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Belling Sterling 90cm B900i

Belling Sterling 90cm B900i

B900iSS (Stainless Steel) and Sterling B900iB (Black)
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Induction top oven

Bought this item beginning feb 2018 within 6 days 3 rings stopped working flashing E6
Contacted Dimplex agents for Belling asked for replacement not fix as only had 6 days , very unhelpful service and said not entitled to replacement , but conversations via Harvey Norman’s they agreed to replace .
The same thing happened again after 2 weeks 2 rings not working this time , Agreed this time to let them send someone out ; the induction cassette was replaced and is now working
Very unhappy with attitude of Dimplex throughout process and in regards to spending over $4000 on item I would have expected an apology and a follow up .
The up side I like the separate grill and small oven ,
I’m not happy with induction have settings 1-9 and a boost but find it difficult to control whatever is cooking and use lower temps rarely because doesn’t seem to keep things simmering at all
Using baccarat pans idu advertised ideal for induction
Costly if you need to buy all new
You get a grill pan and oven tray but if you need more, size is an issue as need to be small
If I was to buy again I would have had gas top saved myself hundreds on installation of induction
And a lot of money on suitable pans and would have been happier with performance really am not happy with purchase at all

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
Hi, Glen Dimplex and Belling are one in the same. It is very concerning to hear of your experience and it is certainly not indicative of the customer care we strive to provide our valued customers, please accept our sincere apologies. We have sent you a PM requesting some further information. Thank you.Thank you Glen for your phone call and help to resolve this issueHad helpful tech sent out did experiments with pans testing boiling times with various pans of mine Seems that all my recommended non stick pans sold to me for induction arn’t actually induction suitable at all Heat slowly, not even cooking Advice given only buy pans with induction suitable stamped on them give caution to sales talk and packaging suggesting suitability It’s been costly purchase and still need convincing at this point

Repairs within a week

Bought the oven and in the first two days had to report the oven knobs were raging hot. Service technician came out and said repairs are needed to replace the cooling thermostat. Seriously, it's brand new, it shouldn't need repairs. Their warranty also states repairs may be done with 'refurbished' parts. Totally unacceptable. I don't want a repair job, I want a replacement. Trying to get feedback from Belling Aust Dist.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Hi Georgie, so sorry to hear this has happened. We have sent you a private message requesting some additional information from you. Thanks.

$5,500 paid -- up for major repairs $$$

Great looking appliance however well over-priced. A few minor issues with rust developing on corners of cook top. Shelves not the easiest to move, magnets & seals not great, heat seems to escape from right oven and unit becomes quite hot to touch. Would expect a longer life than 6 years for a premium appliance. Waiting on quote for new circuit board, fans.. have been told it will be expensive. Watch this space for repair cost, will advise!

Date PurchasedJun 2012

Nearly perfect

Looks great and love the clean finish
The 3 separate oven compartments are the highlight, you can use one all all 3 ovens where needed

Only things keep in mind is the power usage for all 3 can be high relative to a standard oven and unfortunately the Stainless finish is prone to scratches. We have had it for just over a month and the stainless on the cook top has some very noticeable marks/scratches.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

love our oven but had a problem

We bought the oven as the center piece of our kitchen. We absolutely love the oven and induction cook top and enjoy using all of its functions. 2 1/2 years in and we were using the stove top when it went "pop" and tripped out the oven power. we reset the trip switch and found two elements on our cook top flashing a E6 error code. We contacted Belling and were initially told that our oven was out of warranty. So with some help from unhappyshopper (thank you ;-)) on this page and some research on consumer law we contacted belling again. After sending them the info we had on consumer law they sent us a email back saying they will cover the total cost of the repair. Our local repairer contacted us within 2 days to order the parts needed and they came out about a week later and replaced our cook top. Over all we are very happy with the service from Belling (even though we had to show our rights) and also extremely happy with the repair company Belling sent out. We still love our Belling stove and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Great product, some issues with customer service which have since been fixed.

