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Berkley Fireline Tournament Exceed

Berkley Fireline Tournament Exceed

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The next step up from Fireline

I have used fishing line for as many years as I can now remember. It all started with mono and then it went to Platypus Pink and then it was Platypus Platinum and stopped far beyond going to Pretest; so the next logical step up was Fireline at the time and it was ok... Fireline was the necessary step up from mono, so its only right that Fireline go through some necessary changes in time, it got better with the decade that it was on the shelves. I have never caught on with the newer braided lines, just doesn't feel right nor tie right in my eyes and I would hate to sit there for 10 minutes in a low light situation and tie a FG knot with a $40 tool...

This new Fireline Exceed is a good blend of strength, diameter, quality, price and confidence. I bought some spools and have filled some of my reels with it and the difference is hugely noticeable, there is by far less memory than the original fireline and its smooth! Ties great Slim Beauty and Double Uni knots which I use primarily and no knots have given way as yet.

I am certainly liking the Exceed in comparison to the old Fireline, however wont be changing all my spools unnecessarily but when needed.

Certainly not a high end line by any gauge or by the 'elitist' fishing groupies, which are using PE 8 strand lines and want super limp line like their wrists.
Affordable, quality, good meterage per spool (300 or 150 yard), super smooth, good knot strength, great casting feel, dependable and gives good lure feel!
Should give a little Sticker with it - "Spooled with Exceed!" just to know what I got on the reel.

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