4Bellybean Maternity Pillow

Bellybean Maternity Pillow

4Bellybean Maternity Pillow

87 reviews

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87 reviews

Waste of money

The biggest waste of money ever. I’m 5”10 with a solid build (athletic) and the two ends did not support my back or pregnant belly because my torso was too big for the pillow. It must be designed for midgets or something. It was so uncomfortable and has put me off buying another pregnancy pillow for fear I’ll waste my money so I have to settle for building pillow forts every night with my cheap pillows from Kmart which are more comfy then the belly bean. It’s definitely not worth the price they charge; honestly I would value it at $10, it’s crap. It’s almost a scam.

Jess W
Jess W

Amazing product - truly surprised

A few people recommended the belly bean to me and I was sceptical as it didn't look like much and I thought it was expensive. But after many weeks of poor sleep I cracked and ordered one. I'm blown away by how comfortable it is, and how much support it gives for such a small pillow. It really feels like sleeping in a padded cradle, so snug and comfy. Has stopped me shifting around a lot.

zuessBRIBIE ISLAND2 posts

Not just for pregnancy- great for lower back pain

Let's just say I am of mature age..not pregnant..I had a bad fall a few months ago and damaged my shoulder so I had to sleep on my side,normal pillows wouldn't stay in place but this pillow 'stays put'..Normal pillow for my head then I place one side between my knees and my shoulder on the head piece and the other side against my back it gave me support and fixed my chronic lower back problem..marvelous !!! I sleep very well now I can't recommend this type of pillow enough,,,,

siusin206Sydney, NSW10 posts

Relieved all my pregnancy back pain!

I bought this pillow in my second trimester when I started getting heavier and suffered from lower back, pelvic girdle pain and glute pain. I'm usually a back/tummy sleeper and I toss and turn like theres no tomorrow! The pillow restrained me from moving around too much, and its a bonus that it doesn't take up half the bed. Doesn't work for me as a breastfeeding pillow though...

Romina P
Romina PMelbourne3 posts

Not worth for money

I spent 89$ for something worth $10 really disappointed. I used this for second pregnancy and went out of shape after 8 weeks the pillow material you find it in any cheaper 2$ shop... only the pillow case is different.. anyway it’s helpful the way they have designed the pillow...but way tooooooooo expensive... don’t waste your money especially when your pregnant and there’s million stuff to buy in future...

Kbk86Victoria3 posts

Waste of money!

Do not waste your money. This product is severely overpriced and their profit margin must be huge. You would be better off going down to local cheap as chips store and buying two small $5 pillows and placing them in a pillow case. His is essentially all this product is. The material the pillow is made out of is super cheap and nasty and the only design feature is the custom shape - which does nothing. I'm really disappointed that I paid $89 for something worth $10. Outrageous - puts a bad name to Australian made products.

GagingiSouth East Queensland, QLD15 posts

Not for me

The pillow was well manufactured etc, but it didn't suit my body shape and was a complete waste of money. I used it for 1-2 nights from mid-pregnancy. As my pregnancy progressed I tried it again, but still no good. I found it useless as a feeding pillow and think most people would find it useless, so that bit of marketing is a big stretch.

busyB11 posts

Love it

So good for your back and belly... i hated moving pillows arould at night and this product stops that....

Using this for my 2nd baby.. and its not as good as when i get it new.. but still works..

If you do get this pillow.. you wont be disappointed at all!

MandKHobart18 posts

Price too high for what it is

Pretty similar to a review below - the product is just 2 small round cheap cushion inserts inside a cover, which you can only use one way due to the opening on one side. Was kind of comfortable to lay on but definitely not worth the high price, and it became misshapen pretty quickly too. I can't really understand all the really good reviews. I would have given the product an "ok" rating but it got poor because of the poor value for money. Even if you are paying for the "idea", it's far too high.

JP1australia10 posts

Best pillow!

This pillow is the best! Having severe rib pain that used to keep me awake at night, this pillow had made such a difference! It's now way more comfortable when i sleep & the pillow doesn't move when I turn sides, so it's perfect! Would definitely recommend it to other pregnant women!

EmsGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC6 posts

Love My BellyBean

I love this pillow! I have had the best sleep since using this pillow, it's made such a big difference when I wake up feeling refreshed and also for my energy levels throughout the day. I love that the pillow is made in Australia and Ethical too. Worth the money for sure!

sarah2 posts

Very comfy and useful

I was recommended to get this early on in my pregnancy and i just love it!! It really helped me through each trimester, i had a c-section 10 days ago and the bellybean is helping me to get comfortable especially as i'm still very sore and bruised. 10/10 to bellybean

Suzie2 posts

Not what I expected

I was expecting a spectacular pillow for the high price, but was a little taken aback when it was just 2 cheap round inner cushions and a cover. After a number of months, the velcro had lost it's strength and would come loose, which irritated me when lying against it. It was comfortable to use, but I can't justify the high price!


Love it

I'm a back sleeper so trying to stay off my back with pillows stuffed everywhere is annoying and them consistently falling on the floor! The bellybean keeps me on my side but supporting my sore lower back and comfortable on my tummy without squishing it! And being double sided I don't have to move it everytime I turn over is great! Love it

ES2 posts

Love the belly bean!

So comfortable for a usual tummy sleeper! I put a normal pillow between my knees and there is no pressure anywhere! My lower back used to hurt all the time and this completely stopped it. I still toss and turn but it's easy to because you don't have to rearrange the belly bean every time. Worth the money!

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JacqTHobart4 posts

Every pregnant women should get this!!

I had terrible pelvic pain since my belly got bigger, bought a body pillow and also put pillow around my waist but didn't help. Bellybean is a life saver!! I read all the positive reviews here but I doubted what this small pillow can do to help my pain and I was wrong! I shouldn't have waited so long before getting this pillow!! It's so easy to move the pillow around my belly and my back to the correct position, you don't have to bring the whole pillow with you when you switch side, and the best thing is the pillow is washable, it'll become fluffy again once you washed it. I used bellybean combine with my body pillow and my pelvic pain was gone!! Highly recommend this pillow to all pregnant women!!

Kimmysmrt9 posts
BiancandEveAU21 posts

Couldn't be without the pillow!

I got this pillow around 20 weeks pregnant I am now 32 weeks pregnant and have been sleeping amazing and a lot of has to do with the pillow! So amazing and comforting, love resting my bump and having some back support.

FolsSydney2 posts

Best maternity pillow

I used a body pillow for my first pregnancy but my hips became a problem in my second and I was turning over every 40 minutes all night. Trying to roll over with the body pillow and rearrange the bedding was tedious and painful. The belly bean was great for me as you don't need to move it during the night. My sister in law has a bad back from a car accident and found it helpful too. The cushions aren't overly stuffed which suited me as I'm only 159cm.
Doesn't need moving during the night.
Cost but definitely worth it
Food Floozy
Food Floozy4 posts

Best investment, right from the start

I was one of the lucky 'Popped out from 5 weeks onwards' pregnant ladies. Now, 2 days from 40 weeks pregnant, and this is still the single BEST purchase (regardless of price) I made. It's supported my tummy and back throughout the entire pregnancy, and ensured sleep. Later in the pregnancy, due to reflux (oh THAT's fun...) I added a few extra pillows to my back and neck to prop myself up on an angle, and again, the bellybean worked wonderfully with this set up. I really can't recommend this enough, it's fantastic!
Don't need to move it in your sleep, supportive, easy to clean, easy to use
bluebell2011AU23 posts

Shame I went without it for so long

I absolutely love my new Bellybean! I'm currently 27 weeks with bub # 2, and only wish I had had this through both of my pregnancies.

The cushions on either side are not so stuffed with padding that it makes your bump uncomfortable, and the flat part in the middle makes it super easy to roll over in the middle of the night without having to take a whole body pillow with you. I also love that it prevents me from sleeping flat on my back, which was waking me up at night before I got my Bellybean.

Expensive? Yes. But totally worth it.
Soft, comfortable, easy to roll over, prevents back sleeping
Haven't found anything yet

HoneyBeeKL2 posts
Kiwichick1979Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC6 posts

didn't live up to hopes

unfortunately I was hoping for a somewhat larger pillow that provided more support. I found it quite ineffective. I bought the bellybean pillow as it was a good price and seemed to look like what I wanted. However for my second pregnancy I bought another much larger pillow and felt that it was more supportive.

