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Beko DFN16420

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DFN16420W (White) and DFN16420X (Stainless Steel)
4.1 from 31 reviews

great dishwasher pretty quiet

It clean the dishes really well so far though on eco wash they were really wet there was lots of room for full sized dinner plates. Its pretty quiet when it come to noise. I like the options for types of washes. It has more features than our previous dishwasher. For the price im super happy so far it was so cheap almost the thrid the price of a miele

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Super impressed

Briliant dishwasher. Quietest dishwasher I have ever owned. Sparkling clean dishes on Quick + Clean cycle dishes dry beautifully. Racks can be adjusted to your liking. Cutlery basket placed where you want it. Lots of room to stack your dishes. Great value for the money. Highly recommend, very happy customer

Date PurchasedJul 2017

This is a good lower priced dishwasher for those not willing to spend up big.

I purchased this particular brand of dishwasher for my beach shack. Being free standing means that I did not have to spend extra money to have it retro fitted into my existing kitchen by a cabinetmaker. I also like the fact that being free standing (and not built in) you can place items on top of the dishwasher and or use the top (which is stainless steel as a second food preparation area or to store items. I also like the fact that it is has rollers underneath it so you can move it around to clean underneath it. As I have not had a dishwasher before in my home (I use one at my workplace) I was not too sure, what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. It is no louder than the average washing machine and quite easy to use. The upper and lower racks come out for cleaning and to place items on and it also has the option of either using liquid or a tablet to clean dishes and cutlery etc. I also like the stainless finish and the fact that front fascia, which is easy to read and understand. It is certainly not the most expensive dishwasher on the market, but it seems to do the job of washing an average load of dirty dishes well. It also has a reminder function on the front that tells you when you should put a disinfectant rinse through it to keep the entire unit hygienically clean. Overall, it is a very reliable product that I have had no major issues with (other than learning to use it to begin with) I would seriously recommend this product for those persons who want a dish washing machine but do not want to pay exorbitant amounts of money for one.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Good dishwasher on a budget

I didn't have this model very long as I upgraded to the next model up as I wanted the remaining time display.
I had used it for over a month. It washed my dishes well and I could fit quite a few items in. I liked the fold down racks on the bottom shelf which came handy for large pots and bowls. The racks were quite sturdy and the machine was easy to use. Noise didnt really bother me as I'm use to hearing the washing machine and I have noisy kids haha.
Cons: The kick board never stayed on (I had the warranty guy come out twice on the same day and he ended up just screwing it on lol). It didn't have a remaining time indicator which was in the description and when I inquired abt it Beko realized it was a typo on their end.
Over all it was a good dishwasher and cleaned my dishes well. Would recommend. Great price was $541 then.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Great value

Cleans well & is easy to use. Only one fault the bottom tray rollers easily come off track when you pull it out. Otherwise it is pretty quiet. Plenty of variety for washing options. Have used it regularly for over a year & now problems. Was told they're serviced locally by sales person so great if I ever need anything done.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

It does what it said it would do

It's hard to give a review for this product, as I have not had a dishwasher before. I don't think it cleans as well as some other brands, especially pots and pans, but this may also be to do with my choice of cheaper brand detergent blocks. It is a quiet machine and reasonably economical in both power and water consumption. It did leak once during a load early on, but this has not happened again, so it may just be that I did not close the door "hard enough", although I would expect that the machine would not run if this is the case.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Hate this dishwasher with a passion

Had issues from the day it came home. Had to use half my body weight to turn it on but I was told this was normal and acceptable. Power button broke after 8 months and the whole panel had to be replaced. Within a week it was playing up again and showing various error codes.

Top rack only washes 50% of the time leaving a strange grime over all the mugs and glasses.

Poor customer service from Beko when you have an issue, lady I spoke with was quiet rude to me when I tried to ask a question. Was accused of lying by a customer service representative that insisted she had called and spoken with me when I asked why they hadn't followed up.

Updated - after 2 months of having no dishwasher at all because of 4 different faults that continued to reoccur and still no replacement from Beko I demanded a refund. Don't waste your money.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Washes Well, Quiet, Good Value

Purchased Mid Feb 2017 to replace Dishlex that stopped working. Cleans very well, even usually stubborn avocado left on a plate for 2 days to test it out / Quiet / Mini 30 works a treat - I note that someone has said P6 Mini 30 runs for 80min, not with the unit I have - 30min-35min wash & dry, then switches off. Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Love It

Dishes are sparkling. quiet machine with a cutlery rack not a basket. Not only do my dishes sparkle but my cutlery does too. It does a good job of getting rid of burnt on scum in casserole dishes. Easy to use. don't need to be a rocket scientist to use it.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Excellent Dishwasher

We purchased a Beko after having gone through three other brand name machines that failed and not supported by manufacturers very well. This Beko is excellent at cleaning every item in the load regardless of how dirty. Very quiet and energy efficient. We were so impressed that we also put one into a rental property we own after the bran name washer failed (age related). Highly recommend this product.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Great at washing the dishes.

We purchased this dishwasher in early July 2016 and it works brilliantly. Dishes, glasses, cutlery all come out very clean. I only have one issue - the Mini 30', P6 cycle should run for 30 minutes according to the manual. Actual time is more like 80 minutes. I have contacted Beko and the retailer - both seemed unaware that such a cycle existed (I did suggest they read the manual) and then said they would investigate and get back to me. This is a cold water connection machine, the maximum temperature for heated water is 25C so I cannot connect it direct to a hot tap. My suspicion is that time has not been allowed for the machine to heat the cold water before washing/rinsing.

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Questions & Answers

does anybody else get a loud constant buzzing noise during the fill cycles?
1 answer
Not us. We find this dishwasher pretty quiet. Keep an eye on it while the machine is still pretty new. Let your retailer know that there is a noise.

What do each of the indicators mean for a wash cycle in progress? Which indicator light means complete?
2 answers
Hi Darren. There are various indicators during the different cycles but the only way you know the full wash cycle has finished is when ALL indicator lights go OUT.Hi Darren, Check out page 27 in the manual supplied with your dishwasher. This will explain each of the symbols. If you don't have the manual you can download from the Beko website.

How do we obtain a manual?
2 answers
download on the netOn their website you can view a manual. Probably you could email them for a hard copy. http://www.beko.com.au/60cm-stainless-steel-free-standing-dishwasher-dfn16420x


DFN16420W (White)DFN16420X (Stainless Steel)
Price (RRP) $599$649
FeaturesEco Mode/Wash, Half-Load Option and Time Remaining DisplayEco Mode/Wash, Half-Load Option and Time Remaining Display
Water Rating4 star(s)4 star(s)
Water Consumption13.9 L/wash13.9 L/wash
Energy Rating3.5 star(s)3.5 star(s)
Energy Consumption270 kWh per year270 kWh per year
Control Panel Position FrontFront
Maximum Noise Level47 db47 db
Number of Programs66
Number of Place Settings 1414
Colour / Finish WhiteStainless Steel
Dimensions 850 x 598 x 600 mm850 x 598 x 600 mm
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)

Download manual