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Belling Richmond BR900DFCNG/LP (Black)

Belling Richmond BR900DFCNG/LP (Black) Questions & Answers

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We have a Red Richmond oven and would like to know if it is possible to change the door front to black?
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Hi Jeannie, Unfortunately the doors you purchased have to stay the same. sorry!

Hi i have the richmond. And noticed that the bottom oven does not close 100%. Can hear the fan and can see condensation escaping and just noticed a bit if rust appearing where this happens?
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Hey Casey, sorry that this has happened. Sounds like we will need to investigate with a site visit. Can you please contact us on 1800 444 357? Thank you.

When installing the stove what is the recommended height of the stove burners above the finished cupboard height? Are there any requirements for heat resistant surfaces at the sides of the stove?
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Hi, 650mm or > from cupboard, shelf, overhang, rangehood etc. 90mm to 400mm side clearance, with no provision for heat resistance. Thanks!

Hi Just bought a BR900DFCNGLP from Harvey Norman - its still in storage - renovating kitchen - can you tell what side/area is the power outlet for this appliance please?
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I had my electrician/plumber fit the unit. I have no idea. I do know that my gas fitting was in the left side of the oven and that caused no problem to connect. Can I suggest you calll the supplier (mine was Harvey Norman), and ask them?Hi there, the power outlet is in the middle of the appliance thanks :)

Can you please explain or send a picture of how the 2 grey supplied trays and silver insert tray fits into the grill. Belling Richmond 90cm duel fuel. I cannot make it fit into the grill on the shelf already in place and It also has no handle. This is a brand new stove cant even make toast yet! Thank you
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Hi Mandy, congrats on your purchase! The two grill trays and inserts just sit on the shelves in the grill and can also be used in the other two ovens in the same way if required. Thanks!

We had our Belling Richmond cooker installed two days ago. The top left hand grill gets warm but does not get up to cooking temperature. Can you please advise what control setting we should be using as the manual is of no assistance at all. The lower left hand oven grill works great.
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Congrats on the purchase. Can you provide your contact information and we will get in touch to run you through the functions and features of your new appliance :)Having now read through some other questions and answers from other owners of the Richmond cooker who were having the same problem I can now operate the grill satisfactorily. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Have just purchased stove and can't see to work out what knobs turn on grill for toast. Any ideas?
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Hey Newbee, Congrats on your purchase. If you can provide us your email address, we will send you some detailed instructions! :)

I'm seriously considering buying this oven but I'm concerned about the size of the ovens... has anyone had issues with not fitting stuff in it?? They all seem quite narrow so I'm concerned that I won't be able to fit large quiches/roasts etc.
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Hi RenG - I would encourage you to head over to the Belling website and watch a couple of the videos our team have put up for our customers to view. Several of them show exactly how much food you can expect to be able to cook and the sizes of the dishes: https://www.belling.com.au/customer-care/videos

I was going to purchase a Belling today and then read all the negative reviews about over heating, poor construction and poor customer service....so I thought I'd read the positive ones. Well, as someone who works in the online review space, it does strike me as odd that quite a few 'positive reviews' are written in the exact same tone of voice, by 'members' who joined this site and left a review on the same day, which to date is till their only activity on the site. Coincidence? Or is someone leaving fake positive reviews. It has seriously put me off! My question is regard Australian Law and warranties - for a major purchase shouldn't the warranty exceed 2 years? I certainly don't want to drop $8k to throw it down the drain if I experience issues with the product.
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We did buy the oven and provided a balanced review. On the plus side it looks awesome. Everyone who sees our new kitchen comments on how fantastic the oven looks and people have asked where they can get the oven. We like how the doors open out sideways. We like being able to cook two things at the same time at separate temperatures. On the down side, it is seriously over-priced. We got thousands of dollars off the RRP but it was still one of largest indulgences we have ever made. Value for money is not a feature and you can buy veryy good ovens for half the price or even less. I don't know that I would say that it overheats, but when it is in fan-forced mode, it is definitely a fast oven. Eg. if a cake says cook for 50 minutes, if it is in fan-forced mode, take 10 degrees off the temp and check at around 30-35 minutes. The other downside is that you can't cook anything really huge. Some family size pizza trays won't fit, or, if you want to cook a giant salmon, you'll have to do it on the BBQ. The bottom line is we like it and are happy with it. We wish it cost way less and that it had more space. If you absolutely love the look of it and can afford it, great. If you need a large oven compartment and need the cash for something else, then no.Hi just to clarify my customer experience issues is with Belling New Zealand. With regards to the product I have two Belling ovens. One induction and one gas. So I did love the brand especially over Christmas time being able to cook a turkey ham and all else at the same time. The cost for the repair and the fact that till today I am still waiting for a service report that I can submit to insurance! has really put me off the brand. Belling Australia was going to contact NZ on my behalf, still waiting on NZ!Hi Lucy, I am a real purchaser and I am still very happy with my oven. Not sure about warranty length but other than cars and buildings I'm not sure what would have longer than two years. Guy

