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Brow magicians with style

Customer service excellence is what I received at Benefit Brow Modbury... in Myer Tea Tree Plaza.
Everyone must be told of this professional service and the talent that Mary (manager) and Charlotte her amazing staff has, my only regret is that I had not discovered them sooner. Recently I had a bad and painful experience leaving me with thin eyebrows. I went to Myer to ask one of the ladies at another counter if a brow pencil could be recommended... thankfully they led me to Benefit Brow! The atmosphere is inviting and the warm friendly welcome that is showered on every customer is a testament to their demand. I have eyebrows that look natural, shapely and make me feel good. (That is so important to every female)
I now am using 'Gimme Brow' which enhances my 'new tinted shaped brows' and Mary gave me a sample of the mascara.... Roller Lash which is fantastic. I intend to explore all of their make up products ... so many on offer and not expensive!
A sincere thank you to Mary and Charlotte for your care, genuine warm friendly conversation and above all your skills and professionalism ... be sure to book as they are very busy!
You have earned a new customer for life!
Many thanks Mary O..... from Fairview Park

Love it!

I love little Benefit shop in Canberra centre. The ladies are lovely and very helpful. I was a bit hesitant to get Bad gal mascara but luckily I listened to the girls. Mascara works so well for me. It’s my go to mascara now.

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Perfect Service

Service was Quick
They knew what they were doing and shaped my brows perfectly, very happy with result!
They specialize only in brows, they took good care of me and were very knowledgeable.
keep up the good work

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I booked a appointment with the Myers Sydney City Store. I normally book it with a girl called Nook who so far has been fantastic. Nook's name was not on the screen. When i wen to the store one of the managers told me that a senior eyebrow consultant will look after me called Marina. She ruined my eyebrows. One is shorter than the other. She has made them thin. I asked her why she was cutting them. I told her not to cause i did not like cutting them. She cut them anyway. The look horrible now. I made it a point before i started just to tidy up not to wax too much as i like thick eyebrows. Now i have to pencil them in. Which looks really fake

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Need more staff Benefit Tea Tree Plaza!!

I made an online appointment for Brow Wax and Tint and because there was one staff member on who was working on the brow bar and serving customers, I had a wait time of 40 mins from my scheduled appointment time. Luckily didn’t have anywhere to be today!

A second staff member is needed to service your busy store and take the pressure off your staff.

In saying this, Mary at TTP is wonderful and an asset to your team. She is professional and friendly, even under so much pressure!! Hope she got a lunch break today!

They don’t stick to appointment time

Long waiting time although there is a booked appointment. Terrible! I was told to wait 20 mins then another 30 mins. Seriously? Not worth it!

Bad shape, Both eyebrows different shape

Both eyebrows were different shapes .Also one eyebrow was thicker than the other,They were also not a nice shape. I would not go back again.

If You Want HAIR Like Strokes, DONT BUY!

IF you want HAIR like strokes, DON'T BUY. I have been filling out my brows for a decade, I am an experienced buyer and have tried most of the brow pencils in the 50 dollar price range, this brow pencil is Not Water Proof, Nor smudge Proof. When applying, after the 4th stroke the pencil itself begins to warm, and the line you want to make thickens, as you go on, it gets warmer and thicker, and it leaves little thick glob patches. I want hair like strokes, and i need quite a few, as i have thin brows, the more you apply , the poorer the result,
This pencil is of cheap quality, it is all marketing at best, its gimmicks!
Tip, to keep your brows in place, save your money and use a tiny bit of old fashioned soap on a brow brush for best results !

Service myer Sydney Pitt st store.

Awesome service from the girls to myself and daughter. Great customer service. Explained use of products and a great result.


Great service at Benefit Doncaster lovely girls very helpful made to feel very comfortable I am very happy with my eyebrows

Poor service

Poor service in Adelaide Myer. Was trying to make an appointment and stopped to think for literally a few seconds as first option wasn't available. Started to say I was thinking that... and she talked over the top of me to a person who just walked up behind me. Very rude lost more than one customer over this. This is the first bad review I have ever written as I am normally very forgiving but can't believe how rude she was!

