of a square ceramic container. After a few weeks use, the plate had a considerable amount of rust, some of which had transferred to the container. I returned it to the store, hoping to exchange it for another brush without the chrome plate. To my complete surprise the manageress declared that there was nothing wrong with it, & that I should have dried it after use, then let it air dry. Also, the square plate scratched the toilet bowl, as the plate was larger than the brush. Further, with customers around, she was very condescending, which was very embarrassing. She rang 'Head Office' for advice. She claimed they told her there was nothing wrong with my purchase, which would be impossible for them to determine without seeing the item. She demanded I take it home, but I refused & left the store. My husband was upset at the state I was in & went into the store. He spoke to the manageress & expressed his dismay & frustration at her actions & attitude. After we returned home, we received a phone call from the Harbour Town manageress to tell us that 'out of the goodness of her heart' she would give us a new brush.
The saga continues!! I returned to the store a week later to collect the new brush. The manageress was not there, but her assistant was. She gave us our rusty toilet brush together with the cheapest, smallest brush they could find. We considered this an insult & refused it.
After 3 phone calls to Head Office, the problem was sorted out easily by the Area Manager. I took the offending brush to the Mile End store & got a brush of a different design...easy.
As a past Franchise manager at David Jones & an award winner, I know how to treat customers. The management team at Harbour Town clearly do not. To create all this trouble over a $35 toilet brush beggars belief, especially as internet shopping is eroding person to person contact.
Furthermore, I have been a good customer at B. B & Table & have spent a lot of money there,

Like sleeping on and under sandpaper

Several weeks ago I bought a white waffle weave doona cover and matching sheet set. As advised in the attached paperwork, I washed all before using them. Their texture is like sleeping on and under sandpaper. I complained but was told nothing could be done once I'd washed them! I thought I would try again today whether I could bear to use them but they're just as bad. I was willing to pay more for an alternative.

Tamworth Bed Bath and Table Excellent Service and Products

The staff at Tamworth Bed Bath and Table are excellent. Very consistent, helpful service. They work as a team and nothing is a bother. Always feel comfortable shopping there. Great products and if what you want isn't on display they are eager to find what you want from their storage section. Have never had a problem with any of the Morgan and Finch Brand products.

Disappointed - King size blanket is NOT king size!

I bought 2 Morgan & Finch “Harvey” waffle blankets today from the Ryde store. The King size blanket barely fits the mattress!! It’s far too short on the sides and unable to tuck in. Only an inch over the sides of the mattress, meanwhile our top sheets are perfectly fitted (Adairs). First time purchase from Bed Bath n Table and it will be our last! I wanted to get new blankets from MyHouse or Adairs but they didn’t have the colour I wanted in stock. So I thought I would try BBNT - NEVER AGAIN!! Thank god I didn’t pay full price for this rubbish, they were on sale. Still very disappointed.

Terrible customer service

Ordered some christmas decorations prior to christmas and out of an order of six items, two items were missing. I assumed that perhaps with the christmas rush, they'd just arrive late but by January 1st, still no sign of them. I emailed customer service once, received an automated reply stating that someone would get back to me within 48 hours. A week later, there was still no reply so I emailed them again. And it's now been two weeks since my initial email and still nothing.
On their website, the order is marked as completed and because I signed for what I did receive, I can't even raise a dispute through PayPal. It seems it really is that easy for a business to steal money from their customers.
Prior to this issue, I was a regular customer and had spent a fair amount of money with BB&T but it's obvious that loyalty only goes one way with them. Incredibly disappointing experience, even more so because they can't even be bothered to respond.

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Questions & Answers

I purchased a king duvet and 2 pillow cases a few months ago for around a whopping $200.00. A lot of money because I thought I was buying the best. But unfortunately not. The quality is very poor, the embroidered birds are a mess and it creases so much. I've bought cheaper and they've stood up a lot better than your expensive bedding does. So very disappointed with this product. Who can I complain to?
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What you could do was to bring it the item to the store, and showed them the quality of quilt cover that you bought. And they could report to their head office.

Why is there no customer service phone contact number for Bed Barh & Table?
1 answer
e. customerservice@bedbathNtable.com.au p. 03 8888 8195

Hello recently I bought an erza ivory rust towel set full price at a store and I have now washed them 4 times, how can I make them absorbent? It's like drying yourself with paper! Would appreciate a solution as I paid over $100 for them
1 answer
Wash them in a warm delicates cycle with no detergent or fabric softener. If you used fabric softener even once while washing them (or washed them with other towels that had been at some point), the detergent/softener coats each towel loop in a filmy residue that makes the towel feel sticky or flat, as if ironed, and stops them from absorbing water. After washing them free of soap, hang them to dry indoors, or out of the sun for a couple hours, then finish them off in the clothes dryer to help fluff them up and evaporate the remaining water. You may have to do this a couple more times unfortunately, depending on the brand of detergent used. If you did not use softener, it is likely that your regular detergent is designed for stain removal, which is known to also cling to the fibres of the towel.

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