Never ever again

Positives? Looks sleek. Top heats quickly. But... Years of ringing, two cassettes changed in the hob and still I have intermittent problems. Staff at the warranty centre are pleasant and try to help but the product is not up to scratch. Electronics seem flawed as it won't turn on, alarms and lights activate after use, won't respond to you have. Trouble from day one. The shelf racks in the smaller oven are difficult to get in an out to clean. The racks are good in the long oven. The door on the long oven is touchy and does not close consistently. It slip open at the top magnetic catch. Endless adjustments and it still slips open slightly. The ovens are narrow and do not hold some standard roasters and biscuit trays. Overall it is not a good product. I have given up on it, will persevere until the nextajor problem and then send it where it belongs... The metal recyclers.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

After 2 years and several repairs - a lemon

We first bought the oven in Dec 2015 and, when it is working, it was great. However, during this time each oven has 'died', and in the largest oven on the right-hand side has needed repair twice. Parts are also an issue - often have to wait eight weeks for a part to arrive from OS. If the next repair does not fix issues it looks like it will be time to evoke consumer guarantee rights under the Australian Consumer Law and ask for a refund or replacement for this unit from Harvey Norman. It is disappointing that our previous 'cheap' ovens have been more reliable and consistent than this purchase.

Date PurchasedDec 2015
Quick update: Still waiting 6 months later for the part. We were due to get it repaired, when the reps called to inform us, yet again, that the wrong part had been sent. Maybe another 8 weeks to 6 months - who knows! From the conversations had with the repair people and other owners - it sounds like the majority of the delay in parts comes from the company in Sydney handling these matters. Basically, no stock on hand of parts, massive delays in ordering and having those parts shipped and I am sure that the significant delays work in their favour as the warranty period dissipates.Hey Josh, Can you please send us your contact information via direct message and we will look into this for you. Thanks.Hello, I cannot find an option to direct message you. Unlike a reviewer, which has a private message icon, the same icon does not show for 'Belling Official'. Can you direct message me with your best contact details, please?

My choice

I chose this cooker because it is dual fuel. Other factors that influenced this purchase after looking at many other similar size cookers were:- The grill shelf and the left hand oven shelves are on glides improving access to cooking food, and therefore safety in handling hot trays. The shelves in the tall right hand oven are not on glides but they slid smoothly nevertheless. In comparison,the wire shelves in all the other cookers I looked at grated and grabbed the shelf supports,which meant there was more chance of spilling hot food because the shelf had needed more force to slide it a quarter way out. The grill and left oven are very efficient and cook well. You can cook quickly on the grill around mark 4 to 5 and you get virtually no spatter. I find the right hand oven harder to cook with if roasting as the larger volume is harder to keep consistently hot. The gas hob is great apart from the work burner. This just doesn't provide enough heat for stir frying. For some reason some of the hob controls, especially those for the grill, are intermittently easy or stiff to turn. I haven't had these looked at because Murphy's law will spring into effect the moment I do so, and they will operate flawlessly. The hob has retained it's new look even after four years. I wash the trivets and burners in hot soapy water. Then I wet the top to soften dried on spillages, and wipe to remove. I rub over again with neat shower power, wipe and rinse,and then buff with newspaper. Hey Presto!

Date PurchasedSep 2013

This is a great product

Yes its perfect my sister bought this product and recommended to me I wasn't shore but when I purchased the product and I try it is worth it
Yes I'm more than happy thank you for offering such good price and best quality together
You are simply the best

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Woeful Customer Service!!

Bought the oven 3 years ago to be centrepiece of our brand new and very expensive kitchen. While oven has performed well a couple of issues recently arose. We noticed rust around the outside skin of the bottom left oven door. The rust was on the inside between the inside panel and the outside skin. Secondly, the floor of the oven developed some "pitting" which went through the enamel floor. I forwarded pictures to Glen Dimplex for assistance. No response for 7 weeks!! This was despite me following up 3 times looking for something - anything. Eventually, after it became obvious I wasn't simply going to let this lie, I was forwarded an extract from the manager's meeting indicating that the rust was due to build up of cleaning product in the door and that the pitting was due to us chipping the interior floor of the oven. This assessment was made without any physical inspection, and was incorrect. I followed up with another polite email seeking a review of their decision and again received no response - not even an indication that my email had been received. After 2 weeks I rang again, and was placed on hold while the relevant manager was located. The response was simply that they still believed the causes were as stated in first response and they would not consider any action. No apology for their non-response and certainly no physical inspection to be arranged. I was however offered a discount on a new door skin - still waiting for that to be advised.

