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Group collapses into administration- THIS COMPANY IS NOW BANKRUPT
has collapsed into administration after struggling to compete in the face of “unsustainably high rents”.
The company has 38 stores across the country and four distribution centres, trading under the Focus on Furniture and BedsOnline brands.
Administrators :McGrathNicol partners Barry Kogan,

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product Appearance Not as advertised


I have been seething on if I should review the beds I purchased two years ago or not and after much thought I've decided I paid a large sum I may as well warn others!

We purchased the Pluto loft style bed and a bunk bed which converts into two king single beds.

After ordering over the phone as moved interstate was told they would be there by the time we moved in, well that was far from true!

Make sure your home every day as they don't call or text, they just show up !

Now the Pluto loft style LOOKS great online, just remember you need to assemble it and it comes in enough boxes to build a new house!! Now if your after a bed that looks visually awesome, do it! If you want quality , avoid it!

It's compressed cardboard, the parts are falling apart in just over 12 months! The draws have completely fallen apart and don't hold much at all at the end.
The table is flimsy and rocks no matter how much extra support you put on, yep if your after quality don't do it! This bed has been cheaply and poorly made, I question if it even makes standards. Stick with IKEA as it's cheaper. Is it too ridiculous to ask for a bed that can keep together?!

Now to the king single bunk beds , we won't mention how they delivered two different mattresses because heck, who wants what they paid for and you feel it! One is soft the other is very springy!!
Now the slates , most would expect them to be all one size and fit the bed frame, well jokes on you . Some are long, some are short but the consistent part is none fit the frame the whole way, glad they could keep the quality consistent, well done!

So if you don't use your Allen key to screw in the screws (which don't have holes screwed in ) make sure you have a stress ball on hand and if by chance you do manage to get screws in just ignore the wood splitting on the bed. Who wants safety and quality ?!

So summarise , if you are wanting to waste your cash and have a display home , do it !
if you want a bed to last more then one year and don't want to waste just over $2000 , RUN!

Yours kindly, A customer who paid a lot for absolute crap and ticked off and wants money back!!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Buyer Beware Of Bedsonline

Buyer beware – Stay away from this mattress and http://www.bedonline.com.au – I have an issue with major sagging issue with mattress, the manager said “I had moved out of area from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast, not our problem even though there is a 15 year warranty, consumer protection and they deliver to where I live. He was an absolute disgrace. Plus they went in to receivership today. So anyone that has purchased though them your warranties etc are finished. They way I have been treated no wonder this company went under poor management and the worst customer service I have ever experienced, . Hang your heads in shame!!!!
Looks like a $2000 mattress, Made like a $2000 Mattress, Feels like a $2000 Mattress, Sleeps like a 20 year old Mattress.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeYes
Product Appearance As advertised

No Communication

Tried to purchase 2 beds for my sons, no communication nothing for over 3 weeks then all of a sudden want to deliver and charge further charges.

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No Customer Service

Quick to take the money !! slow to deliver the goods. Was told 8 working days for delivery. still waiting 3 almost 4 weeks later.

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Love my bed - thank you.

Great service - I spoke to Roy on the phone and he was fantastic, he was patient and wasn't the pushy type which I liked and was extremely informative and gentle with his approach. The mattress I bought is fantastic and there was nothing about the whole process that I could fault. Well done Roy - you were great and I appreciate that.

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Good product, poor service

Purchased an igravity mattress online on 04/08. I have found it to be comfortable for my needs, although being made of memory foam and latex the top layers retain a lot of body heat so I haven't needed to go to bed with the heater on. Bonu$.

The whole mattress It is quite thick/high (about 40cm in the centre and 30cm on the edges.) Since it sits so high off the floor on a "normal," older style bed frame with solid slats it would best suit a low ensemble base or one of the newer beds where the posture slats are closer to the floor. With my older bed supporting the igravity my feet cannot reach the floor when I an sitting on the edge.

On the ordering side of things, I received an email confirmation stating it would take 5 to 15 business days to deliver - nowhere else was it mentioned during the payment process that this was the delivery timeframe; the web site states this applies to Click & Collect orders. Crossed my fingers and hoped it wouldn't end up being on the latter end of the scale due to continuing back pain from existing mattress.

After hearing nothing for two weeks I rang for a status update and was told the mattress was being made to order. The web site did not mention this anywhere either so I was quite miffed but could obviously do nothing to change it.

Another week later, I again rang to find out what was going on. This time I was advised the mattress was due in my home city from Sydney on 20/08, and that I would receive a call to arrange delivery. That date passed so I had to make a third call, during which I was told the mattress did not leave on that truck as scheduled and it would be another three or four days. By this time I was not happy at all since I was the one chasing them up all the time instead of being kept informed by Beds Online.

