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Gives me energy for my day and workouts!

If I want to get up and get my workout in, I just pop one in a water bottle and drink. Within 20 mins I'm a new person! I like that it's more natural than 5 hour energy, and doesn't give me heart burn like 5 hr either. Taste could be better, but other than that no complaints! Just make sure to eat with it or you'll be jittery

I mixed it in orange/pineapple juice

First time I tried this, I couldn't get the full four ounces down. I have chronic mono so I really need an extra energy boost from B-12 and minerals. So instead of giving up, the next day I mixed it with 4 oz of orange-pineapple juice. No problem getting it down. Works great! Really glad I found this product.

Needs improvement.

I think that Berocca should have a different range of flavours instead of one to make customers happier. I didn't enjoy the taste, but I did like the fizziness. If I was to be honest, I didn't get any energy that I was expecting.

GRRREAT pick me up.

I bought Berocca hoping it would give Some more energy and help with Alertness. I use to take five hour energy Pomegranate but that product tasted Awful too. I would recommend Berocca to anyone wanting to improve their Alertness. I use to LOVE NOS energy drink you know the Souped up Mountain DEW NRG drink.. It Kept a wake for four or five hour's BUT the come down was as if some one just unplugged the cord, MAJOR BUMMER. Anyway I love this stuff!!!!!!! ( BIG WARNING ) if you plan on getting some rest or SLEEP DON'T Take this with in FIVE hours. OH and Don't be Alarmed if you notice your urine is ATOMIC ORANGE. I gave this product Four stars and would have given Five stars if it Just did not have this moms medicine TASTE. or A
one-a-day Vitamin taste.

CONS: The TASTE, it Just Tastes HORRIBLE , Like the taste of a Vitamin Super B complex w/liver & yeast

Looks great on the box but too many artificial chemicals

Whatever it is that's in Barocca makes me extremely sick and I get a horrible fake sweet taste in my mouth for the whole day that doesn't go away after Barocca. This is the third time I bought a pack of it and each time I noticed how terribly sick I feel and poisoned. I believe it's the phenanlyne (sorry can't be bothered to spell it) or the artificial sugars. But it's horrible. I'd rather you guys just put crappy sugar and calories in than poison me with fake sugars and fake colours and flavours! I won't buy again and I feel stupid for buying them three times now in the hope I am wrong but I am not.

Finally something that works for me!

I've been using this product for two months and it has kept me going through my shift as an overnight grocery stocker at HEB. I use to take five hour energy but this product is the right one for me. I would advise to take it for at least a whole week before you decide that it's not for you.
focus and energy with out jitters
turns your urine same color as the beverage

Didn't provide what I was looking for

I bought Berocca hoping that it would provide what it promises but instead I got nothing out of it. No energy and no mental clarity at all. Not even the slightest hint of a pick me up. On top of that it tastes horrible. The taste was like unsweetened orange kool aid mixed with crushed aspirin. Also not to mention the extremely high price. I bought the 10 count container at Walgreens and it was almost $12. Such a waste.

Pure gold for this silver surfer

I am 70,still work, often over forty hours a week caring for people in their own homes.Having severe arthritis I do not sleep too well and after seeing the Berocca T.V. ad thought maybe it would give me a bit of a lift to start the day. I truly cannot believe what a difference it has made, way beyond my expectations. Obviously it has no beneficial effect whatsoever on my arthritis but the feeling of alertness and well being it gives enables me to cope with the joint pain I endure with so much more ease. I feel alive,alert and ready for whatever the day, or night throws at me. I take no prescription medications at all so the big improvement in my general well being can only be down to Berocca. It does make your urine very yellow so if I ever have to give a sample I ensure I take one late in the day.

Best thing EVER!!

My brother told me to try berocca-He uses it to concentrate on his studies and found it really helpful.
I have low iron and suffer from persistent fatigue; also a side-effect of the medication I take. Although I enjoy coffee, caffeine does absolutely nothing to me. I have a constant struggle just to stay awake at work. When the fatigue is particularly bad, I take Berocca. I'm not a fan of the original or the Orange flavour, so I don't usually take Berocca unless I'm really desperate. Although in saying that; just yesterday I bought the new " Berocca Boost" and quite enjoyed the flavor!
I would recommend Berocca to anyone wanting to improve their focus and mental alertness. I don't know what I would do without this product!

