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1,250 reviews
1,250 reviews

Worst experience ever

Took me over $3000 on 7th Dec, didn't get e tickets till 17th Dec ( call them twice holding line all up to 3 Hrs) called airline said safe till this morning called again said cancelled, have to spend another 3000 just then to rebook cuz we leaving on 3rd January. What a joke.

TekWESTMEAD3 posts

Nervous about my Booking

Previous comments "I called airline again today and they advice that booking is cancelled and refunded.

So please everyone check with the airline again and again. " is not comfortable situation at all.,

Does anyone have any idea if anything can be shared with Airlines to stop from pulling out our money by cancelling our tickets.

I have called Etihad airlines and they have shown their inability to not to refund if would send a request to cancel and refund.

Stan M
Stan MMurray Region, NSW16 posts

Absolutely Abysmal - Bunch of Slimy Thieves!!!

Booked flights through BestJet on 20th November 2018 for travel in May/June 2019. Checked with Emirates on 20th December 2018 and was informed that BestJet (or their consolidator, CVFR) had cancelled our tickets and obtained a refund. We certainly did not authorise this, nor did we receive any refund. Very poor form. The lowest of low acts from either BestJet or CVFR. As Derryn Hinch would have said... SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!

Tradebanter8 posts

Stole my money

Cancelled my flights, they are absolute fraud this company, how dare they do this, I don't know if I'll ever see my money again.

Cam B


My parents booked a trip of a lifetime to Europe, only now it’s turned into an expensive nightmare - $7,500 out of pocket and no longer going. Paid in November, to travel in July 2019, only to receive a phone call on 29/12 from Singapore Airlines after they’d been sent their tickets and told the booking had been cancelled. WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK! Ethically and morally disgusting. What an awful end to the year, shame on you.



i booked tickets in mid decemebr and i book ticket for 2 February 2019 I checked with the airline more than 3 times in last 10 days. Every time i call southern china they confirmed that booking is confirmed. I called airline again today and they advice that booking is cancelled and refunded.

So please everyone check with the airline again and again.

very stressed now.

BESTJET is terrible


Absolute mongrels

Booked a flight with them in early December and received my e ticket. Heard about them going into administration so I checked to see if my flight was affected on the 22/12/2018 which it wasn’t, still confirmed via the airline. I called the airline today to confirm once more for peace of mind to find out best jet had cancelled my flight and done a runner with my money! Now having to call the bank and go through the tedious process of getting my money back.

Avoid this lot like the plague.


Absolute fraud- cancelled ticket no refund

Booked a ticket to Bali and they sent me my ticket but then next day canceled my flight with no refund. They are going bust do not book with bestjet! Frauddd

Annanoodle2 posts

Ticket cancelled and never issued refund

I booked my ticket with best jet in November (for a may holiday to Europe) and received the e-ticket almost a week later. On Xmas eve received a call from Singapore airlines saying that best jet had gone into administration. I had to re-book my ticket directly with Singapore airlines at a higher cost to the original ticket as the ticket had been 'refunded' to best jet without my knowledge. I then lodged a dispute with the bank as I paid via credit card. Never again using sky scanner to find a low cost fare. What a joke.


Booking Receipt received but no eticket

Deserve 0 star. Booked with Bestjet on the 9th of Dec, received the receipt straightaway. Email said wait for 72 hours for E-ticket, but didn't receive, didn't message them thought it was just delayed. Then on my birthday, Dec 21, saw the bad news about Bestjet. I phone the airline confirming our booking, but I was informed that our names are on the list, however not confirmed as there was no E-ticket issued to us.

Tomorrow we will be contacting the bank and ask if they can help us get out money back. Very disappointed with Bestjet. What a hassle they have brought to a lot of people.

hitlrGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Criminal offence

If the airline send you an e ticket that means they have your money. Is a criminal offence for someone to cancel the booking and pocket the money, its theft. The airlines know where they send the refunds and who cancel them. The authorities should start investigating and charge them.This activity carries a jail time.I am not affected from this but i am interested to see what the authorities is going to do .