This service was absolute appalling.

I was walking past the store in myers and there was this lady and she addressed me over to her and i thought she was just wanting to try and test some makeup on me but if it wasn't rude enough that she was serving other people because i wasn't buying her product but she did one of my brows and didn't even do the other i asked for her to do the other one and she said sorry they usually only do one of them. Then i thought to myself does this women seriously want me to go shopping in public with one of my brows basically tinted. Seriously how can people be so rude.

Ruined perfectly shaped brows

I asked for my brows to be tidied up that i liked the shape and thickness. I now have brows that don't define my large eyes because they took shape from the top and thinned them out too much. Not happy!! And at my age they had better grow back or i will be really annoyed!!!!

My go to for lip gloss

I am constantly trying new lip glosses to try and find a nice shade that stays on and is not sticky. The closest i have gotten to what i am looking for is benefit plush lip gloss in lollibop shade. Its a velvety soft texture and a really nice pink fresh tint. The drawback is it doesn't stay on long. I'll keep trying other samples but until i find one as good as this with the added bonus of lasting longer i will continue to buy this one!

Benefit Gimme Brow - I thought it was good when I got it, but then I discovered Maybelline Brow Dram

I think Benefit is certainly a good brand, but its very overpriced, at least the eye brow products I've purchased. I like their pencils, and I really like Gimme Brow. BUT, I read a review about Maybelline Brow Drama and I think it is fantastic. It is similar to Gimma Brow, it's like a mascara for eyebrows, but its easier to use, pretty much fool proof, and 1/3 of the cost.

Awful they're real mascara

Got this mascara at Christmas.... the first few times of using this my lashes were nice! I genuinely have lovely long thick natural lashes anyway. But since using this I have hardly any left!!!! They have fallen out at such a fast horrible rate! I've had two eye infections in a matter of weeks!!! Never would I recommend this!


I will not recommend any product from benefit cosmetic I got the eyebrow kit from Dubai airport and it is foully
I have been chasing the customer service but no help at all. I will never recommend.

Avoid the brow bar at Myer Macquarie centre, NSW

I was approached in Myer and needed my brows done, so decided it was a good opportunity. I told the technician that I hadn't had my brows done in the 2 years since I'd had a baby. She then proceeds to shape my brows and leave big gaps where I was instructed to let the hair grow in. I'm no professional, but if no hair has grown there in the past 2 years, then it's not about to start. Also asked for very light tint on my blond brows and ended up dark brown. I wouldn't return.

Eyebrow Wax and Tint - Unprofessional Service

I had an appointment today at 12pm, which I arrived for a few minutes early, to be polite. I had booked in for 12pm with [name removed] and by 12.10pm I had still not been seen. I asked the two makeup artists on the floor (who were lovely and very helpful) how much longer it would be and they said that [name removed] was 5-10 minutes off finishing her last client. Meaning I would not be seen until 12.20pm. Okay, I wait. By 12.20pm I am still not seen and offered to have a different person do my brows. [name removed] did my brows around 12.30pm and to her credit was lovely and very professional. Once [name removed] finished her brows she did not come over to apologize. I found her attitude to be extremely unprofessional and in a service based business I do not find this acceptable. On the flipside, if I had of arrived at 12.30pm for a 12pm appointment I would not have been seen.

Overall the dealings I had with all of the other staff made up for the poor attitude of one staff member. [name removed] did a great job of my eyebrows - thank you for making up for a bad experience.

Kept waiting for hours for a third rate service

Who wants to sit in public while an overworked underpaid and often less than healthy beautician gives you lowest common denominator service ?
Never again !
After forty minutes there were still four people ahead of me on the list.
I waited another hour then checked to find there were still four people in front of me.
Why ? You can telephone for an appointment time and these people are taken in preference to those in the so called queue.
A pathetically mismanaged unprofessional presence at the delivery of a service !

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