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I am a diabetic of 12 years. Am I supposed to continue with my Berroca? My Pharmacist advice not to continue because of my Type 2 Diabetes?
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A freind gave me, whle i was playing, i felt its very good and efective, i am a badmiton paer , 47 rs old. So i bought a pack. I want to now, 1 tablet is for how many ours ? If i ave morning and evenin playing sessions, if i take 1 tablet enogh or is it ok to take 2 ? And how fast this willeffect ? How any mnts before i must drink this ? Or its good after finish play? Is this a pre workot drink or while playing will effect as CAA manaf, sri lanka
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I would suggest taking 1 tablet just before you start playing. If you're playing again later that day, you could take another one, or maybe consider some other kind of pre-workout drink. like coffee! Btw, if you do want to have a coffee AND a Berocca, try to separate them by an hour or 2, as the coffee tends to flush out the B vitamins. In terms of effective duration etc, I think you'll just have to experiment and see how you feel. Have fun!

Can I drink Berocca while I have PMS?
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can i take the ber boost whilst on blood pressure tablets?
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I can not see why not, as ive been on meds and still taken it. Its only vitamin B , but if your not sure ask your doctor for peace of mind.

Does Berroca make you feel jittery?
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Hi it doesn't make me jittery.

Can my 10 year old daughter have it?
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It is ok because it doesnt contain caffeine but consuming too much at a young age is a problem. In the USA berocca contains caffeine!I would not give a product containing artificial sweetners to a child. They are even more damaging than sugar. They can spike the blood sugar levels, which is what can give that initial energy boost, but drop rapidly after leaving you craving more sugar. They can cause in balances in other hormones as they are stored in the liver. Just come across your post so probably a bit late now, but it might help someone else.Righto cat, on the packet it is clearly stated that person from 12 years and onwards can consume the product. But, I let my pet monkey have a suckle. He died smarter than you, read the packet you downi! Rip Jimbo

Is it better to take it in the morning or at night. Does it affect sleep?
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Morning,definitely. Sets me up for the day. I would not take it in the evening.Yeah I wouldn't take it at all to be honest with the side effects I've experienced. For sure you don't want to take any energy supplement at night unless you are intentionally looking not to sleep well.

How many can I take in one day? And how often?
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One tablet per day

Somebody suggested that it can help with hearing problems as it stimulates the nerves,is this true?
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Im sorry David I wouldnt know. Interesting to know though....

My partner has been taking berocca for many years now every morning I am wondering if he should have a break every now and then, what are as he is not jumping out of his skin with B B B bursts of energy?
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Hi i put my husband on IntelliVit for men made by Blooms. Available at your local pharmacy for around $22 which lasts 2 months. Its a split release tablet. One layer is an instant release of multivitamins and the second layer is a slow release. Berrocca has plenty of great ingredients but the IntellVit was my choice for my hubby since he was a bit the same, but this doesnt seem to make him jump out of skin either i think the vitamins, a balanced diet and daily excersize will solve that problem. My husband seems to be more energetic when he starts goin to the gym i just put him on vitamins to give his body suplements that he may be missing out on.

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