Max Litovka
Max LitovkaMetropolitan Adelaide, SA6 posts

Cancelled the booking

Bought tickets on 8/12/18 and found out two days ago from the airline company that the ticketing agency (Bestjet) had cancelled my booking. In the message from the Airline Company they mentioned that the strange email that I received from Bestjet on Sunday 23 December 2018 "was unauthorised and is under investigation by the company’s administrators".

The most informative web resource I found is with explanation what happened and what to do next.

Good luck to everyone who has suffered from bestjet getting the money back!

Fred2 posts
MillypillySouth East Queensland, QLD31 posts

Nervous moment

When I first read the email from Bestjet I thought it was a hoax. I did a quick online search and realised the horrible truth. I booked my flight with SIngapore Airlines to the UK in early October. I emailed their customer service and received an email saying my ticket is still valid. It will be a nervous time until I’m on the flight in June. I really feel for those poor people who had their money taken when the company knew it was going bankrupt. This was my first and last experience with Skyscanner, next time I’ll buy direct from the Airline.

SadHunter Region, NSW14 posts

Big regret

We booked in September with them luckily our ticket was paid for and has been confirmed with Thai Airways and are due to fly in April 2019.

I just got off the phone with Thai Airways and they said that we have no problem as we booked with the old owners of bestjet, as they received an email from the administrators. All airlines should have received the same email. I suggest you contact your airlines again.

All recent bookings are the problem.

The lesson is to book through a travel agent as we will do for all trips we go on from now on.

Feel very sorry for the innocent people caught up in this mess and hope you can get your money back.


Dodgy company, finally in liquidation, but at what cost?

Bought tickets on 14 Nov, paid, got booking confirmation from emirates. Today (23 Dec) tried online check in, had problems, called emirates only to be told the booking was never ticketed and was cancelled on 21 Nov!

The company went into liquidation on 20 Dec, but those cancellations were done far before that. This shows the company management intentions very clear!

This is not a company going bust, this is fraud! Continued after ownership changed on 5 Nov.. I wonder how such a company was allowed to operate after that many issues.

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Was good

I booked my tickets August 6th I received my e-ticket same day, my flight with Singapore Airline on 17 jan. I was worried about my flight I call Singapore Airline and confirmed my flights also picked my seats so I'm safe good luck every 1

JAD3 posts

Absolute morons

Always been a rort of a company. Other than all the poor current ripped off customers, Bestjet being in administration is the best Xmas news ever! Good riddance to an absolute turd of a business with greedy selfish untrustworthy owners/operators. Now ban the wife the husband was.

AshbyinozPort Macquarie
MareaRichmond-Tweed, NSW23 posts

Action Group for Bestjet Fiasco

There is an Action Group formed on FB for all of us that have been affected by this Fraud of Bestjet

It is a closed group so if anyone would like to join

Please send a request on Bestjet Fiasco Action Group

SharowarPerth6 posts


I have used Bestjet many times and had some amazing deals. I had no idea they were shonky as I've recommended Bestjet to friends. I hope that most customers get their flights or money back. Thankful that I didn't have any current reservations but I very nearly did.


A bit worried

I wake up this morning with an unpleasant e mail which notify me regarding the current situation with bestjet upon receiving e mail I decided to contact the direct airline they confirmed that my ticket are booked and sent me an email to verify the information which I felt so relief hence I made the booking in early October however I still felt uneasy about the situation.

I feel for all those travellers who had their tickets cancelled.

JevBrisbane3 posts

Same as everyone else. Received e-ticket but it got cancelled without our knowledge

Pretty much same as everyone else. We made 2 bookings. Received our etickets for first lot booked at the end of October. Called up airline and apparently it got cancelled and refunded. Our second booking at the end of November we never even received etickets for. Received the Bestjet ALERT email yesterday.... in shambles right now. Need a central location where we can all discuss how to go about this.

UPDATE: thanks for your help everyone. I've contacted my bank to request a charge back.

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E-tickets got cancelled without my knowledge!!!

The booking was made on 25th of October, 2018. Had to send an email to remind them and to get it confirmed after 4 days. Got even the e-tickets. It was all paid. But recently they canceled the bookings and got the refund from airlines without notifying me. Is it not a criminal act? They have gone under liquidations is not my problem. They should either honour the ticket or refund ASAP. But, apparently they are non-reachable. They don’t exist anymore.

