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Waiting 12 days now still no tickets

Avoid at all cost, booked tickets for the family been told 72 hours. Its 12 days now sent 3 emails no reply.
Called and waited for 1 hour no result.
Avoid at all cost

Worse Online Travel Agent - Dont Buy or use them

They would sell the ticket, make you pay and provide you a tax invoice then would go missing without providing you E-tickets. They said they will usually provide you with E-ticket confirmation within 72 hours but guess what they wont come back to you with in a week. You can email them 100s time but they wont reply. You can call them but you would have to wait on the queue for 3- 4 hours to be answered. Then they will say E-ticket will be issued by tonight but you wont hear from them next two days until you call them back again.
They are cheaper then any other online agent but worse with their service.

Terrible AVOID!!

Put on hold for nearly two hours on two separate calls. Unable to speak to anyone! 40+ people in the queue.
Calls just disconnects or went to a voicemail which was not setup? Never using them again.


I am Mum of 18 months old. I have single name which I have been using since last 30 years. We have booked 3 tickets when I was booking it was not taking my name without last name so write not applicable. Ticket is showing my name with na at the end so week ago I ask them to change it till now I am struggling to get in touch with them customer service is really bad. They are telling me they can only get it done with the help of airline n Sri Lankan airline haven’t respond them back since last week ..I have call the airline they said they havent receive anything from the agent. Now who to trust. Finally today after calling here and there bestjet is asking me to pay $476.60 if I want to travel ..really bad customer service and total rip off. Dont book the tickets guys through them. I am under depression and I am going to consumer court to make a official complaint.

Really bad customer services - staff are really rude

I have booked the ticket and need to correct the passenger name due to the typo. I’ve been waiting for almost 2 mths and still havent received my new ticket as yet. My flight will be in 3 days time. Im still waiting for my ticket to be issued.
Could someone please let me know how to make a formal complaint to ombudsman since their company doesn’t seem to have the complaint procedure
Please try to acoid this company, they only know how to charge you money but never deliver the services.

Absolutely terrible - avoid!

I will never again be booking a flight with Bestjet.com - I wish I'd read these reviews before booking. A month ago we booked flights to Tasmania which had to be cancelled due to health-related reasons and the team at Bestjet.com were unhelpful at offering an alternative. A ridiculous array of emails was passed back and forth - no sympathy, consideration or advice on behalf of Bestjet.com was offered. If you do not want to be scammed - or be treated without an ounce of human compassion - then do not book with Bestjet.com.

Overall a very good experience

I might be lucky. I used sky scanner and purchased my overseas tickets through BestJet and received the invoice after 5 mins, I did so because the rate they provided is at least $300 less per ticket compare to other agencies. since it was the first time I use Bestjet, I went to google and did a review search before sleep, I WAS FULLY TERRIFIED WITH ALL THE COMMENTS AND PANIC LIKE HELL. The next morning I tried to ring BestJet and was placed at queue 58, waited for 1.5 hours and got through. Here is the surprising part, I got the e-tickets when I was talking to the agent within 5 mins. Check with airline all tickets are valid, BINGO!

So my suggestion is, instead of wait and panic wondering where is your tickets and when will they come, pick up your phone and talk to them, otherwise your ticket will be quietly sitting at queue no. 12795 waiting to be picked up by a BestJet agent if there are not too many people calling them like what I did, on day X after you receive the invoice. After all, people can only work 8 hours a day sometimes 12. There is a reason why the phone waiting queue is long, because there are many people bought tickets from them because it is cheap, and more people bought, longer queue it is.

I can say overall it is a very good experience dealing with BestJet. So Good Luck!

Bestjet experience

We booked our family holiday of 6 people via Bestjet. We received our E ticket within 3 day of receipt.
It met all of my expectations. I would definitely book again in the future.

