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Bellini BTDF60 Stainless Steel

Bellini BTDF60 Stainless Steel

2.3 from 6 reviews

I think for the money, it is a good buy.

I've had this fryer for about 3 years now.
It's not used a lot, but I've never had a problem with it.
For the price I paid ( cheap) I am very happy.
It's easy to use, easy to clean.
It cooks evenly and the food is always great.

No complaints here...

Purchased in January 2016.

cheap & nasty

Something is definitely wrong with the temperature side of it, used 3 times & taking it back for a refund.Wasn't happy that it turned my dinner soggy.The way the basket rests when pulled out of the fryer causes oil to run down the front creating what should be an avoidable mess.


This is my first experience with a deep fryer and I got this one at 50% off in Target. So far its been great. Very easy to use and clean. Takes 3.5 litres of oil and takes about 4 minutes to heat oil to 190 degrees.
Easy to pull apart and easy to clean. Large basket.

We have had two of these cheap and nasty deep friers!

Our first Bellini model BTDF60 "cheap" deep frier packed it in within the warranty period...
The second (replacement one) continually failed to turn on from new, when it did turn on (after wiggling the power lead,) it then turned itself off intermittently!!!
~ I'm not talking about the thermostat cutting in and out...
It is now dead, it will not turn on!

We will NEVER buy any more Bellini products!
Cheap, light, stainless steel, rectangular shape.
Seems to have very poor wiring/electrical assembly!

6th time using caused an oil explosion & badly burned my index finger! Dangerous!!

I bought this product for $39 at Target back in August 2010. Used it 5 times to make doughnuts, spring rolls, etc. and found it did the job well. Nevertheless, on Easter Sunday while frying home-made Churros (Mexican Doughnuts)! the oil began to rapidly over boil. I reached over to turn the temperature down and the oil began to bubble over like a natural hot spring. Thankfully I stepped back but then there were 2-3 explosions in our kitchen with the oil bursting upwards and outwards. The hot oil splattered onto my chin, left hand, ceiling, kitchen blinds, counter top, cabinet and stove top. Received a blister burn on my left index finger, minor burns on chin and left thumb. Kitchen cabinet is warped and the rest of the kitchen needed several mop ups!
Inexpensive, bought on special. Looked stylish & compact!
Dangerous explosion occurred during its 6th use! Thankfully, there is only a slight 2nd degree burn on my left index finger, minor burns on my chin and left thumb and no one else got hurt!! Our kitchen had minor damage. Needless to say our Easter lunch ended early! Do not buy this product and if you have it already...beware!


I also bought this cheap at Target not having used a deep fryer before. I have cooked everything in it from packet supermarket fries to home-made deep fried icecream. It is very convenient but I find that it doesn't hold temperature that well and when I tested it with a thermometer it was up to 20 degrees out at times. It is very easy to use and clean but the filter in the lid doesn't come out so that can't be cleaned properly. overall I would receommend it as a good cheap starter to see if you use it but for regular use with a variety of foods I would probably consider other brands.
Convenient to use and value for money
temperature doesn't seem to be that accurate

Questions & Answers

I have had my Bellini Deep Fryer for a couple of years. Recently every time I cook frozen chips they come out very fatty and inedible. This is despite changing oil. What could be the problem? Is it the fryer?
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It sounds like it is not getting hot enough - check the temperature with a candy or deep fryer thermometer mine is sometimes up to 20 or 30 degrees below what the machine says which will make chips fatty and inedible.

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