The only communication I received from them was to let me know of the delivery day, which ended up being a Saturday and just on a month from my initial order. On this basis alone and for the complete lack of proactive customer service I would not recommend Beds Online. I will have to buy a new bed frame to suit the mattress but it won't be from this store.

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Higher expectations?

I wanted to purchase the iGravity mattress from beds online, very much. I live 2.5 hrs away from Hallam and drive a sedan, so was disappointed that they only offer collect, not delivery. More disappointing though was the lack of interest or empathy on the part of the customer service agent I called to make that inquiry. Maybe I called on her tea-break time, who knows...but she couldn't talk over me or get me off the line quickly enough. Sad that I'll never know the joy of the iGravity...it looks amazing.

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Friendly service

Great service and when i had to add to the order, they put it on the same delivery for me.
Would use them again

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Great service excellent mattress!

Overall great service. Easy ordering and payment options. Any queries I had were responded to promptly by Bev. Delivery guys were friendly. All in all a great online purchase!! Would buy from again without hesitation. Thank you !

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bed base purchased online

Very happy with my new bed base, two drawers make a big difference for extra storage. Very efficient ordering process, Beverley was a pleasure to deal with, always pleasant, prompt and efficient, thank you guys, would definitely recommend.

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Great service

I am very happy with the service I received when I purchased a new mattress for my spare bed from the Rose Bay store

Shop LocationNSW, Rose Bay

Comfy nights sleep worth the wait!!!

We purchased the mattess online so easy and convenient. It took a couple of weeks to arrive in the warehouse before we got it but when we did it was well worth the wait i didnt want to get out of bed i was so comfortable.

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Good product, bad communication/service

I ordered a bed and base and was told it would be delivered by a certain date. It arrived a week later. The product itself is great but I didn’t appreciate how the delivery was late and how hard it was to find out when it would be delivered as I couldn’t call the customer service line during their hours as I worked full time and no one on the emails could solve my issue.

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Good product, slow delivery

I waited a month for a Sleepmaker double mattress from BedsOnline, however the customer service was helpful and didn't leave me in the dark about the progress of my order.

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Great customer service Beverley and good delivery team

I purchased online a double ensemble Beverley was great in keeping the communications by email before and after delivery and she followed up a minor issue but very important for us - a change of the bed castors.
Beverley is an excellent customer service person and the delivery team has been great with their timing and communication Thanks All at Bedsinline, Simone

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Sold faulty products. Trying to resolve issues

Purchased in store and were sold king singles to be combined as a king we were given different height mattresses They refused to
Sort this out. After 6 months beds starting sagging badly. Beds are really sagging and we are
Trying to get refund or replacement
my wife Has had major surgery so want to resolve this quickly

Shop LocationNSW, Rose Bay

Great purchase

Purchased online, delivery took longer than I expected but after contacting customer service Bev was great at keeping me up to date. My new mattress if fantastic.

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Terrible Service but Great Product (when it finally arrived)

It took 2 months for my order to be delivered.

They don't reply to emails and have no care for customer service. Once I ordered I felt completely out of the loop, I wasn't sure if I was ever going to receive the goods!

I was glad however when they finally came and were nice but I will not be ordering with them again.

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Very happy.

Although delivery did take longer than I expected, I love my bed. Thanks to Beverley for keeping me up to date and the two men who set it up for me.

Shop LocationVIC, Noble Park

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Questions & Answers

Can a mattress be returned for full refund, or would I get a credit note?
1 answer
Thanks for your question. With our 101 Night Comfort Trial, you are able to swap your mattress for another if you not completely happy, however there is no refund option available. The only mattress that has a money back/full refund guarantee is the Avatar memory foam mattress. Hope this helps.

Hi, I am trying to get an update on the status of my order. I have emailed Customerservice@bedsonline.com.au as I have seen you comment for others to do so and it bounced back as undeliverable. Has the email changed? Thanks
2 answers
Nope. this is just how this business decides to operate. Once they take your cash they'll delay you till the cows come home. You'll save more by spending slightly more elsewhere.Thank you for your feedback. Please note this site is not being monitored so for any enquiries please contact customerservice@bedsonline.com.au or 1300 112 337.

has anyone ordered a bed off these guys recently? I just ordered the jersey bed in a grey material with storage and im worried the bed will be one that looks cheap... any feedback? thank you
4 answers
Hi Nat, i must say the Alexandriia bed i bought looks very expensive and was a good price. Also the upholstered base for the Sealy mattress didnt look cheap at all. Bedroom furniture was good quality too. Hope this helps. SueGood Day AJ and Nat I refer you to our response to AJ's original review of their experience with our business which should highlight several points of interest. Regards The Bedsonline TeamI refer you to MY experience with them. Just don't put yourself through it. Really not worth it. You'll get better products, service, prices and piece of mind elsewhere.