Thanks berocca

I've tried everything and finally found Berocca helps me over the 3:00 pm slow down where I have to nap or have seriously strong coffee. Now I've noticed I stay focused and alert. Not jittery and nervous. Thanks!

Berocca not worth it!

I bought Berocca hoping it would give a little more energy and help with mental sharpness, but that has not been the case. I don't drink coffee or caffeinated drinks, and I workout at least four times a week. So, I thought that something with caffeine would have an affect. After seven days of taking in the morning...nothing. I feel the same level of tiredness, and lack of focus.

Better than other supplements

I've been trying many different multi vitamins but I don't get any better result. I don't need too much Iron. My wife bought this for me from Woolworth when it's on sale. I was hesitant to gave a try, but I have to. So I started reading the ingredient and benefit, it looks good.
Vitamin C for immune system and anti oxidant, specially in Summer, colds and other viruses are rampant. B for turning carbohydrates into energy, Berocca has a complete amount of vit. B that most male needs. Calcium for muscle contractions, bone and tendons. zinc is good for our senses. Thiamine can improve oxidation and energy. Biotin is to help amino acid to work. Riboflavin is for burning carbs and magnesium is to help improve our strength.

The down side is the taste, I don't know the other flavor, it is a bit tolerable for me but it's not the best.
What I need is the result or benefit. Now I used to it, so it become part of my daily drinks.
Berocca is working with me, of course there is nothing better than eating the right food in the right amount and in the right time.
I take 1 tablet after meal, not before meal, berocca work only if there is food in the stomach.

This multi vitamins absolutely doesn't effect any behavior or swing mode. Some people make a bad review because of swing mode, please read the ingredient before you come into conclusion.

There are many supplements that can cause to change behavior (swing mode).
Most of them are highly stimulant energy drinks that found in most pre workouts Highly caffeinated supplements. Tribulous and other testosterone boosters. Even steroids can also cause swing mode.

Berocca has nothing to do with swing mode, there is no caffeine in it.

The only concern with any supplements and multi vitamins is, if you are taking too much.
It can destroy your kidney and liver. Some elements from the supplement cannot be filtered by our kidney and it can cause major destruction to the kidney.
The common suggestion is to drink more, at least 10 glasses of water a day.
Take liver detox with milk thistle at least 2 weeks every six months.
This is to clean up your liver, while water is for the kidney.

Berocca is excellent for those who face different challenges, mentally and physically everyday.
Everything I need is there.
If you take more than your RDA (recommended daily allowance)

Nervous customer

Because a lot of people kept telling me this was the best thing to take being under stress I thought I would give it a try. The only thing Berocca does for me is making me nervous and plain aggressive. I thought this would be only in the beginning, but the longer I took Berocca worse it got

Not for everyone

Watch out for Aspartame !

My teenage son had always been a happy kid . Then at 15 he started taking Berroca at breakfast at the end of last year. After a few weeks he suddenly started to experience some severe symptoms of depression , to the extent that he started to cut himself . We were all devasteted ! Doing some extensive research I found out that Aspartame , used as a sweetener in Berocca , can cause many severe health problems , including depression and anxiety ! We will stay away from this product in the future !

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Although aspartame is bad Berroca contains a very small amount. A can of Diet Coke contains nearly 7.5 times as much. One can a week is more than a daily dose of Berroca, and worse because it's all at once. Depression is common amongst teenagers, and cutting isn't all bad. There are many reasons people cut, and most are temporary and harmless. It sounds to me like you drastically overreacted to a normal occurrence, and decided to use a vitamin supplement as a scapegoat. If your son started feeling much better after you burned the tablets at the stake, he was probably just trying to get you off his back.

Unreal Stuff!