The family had all moved out, leaving we two empty nesters with a 900mm wide oven that was no longer practical for us. The only thing that I can say is wrong with 900mm ovens is that they take a long time to heat up and that sucks up a lot of power in this day and age of not cheap electricity. Off we went to HN, where the staff were great, they explained all of the pros and cons to us so we made the decision to purchase the unit. The induction cooktop is brilliant, if there is one shortfall it is that there is only one large induction heat site, so if you are using very large pots as my wife sometimes does, then you can only use one at a time. That aside, the time it takes to reach boiling point for a saucepan of water is ridiculously short, using the induction heat pads is a breeze. The 3 way oven is also great, no more waiting for a damn long time to reach 200 degrees, it is not induction down there but as the oven spaces are way smaller than the 900mm spaces the time taken to heat them is very very quick, and the temperature settings are spot on, so getting the required results is a breeze. I had an issue at the beginning and had a very unfortunate issue with the customer service representative I dealt with, I went to print to them and the issue was fixed immediately. So all in all a good product, which I will lean to love and which will probably become a great product in my mind, and after the initial hiccup what I now consider a very responsive customer service section that take son board what the consumer is saying and responds accordingly.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Love the oven but the service sucks

I feel in love with this oven the moment I saw it. Took a couple of goes to master a sponge but baking days are so much easier. Service however is at the other end if the scale. Only 4 years old and the induction cooktop died a painful death. Belling wanted to charge us nearly 50% of the cost if the oven to repair it. Know your rights people. Consumer law states the expected life if an oven is 13 years, top of the range should rightly be more. And be warned they used reconditioned not new parts for repairs. Being out of warranty is not a justifyable excuse for shoddy parts if your appliance is within its acceptable life. Our oven was repaired for $150 labour cost only, a tenth of what it would have been.

Date PurchasedJun 2013

The Best!!!!!!

Have had my new Belling stove for 10 months now and I do not know how I lived and cooked without it. I ca cook many trays of biscuits all at the one time, cook meat, roast veggies and have dessert baking all at the same time. Easy to clean, looks great and very efficient. Thank you Belling for a wonderful and time free appliance.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Hi Anne50- Thank you for your review of our product. We very much appreciate your comments!!

Love t!

Have only had it a month but already loving it! I was pretty dubious about the 3 smaller compartments but I've found them to be awesome.

It's a pity the main oven doesn't have selectable functions - it only does fan bake - but it does do a great job of it.

The induction top is awesome - the boost mode is lightning fast. The only complaint is that when the top gets wet or your fingers are wet it can be hard to change the controls as they're touch and pressure sensitive. Have a towel st the ready!

Be sure to leave clearance in either side as the doors open slightly wider than the face and ours just touch the cabinetry beside.

One thing that may annoy some people is the fact that the main big oven door is solid and not glass so you can't see what's happening while it's cooking. Something to get used to.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Good investment on the whole

The induction cooker is fantastic as it allows for good control and efficient heating. However, I am not so happy with the tall oven as it has hot areas which burns eventhough it is fanforced. The telescopic rails in the small oven were wonky from the start and I made a complaint but was told the rails will improve with use but it hasn't. I am not happy with this at all.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Best Oven Ever!!!

We purchased this oven in September 2015. The oven was delivered and installed. The induction cook top was faulty. I called Harvey Norman at Cambridge Park and they sent a new oven and an electrician to install it the same day. Fantastic service - we are very happy.
The oven and stove are fantastic. We replaced a gas stove with this induction cook top. It cooks way better than gas. It is fast to heat and incredible easy to clean. No more dismantling all the gas components to wash, dry and reassemble them. A simple wipe with a warm damp cloth and a little detergent is all that's needed - it literally only take seconds.
The electric oven is also fantastic. It heats very fast and cooks so evenly. The three compartments are so handy. We can have the roast vegetables cooking in one while the meat is cooking in another at a different temperature. And the oven capacity is huge.
It also looks great - we have the stainless steel model.
This is easily the best appliance we have ever purchased. We cannot recommend it highly enough.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Best unit getting around