Do not use Bestjet

I had been watching airfares to London for a while and decided to book two return tickets for my 50th birthday for next year. I used Skyscanner and found Bestjet.com. I did a quick check of who they were but only checked info on their website. Fatal mistake. These days I usually do a quick google review of any online product I buy but didn't do one for bestjet. BIG mistake. In good faith, I bought 2 tickets on 7/12/18 totaling just under $3000. I got an immediate email with my receipt and flight details - all good and normal so far but then a second email saying my E ticket would arrive in 72 hours - I thought that's odd but trusted the site since they are Australian based. I checked my emails daily over the next 5 days and NO e tickets. Then I googled online reviews and I felt physically sick. This business is a sham and I am disgusted that they can keep trading. I emailed them and got an automated response. I called and could not get through at all. Finally I got through and waited 90 minutes to speak to a call centre. Then on hold again while she 'checked' my booking. She told me my e tickets will be to me today. 24 hours later still no tickets. I am considering taking legal action. I have asked my bank to dispute the credit card transaction. I will call Emirates today to see if a booking has yet been made in my name and paid for. If not I will call a solicitor and begin legal proceedings as well as contact the Department of Fair trading in Queensland. This business must be held accountable for all of the pain and suffering it has caused people all over the world. I am disgusted. .

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Update: I contacted Queensland Fair Trading Dept and Travel Agents Assoc of Australia to put complaints in about this business. I threatened legal action via email and gave them a deadline of 48 hours to rectify as they had not provided the service I had paid for. I got a reply within 30 minutes and my E tickets issued the next day. I confirmed the booking with Emirates to ensure all sectors were correctly booked - which they were. I am thankful this ended well but will never use them again.

Over an hour waiting to speak to someone

Terrible wait times to speak to someone. These people dont cost much, honesty hire some people to answer your customers questions.

Typing this as i wait to speak to someone lol.

Unreliable travel agency

I reserved my flight with Bestjet and received an email telling that I will receive my ticket in 72 hours. I received my ticket after a week, when I called them, waited 1h in the queue to be answered(due to poor customer service) asking them for my ticket. 1 month after the time I reserved my ticket, I received an email telling me that my flights was changed. my connection time changed from 2h to 7h. If you want to choose an unreliable travel agent, then Bestjet is the best choice that you can make.

Terrific experience

Booked flights from Brisbane>Rome>Barcelona>Brisbane for September 2019. Got our etickets and full flight itinerary in 3 days. Checked with the airlines and everything is confirmed. All in tripcase and have even received notice of a flight time change already (only a 5 minute change though). Contacted Bestjet via their Facebook page (Messenger) whilst I was making the booking and they were there to answer questions throughout the whole process. A bit stunned at so many bad reviews. Our experience has been really good.

Awful, awful and AWFUL

The worst and most shocking customer service ever. I will lodge a complaint with ACCC. They took my money and did not book the flight until I called up and chased them.

BUYER BEWARE !!! EXTREME CHANGE FARE - HIGHER than original ticket !!!

We booked a fare from Sydney to Durban, South Africa, via Dubai, at a cost of approx. AUD 1800 per ticket (flying with Emirates). Due to a family member becoming ill, my wife wanted to leave a week earlier (in Dec 2018). Get this: the FARE DIFFERENCE was AUD 2350, total cost AUD 2715. Despite several emails, no logical explanation was provided by Bestjet for this fare difference. I was told by Bestjet staff "The total amount which was quoted is on top on what you have paid for the original ticket." How is this meant to be a "fare difference"? Then I was told: "We are required by the airline to use the current regular fare from their inventory" - to which I replied that the new fare is then actually around AUD 4150, and you're blaming Emirates for this? UNBELIEVABLE !!! BTW, I could not locate such an exorbitant new fare even on the Bestjet website. Well, NEVER AGAIN !!! As others have indicated, I will also be seeking regulator / consumer protection advice. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED !!!

How to make a formal complaint to BestJet

I'm searching online how to make a fomal compalint to Best Jet.