This product has helped me in SO many ways! Over a period of 15yrs I was always feeling lightly depressed, tired, moody, stressed and also had red pimples (with no heads that hurt like crazy) growing all over my face 1-2 at a time which has scarred over 9yrs apparently theyre stress related. I take the tablet form and swallow one every morning with breaki, Within a week I felt different, so much more vibrant, more energetic and most of all my stress levels are down to around 2/10 now (used to be around 8/10). I didnt even know it was the Berocca doing the fix until my Husband mentioned it. I have not stopped taking Berocca now for over 3 months and things have stayed great. After about 2 weeks my face started to clear up, no more red pimples but the scarring is still there so Im using Bio-oil to help clear that up.

My advice - give it a try!! We're also trying to conceive and Berocca is fine to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. It even contains Folic Acid which helps if conceiving.
Everything, it has changed my life
Can be expensive if buying from the local Supermarket, buy it from GroceryRun.com (much much cheaper)

Hi there, i heard from the users i know that it can irritate your tummy. :( when do you usually take this? im just scared i might go num 2 during a work or in a middle of a meeting lol. thanks :)I just take one every morning before going to work. Its now been over 5 months and im still taking them with the results still showing. Not all products work for everyone so if people are getting sore tummies it may be because one of the ingredients dont agree with their body. There are a lot of different vitamins and minerals in a berrocca more than i first thought. Have a read of the ingredients of berrocca next time your at the shops, if you know of any supplements your body might reject that are in the tablets then youll have to avoid using it.


ok, you might think i am crazy, but i don't take this for energy, i take it to ward off impending colds! It works! I don't get colds anymore. As soon as i feel like i might be getting something i take one, sometimes 2! apparently its the zinc that might do it - but it seems to work differently to the zinc pills alone! if you've seen or heard of the american one (air borne)that is supposed to fight off colds etc, then this is the same, if not better, and certainly cheaper!!


Started taking it after a chemist suggested as a hangover cure (It actually works... ). I also got told that it is designed to help you metabolise consumed energy.... Hmmm dubious.... But i have found my self to be less hungry during the days that i take it before breakfast, then on the days i dont...
Energy efficient, long term it is cheaper then a cup of coffee, i actually lost weight while drinking it daily due to not feeling like i needed food for energy
Flavour has some issues... orange is very zesty..., it can be expensive if u take to ready to go drink,

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the reason you are less hungry is simply due to water intake


Very poor option for the new packaging. There is no need to add any more plastic containers to the general waste. It should be withdrawn immediately.
Can be good for hangovers.
The new packaging consisting of a plastic bottle of water with a pill in the lid is going to greatly add to landfill as most people will simply drop it in the nearest waste bin. Everyone nhas access to a glass and a tap, so just sell the pills in a canister (preferably biodegradable).


These pills made me ill.
I put down my adult on-set asthma to the bright yellow colouring in the water soluble pills.
I am 100% sure about this: if I take them I get acute asthma needing an inhaler -if I don't take them I am clear and don't need an inhaler.
Surely any 'health product' shouldn't contain known allergens like colourings, this is just ludicrous and it horrifies me to think just how many thousands of people might be affected by this one product.
Seems like an easy way to top up with the right vitamins
Laden with cemicals, sweeteners and colourings

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Questions & Answers

I am a diabetic of 12 years. Am I supposed to continue with my Berroca? My Pharmacist advice not to continue because of my Type 2 Diabetes?
No answers

A freind gave me, whle i was playing, i felt its very good and efective, i am a badmiton paer , 47 rs old. So i bought a pack. I want to now, 1 tablet is for how many ours ? If i ave morning and evenin playing sessions, if i take 1 tablet enogh or is it ok to take 2 ? And how fast this willeffect ? How any mnts before i must drink this ? Or its good after finish play? Is this a pre workot drink or while playing will effect as CAA manaf, sri lanka
1 answer
I would suggest taking 1 tablet just before you start playing. If you're playing again later that day, you could take another one, or maybe consider some other kind of pre-workout drink. like coffee! Btw, if you do want to have a coffee AND a Berocca, try to separate them by an hour or 2, as the coffee tends to flush out the B vitamins. In terms of effective duration etc, I think you'll just have to experiment and see how you feel. Have fun!

Can I drink Berocca while I have PMS?
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