Bill Gupta
Bill GuptaSouth East Queensland, QLD3 posts

Paid monies did not get e ticket Airlines Cancelled

Booked with Bestjet on 4 Dec for travel in May 2019 and paid in full by Credit Card for travel in Emirates andvtill date did not get tickets. Received an email today to cobtact airlines for non cancellation of tickets if we received e ticket. Contacted Airlines who mentioned that ticket was cancelled on 11 Dec 2018. Bestjet phones are not responding. So lodging dispute with Bank to reverse the transaction since Bestjet did not fulfill their obligations to issue ticket and committed a fraud while they were trading before they went into administration.

ColeyGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC4 posts

Bestjet liquidation airline unable to guarantee validity of booking for May 2019!

Just found out today that Bestjet under liquidation. Have flights booked with Emirates for next May. Contacted airline and they have confirmed they have my booking but feeling very uneasy about the whole situation as airline have advised that they cannot guarantee the validity of the booking. :(

JavedWEST RYDE6 posts

Can they cancel our confirmed ticket after they have gone into liquidation??

Hi all, i confirmed with the airlines they have confirmed my ticket but also adviced that they won't be able to honour the ticket if the agent cancel them from their end in future.

So is it possible for bestjet tocancel ticket after they have gone in liquidation???

Annie SA
Annie SASouth East Queensland, QLD15 posts

Best jet

Well say goodbye to my hard early cash!! I booked back in September I even rang best jet to see if all ok, rang airline was never booked

Sam.LBrisbane2 posts

Bestjet nightmare

After waiting for more then 2 weeks for my etickets this month they finally arrived only to now find out that they were cancelled by BestJet and refunded to them and the company has gone into liquidation. Everyone who has brought tickets from them, call the airline to confirm your booking is still valid. I have no idea what to do next, I didn’t pay by cc and travel insurance won’t cover it.

Arpit2 posts

My Ticket cancelled by airlines

I booked my ticket through Skyscanner- bestjet. Received my eticket last week from bestjet after multiple calls to them and this morning I found out that my ticket has been cancelled and money refunded to agent without any notification to me. When I call Singapore Airlines, they say their head department is looking into the issue and they cannot provide any timelines as how long it will take or whether airlines will honour the ticket already booked?

I will be contacting my bank to see if anything is possible in regards to refund.

JamesSydney10 posts

Contact your bank ASAP

Bestjet has gone into administration. The website is down and calls are not being answered. I am told that if your tickets have been issued, the airlines will honour them. If not contact your bank ASAP to try and get the payment reversed. The contact for the administrator is

RowdySydney, NSW3 posts

No contact

Changed flights no problem but lost half the total cost which is still better than nothing and flights already taken, but now nothing on the refunds from the changed flights. I suppose lucky but unlucky. Cannot contact them as of now.

James Tran
James TranAU

Its only a bad experience if you have to change your flight

I love that its cheap but i HATE that you can't change flights without a massive fee. I always have to make sure i dont need flight changes. Otherwise get travel insurance to cover it.

It took me about 8 weeks to get my return flights sent to me via email, going to India in a few months.

For domestic flights or short notice flights, i usually get my tickets within the 72 hour window.

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Mr Derp
Mr DerpWeirdtown

They are in administration. Company is bankrupt

Sorry to say all but they are in administration / bankrupt. If you haven't received an e-ticket you are doomed. Best to start a charge back with you credit card provider and book another flight with someone else. I'm a lucky one, but had a hearty today when I saw the news. I booked 3 months ago but managed to confirm all my Christmas flights home were still OK. Bullet dodged I guess but feel sorry for all the people screwed.


Why not use a registered travel agent

There has been so many complaints about using online websites and bad service why aren’t you using your local travel agents. Book local support local. Any problems you have gave to face contact. Some one is accountable


Bestjet are in voluntary administration:(

Just spoke to Qantas about my booking through Bestjet as I too haven’t received my etickets and was told that Bestjet are in voluntary administration:(


I am not surprised this company goes into administration

They should not exist, one terrible experience with them is enough.The never reply to my email and i had to goes back to the airline to change my ticket. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Goodbye bestjet!

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