Book my flight through bestjet. the flight was cancelled last minute.
the airline has confirmed that my flight was sucessfully schedulled to the next flight on the same day, but Bestjet had since requsted to cancelled.

I had to go back and forth between the airline and BestJet just to find out what is happening. Called BestJet, waited for an hour to be greeted. the person on the phone said they'd have to call the airline and put me on hold for ONE WHOLE HOUR. i had to hang up, because I was of the impression that the representative had forgotten i was on the line waiting for her.

BestJet then cancelled my flight without my consent.
I called Best Jet again (another 1 and a half hour wait). the person on the phone doesn't seem to speak english, as i had no clue what she was saying. she kept explaining to me that my flight was cancelled. At that point in time, i'd just want a confirmation when is the next available flight. she kept going in circle and couldn't give me a definite answer. I end up cancelling my flight in the end as at that point, i was fed up dealing with Best Jet.

worse customer experience ever. you get what you paid for. In total I spent 8 wholes hours on this, without getting resolution. the Opportunity forgone, my hours forgone, is way costly than the expense saving i had by booking through best jet

Terrible. Don't use them!

We booked 3 flights to Vietnam, we made a mistake with the booking date by one day and tried immediately to rectify this. They would not help us without charging over half the cost of each of the flights.

Absolutely Dreadful

The tax invoice said I’d get my flight confirmation within 72 hours. Despite my calling three days in a row now and emailing I still don’t have my flight reservation. I’ve lost out on tours as I don’t have the flight confirmation and I keep telling them this! And you wait over an hour on the phone before someone picks up.

Don't give my refund back!

They held my refund money for 4 month with their refund policy saying no more than 12 week in their confirmation email. The worst part is that they cheat their customers. They told me they still haven't receive the refund form the airline but I called the airline the staff told me they made their refund to Bestjet 6 weeks ago! I m now considering going through legal method to get my money back !!!

International Tickets Booking - WORST EXPERIENCE EVER

I booked 5 tickets for my family for an overseas trip from Sydney to Pakistan and paid in full online on 28 Nov 18.
I received a tax invoice and for the e tickets I waited for approx. 7 days 5 working days and I did not get any response or e tickets from these unprofessional people.
I sent an email but got no response finally I have lodged a dispute claim with my credit card provider. People please save yourself from these cheaters and unprofessional people. They should be banned and penalised by Australian government.

Terrible experience. 90 minutes waiting time to contact them, 2 months waiting for my flight confirm

I booked my flight 6 months in advance. They will catch u because of the cheaper flights from others.
But they will give you a lot of trouble. My flight was changed 2 months before the departure time and no confirmed flight until 6 hours before my departure! 6 HOURS. Not few days before my flight. Few hours.

I had to ring the airlines myself and organise everything! Bestjet is worstjet! Very uselessssssss!!!

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i booked ticket with bestjet.com and they cancelled my ticket as I confirmed with MAS. They said they refunded already but I no idea how they do it because I paid with Poli payments
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Mate all I can say is don't buy. They withdrew money from my credit card but never paid to the Airline. Therefore, I had to rebuy another ticket from the airline. I reported to my bank for a dispute.

How l can get back my payments of ticket??
1 answer
Please visit https://www.pilotpartners.com.au/notice-of-appointment-of-administrator-bestjet/ and https://www.pilotpartners.com.au/advice-to-customers-of-bestjet-travel-pty-ltd-administrators-appointed/ for further instructions. Other option to contact your credit card provider if you paid by credit card

Hi, i have booked a flight (cathay pacific) from chennai to sydney on 28th january. Now i want to change the date of travel to either 3rd or 4 th of february. My name is Prasanthi Konduru and my booking confirmation number is RBMVMD. Can you please let me know the cost? I am trying to reach out via mobile and email support@bestjet.com but not able to reach.
1 answer
You won’t be able to get in contact with them as they have gone into administration. You will need to contact the airline directly and hope you can change dates, although it may not be possible. All the best!


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