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Needed a new mattress

Went into the Armadale shop on high street, Rex’s was very helpful and assisted me straight away to find the mattress right for me. Very happy with the price and service.

Product Quality
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Product Appearance As advertised
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Amendment to that review, the consultant Reza ( after saying I required delivery) decided to put on the paperwork that I would be picking up the mattress . It was only after a week of not hearing anything that I went back to the store and found out the problem. Needless to say I wasn’t happy, the new consultant was able to arrange delivery for me and sort out the issue but it certainly has soured my experience. So 1 Star for Reza and 3 stars overall.

Great customer service

Reza was so helpful at the Armadale store! He listen to my story and then check to make sure the bed was right for me. He checked my spin and im so incredibly happy with my new bed!

Before you buy a bed, speak to Rick!

After researching beds heavily and handing over $$$ for a top of the line bed elsewhere 3 years ago, my back again started to ache - the bed was losing support. Just happened to walk into Beds for Backs and Rick Morris was there to help. What a legend! His explanation of my problem and demonstration of how the spine being supported in the right place can lead to a good night's sleep was simple, logical and it works! We have now had our first 2 nights of amazing sleep! Thank you. Happy to endorse a quality product that leads to great sleep and no pain. And for those looking for a new bed - do not buy anything until you've spoken with Rick!

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Brad it's great to hear that you are finally getting the sleep you deserve. As for our staff they are all knowledgeable about correct support and how to assist customers. However I will acknowledge Rick personally for his great work. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

The only place to buy a mattress

Rick Morris is a helpful and knowledge person and would not go anywhere else for a mattress a great person to deal with.

Excellent Beds

Reza was straight to the point in understanding our needs and matched the perfect mattress for our healthy sleep. Awesome service and ongoing customer support.

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IDH thank you for letting us know about your experience at Beds for Backs. I will acknowledge the Consultant concerned personally. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Good Customet Service

I went to Beds For Backs in Armadale. I was served by Reza, who provided me with an excllent and knowlegeable explanation of the benefits of the products. Happy to re9commend this store to others.


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Peter it is our focus to provide excellent customer service and it is good to hear from people like yourself on your experience. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Reza Excellent in Armadale

I came because of back problems. Reza asked questions to understand my back issues and then advised me of the best bed to meet my needs. I would recommend Reza and Beds for Backs to my friends.

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Susan isn't it great when knowledge and service come together for a great outcome. Thank you for letting us know. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Perfect service, extremely professional!

Reza was extremely helpful, friendly, professional and had fantastic knowledge of all the products. He assisted me without hesitation to find the perfect fit for our needs. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase bedding, he is fantastic at his job and very polite.

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Chris I am pleased to hear of your experience at Beds for Backs. I will certainly acknowledge the Consultant concerned. Regards Wal Maguire CEO


We walked into the store just to browse. We were politely greeted by Rick Morris who spent the next hour with us giving advice on almost everything to do with beds/ sleeping positions/ product etc.,
We walked out feeling comfortable that our next purchase will be from Beds for Backs when the time comes
Great customer service and priceless advice
Thank you Rick

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Michael and Charlie thank you for taking the time to let us know of the instore experience you received. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Premium Level Service

We have just had Rick Morris in to service our bed. We love our beds for backs bed, it has been wonderful. But we needed a few little adjustments after 5 years of great sleep. Rick was very happy to come to our home and reset the positions for both of us. He also gave us some great tips to get a better and more restful sleep. This is true premium service that you just dont get anywhere else these days. Thank you Rick and Beds for Backs.

Excellent Service & Product

Rick was knowledgable and helpful. He kept things simple and made my choice easy.
This is my second mattress from Beds for Backs. If I live long enough I'll return for another one.

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Roger a return customer is the best compliment we can receive. Thank you for your review and I am sure we will see you again. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Quality product, impeccable service

Beds for Backs has supplied my family with beds for more than 15 years and we have always had very comfy and well rested sleep! We have various orthopedic issues, hips, backs, etc and these beds have been fantastic.

Better still than this is the customer service. Both at point of sale and after sale. I have had to return years later for different height castors, and been provided them right away. No problem.

A quality and responsive business.

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Anna it is great to hear from a loyal customer who appreciates our service and follow up. Thank you and best regards Wal Maguire CEO

Go to Nunawading and ask for Rick

Our consultant, Rick Morris at the Nunawading store was very effective in communicating the benefits of the various products and demonstrating them in a way that was easy to understand without feeling like we we were getting a sell job. Clearly the emphasis was on easing my wife’s pain from scoliosis and getting us a good nights sleep. Not pushing us into whatever was the most profitable. Rick was so friendly and amiable and easy to trust, by the time we bought our new mattress and left we felt like we had known him for years. We can’t recommend Rick highly enough.

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Hi Simon Isn't it great to have a real instore experience without the heavy sales pitch. We expect all our staff to treat people this way and delighted to receive such rich feedback. Thank you for letting us know and I will certainly acknowledge the staff member concerned. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

I highly recommend Rick at Bed For Back's Nunawading branch.

I highly recommend seeing Rick Morris at Beds For Backs at the Nunawading branch. His store was one of the last i visited but turned out to be the best.