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Aline30Sydney, NSW3 posts

Love It!

I love it! I bought it after I read all the reviews on this website. And yes, this is a life safer. I can just turn around without having to carry my pillow with me, it really improved my sleep. The only thing is that I think it's overpriced for what is. In the end, it's only 2 pillows connected together.
35fishAU28 posts

Very happy!

Before using this pillow I was waking up during the night in agony from pain in my hips. I tried using other pillows, but found they were too bulky and didn't stop me from rolling onto my back.

The Bellybean pillow was EXACTLY what I needed - it isn't bulky, it supports my back so I can't roll over onto it, and also allows me to kind of sleep on an angle, so that I'm not constantly putting all weight onto my hips.

It doesn't interfere with my husband's sleep and it doesn't overheat your body during the night.
compact, not bulky, good support, posted extremely quickly
A bit expensive, but worth every cent!

kristy7781Newcastle3 posts
MummaMadelineNSW, 21252 posts
CristieMELBOURNE, Victoria22 posts
leafySouth East Queensland, QLD23 posts
DeeTAU8 posts

Great idea to help sleeping

The Bellybean has been great, stops me from rolling on my back, gives support to my bump and really locks me in to position when going to sleep.

jls08AU4 posts

Absolutely Love it! can't sleep without it!

My husband brought me a body pillow when i first fell pregnant, which i hated and have only ever used twice, i heard about belly bean from a friend and decided to get one and try it, i haven't slept without it since it arrived! Even took it on the plane where it was a god send DH used one end and i used the other to get some much needed sleep! I slept without it last night because i forgot to peg out cover and had the worst night sleep!

Would recommend this to every pregnant woman!


This saved my hips!

Nice and compact and easy to travel with, the Bellybean maternity pillow is fantastic as you don't have to move it when you roll over.

It fits snugly under your tummy and back, supporting them while you sleep and stopping those pains and aches that are common in pregnancy. I received this a couple of days after being crippled with a muscular sprain in my side. It saved my sanity! I woke up the next morning virtually pain free.
Compact, don't have to move when you roll over, provides instant comfort. Easy to wash.
A bit more expensive than other pillows on the market

tracey2791978Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC2 posts


A perfect compact pillow that is supportive for tummy and back at the same time. Loved it after first use.
does not take up to much room in the bed.

small enough to take traveling.

easy to remove cover for washing.

practical and useful.

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Ambersview10 posts


It is a good alternative to a body pillow as you can use it for leg support as well as cuddle it (ideal for tummy sleepers like me who need that feeling of security but haven't been able to sleep on their tummies since week 15!).
Versatile... I didn't like having my tummy rest on it as I felt squashed, but instead I use one section between my legs and I cuddle the other section.
I was a bit disappointed at first as I found the pictured way to use it wasn't comfortable, but once I realised I could use it more like a body pillow without the heat I was happy.
glockenpopAU30 posts

Great design

As soon as I saw an ad for this in a pregnancy mag I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. Being forced to sleep on your side isn't the best, and I was wanting to avoid that 'dragging' feeling of the weight on my middle as I got bigger. I like to tuck the other side behind my back for that added support. You can also use it to put one half between your knees and have the other half under your belly. It also saves having to move a pillow from side to side if you turn a lot.
Versatile. They also shipped it really quickly.

Great product

Has made my sleeping experience during late pregnancy 110% better and reduced my hip and back pain during the day substantially. Bought product second hand so didn't have the high cost for new. Haven't tried other maternity pillows so can't compare but I am very happy with this one.
lightweight, can take travelling, washable cover, supports you when you roll over either way or onto your back and stays in position all night, not bulky and hot.
expensive if buy new
NicneyAU44 posts


Highly recommended if you are having problems sleeping on your side at the end of your pregnancy. I have lent mine to friends and they all loved it too.
I love sleeping on my back but obviously couldn't towards the end of pregnancy, so this product was perfect for me. I found it to be comfortable and didn't take up a lot of room so there was room for nubby in the bed!
A bit expensive, but I still would buy it.
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