Sensational ovens (2) heat up fast , can cook a roast in the small one , 5 trays of vegetables in the tall one and grill something and use all 5 zones at once. Cleaning the top is a breeze ,bit of spray and wipe away , burnt food can be scraped off with a razor

December 5th 2017 Update: Best unit by far

Still a great unit , however the knobs are starting to peel, but can fit up to 8 trays of food in it at once
As well as 5 induction zones , can boil a kettle in 30 seconds , easy to clean , all rack come out to

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Belling B900i

Was a bit daunted at first with all the different settings on the ovens but after a bit of practise I am now quite confident at using this oven. Food is evenly cooked through even if all shelves are being used. Whether baking cakes & muffins or doing the Sunday roast, everything is well cooked & ready at the same time. Love the convection top , how easy it is to change temperatures & how easy it is to clean. The multiple alarms that can be set for each individual ring that is being used & how it switches itself off when the timer is up. The ovens also have their own timers which switch off when time is up. Extremely user-friendly. Also looks great.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Quick heating and hot oven

Quick boil on stove
Can use small oven when only cooking for 2 and large side when feeding a crowd!
Would of loved to do the cooking class to learn to use all the functions but they cancelled on 3 different occasions and never booked me in for another when I asked to be informed when next one was

Date PurchasedNov 2015

The heart of my kitchen

This is the best oven I have ever used, I'm very happy with everything about this stove/oven the induction cooktop is fabulous I had never used induction before I got this and belling even gave me a day in their test kitchen to learn how to use it and all of its wonderful features. I would highly recommend this oven to anyone. I have a big family so cooking is really something important for us it's what makes our home a cosy safe place to call home.

Date PurchasedApr 2016
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Thank you for your review of our product Deb - we are so glad that you love this range as much as we do! The Belling Bistro is a great place to learn all about the features and functions of your new cooker. Well done on taking full advantage of the class on offer :)


I purchased this oven because of the two oven and the ability to use 4 shelves in the right hand oven. Cake, biscuits, crackers, bread all cook perfectly in the right hand oven and evenly even when using 4 trays. The right hand oven heats up very quickly.
The bottom left oven cooks well too. I love the telescopic shelves but they are locked in at the set positions. I have had a few large trays and my favourite lasagne dish that haven't fitted in the oven.
The induction cooktop is very quick. I like the way that it responds well to increases and decreases in temperature. Sometimes find it hard to cook on, especially when the kids are helping because it is flat and pots do move around if you don't hold them while stirring.
Sometimes it seems as though there is not enough power for the oven to be on and to use multiple hot plates. Sometimes you put the hot plates on powerful to boil the kettle while cooking other things and it will revert back to level 9.
Overall happy with the oven. Purchased to replace a noisy oven and chose this due to the 2 ovens and large capacity of the baking oven. Excellent for what I want.

Date PurchasedJan 2016
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Thank you for your review of our product HP4567 - we very much appreciate your feedback!!

In Love

Our oven was purchased in October to go into our new kitchen. Initially I was a little anxious using the induction top as I had never used one previously. I am now 'IN LOVE' with my oven. It has a massive oven cooking area but can use the small oven when not needing to to cook much. The induction is amazing and so easy to keep clean. I have recommended them to my sister in law who is wanting to purchase a new 900 soon. Thank you Belling

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Yes you can have a stress free life in the kitchen. If you don’t buy this

Only if you DO NOT buy this product, premium priced product for a product worth only cents, warning bells should have rang as soon as we unplaced it, the oven knob was not even connected ", since then I've replaced the knobs at my cost, now the hot plate won't reset, looks like I'll throw it out.....

Date PurchasedJan 2014
Hi Johnny, it is concerning to hear of your experience. We have sent you a direct message requesting some further information. Thank you.Just thought I’d update this.... we did contact the “Belling Offical” long story short this resolved nothing and they just wasted my time... obviously we had to have a repair person come to repair it.. we had it going again for about 2 months! We rang same person again and they even said don’t waste my money and they will not do warranty work on Belling equipment because of its reliablity issues...