Unlike many of the sales people working at mattress stores he actually understands spine biomechanics.

He was able concisely explain and demonstrate the reason why my back pain was exacerbated whilst sleeping on my side.

The in store tests he performed alleviated my back pain and showed me that he knew what he was talking about.

Thanks to Rick I was able to make an informed decision and I was able to select a product which improved my back pain.

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Nick R thank you for your review. Yes it is all about making an informed choice rather than buying on brand only. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Come back for another mattress after 7years of using

Abusolutly love the spine support matress. I purchased my first spine aligner matress 7 years ago. It is still in very good condition and offers excellent support. Kevin from Nunawading store is nothing but helpful, sweat and kind. He looks after us. Very good service. 10 out of 10

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Ying it is great to hear that your mattress is still going strong after 7 years, I am sure there are many more to come. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Rick is a great asset for B for B's

Called into Nunawading store simply to see what was available. Rick Morris was so informative and energetic and enlighten us so much about various products. He certainly knows his business. No pressure was applied and we were left to make our own decision

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Bob D thank you for letting everyone know about your Beds for Backs experience. Yes, no pressure just good information so you can make an informed decision. Regards Wal Maguire

Satisfied customer with my purchase and the service I received

Mario was extremely informative and knowledgeable when I purchased my base and mattress from their Fairfield store.
The follow up service by Peter was excellent. He visited me twice at home to adjust the base to my requirements.
Was very impressed overall with the quality of the product and service and would highly recommend beds4backs

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Adele Thank you for taking the time to place a review about your experience at Beds for Backs. I will personally acknowledge the Consultants concerned. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Excellent Customer Support

I own an Ergolife adjustable base and I bought a new matress for it from Beds for Backs in Nunawading. The adjustable base is an amazing product but I've never been quite sure how to adjust it properly to get the best out of it. The salesman (Rick) came to my house and demonstrated how to adjust it properly and now I'm getting relief from both shoulder and back pain. I'm very satisfied with the customer support for the product - Thankyou Beds For Backs!

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M.R our Ergolife Zero Stress base comes with a lifetime guarantee and our consults are always there to support you. Thank you for your review and I will personally acknowledge the Consultant. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

great service

Rick at Nunnawading store, really knew his stuff. Very helpful and informative. Great service, will recommend to all we know.

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Jane J thanks for sharing your experience at Beds for Backs and acknowledging the Consultant involved. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

So amazingly helpful! Great nights sleep!

After disassembling our bed because of a renovation we needed help reassembling it. Rick Morris from the Nunawadding store came on a Sunday evening and helped us to reassemble it so that we again were sleeping like babes and woke up without an ache or pain. Bravo Bed for Backs! Bravo Rick Morris!

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C.P our Zero Stress line of bed bases come with a lifetime guarantee and our staff are always pleased to help. All the best Wal Maguire CEO

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Questions & Answers

Hi I am online now wanting to investigate a Queen size electric bed which will not disturb my partner what can I view online until I visitArmadale store?
1 answer
Hi there we are presently introducing our new electric bed range and just completed a photo shoot last Friday at our Armadale store. These are yet to be uploaded to the website but the full range is on display at Armadale. If required our Consultant can also advise you on what's still available from our run out stock. If you are after a good deal get in quick for the run out stock. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Hey Beds4Backs team. I hope you're doing well. I have 2 slipped discs in my lower back which leads to back pain, cramps, and all the problems you would expect, and I am struggling to find a mattress that suits my needs. My last mattress was a Select O'Pedic which was gold, it was kind of firm but I slept nearly every night even when I first injured my back! So that speaks for itself. Sadly, all good things end, and so I just bought a Sealy which is not performing as expected. It's early days yet, but I still have some back pain and I'm not sleeping the night, and it's too firm. If I need to get another mattress, could you tell me what type of mattress you'd recommend? I have been after something that's soft, just personal preference, but I'm willing to try firmer if needed because my experience is, if the bed is good enough, you don't even notice the bed after you're asleep! I'm of course happy to come in, I live in SE suburbs VIC, but was after a rough indication before I did. Cheers
5 answers
Hi Jules thank you for contacting us and presenting your issues. We would recommend you visit us instore whereby you can become fully informed about our ergonomic bed solutions that can change with your changing needs. We would also be happy to have your Occupational Therapist attend also. Depending on where in the South East you are our Dandenong or Moorabbin stores may be best. Regards Wal Maguire CEOHi Wal, a follow up question. I have a slat base that I'm keen to keep. Can you just sell a mattress or must it be a mattress/base combo?I've got a sore back as well and let me tell you now - You need to spend roughly close to 1 and half to 2 grand for the mattress itself to get a good sleeping setup. I used to use the slumberzone ultimate setup

I sleep on my stomache what would you suggest in a mattress on a divan base?
1 answer
Hi there it is not easy answer to your question. Firstly I would not recommend a standard flat mattress on a divan as a suitable long term solution, overnight stay yes but not permanent. Front sleepers put stress on their backs, necks and shoulders. Any recommendations depends on your height, shape and weight. I recommend you visit one of our stores to receive appropriate guidance before making a decision. This is an investment in your health so become informed about ergonomic bed design and how it can assist. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

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