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Bayer Berocca

Bayer Berocca

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Berocca has horrible taste

we have tried all flavours, my teenage so is fit does lot of boxing cardio & Martial arts for last 8yrs said berocca didnt help him with energy spikes at all.We just started taking Voost taste 100% better than Berocca.

Purchased in June 2018 at Chemist Warehouse Physical Store.

Effective Within Did not work

questionable product

Looked at buying this product as a source of vitamin c, totally disappointed to read the ingredients, re aspartame, where are they coming from ?????? No I did not take it for the mere reason of the ingredients contained

Purchased in December 2006 at Coles Supermarkets for $3.00.

Effective Within Did not work

Use everyday

Great product. Tasty flavours and a great start to the day. I have the orange flavoured drink every morning which kick starts my day. Provides me with the daily vitamins I need

Good, solid, useful product

In the USA, packaged snack foods and the like all have added vitamins to compensate for those lost in processing; not so in Australia.
I eat quite a lot of processed carbs, such as biscuits and pasta, so a B vitamin supplement is definitely called for.
I notice a lift with Berocca, though some of that may be to do with the phenylalanine (part of aspartame). Also, it has a good dose of magnesium which my stomach tolerates well (unlike other mag supplements). I have found that magnesium is good for libido, and about 4 hours after taking 1 Berocca, I often notice a distinct boost. The zinc probably helps too.
For reference, I'm a 49yo male, and quite fit (Martial Arts instructor).


Good taste with lemon and orange favour, good substitue for soft drink. the best to drink striaght away as fizzy will gone. Good source of energy in the morning but if you have acid reflux or too many acid in your stomach, try to avoid it

The mango and orange isn't too bad.But

The flavour isn't so bad but I don't get why there is always white powders stays at the button of the cup and I actually prefers the Voost one , like it can dissolve it completely and 'frizzer'

I love this product!

I started taking berocca performance about a month ago now and love it's effects. I am a personal trainer and natural bodybuilder always breaking down my body and not eating my veggies so this is a great supplement to get what I need in my diet.

It doesn't have everything I need but for the reasons I take it, it's excellent and delivers when it comes to increased mood and brain function.

Best start to the day

Instead of relying on coffee and caffeine to start a busy day, berocca has been a great supplement. It definitely makes a difference in my energy levels and mood, especially in stressful times.

Dreadful taste

I had the Mango and Orange Berocca apart from the Apasme and artificial Sweetener it worries me when I take this artificial tablet. The Taste is horrible and it leaves a bad aftertaste. Maybe they should use a different flavour and stevia a natural sweetener

I agree with most

I feel a lot better after having a berocca. I'm not sure if I'm lacking in b vitamins but it seems to help me a lot. This and magnesium are a good mix.

Slight Confusion

I have been using berocca for quite a while, usually having the orange flavour. But a few days ago i bought orange and mango instead, since i like both oranges and mangos, but i find it tastes a lot closer to pineapple than it does to mangos and oranges. Regardless, it does give me the kick of energy i need in the morning

Boost your day.

Ive been using BB for ages it seems. One every morning and iam good to go, Its easy to use .just add water. In a fast world we forget to eat right and ive found that BB just gives me a nudge should I find myself eating too much junk. Its packed with B vitamin goodness and some extra's so grab a box and keep, in the car . Just make sure you have water. Your body will love you for it.

I find these super beneficial

I take these all the time and feel the benefits, especially if I have missed taking them for a day or two. I highly recommend them for energy, especially if I'm under pressure.

Taking this for years!

I have been drinking Berocca for the past five years and it has been my energy booster ever since. I believe that it has boosted my immunity against diseases such as colds and fatigue. But more of its benefits for me is relief of stress and fatigue especially with my line of work which really results to sore muscles and aching joints. I also find the original orange flavour as refreshing as it was since the first time I bought it. I have been taking it almost every day.

Great for energy!

I began using Berocca to help me with my energy levels at work. Immediately I could feel the difference - I had more energy, was more alert and was able to focus really well on everything I was doing.
My ability to do my job quickly and well went up and I couldn't be happier with that. Having a desk job means sitting there for long periods of time and my joints get really sore. After going on this stuff, my joints haven't been aching as much - although they still irritate me in the cold weather but that can't be helped.
The orange Berocca tastes great and I have it every morning!

22 year user

At age 40 I had tonsilitius again ad had for prior years anoutvSept each year.Accidently i tried berocca red and like it. At the same time i been to the doctor who said one more bout of tonsilitus and we will have to remove them.Not a good thing to do as a 40 year old male.Fast forward 22years I still have my tonsils,dont have flu shots and only go to doctors for self inflicted acts of stupidity.Have 4 grown ups who always have colds etc but no one is interested
I will take themvto the day I die.
PS When at urinal at the footy i now stand over the grate as they would think i have hepatitus.
Only ever have origional red as i dont think other colours are as good.
Long live Berocca.

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Am pleased to advise that my daughter Phoebe who is 28 started using after reading my review 10 days ago. Long Live Berocca. PS She got the wrong colour now changed to origional

Can't live without it!

We bought this product for my husband but he didn't find it helped him. So I decided to try it and I love it! I don't get the zitters and it doesn't interrupt my sleep. I need to order some more !


Love it. I use it before I work out because of the energy. I don't take all the time because it has aspartame. Yall should take that out. Especially if it has nothing to do what the effects it's giving.

Amazing product .

Wish I had come across this product years ago, have been taking it for four weeks now, cant believe the difference it has made, have been recommending it to friends and family.


I have had both the orange and new mango/orange flavour and I ADORE the taste! I am not a sweet tooth though, so it's a great pick me up for someone who doesn't favour sugary energy drinks. Perfect in the morning with some toast or couple hours after lunch at work to lift the levels!

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I am a diabetic of 12 years. Am I supposed to continue with my Berroca? My Pharmacist advice not to continue because of my Type 2 Diabetes?
No answers

A freind gave me, whle i was playing, i felt its very good and efective, i am a badmiton paer , 47 rs old. So i bought a pack. I want to now, 1 tablet is for how many ours ? If i ave morning and evenin playing sessions, if i take 1 tablet enogh or is it ok to take 2 ? And how fast this willeffect ? How any mnts before i must drink this ? Or its good after finish play? Is this a pre workot drink or while playing will effect as CAA manaf, sri lanka
1 answer
I would suggest taking 1 tablet just before you start playing. If you're playing again later that day, you could take another one, or maybe consider some other kind of pre-workout drink. like coffee! Btw, if you do want to have a coffee AND a Berocca, try to separate them by an hour or 2, as the coffee tends to flush out the B vitamins. In terms of effective duration etc, I think you'll just have to experiment and see how you feel. Have fun!

Can I drink Berocca while I have PMS?
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Bayer Berocca
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