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The Coach

The Coach

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What is happening with the 2.4 litre juices?


I have been a buyer of Breakfast Juice 2.4 litre for years. Lately I have found in more than one supermarket that something seems to have happened, not only with the breakfast juice but the Tropical Juice as well. On the shelf the contents have a semi opaque look with the sediment at the bottom almost coagulated. No amount of shaking will make it look normal, with large glugs of the sediment still visible throughout the container. A problem during manufacture, shipping or storage? I won't be buying it in that state. Eventually yesterday I found a store where it looked like it should in the Tropical Juice.


Ronnix1960Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 46 reviews

Berri orange juice


I have tried many orange juice's and have found Berri very nice and tasty, not too bitter like some of the juice's

July 7th 2017 Update: Great tasting juice

I have tried many different juices, but Berri tastes the best, not bitter like some juices, its very nice indeed

Never buying again


Tomato juice. Half way through a 2L container I noticed black Mold spots inside bottle. Was refrigerated . Was purchased at woolworths



Grapefruit Juice - When did it change to pinkish colour rather than yellow?


Been buying this for years and the yellow grapefruit has always been your product, you still have images of the yellow on your website. But went to woollies today and no mention of different product but just seems to be using the tumbler grapefruit instead of yellow grapefruits now.



  • 3 reviews

Really bitter Grapefruit Juice.


Grapefruit may be sour, but it is not meant to be bitter. I think they got some of its rind mixed in leading to the flavour.



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Like the juice/hate the container


Recently I called them specifically about the missing handle to complain. I found the handle really useful. The 2.4Lt bottle is heavy when it is Full and there is no neck to grab hold of. Often when in the kitchen, your hands aren't dry and trying to pick up a solid rectangle solely by the cap is not easy. Also when you see a Picture of the bottle, the handle is still there but it is no longer supplied when you order a bottle, unfortunately. Why on Earth Was it Removed? Not 'happy' Jan!

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Hooray they changed the container :)


User1406Regional Victoria

  • 6 reviews

Berri Mango/apple 2L Carton in the Fridge Section


Been buying this stuff "weekly" for 6+ years. Early Nov 2016 got a carton which was tainted with an off/fermented citrus flavour. Rang the consumer help line 1800 131 133, they were sympathetic and said they'd refund. Followed this up three times now and still nothing. Instructed wife not to ever purchase it again on Principal.

Wes T

Wes TMelbourne

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Berri Tomato Juice 2L


This tastes like it has more salt than seawater - my lips were dry & wrinkly within 15 minutes of drinking half a cup diluted with water & I was thirsty all afternoon. There also doesn't seem to be an easy way to reach their customer support. Terrible.


wellthatwasfuncoffs Harbour

  • 21 reviews

false advertising


Berri apple juice apples are chinese.
We can grow beautiful apples in this country so source them from here please Berri.
Inferior juice. Do not purchase.


veryfussyhealesville victoria au

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sweet and sickly


Being a good foodie and trying to cut down on my sodium and sugar intake, I bought soem Berri tomato juice. Yuk. I thre out about a litre of the sickly sweet excuse for tomato juices I had grown used to. What had they doen to a tried and true recipe?

berri tomato juice


now forced to buy 2.4lt rather than preferred 1lt. Last two purchased have become undrinkable. OK 1st glass after opening, then tastes terrible. What has happened to my preferred breakfast juice? Never again.


resurgenceMelbourne, Victoria

  • 32 reviews

Apple & Blackcurrant Juice


Is an absolute winner! Comes in a handy 2.4L bottle with a convenient carry handle.
Tastes amazing, but has a lot of a sugar as a downside.


BradSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Terrible Berri Tomato juice


I usually drink this brand. Just opened a 2litre plastic bottle of tomato juice best before March 2015. It was undrinkable, fermented (?) and thin, no substance. I tried to call the 1800 number, no response. Not happy. If this was the first bottle I had tried it certainly would be the last.

Berri truly ruby grape fruit


Our family recently purchased the berri truly ruby grape fruit product As I have two young children under ten and a healthy choice concious family we decided to a purchase a juice that was made naturally with no added sugars. Then after opening this product I was horibly disappointed .this product tastes that bad that not one of us could drink more than a mouthful as being a young family it's hard to throw away money.
It has no sugar
Awful undrinkable

Berri - Truly


"We hand pick our mangoes and the finest juicing oranges", ...I don't think so, the small print reveals the juice is actually a product of Mexico. Could Berri not find any oranges or mangos in Australia?
The consistency is much too thick to drink, are you supposed to water it down ?
Anyway I have thrown it away, I am buying apple juice made from South Australian apples, Berri juice is off my shopping list.

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I actually really loved the nectar type texture, disappointed it was discontinued.

Dangerous for pregnant women as herbs have not been tested


Pregnant and lactating women - the berri super juice immune has small print on the back of the label stating this product is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women because the herbs have not been tested. The customer service department provided no assistance other than to tell me to read the labels before buying the product. This product cost $4.50 for 1litre so this information should be clearly printed on the front of the label.

The warning label for pregnant women is on the back in small print.

Loved the juice


Berri's new apple juice is delicious a bit overpriced for the quantity but overall a very pleasant experience. Not sure how Berri go about their distribution but have found the glass bottled apple juice in many cafes in and around Melbourne, so it is radily available. Do yourselves a favour and get some today
The very full taste
expensive for quantity

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Nathalie C

Nathalie Casked

Has Berri Grape juice been discontinued?

2 answers

I certainly hope not, but Berri Grapefruit Juice went off the Coles shelves months ago, I religiously search every week. I’m extremely diappointed.
Sorry I cannot be more helpful.

Nathalie C
Nathalie C

Tks Keith. Bought some Golden Circle grape juice instead. Tasted similar but label revealed all ingredients were imported. We obviously dont grow grapes in Australia!

David A

David Aasked

I have always had Berri Tomato Juicethis with my breakfast, This week I was informed by my local store that the line is discontinued.
Is this true and if so why.

3 answers
David A
David A

Well if you don't know if a line has been discontinued from your range or not then I am amazed that you are still in business. Thank you for your reply.


It may be because, unlike other brands, it was not made with local produce but reconstituted imported stuff. A lot more people are reading the labels these days and consequently, sales may have dropped off to the point it wasn't worth stocking. Try one of the generic brands. They are a lot cheaper, made with local produce and taste great.

David A
David A

hank you. You have restored my faith in Berri



Why doesn’t anyone stock berri 2ltr tomato juice any more is berri stopped producing it can find any answers ??????? Paul

1 answer

The juice markets (supply, demand, quality) are changing all the time so don't expect people to continue stocking "your" juice. and one customer wont change the decisions of your supplier.
You might find that they started supplying a Coles branded product and decided to discontinue their own brand. Take a good pair of glasses and read all the fine print on the labels.
A lot depends on where you are too, some times in the west they have a completely different supply profile. because of the 4000km road trip. Over here the supermarkets support Harvey Fresh.

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