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Bengido Bank Online

Bengido Bank Online

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Dreadful Service. Go elsewhere

Bank with Bendigo if you want to pay Fee’s on top of Fee’s on top of Fee’s! Terrible Customer Service, terrible processing speeds, just all round bad service. Short term customer already had enough.
Seriously go elsewhere.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

Not bigger than a bank, more like "worse than a bank"

Lagging way behind from other banks. No option to reset password online, nor to even register for online banking! Calling customer service to do these things is a pain, always more than 20 mins wait. Last time I was on hold for 48 minutes then they hung up! Beyond frustration!

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

Worst Bank In Australia

Worst people, they claim to be a good bank but lie because I called and the man or woman I could not tell said that I would be getting a call in the morning today oh well lololol

Absolute shameful , consumers are still waiting for their money and Bendigo will not speed up payments !

Absolutely and totally disappointed ! I am STILL waiting for income payment ! Speed up payments Bendigo !! Your at fault so process consumers payments so they can eat and get medication !!! Most of us DO NOT earn enough NOT to live day by day ! I’m STILL WAITING !

Lousy new interface wreaks havoc with disability and often fails to work.

I have been a BBL customer for around 20 years, and until their recent changes to their online banking portal, I was more than happy with them. I am looking elsewhere.

I have multiple disabilities, including a sensory processing disorder. With the old interface, I had no problems using it. It was simple, clean and clear.

With the new facelift, the site is wreaking havoc with me. I am having trouble focussing on things and the information is confusing. It gives me headaches and nauseates me. I have complained to the BBL but they cannot do anything about it. They suggested I try phone banking, which I set up, but have not used as my auditory processing issues are worse than my visual ones.

I am really worried I may make mistakes, given how hard it is to use the new interface. The risk of errors is far greater on phone banking, however.

To make matters worse, the new interface is shockingly slow on my computer. Today, I wanted to transfer funds and pay some bills and had to log out and log back on to see if it might work. It just went around in circles for ages. It worked eventually, after a huge amount of stress and trouble.

On top of all these woes, since the switch to the new interface, my Microsoft mobile phone cannot transfer funds between accounts. There is some sort of glitch I cannot get past.

I am now looking for a bank that offers online banking that is practical for me to use.

It is a pity, as I have always been happy with Bendigo Bank. I have always found them helpful and prompt in responding to concerns.

Review TypeGeneral Transactions

The best bank ever

The staff have always been very helpful to their customers and the service has been excellent so I would recommend banking with them because they have good interests on their savings accounts.

Customer Service
Review TypeATM Experience, General Transactions and New Account

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