This is the worst example of customer service and customer management I have experienced. To simply remain silent on a customer issue and not respond - not even acknowledge receipt of emails - is the most frustrating way for a customer to be treated. Add to this the high and lofty attitude of management to make an uninformed verdict on the issue was insult after injury. The assessment that somehow we had chipped away at the oven floor is ridiculous. We are in our late 50's and have great pride in our renovated kitchen. To assess that somehow I get down on hands and knees to furtively chip away at the oven floor is simply ridiculous. Neither do we drop or bang things onto the oven floor. I will never purchase another Belling product, neither will I buy or recommend to anyone any of the products managed by Glen Dimplex as their customer service attitude is deplorable.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

it's good

I am so happy to use this for cooking. It is so convenient! It is has a amazing work! I really recommend it cause it is so awesome! The function is so nice and easy to use! I love this so much! Oh I really like this! I really like the appearance, it is so cool! How beautiful it is

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Great oven

Great product IMO. Basic tech, but reliable, well made and easy to maintain.
Not sure what the bad reviews would be talking about, haven't experienced any consistent manufacturing issues. They are expensive but have a value range available if you don't want the ultra chunky look.
Great cooking tool and easy to clean.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Three ovens!

We have had four Belling 900's. Apart from one which needed a stronger magnet on the right hand door, we have not had a problem and have cooked whatever we needed. Fantastic ovens, cooktop and results. We purchased all four from Harvey Norman Moss Vale and the service has been great. Highly recommend Belling.
Incidentally, our first free standing oven was a Falcon which only had two ovens with the right hand oven too narrow.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Fairly standard oven

Had this put in when I built a new house, fairly standard oven I wouldn't rave about it but at the same time have no real complaints, its fairly roomy and has fairly good heat, haven't had any of the problems noted in other reviews but then again I don't use it a whole lot. Overall if you can get it for a reasonable price id certainly recommend

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Don't waste your money.

I feel your pain. Long oven was door not shutting . I got mailed the new magnets as well. Still didn't fix the problem. Then sent out a brace for the inside of the door. Knobs peeling, rust has occurred on the bottom of the door skin. The middle hob works when it wants to. The paint finish is coming off the top of the stove top. We purchased an extended warranty and the hob is covered, but I was informed it had to defective all the time before it can be repaired. The rust and paint peeling we were told is cosmetic and therefore not covered.

Date PurchasedJun 2013


Great product! Heats up really quickly and cooks the food perfectly. Looks very nice in the kitchen and has such a nice finish to it. Doesn't fool you with the cooking time or the temperature it cooks exactly how you like it! Easy to navigate and some storing space. Would recommend!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Main part of the kitchen

OMG what a fabulous oven I love the fact that I am able to cook separately at different temperatures, this oven is easy to use and the company is fantastic to deal with just wondering how I'm going to take it with me if we ever decide to move!! Plenty of room in both ovens and the grill is decent as well with the added bonus of being able to use that as a small oven as well.

Date PurchasedJun 2016
Hi Jennifer H- thank you so much for your review of our product. We very much appreciate your feedback!!my pleasure

Very good

It easy to use and easy to clean it. Very comfortable use it to cook food. Much better than my last one. Enjoy use it to bakery food! It also good to cook meat and try something new! Love love love love love love this one one one one one

Date PurchasedJan 2016
1 comment
Hi Emily - Thank you for your review of our product. We very much appreciate your comments!!


I have wanted this oven for a few years now and we purchased a 12 year old home and decided to put in my dream oven. I now have 3 ovens in one or 2 and a griller (this can be an oven as well)
My favourite features are you can heat up one oven in 5 mins the tall long oven on the right has four shelves it is the one I would use the most. The main oven at the bottom heats up so fast and cooks your food to perfection.I love this oven and if I ever move again I will be buying another one. Everything I have cooked so far has been excellent
I am in my sixties, so I have used a few ovens over my life but this is by far the best ever
Last thing I brought the Red one it gave my cream kitchen the WOW factor.

Date PurchasedMar 2017
1 comment
Hi harro 42 - Thank you for your review of our product. We very much appreciate your comments!!

Excellent Range Oven.

We have had the Belling Range oven for just over a year and it is great. The three oven options let us cook a variety of food at the same time and with five gas cookers, including a hot plate, on the stove top, we are spoilt for choice!
We are very happy with our Belling & it really adds to our kitchen aesthetically as well.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Bad service

Had an induction top repair new part $800 plus labour. Have been pleading for a report so I can claim from my insurance. Keep getting passed from Belling approved repairer to Belling and back! Really bad service! i gave up!!! I own 2 Belling one induction one gass I love both but I will think twice if I ever have to replace any of them! Parts are expencive.

Date PurchasedJul 2016
1 comment
Hi Andre - as per our PM conversation, I will forward your concerns to our New Zealand counterparts in order for them to address as appropriate. Unfortunately, given that we are able only to assist in relation to Australian units (and associated service agencies) I am not able to offer further guidance in this instance. My apologies again for any inconvenience caused Danielle on behalf of the team at Belling Australia

With 3 ovens I can host a dinner party and still be part of the larty

Yes very happy
My very favourite features are the fact that I CAN host
a large dinner party and not have to be in the kitchen for most of the time so can enjoy my guests
The versatile oven grill a special bonus as is the fact I can warm plates at the same time

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Excellent cooking performance

Catering for a large dinner was so easy, main oven was able to cook two roasts plus a tray of vegetables.
Then the multi function oven took care of the fish entree while the roasts were cooking, then took over for the deserts.
Meant we could be with our guests instead of being in the kitchen all the time

Date PurchasedApr 2007

Looks Amazing

Looks amazing. It is a feature of the kitchen which almost everyone comments on. Heats and cooks efficiently and significantly faster than old oven, which did take some adjusting.

