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Poor Customer Service

After only a few months one of my bras started falling apart so I emailed Berlei customer service, hoping they would replace it. Instead I was given a $30 credit but the bra costs $70 so it in now way covers a replacement. Won’t be buying from Berlei again!!!

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Sizing True to size

Amazing comfort

I have never felt such comfort so comfortable just amazing. Very easy to buy online. Lovely fabric fits perfect and I have a fake breast so really happy.

Quality has definitely deteriorated

I've always worn the barely there bras for many years, I overlooked the last problem with the last three I bought ( wire poked through only after two or threes wears) and bought two more recently, the fit of the latest bras are slightly different (smaller) and the material is thinner so the support isn't there for a 16D bra. I will not be buying Berlei anymore and feel the price is not in line with the quality offered. Why would you change what was great to an inferior product! Many people I know are saying the same thing and I'm happy to discuss this further,

and this

Do NOT buy from Berlei

Do not buy from this dodgy company! 2 months later I am still waiting on 2 bras I sent back for an exchange. I have called, emailed, called again, emailed again and have heard nothing! When I did get through it sounded like I was speaking with a 16 year old who had no idea what she was doing, I was told I was getting a refund... that was a month ago.

There are so many better brands out there with great customer service. Steer clear of this pathetic company.

Terrible service. Dont waste your money.

I bought two bras and two underwear almost a month or so ago, received the items, the two bras didnt fit. Filled out a return order not too long after receiving items to send the two bras back. Followed all the instructions - printed off the returns receipt and sent back to return address. I sent then an email a week later as returns email said it would take 3-5 days to get back to them, asked if they received them yet and wanted to make sure that everything was okay, didnt hear from them. Send them another wondering if I could get an update on the process of my order, still nothing, by this time the first afterpay payment had been taken out, I waited a few more days, still nothing, sent them another email saying that this is absolutely ridiculous and how terrible this behaviour is. I still haven't heard anything back from them. Have now sent AfterPay an email to which they apologised for not being able to do anything but said that they also sent Berlei a nudge but I STILL haven't heard anything from them. What a waste of money towards an ignorant brand. I loved berlei for so long but because of this experience I regrettably will not be supporting this brand. Good luck to others.

September 4th 2018 Update: Follow up from my last review.

Follow up from my last review - They actually deleted my review on their website. They're hiding what people really think. If they cant do a good job and then wont accept someone saying so, then they shouldn't be in business. This is just absolutely appalling behaviour. Still haven't gotten a response or money back by the way...

Worst online company ever

Purchased 2 bras, upon arrival 1 did not fit, got a return number from Berlei and prompty sent item back for a larger size. Almost 3 months later I have not received the replacement. All attempts to get in contact with this company have failed. They do not reply to case numbers or emails. I am out of pocket but they really don't care. Avoid at all costs. They were once a reputable company but now they have been taken over by Bonds they are beyond awful. This was the only bra brand I would ever purchase but now I will be finding a replacement that does not steal customers money. I will be forwarding matters to Australian consumer protection shortly. Out of the thousands of online purchases I have made, this is the worst!

Frustrated and braless

I don't even know where to start, and would very happily leave a 0 stars for both overall and customer service if possible.
I placed an order on 12 May (more than two months ago). Within minutes I realised I had written the wrong size so I emailed them several times, filled out the contact form several times and phoned them - after half an hour on hold I still had no reply. I got a very unhelpful email back 3 weeks later telling me to return it as they hadn't responded to any of the messages in time to sent the new size. Therefore I went through the returns process and sent it back. Australia post tracking shows that they received in 15 June (over a month ago) but I have had no exchange arrive or any notification that one is being processed or sent. Again, I have submitted online queries about this (over two weeks ago), with no reply or acknowledgement. This is the most amazingly bad customer service that I have ever dealt with. And I still do not have a bra??

Oh and to top it off. When I wrote a very polite review on their website when the sent me a link for the review saying it was a fantastic bra but that I had been frustrated by the customer service, they deleted the review... Don't trust any reviews on the website as they clearly delete anything that's not glowing, as this was written in a very polite manner but just pointing out one (true) issue

Online ordering is terrible

I can't get anyone to respond to my 5 queries since 20/4/2018, because I want to return one ill-fitting bra, and I bought underwear in 2/for deal, only received one pair. I will never order with them again. The service is the worst I have ever had.

Quality of Berlei has gone off

I agree with a similar review I read today, I am 67 and have "always" bought Berlei bras but the quality has gone off, are they only designed now to last about a year and no more? Mine are falling apart and I always wash them in a laundry bag. I need to buy more bras but now asking myself why pay more for a brand name if the quality is not there. I'm thinking of paying less, perhaps a Target brand or K-mart which should last about the same time for half the price. Disappointed as they are a comfortable bra but quality no longer there.