My wife and I are quite confused about which type of stove to choose. We are trying to work out which to buy. A Belling 90cm or a Similar Smeg product. Black enamel is preferred. But so many differing views. Please advise?
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Stay away from Belling six months down the track I am having all the above problems the one stars have mentioned... Used large oven for first time a month ago... steam hissing out of top of oven does not seal properly... 2 magnets keeping an oven door from popping open when heated major design fault...high school physics will tell you magnets will loose magnetism if heated and eventually fail completely...had seal replaced and so called stronger magnets but the other ones only six months old and never used was not the fault... poor design great look oven do not believe sales people at Harvey Norman the only place that sells them in WA. My advice to Belling is listen to complaints fix the issues on up and coming models and you would have a best seller... ATM your reputation is going down the gurgler!!I have to agree with the above comment, the after sales service is at best atrocious and at worse non existent, no pint in trying to order even a new knob from them as they will not sell you a spare part, instead they insist that you have to use one of their recommended service repairmen, for a knob for heavens sake !!!. I am looking forward to the day that I can throw the thing to the tip.I have had my Belling Richmond installed for four years now. It's had four sets of magnets for the large oven door. Heat escaping caused our kitchen cupboard to warp. Eventually Belling sent someone to install reinforcing inside the door, which fixed the problem. One of the oven fans had to be replaced and the small oven had a part fail (not the thermostat) which caused the oven to overheat to the extent that I thought our house would catch fire. The part to repair it took six months to arrive. The knobs warped and buckled and had to be replaced. The gas jets have all at various times had to be repaired. The central gas jet died last December (six months ago) and my gas repair man is at his wits end trying to find what is wrong with it. Belling haven't replied to my many letters and phone calls. I called another gas repair person today about the large gas jet and he told me Belling stoves are the worst he's ever worked on. He refused to come to look at it because he says the company is impossible to deal with, parts take forever to come, it wastes his precious time and causes the customer increased costs. He expressed surprise that I hadn't just taken the stove to the tip. I would recommend that no-one reading this buys a Belling. The stove itself is rubbish and the company is totally hopeless.

Hi I am about to purchase the Belling BR900DF from Harvey Norman at the suggested RRP of $4,000 as I love the look and expected functionality as with all major appliances I am purchasing for my kitchen I will expect a minimum of 10 years usage (all current appliances have achieved 10 years with no major faults other than normal wear and Tear most have been Whirlpool, Westinghouse and Fisher and Payckel) I am concerned at the amount of negative reviews I have read so far and common themes seem to point towards the control knobs, large oven door not shutting properly,excessive heat from the sides (which is not normal!) and rusting! Given these comments what sort of warranty and after sales service can you Guarrentee for my purchase ? I appreciate that things can and do go wrong but if these are fixed in a timely and positive way then as a purchaser I would have confidence. Are you as company happy to provide that sort of after sales care as this will influence my decision 100%
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Thank you for considering our product for your home. Please note that all the appliances in the Belling range are covered under warranty relevant to manufacturing faults for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. Should you require assistance at any time during this period, our warranty team are able to assist with arranging assessment and repair as appropriate in a timely manner via our large service network Australia wide. Once outside this period, we will continue to assess each case logged on an individual basis taking into consideration (amongst other factors) the age of the appliance and the fault reported. Should you have further queries or concerns regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact our office at any time to have these addressed by our team: Ph 1300 556 816considering buying A Belling Richmond but now concerned by negative reviews, my current stove is 10 years old with no problems, worried by 2 year only warranty, surely a oven of this cost should perform longerPlease don't waist your money, the oven in the Shop looks great but the one you get delivered won't look like that one, bent scratched doors are very common, wet floors are another common problem with this brand due to condensation build up on the inside of the oven that leaks and pools on the floor below the oven door. Customer Service is handled for Belling by a company by the name of Grandimlex, to be honest, I don't understand how this company is still in business, Belling are either oblivious or very stupid for allowing this company to handle there repairs, they never get back to you, they are extremely rude and will blame you for as much as they can. How do I know all this you may ask ? Please let me tell you, I have been an Oven repair man for over Fourty Five years now, and believe me, dealing with any Harvey Norman store and Grandimplex combination is a recipe for disaster . Belling as an oven manufacturer, great design ideas, the worst workmanship on things like doors and electrics and as hard as it is to believe, even worse with repair and warrantee issues. Stay away.

How do I get rust protection as you exclude this from your policy and I think this may indicate it is rust prone?
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Thank you for your query. Rust is excluded from our warranty (and most other general insurance/ warranty policies) as it can be caused by variables other than manufacturing practices. Environment and maintenance also play a key role. You may wish to discuss this further with your home/ contents insurer to see whether this option can be added to your policy as it is not currently available through our office. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Looking to buy a Richmond BR900 but none of my current trays fit in- they are too wide. Does anyone have trouble with this or can tell me the size of trays that they use?
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hello, yes some of your old trays will need to find another home like mine did. you can't go any bigger than 395mm wide in the smaller fan forced and only 320mm wide in the long oven. I tend to use the small fan forced for baking (the smaller 6xmuffin trays just fit for example). You also need to use a 320mm pizza tray for the long oven which is good if you want to cook more than 2 pizzas at a time. I use to have a large (900mm) single oven style before and it took a little while to get used to the Belling. But I prefer the flexibility of multiple ovens including less heat up time and electricity particularly when using the smaller oven for just to 2 of us. On large oven jobs for entertaining the ability to work the ovens at different temps is good.

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