It isn't cheap, even with a discount.

Service is friendly when you talk to them.

The main downside of the ovens is that there is no large cavity so you are restricted in the size of items that you can put in. Our largest baking trays could no longer be used as they do not fit in the oven. If you want to cook a very large fish, it will need to be don on the BBQ. On the other hand you can cook 2 things are different temperatures at the same time which is quite handy.

Date PurchasedOct 2015


Awesome cooker, delightful to cook with.
Fabulous retro design.
Really enjoy cooking everything we want at once using the different sections allowing food to cook at different temperatures at the same time such as, cake in the section and the roast dinner in the next.
Something for everyone, recommend to everyone.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

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Questions & Answers

Hi, The manual has 240v single phase/ 3 phase on it. Can you please confirm if the oven can be run on single phase power without compromise. Cheers
1 answer
Hi Aldd, This unit can be connected to 1,2 or 3 phase. Providing adequate supply is available and the cables are correctly sized – single phase will be fine without compromise

Having trouble working out how the grill works and the instructions aren’t helping me.. can anyone advise how to turn it on and make it hot enough to grill please?
1 answer
Hi mickers, sorry to hear, can you please give us a call on 1800 444 357 so we can discuss over the phone :)

ive now used the lower left side oven about 5 times, and it still exudes an odour that i assume is from the enamel coating. how long will this last as it is incredibly overpowering and unpleasant? to others who have had issues with the large door on right side not closing properly during the cooking process, we had the same, it has been repaired but i wonder how long that will last before the door needs to be replaced again? seems to be quite a severe design flaw with the use of magnets on such a large door and intense fan. thanks
No answers


Colour Boutique BR900DFFBU (Floral Burst)Colour Boutique BR900DFRC (Rolling Countryside)Colour Boutique BR900DFPB (Peach Blush)Richmond BR900DFCNG/LP (Black)Colour Boutique BR900DFWB (Wild Berry)Richmond BR900DFCRNG/LP (Cream)Richmond BR900DFRENG/LP (Red)Richmond BR900DFWHNG/LP (White)Colour Boutique BR900DFDB (Day's Break)Colour Boutique BR900DFFB (First Bloom)Colour Boutique BR900DFMG (Midnight Gaze)Colour Boutique BR900DFSILS (Silver Sky)Colour Boutique BR900DFDD (Dramatic Dawn)Colour Boutique BR900DFDDR (December Dreams)
Price (RRP) $5,999$5,999$5,999$4,499$5,999$4,499$4,499$4,499$5,999$5,999$5,999$5,999$5,999$5,999
Oven FuelElectricityElectricityElectricityElectricityElectricityElectricityElectricityElectricityElectricityElectricityElectricityElectricityElectricityElectricity
Type Conventional (Conduction)Conventional (Conduction)Conventional (Conduction)Conventional (Conduction)Conventional (Conduction)Conventional (Conduction)Conventional (Conduction)Conventional (Conduction)Conventional (Conduction)Conventional (Conduction)Conventional (Conduction)Conventional (Conduction)Conventional (Conduction)Conventional (Conduction)
FeaturesSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate Grill
Colour / Finish Floral BurstRolling CountrysidePeach BlushBlackWild BerryCreamRedWhiteDay's BreakFirst BloomMidnight GazeSilver SkyDramatic Dawn
Dimensions 930 x 896 x 600 mm930 x 896 x 600 mm930 x 896 x 600 mm930 x 896 x 600 mm930 x 896 x 600 mm930 x 896 x 600 mm930 x 896 x 600 mm930 x 896 x 600 mm930 x 896 x 600 mm930 x 896 x 600 mm930 x 896 x 600 mm930 x 896 x 600 mm930 x 896 x 600 mm930 x 896 x 600 mm
Cooktop TypeGasGasGasGasGasGasGasGasGasGasGasGasGasGas
Number of Burners/Zones 55555555555555
Wok Burner YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Primary Oven Capacity91 L91 L91 L91 L91 L91 L91 L91 L91 L91 L91 L91 L91 L91 L
Secondary Oven Capacity 62 L62 L62 L62 L62 L62 L62 L62 L62 L62 L62 L62 L62 L62 L
Third Oven Capacity35 L35 L35 L35 L35 L35 L35 L35 L35 L35 L35 L35 L35 L35 L
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)
Release dateSep 2011Sep 2011Sep 2011Sep 2011Sep 2011Sep 2011

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