Used cooktop once !!!

Used the cooktop once !! There was a loud pop and the whole cook top now won't work. That was over a week ago . Service department are impossible to get on to and when you do I found them difficult. I have had this appliance since April 2016 and used it 4 times !! I am so annoyed. I decided to not be swayed by reviews and give it a chance. Decision I now regret.
Although job logged to repair that was over a week ago and I have heard nothing from belling.

Date PurchasedApr 2016
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We apologise for the difficulties that you appear to have experienced whilst dealing with our service team. Our standard turn around for contact by an authorised agent should be no more than 48 hours. Please contact us direct via email: service@glendimplex.com.au with your details in order for us to investigate further on your behalf.

Lousy product, even worse customer service. Will never buy or recommend again

Induction cooktop installed and worked fine initially. Within 2 mos started switching off, and Then finally stopped working. Induction hob found to have an invisible hairline crack. Now, almost 3 mos after reporting to Harvey Norman Lismore NSW... And after lots of promises regarding someone coming to fix etc etc, ( and not showing up) , have just been told they will not fix, and that the glass isn't covered by warranty. the unit was still within warranty period AND we had also purchased extended warranty. Now almost 3 mos without a working cooktop. Are now in contact with dept of fair trade, and will be lodge ing a formal complaint. This is a $5000 cooker! Sadly now, I just want a replacement of another brand... If this is the type of service they provide give me good old locally made and serviced.

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Questions & Answers

We purchased a Belling Sterling 900, freestanding stove with induction top B900DiB about 4 years ago. It was put in storage for over 3 years while the house was completed. It was installed with the correct cabling by a licensed electrician less than 12 months ago. We now have the following problems in order of importance to us. 1. After using the right handed oven we either can’t use the induction top because of error messages e2 and beeping or the top right hot plate automatically sets at 9 without touching any settings. Error still occurs next day. 2. The fanned oven (bottom left) doesn’t work at all anymore and was only used a handful of times in total. 3. The frame is rusting at the joints. We love the concept of the stove and it cooks beautifully but is rapidly becoming unusable. After using the oven we have to use a portable cooktop to continue cooking. What can we do about the faults?
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hi peter, sorry to hear, please send us a message with your contact number so we can assist :)These are known faults with this cooker, I have experienced the same.

Dear Belling I am prewiring a dwelling in WA for a Richmond BR900i The owner was told that we could wire it for 3phase Can you confirm this please and let me know how many amps for each phase so that I can select the correct cable? George Carey EC3368 [details removed]
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Hi George, 16amp, 3 phase supply. Thanks.

BR900ICR Is the Model ( I think)... we are just now installing our kitchen cupboards around the oven. Should we leave a gap between oven and cupboards or can we put them hard up against the side of the oven. Wondering about any fire risk.
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I just checked one of the user guides and it says "This cooker may be fitted flush to the base units of your kitchen". Ours is fitted with no gap and we have not had any problems..Hi Maz - the Belling range cooker needs only minimum clearance to be able to be moved forward for service (should it be required) The only exception to this is if the cooker is fitted against cabinets with a low temperature tolerance ie vinyl wrap. In this instance, we would encourage you to fit a heat shield which should be available from any kitchen cabinet manufacturer/supplier. If you do have any further queries relevant to the installation of your appliance, please feel free to visit our website: www.belling.com.au and download the installation guide and/or specifications sheet relevant to your model.


B900iSS (Stainless Steel)Sterling B900iB (Black)
Oven FuelElectricityElectricity
Type ConvectionConvection
FeaturesSeparate GrillSeparate Grill
Colour / Finish Stainless SteelBlack
Dimensions 930 x 896 x 600 mm930 x 896 x 600 mm
Cooktop TypeInductionInduction
Number of Burners/Zones 55
Wok Burner NoNo
Primary Oven Capacity91 L91 L
Secondary Oven Capacity 62 L62 L
Third Oven Capacity35 L35 L
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)3 year(s)
Release dateApr 2012Apr 2012

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