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BeefEater Discovery Premium 500i

BeefEater Discovery Premium 500i

48430, 48440 and 48450
3.0 from 2 reviews

Wouldn't buy again

I've had this bbq for 3 years now. Cooks well but the stainless is very hard to keep clean and the trolley is rusting (always kept under a cover) and the side tables are very flimsy and bend every time I move it. The hood handle is to hot to touch when roasting. Gas usage is terrible. Overall poor quality for a $1600 bbq very disappointed. Had an old raini before this one and it lasted over 15 years, I don't expect this one to last the distance.

Nice big BBQ

The BBQ is a pretty good all rounder; the burners all light easily even in strong wind (I’m near the coast so it is windy most evenings) and still heat the plates evenly. The enamel plates are amazing – a load of burnt / baked on fish, bacon, marinades all wash off easily and cleanly. The wok burner works very well and is very controllable from down low to the fury of a bushfire. It rained lightly one day when I was cooking and now I have a mottled pattern on the lid – it looks fine just a little different, mine is not under the patio it is out in the weather under a cover. The catch tray on the bottom is designed for a flood of goo and the little run off from normal cooking drips onto the edges of the tray – creating an oily carbon trail to the centre collector. Took hours to put together.....reading English instructions
Looks, heat distribution and gas economy
Nothing really - the supplied plastic container is a bit useless

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Discovery Premium 500i 48430Discovery Premium 500i 48440Discovery Premium 500i 48450
Price (RRP)$1349$1599$1699
Number of Burners345