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Bendigo Blue

Bendigo Blue

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This is OK but I have found that there are better deals out there. It is also expensive to use if you for whatever reason have to make an EFTOPS withdrawal. The lack of Bendigo ATM's also makes this one expensive option. I have to pay $3.00 per month for the card and then the standard $2.00 to withdraw as there are no ATM's available.
Ease, convenience, ability to purchase from internet using your own money.
I found that hotels overseas especially in Asia would not accept this card as a deposit on the room bill when checking in. There was a lot of dollars in the account at the time. The Fee of $3.00 per month is a bit over the top.


As per any debit card this does have a monthly fee. But compared to the main banks it is much less. I love banking with Bendigo and am very happy with this account/card option as it allows me to select EFTPOS or Credit without running multiple accounts.
Convenience of using VISA facilities with your own money. Great for avoiding excess transaction charges. Nice looking card.
Sometimes it can be a bit hard to find a Bendigo Bank ATM but this has improved significantly in the past 3 years.

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This is actually the only debit card i've seen that does have a monthly fee.


A great card for a young person as there is no chance of getting themselves into debt while still giving them access to all of the benifits of VISA
This card gives me all of the freedom to pay for purchases using the internet and other credit facilities, with out any of the risks of getting into debt as you are only using your own money. It is also handy as their is no monthly interest charge.
Up until now I was very happy with it as you had no yearly fees like most other banks but then we were told that we would need to pay a three dollar a month fee to keep our card which adds up over the year and if like us you only put money into the card when you need to pay for something. Then now you need to ensure that there is always money in the card.


Is there any debit card out there that does not charge fees if you always use the credit option???? I would love to know.
Use it like a credit card (pay for things online or over the phone) but with no interest charges as you use your own money in your bank account.
I just received a letter from Bendigo Bank advising that from May 2008 they will commence charging a monthly fee of $3 for accounts attached to a bendigoblue debit card. Unfortunatley I have 2 bendigoblue debit cards. I'm very disappointed. Was a very happy Bendigo Bank customer until now.

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Bendigo Blue
Release dateJun 2007
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