Comfortable Undies, Will Buy Again!

My first time buying undies from Berlei and they did not disappoint. They're so comfy and the fabric is great quality as well. Their sports bras are also really supportive.

Great bra, very bad service!!

Great bra, very bad service!!

Bra is great, comfortable and supportive for my competition boxing training. However, the process of getting the bra left me never wanting to order from Berlei online again. Firstly, I returned 2 bras for an exchange of size and followed their directions to use the parcel drop, which allowed me to rewrap it, enclose a printed slip, and then drop it off at a nearby, registered chemist. Weeks went by and I heard nothing. I had to chase Berlei up. Multiple times. Eventually they told me that they had never received it and next time I should use Registered Post (and then 'informed' me of the advantages of using registered post). It was quite frustrating, but they eventually sent me 2 replacement bras. Maybe next time, I'll try eBay again.

Bad online service

Exchanged an order, but wanted to get a refund eventually .

But the on line service staff was saying "need to receive the exchanged order , and then send back again, asking for refund . And they haven't sent out the order yet.

Not efficient at all .

Very comfortable bra ever! i used to have a shoulder and back pain but the first day i wear it i fel

i used to have a shoulder and back pain but the first day i wear it i felt light feeling of my back.I can tell the quality is very good.try it AND YOU will see it to yourself.It fits really well to me.

Bras & Panties

I only wear Berlei bras & panties as they are as advertised & quality is very good. I purchased Lift & Shape wirefree bra & matching lift & shape panties. Bra is comfortable, bust retains good shape, material is soft & comfortable against skin. Panties are smooth on the skin, no show seams, very comfortable to wear.

Excellent breast feeding bra

So comfortable and very funtional. Comfortable even at bedtime. Discreet feeding access even when out in public. Washes well and an affordable price. I highly recommend this for anyone with a larger cup size. Being a size 16 and F cup. The berlei is supportive with comfortable materials and great wide straps

Stupid Ad!!& Non relevant

Why create an ad that's inappropriate to be aired on tv.The bras are not even comfortable too. So false advertisement. Which ever audience you're targeting, majority aint comfortable with how you try to draw customers in.

Quality really deteriorated

I have been a Berlei Barely There bra wearer for years, and recently purchased a new one. This bra is nothing like the bras I purchased a couple of years ago. The quality is awful. Badly finished, material is thinner. Very disappointed, this has been my favourite bra over the years. Won't be buying again.

Very poor after one wear

Purchase 2 sport bras over 60 dallor
had same promblem with wire pop out in 2 weeks after one wash in laundry bag for bra
I will be looking for better style and make for bra
Very poor make.

Terrible, never trust again. Poor customer care handling (non-existent!)

Berlei (Pacific Brands) your customer care has gone down the toilet! Like other reviews on here, I received the wrong sized item. Berlei made no effort to correspond after I emailed and called to rectify the issue. I had to take the matter to fair trading, where they then (after over a month) refunded me $10.80! And didn't even offer a replacement. What a waste of time and effort. Will never shop with them again! Also the strapless bra I bought caused welts on my skin which I am still recovering from. They have changed the silicone inside the bra and it's nasty. Will be looking for a new brand asap. Berlei you lost a loyal customer because of your lack of care for the customer.

Nothing Naturals Briefs purchase & delivery

I live in NZ. Ordered briefs online - easy as. Delighted at 'special' price and delivery - 4 DAYS! Excellent service. Goods arrived in perfect order though didn't need the hangers.

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone else had their order simply cancelled because apparently since the order was made all the stock has suddenly run out?
1 answer
I purchased my bras from my local David Jones. Sorry i can't help there.

Has anyone experienced skin iritation with berlie minimiser bras?
2 answers
Yes I am going insane with two I purchased in june! Itchy at the back all the time whie wearing it! Only relieves by not wearing it on a rare day off! Have worn this type of bra for 20 + years no problems! I paid 150 dollors for the two and am really suspect they may be made of something bad now?Yes I am going insane with two I purchased in june! Itchy at the back all the time whie wearing it! Only relieves by not wearing it on a rare day off! Have worn this type of bra for 20 + years no problems! I paid 150 dollors for the two and am really suspect they may be made of something bad now?

I recently bought two Berlei strapless bra from Myer, i wore one but the moment i wore that i got really ichy and red where the silicon strips were, i tried it again one more time but it happen again. I told the lady who works at Myer what happened, she asked me to put baby powder before i wear it but i am scared to try it again. I still have receipt, am i allow to exchange to a different strapless bra? because i need to to wear it next week for an important event.
1 answer
I would return the bra. I work in retail in high management. Simply say you are dissatisfied with the product or it is faulty and they will issue you with a refund. I have heard powder can be effective but maybe try another brand. Sometimes worth paying a bit more for such specialised products.

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